5 Different Ways to Display Your Canvas Prints

There are no stone set rules when it comes to displaying canvas prints. This is why you can try several methods of arranging and displaying photos printed on canvas on your walls. Given below are some ways to display canvas prints in unique ways:

Expansive Collage

When people think of decorating their homes with canvas prints, one of the most popular choices that come to mind are square and rectangular prints. However, these are not the only way to display canvas prints on your wall. A great wall to give a creative spin to your walls is to get canvas collages. You can select pictures that have a similar subject and get them printed on small canvas prints. These are then arranged on the wall like a jigsaw puzzle where all the pieces fit well together. All you have to do is make sure that you have enough wall space and the pictures you have chosen look good not only individually but also together.

On the Shelf or Mantelpiece

It is not always necessary to hang your art canvas prints on a wall. If the canvas print has a sturdy gallery wrap frame it can be displayed on a shelf or mantelpiece. This will give a unique and distinct look to the room décor and will set it apart from the usual wall hung canvas print. You can also display them on your dresser, your bedside table or your office desk. If the canvas print is to be shelved or displayed on a table it is recommended that you get it printed in a smaller size. Also, family portraits or other pictures of your loved ones look great when displayed in this way.

In the Balcony


When it comes to transfer photo to canvas, it is not always necessary to display them indoors. Although canvas prints look great on bedroom, living room and kitchen walls, you can also hang them outdoors. For example, a balcony with natural light is a great place to hang an artistic canvas print. However, make sure that you don’t leave a canvas print out for too long. When exposed to direct sunlight or moisture for a long time the canvas prints might get damaged and lose their quality. You can display canvas outdoors for some time but make sure that its permanent location is a place which

Brighten Up Corners

Although canvas prints are typically hung on expansive walls and open spaces, you can try something different with the location. Generally, people choose that point of a room that is visible as soon as someone walks in through the door. While this is a great way to make sure that the stretched canvas prints are noticed, you can also place them in locations that people don’t notice at once.

Small, attractive canvas prints can brighten up smaller spaces like corners. This is a unique way to make people notice the canvas print while making changes in the look of the room. Make sure that the subject to be printed on canvas is attractive enough to draw attention.

Canvas Printing Offers a Wide Range of Choices

Canvas printing has a number of advantages over photo paper prints but one of the most important ones is that it offers several choices. When it comes to canvas printing, there are several materials, textures, and finishes to choose from. These choices are not available when printing on paper as paper prints can only be done on glossy or matte variants. If you have decided to get a canvas print, chances are that you will be spoiled for choice. To make sure that you make the right decisions to get a stunning canvas poster, here are some options that you have to consider: Continue reading Canvas Printing Offers a Wide Range of Choices

Benefits of Using Lacquer Coat on Canvas Prints and Its Types

Lacquer is a solvent-based protective coat that is applied on personalized canvas prints after the print has been applied. It protects the canvas material from getting discolored and helps in keeping the ink in its place.

Different Types of Lacquer Coats Used On Canvas

Contrary to popular opinion, there is no universal lacquer type which is used for all canvas prints. However, there are some popular ones that are used widely. Given below are four types of lacquers that are commonly used in canvas prints:

  • Urushiol, which can be found in plants and animals, is an organic allergen. This is usually derived from the sap plant and is the most traditional form of lacquer that is still in use. It gives a durable look and quality to i canvas but can only be used properly by professionals.
  • The nitrocellulose lacquer gives a solvent-based finish and is popularly used for projects that have fast approaching deadlines as it can dry very quickly. This doesn’t require any professional experience to work with and can be handled by amateurs with some basic lacquering knowledge.
  • The acrylic lacquer is a synthetic polymer which can be applied to the 8×10 canvas soon after the printing. One of its great qualities is that it doesn’t cause the ink to smudge even if applied on wet print. This too is a fast-drying formula is avoided by several printers as it may contain toxins.
  • Lastly, due to the growing concern for the effects of human activity on the environment, water-based lacquers have been introduced in place of the above mentioned solvent-based lacquers. These are safe for the environment and have been gaining wide popularity.

Continue reading Benefits of Using Lacquer Coat on Canvas Prints and Its Types

The Emergence of Canvas Prints and Its Benefits

Paintings and other hand-drawn pictures and sketches have traditionally been done on cotton cloth. You can find such traditional forms of art all over the world. In fact, most of the paintings and other art work hanging in museums and galleries have been done on canvas. The reason behind this is that the combination of canvas cloth and ink or paint gives stunning results.

