Canvas Printing Tips That You Must Know About

Canvas is slightly different from conventional printing methods. This is because instead of using paper or a variation or blend of paper, canvas printing is actually done on cloth. Thus the base material for canvas printing is not pulp but cotton or a blended cloth. It is because of the cloth weave which holds most of the charm of canvas printing. The fabric weave gives it a traditional look and feel which is preferred by most artists and photographers to display their work. The cotton fiber and poly blends of canvas also make it stronger, thicker, and more flexible than photo prints.

canvas easel for artist. tripod for painting with empty canvas.
canvas easel for artist. tripod for painting with empty canvas.

With vast improvements and advancements in printer and digital technology, photos and images can be printed on to the UT Austin canvas directly. The newly introduced canvas giclee method of printing can now produce images that are much more crisp and vibrant. This is because the high resolution printers can now be print or “spray” the ink directly onto the surface of the canvas and offer great clarity and detail to the print. Although the canvas printing has been around for years, there are still many people who are unaware of its benefits and still new to this amazing printing technique. Complied below are some things that you might not have known about canvas prints:

white blank canvas in an exhibition
white blank canvas in an exhibition
  • One thing that you need to know about canvas which might prove useful to you when working with a canvas base is that it shrinks in some circumstances. It has been seen that canvas shrinks when it is printed and coated with liquid laminate. This also applies to the cotton-poly blends which have become very popular today. The shrinking factor is something that must be considered by artists when adding ornamental borders or margins.
  • Many people don’t know that it is possible to paint over the photos on canvas. While polyester canvas might pose some problems with paint, cotton-poly blends and 100% cotton canvases receive paint very well. If you are worried about the ink of the print bleeding into the paint, rest assured as the ink is protected by a coating. You can paint over the entire canvas in the future or add paint here and there to enhance the print.
  • While working with canvas art prints, you have to keep in mind that the material might go through some changes with time. This is a combination of the stretching of the canvas and it’s mounting along the sides. For example, you might notice that that the surface is no longer as taut as it used to be. This might be because of the shrinking of the frame bars. This might also harm the tautness of the print. However, the good news is that you can easily buy sprays that will return the new look to the canvas print without harming the print or the surface.

Therefore, as you can see, there are number of features and characteristics of canvas prints that you should know about before deciding to work with it.

Why Canvas Prints Are Becoming An Ideal Art Décor?

Decorating office space or the home or a personal space can be a daunting task for many people. Often people are left confused and can’t decide on how to spice up the decoration of a place so that it can easily leave a mark on the mind of the people who are watching it. So, if you too fall into this category, then you can consider going for canvas prints which are becoming a stunning tool to decorate the rooms or any interiors.


Learning the Canvas Printing Process

Canvas printings are basically images that get printed on a canvas and it is stretched out in order to fit onto a frame. If you are new to this art, then one thing which may strike your mind is how to transfer photo to canvas? Well, once an image is selected it is then printed onto a pre-sized sheet of canvas. In fact, a simple piece of an image can be easily separated into several pieces for creating a unique and 3D like image. In fact, many companies allow the customers to decide on the number of pieces they want to create a display. After the image is digitally transferred on a canvas it is then layered with a coating to provide it a look of an oil painting. After the canvas gets dried it is then stretched around a wooden frame and attached.

Another wrapping process is also available for the customers like the gallery wrapped canvas prints where the image extends around the side of the wooden frame. This wrapping process helps to enhance the 3D like image.

Why Chose Canvas Form Of Printing?

51532990 - man stands against holding blank white canvas and vintage classic sofa on the wood floor. vertical
51532990 – man stands against holding blank white canvas and vintage classic sofa on the wood floor. vertical

Canvas prints are becoming a modern wall art which is not only becoming a unique way to decorate a large or small room with unique art works but is also beautiful to look at when hanged properly.

Modern: Whether you are looking for a singular image or a multiple images, canvas prints are always ideal. In case if you have more than four prints of a landscape it can be separated into several parts and arranged in the form of a collage. This type of canvas prints on the wall can look amazing.

Durable: The most important advantage of canvas art prints is that they can last for a long time. The inks that are used are UV resistant, so that it does not get affected by the sun rays. But one must be careful in choosing a heavy weight canvas so that it absorbs more ink and can reproduce the images very well. It is always better to choose a weight that the wooden frames can bear.

Economical: They are very economical in comparison to other forms of artwork or wall decorations.

When going for canvas photo prints, customers can easily go for images either from the stock photos or any personal photographs of their choice. Most often the printers provide the customers with the option to go for canvas printing using digital photographs, but the quality of the product should be very good and not blurry. So that, when it is printed on the canvas it looks just like the original image.