Canvas Printing Features That Make It Better Than Other Photo Prints

In the world of art, photography, as well as interior decoration, canvas wrap printing is the new emerging trend. One of its many features that attract people towards it is that not only is it cost effective, but it is also durable. Canvas prints can be displayed for a long period of time without any concerns of damage or discoloration. Prints on canvas have the quality of looking realistic and can be very attractive. In fact, if your canvas print is done right, it will be noticed and admired by everyone who walks through your door.

Additionally, canvas posters offer several ways in which wall art can be personalized and says something about you or your family. You can recreate a childhood album, holiday pictures or your wedding album and keep the memory alive on your walls. If this is what you intend to do, there cannot be a better option than a canvas print. Here are some features and qualities of canvas printing that set it apart from other photo printing methods:


It is Light-Weight

Canvas is light-weight in nature and can be hung easily on any wall which has the required space. This feature of canvas art makes it not only an artistic printing option, but also a practical one. Normally, when a picture is printed on a photo print paper, it has to be framed with a fiber or glass frame to protect it from getting damaged from light and dust.

However, it is not necessary to enclose photos printed on canvas within a glass frame. This is because after the printing is done, the canvas coated with a clear roll-on lacquer which protects the surface from dust and UV light radiation. Thus, with the absence of a frame, canvas is light weight and can be safely hung from any structure.

It Is Safe

As mentioned before, art canvas prints are not required to be enclosed in glass as a protective lacquer coating is already added to its surface after the printing is done. This is a very beneficial quality of canvas prints as glass can shatter with minor disturbances and can prove to be a hazard. This concern is non-existent with canvas. As a result of this, it can be safely placed anywhere. It can also be placed in a nursery or any child’s room where you would never think of placing a glass framed picture.

It Is Convenient

Another great quality of canvas prints is that you call the shots about a number of things. You can choose any customized design to be printed and can also decide which size you want it in. If you had chosen a photo paper print, you would have to get a compatibly sized photo frame as well. If the photo frame was to be incompatible with the space available, the whole thing would just fall through.

However, problems like these can be forgotten when dealing with small canvas prints. All you have to do is choose the space, measure it, and get the canvas printing according to the required size.

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