5 Reasons Why a Professional Canvas Printer Provides the Best Service


With the large number of printing services cropping up, you might be tempted to pick a deal that offers the canvas prices. However, here are a few reasons why hiring an experienced and professional service are the right choice:

Add-Ons after Printing


A custom canvas print is not said to be complete as soon as the application of the ink is done. A professional service will provide all the add-on services that are required to complete a canvas print. Given below are some examples of these add-on services:

  • Firstly, the coat is applied to the canvas print which works as a protective laminate. This protects the canvas material from getting discolored and the print from peeling off with time.
  • Secondly, the canvas has to be framed and wrapped. This requires some amount of experience and skill and is best done by best canvas

A Range Of Printing Material

When you hire a professional service for your canvas printing, you are likely to be offered a choice among several different types of canvas materials. For instance, you can choose from glossy, matte, satin, or metallic canvas materials. Each of them has different characteristics and looks and gives a distinct quality to the print.

If you are confused what type of material you should choose, you may want to ask for samples of each of them that will give you a better idea about how each will feel and look when the final printing has been done. The canvas materials offered by professional services have great durability and can be displayed for several decades without getting damaged. Given below are examples of the choices that you might be offered:

  • When it comes to canvas groupon materials, cotton is one of the most popular choices. It gives a traditional look to the print and is the sturdiest of all options.
  • If natural fiber canvases are what you want, you can also choose from linen, jute, and hemp. However, it is linen and cotton which are most commonly used as they are available easily and are the economical choice.
  • For those who are looking for cheaper options, you can choose polyester or cotton –poly blends. These are not as durable as cotton but cost less and give a consistent look to the print. Hence, they are preferred for bulk printing projects with a lean budget.
  • Professional printers also offer several finishes and textures to choose from. The matte finish gives a traditional look to the print and prevents glare from light reflection. On the other hand, the glossy custom canvas art gives a sophisticated and high end look to the canvas print. However, it cannot be used in locations where light reflection and glare is an issue.

Contrary to popular belief, the finish of the canvas is determined by the laminate coat applied to it and not the material it is printed on. Professional printers will properly advice you and offer suggestions on the type of material and finish that will work best for your personal requirements.

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