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A cheap way to attracting new clients!


One of the fastest ways to spread out the word about your company without brning out too much cash is with the help of banners. They are available in a variety of types, and our banner prints are:


  • Available in different sizes
  • Available in different shapes
  • Give you the opportunity to personalize them the way you want (grommets, hems, wind slits, pole pockets)


What our customers are saying:
I needed someone to advertise my business. The vinyl banners these people did for me spoke eloquently.
Ron Meyers, East Los Angeles
Thanks a lot, You delivered the job earlier than I expected. The banners were lovely and I’ve had customers coming up to me in appreciation of these. The style, design, and color – you just got everything right. My outdoor advertisement funds have been put to the best use. Really appreciated.
Jackie Thomson, Beverly Park

You are nothing but the best. Loved your work and dedication.
Clarke Fonda, LA

How Can Vinyl Banners Help In Business Promotion?

Are you looking for an effective marketing tool for your business? If you are planning to do outdoor marketing without using printed postcards wich could wear out from rain or water, vinyl banners are one of the best solutions. These banners are printed marketing tools that almost all entrepreneurs are using to advertise their products and services. Water resistant, durable, and cheap banners and signs are great for advertising. So, you must design cheap banners and signs by choosing suitable vinyl banner templates, images, and contents. There is a lot of information that can be put into a discount vinyl banner. You must choose a suitable customize discount banners printing service providers to print the best quality banners with all the information that you want to advertise. Marketing and promotional activities can be great with banners. Want to know more? Read on…

Vinyl Banners

What are vinyl banners?

According to the International Sign Association, vinyl banners are low cost form of advertising. So, if you are looking for cost-effective outdoor marketing solutions, you must opt for discount signs and banners. These pieces of outdoor advertising can be used for a variety of purposes – for announcing certain events and programs of the company, it can also be used to print logos and team names when there is a match between two teams or a competition between two companies. In addition to that, other uses of these discount banners and signs have found their usage on store signposts, outside shopping centers for providing information on offers and discounts going on in the adjacent shopping malls. There are also companies that use these discount vinyl banners for acknowledging a company or an individual on something important related to the business. Thus, wherever a message needs a lot of exposure, banners have found their usage.

There are different occasions on which cheap vinyl signs can be used – these marketing pieces can be put up for a long period of time before shopping malls or stores. Such cheap banner signs provide information on the names of the stores in the mall and the products each of those are offering. However, there are banners that are put up only for a short while. These types of vinyl banners are generally seen at weddings and festivals that happens only for a short while. At these occasions, the banners are put up for a short while – probably a day or two or a few hours. Sometimes banner stands are put up in restaurants and eateries to provide information on the menus for the day and special dishes that are put up for the month. So, you can see that cheapest banners have found their usages in a variety of places, in many different ways.

Uses of printed cheap vinyl banners

The modern trend in marketing says that vinyl banners can be bright and attractive, customized with company logos and interesting images. That is the reason you can see a lot of sophisticated color combinations in the half priced banners that are put up by different companies as part of their marketing campaigns. If you are planning to put up banner advertisements for the products and services of your company, you must choose a company that provides vinyl banners cheap. You must check whether you can opt for customizations on your company banners without spending too much on banner costs!

Steps to great cheap vinyl banner printing

So, you must be wondering whether your company can benefit from half price banner designing. Yes, there are loads of benefits of banner designing for your business. However, before creating your own banners, you must make it a point to know the steps involved in the designing and creating of such marketing tools.


