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If you want to put your business info and message in front of certain audience, why not doing it with table tents. There is a variety of options what you can do with them and print on them, and one good suggestion would be making a calendar. So, this way you are making your promotional material both useful and valuable to the client. Out table tent prints:


  • Have different size options
  • Have different shape options
  • Are printed on cardstock


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The table tent cards by 55printing are awesome. They are small, yet impressive to say the least. Loved this job!
Daniel Clarke, South Gate

My customers are in awe of the table tent cards that have been printed by The team is made of experienced professionals who have a thorough understanding of the job. Really impressed!
Carl Richard, LA

I want to mention my thanks to the team at because of the dedication to their job. They made printing table tent cards a playful task, while adhering to all my details. Good one, dude!
Michael Mall, Lakewood

Things You Need To Know Before Choosing Table Tent Printing

Want to attract the immediate attention of your customers or visitors to something important? Why aren’t you using table tents? Table tents are printed marketing tools that can be used to convey a specific message about a special discount or offer. Such a marketing tool is often used in restaurants to provide information about a special dish on the menu for the day. Such a marketing item can also be used to provide information on the special offers and discounts.

Table Tent Printing

Often businesses print table tent to wish someone on anniversaries. Table tents can be used on the tables to congratulate someone on professional achievements or to honor someone for extraordinary contributions to something. So you can see that printing custom table tents is important for a multitude of options. These marketing tolls can present the marketing messages in a nice manner without being too pushy about anything. That is the reason it is considered to be one of the most preferred form of marketing and advertising by both the customers and companies.

Creating custom table tents

When printing table tents, you must remember to choose appropriate colors and designs. You must make it a point to check whether the colors and patterns on the tents match with that of the company those are representing. For example, if the theme color of a company is red, custom table tents of the company should also contain the same shade of the color. Remember that this creates a brand identity and also establishes a sense of trust. In the long run, such image creation will help the company to build customer loyalty. Choosing colors and patterns according to the policies of the company will also help the company establish a unique identity in the market. Doing this is definitely beneficial for the company and its products and services.

Another important thing that you need to decide is whether there should be print on one or both the sides of the table tents. This will depend on the amount and type of content you’d print on those marketing pieces. For example, if there is a lot of detailed information to be printed on the table tents, you may opt for printing on both the slanting sides of the tents. Squeezing a lot of information in one side may make the table tents aesthetically unpleasing and incomprehensible for the customers. It is very important for the information to be printed neatly, using clear fonts. Table tents are portable forms of marketing tools and information in them is present in the most shortest and precise manner. That is why do not put too much content into the printing of the marketing tools. Keep things simple and easily readable. The designs on the table tents should be aesthetically pleasing to look at. Designing should be done keeping in mind the need and demand of the customers. So, you need to research on the taste and requirements of the customers before printing table tents.

Table tents should be attractive and engaging for the customers.

You need to design the tents using interesting images or designs. Do not forget to put information in interesting ways in the tents. Remember, you need to make the tents as attractive and interesting as possible for the customers. They should be compelled to spend a few valuable minutes to read or check the contents of the printed table tents. This will be particularly beneficial for your company as messages and information about the products and services of your company will get delivered to the clients and customers smoothly. Another important thing that you must check while choosing table tents for marketing is the proper placement of the contents. Important information like a ‘congratulations’ message should be there at the front, while the address and contact details of the company should be given in lesser fonts in the marketing tools. However, every content and image present in the printed marketing materials should be easily visible and understandable for the targeted people – customers, clients, or employees of the company.

Table tents are available in a variety of sizes. Not all companies use the same size for the tents. Before placing an order for printing the tents, you need to decide on the size of the items you’d need. Consider the occasion and the purpose for which you are printing table tents. You should order for printing the exact size of the tents accordingly. If you are not sure of the size, it is very important that you choose standard size of the table tents.

You can choose glossy or matte finish materials for the table tents. The choice of materials completely depends on your choice and company policies. You need to decide on the effect you need to create before choosing the materials for table tent printing.

Choosing cheap table tent printing services

Choosing the best table tent printing services is a little tricky. You need to research well before choosing a service provider. Make sure you are getting the best rates on the printing of table tents. Choosing the cheapest service may not always be a wise choice. That is the reason you need to be sure that you are not compromising on the quality of the prints of table tents.

Table tents can truly prove to be great marketing tools provided they are used properly and effectively.


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