  • Notion and ideation – This is the stage where you decide on the need to do banner advertising for the products and goods of your company. You need to think of the benefits of such types of advertisements for your business before you choose to spend money in marketing. Your company must already be involved in the marketing of your products and services. Is there any section of marketing endeavors where your company is lacking? Do you think that by doing banner advertising, you can reach to your target customers easily? What advantage would banner advertising bring for your company? These are a few of the questions that you must research on while planning to do marketing on printed vinyl signs.
  • Designing the banners – Once you decide that you need to do banner marketing, the next step that follows is the designing. You need to choose a service provider that provides vinyl banners cheap and get the banners printed. However, remember, you need to do a lot of customizations on the vinyl to be printed. You need to choose how you’d like the half price banners to look. In addition to that, you’d have to choose suitable colors and patterns for the banners. Vinyl banner templates for the banner advertising should be chosen with utmost care. Remember, the banners will be visible to prospective customers and clients always from a certain distance. So, the designing of the half priced banners should be neat and the messages should be clear.
  • Choosing the vinyl signs cheap - There are quite a few online printing service providers today that can provide cheap vinyl banners printing solutions. However, you need to research well before choosing a company. Remember, when it comes to printing quality banners and signs, you need to choose a printing service carefully. A good printing service provider will definitely be well equipped to take up such projects. In addition to that, there will be experienced designers to design the vinyl banners properly. Remember, the main reason behind putting up the half price banners is to advertise for your products and services. Thus, the design of the banners should focus on information on products and services of the company. Generally, a banner contains a lot of information like descriptions, addresses, and contact details. It is vital that you focus on the most important things and give less importance to the things that needs secondary attention from your prospective customers. Moreover, the placement of content in the cheap vinyl signs is important to make banners attractive and engaging. Experienced designers can create half-price banners that can attract attention of the people and can also help you sale your products and services. So, it is important that you must look for a vinyl banner printing service provider.
  • Placing the order – It is easy to place an order with an online printing service provider. You must visit the websites of each of the service providers you’ve shortlisted. From the websites of the service providers you can get an idea of the quality and type of services you can expect. This will help you choose a suitable half priced banners printing company. You must ask for vinyl printing quotes from two or more service providers. You need to compare the vinyl banner prices and rates of by each of the companies. You must choose a cheap vinyl printing service provider.  However, before placing the order you must be sure that you are not compromising on the quality of the printed half priced half price signs. In most of the cases, you may have to fill up a form to place an order for banner printing. Here you need to choose the size of the banners you’d need, the designs you’d prefer, and the contents that you need to put in the banners. In addition to that, you may need to choose various options regarding the quality of paper, the type of printing you’d need, and whether you require a double-sided or single-sided banner printed. All these details should be filled in carefully to be able to get the best banner printed at cheap banner signs’ prices. Another important thing that you must check is the cost of placing an order for half price signs. Find out how much you need to pay in total to get the order delivered. You may often have to pay a certain sum of shipping charges for the finished products to be delivered to your doorstep. If possible, avail deals and discounts that reduce the vinyl banner prices considerably.

Different types of cheap vinyl banners you can order

When it comes to designing banners, you must know that you do not have to stick to the same boring type. There are different types of vinyl banners to choose from. You can decide on the type of banner you’d use, based on the type of vinyl material used or you can also choose the design you’d prefer. Given below is a short discussion on the types of vinyl banners you can choose from –

  • Scrim vinyl banner: This type of banners is recognized for strength and durability. The banners are commonly used in outdoor settings. So, if you need to put up advertising banners out of doors, you can use scrim vinyl banners.
  • Matte vinyl banner: People generally put images in matte banners. It is a great choice for banners that need to be interesting and illustrative. These types of banners are great for outdoor advertising as they are water resistant. There are many companies that are putting up matte vinyl banners for advertising their products and services.
  • Gloss vinyl banners: Gloss vinyl is usually the choice when there needs to be a lot of images, designs, and colors on them. There are loads of benefits of choosing this kind of banners. As they have glossy textures, they are great for designing advertisements and promotional matters.
  • Mesh vinyl banners: If your banners need to withstand harsh weather conditions and need to be out in the open 24x7, mesh vinyl banners are the perfect choices for you. These are the strongest of the banners that are used for advertisements.


Types of cheap vinyl banners based on finishing

In addition to the types of vinyl banners based on functionality, banners are also classified on the basis of finishing. Based on the type of finishing options, you have mainly two choices –grommets and hems.

  • Hems –In this type, banner material is folded over. The folds are them heated together. This creates a clean and strong one-inch hem. This type of  hems enhance the durability of banners and are seen commonly in banners used for outdoor advertising.
  • Grommets: Grommets are basically brass rings. They are about half an inch in diameter. In the banners, grommets are placed at every 2-4 feet along the perimeter of the banner. The main purpose of using grommets is to hang the banners. Use of grommets prevents the banners from ripping or tearing.

There are other options available with the banners too. For example, you can choose between 2-inch pole pockets, banners with reinforced corners, 3-inch pole pockets, and reinforced hems. So, you must decide on the type of banner you’d choose and the finishing options you’d prefer.

Why vinyl banners?

Wondering why you need to use vinyl banners for advertising. You may have other options for promoting the products and services of your company like brochures, pamphlets, and catalogs. However, the use of banners has been found to be of great advantage to companies for getting success in their advertising endeavors. Given below are a few of the reasons why you need vinyl banners for advertising your products and services:

  • Durability: Vinyl banners are durable and once they are put, will last for days and even months. So, these are used inside stores, at trade shows, to mark streets, and at any event. Contents and images on the vinyl banners are easy to read and will remain so till the events end. So, you must make it a point to use vinyl banners for promotion.
  • Visibility: If you want your advertisements to attract the eyes of the customers from a distance, you must advertise using vinyl banners. These banners are often put up on poles or high areas where information on those becomes visible from a considerable distance. The Customers will thus be drawn to your business from a considerable distance.
  • Low cost marketing: Another important reason for using half price banners for marketing is that banner printing is the most budget-friendly way to do marketing. With low printed banner prices, you can substantially reduce the cost of your marketing programs.

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