The canvas art prints material is breathable and has tiny holes all over its surface. This allows the paint to be absorbed deep into the cloth fibers and not sit on the surface like prints on photo paper. As the ink is absorbed deep into the material, it is highly durable and cannot get peeled off easily. This also gives a rich vibrancy to the printed images and gives them a life-like quality. It is because of these reasons that this canvas photos base material used in paintings is now being used to print photographs and pictures for interior décor or to display in museums and art galleries. Continue reading The Emergence of Canvas Prints and Its Benefits

How to Choose the Right Canvas Printing Service?

With the easy availability of the digital printing technology nowadays, a number of printing services have popped up on every street. These offer high quality print and promise to turn your portraits or photographs into works of art. However, not all printers can do what they promise. You might be lured into placing your order with a particular service that promises to provide you high quality photography canvas print at extremely low rates, but the final product might turn out to be undesirable. If you are looking to get a canvas print done and are looking for the right service, follow the guide given below to make sure that you hire the right printer: Continue reading How to Choose the Right Canvas Printing Service?

3 Ways to Ensure That Your Canvas Print Looks Artistic

Canvas is one of the most recent techniques in the printing world that everyone is talking about. This is because it offers a number of features and characteristics which were earlier thought to be impossible. For example, with the recent technological advancement in print, size has become a non-issue and any image can be printed in any reasonable size without destroying the balance and the color scheme or making it blurry.

canvas easel for artist. tripod for painting with empty canvas.
canvas easel for artist. tripod for painting with empty canvas.

The most popular selling point of stretched canvas prints is that they lend an artistic and beautiful watercolor quality to pictures which just cannot be gained from photo paper prints. If you want your canvas printed picture to look a piece worthy to be hung at an art show, here are some expert tips that you must keep in mind.

Sharpen and Enhance the Image

The thing about printing pictures that many people don’t understand is that not all photographs are optimized for printing. The images need to be tended to before they are given up for print so that the best quality results are reached. The art canvas prints images have to be sharpened using software and enhanced to be suitable for print. You can take help of your printing service to do this as they generally have a team of designers who have a keen aesthetic sense coupled with technical knowledge. They will make sure that you get the perfect print result that you desired.

Consider the Stretching and the Wrapping

Small canvas prints as well as the large ones are stretched over a wooden frame after printing and wrapped around this. This means that the frame itself is not visible but the image itself is continued on the sides. Therefore, you must choose an image which works well with the wrapping. The wrapping gives the image a three dimensional quality and makes it more than just a flat photograph hanging form your wall. To get the desired effect, make sure that the main subject in the photo remains away from the edges and doesn’t get distorted.

Where Will It Be Hung?

This is an important decision and something that you must decide before placing your canvas deals order. The location of the picture is important as the material finish is decided according to the lighting of the surrounding. The location is also important to decide the appropriate size in which it must be printed. You do not want to end up with too small a picture when you have a large wall to cover and neither would you want the canvas to awkwardly dominate a small room. This will make the room look stuffy and not leave space for anything else. Therefore, you must consider the location of the picture and then decide the rest.

When people want to transfer photo to canvas print, they might think that all they have to do is choose the picture and order it to be printed on canvas. However, this is not true. As mentioned before, a lot goes into transforming a photograph into a truly artistic piece.


6 Types of Photos for Personalizing the Canvas Print

Canvas print is an exciting form of modern art. It is used for printing photos on a canvas. Canvas printing has become very popular in recent times. You can print the picture of your family, friends, and hobbies on the canvas.

Here are some photos which you can print on the canvas.

Individual Portrait

Portrait tends to work pretty well on quick canvas prints. This is because of the high quality of the fiber of the canvas which gives a quality reproduction. Paper and the other materials might give a flat-like appearance to the printed canvas. However, the rough dimension of the canvas will give it 3D like effect. Individual portrait of yourself, your kids, and your partner is a great way to decorate the house. This can also as a great birthday gift.

Family Photos

Family photos can be found hanging or standing in the living room, the hallway of the house, and the dining room. However, the options are limited. With the advent of digital photographs, you can take the photo of your family and print them various object such as a canvas print. You can print a collage photo on your 8×8 canvas. Bespoke canvas size implies that no matter the size of the canvas, it will look without being forcefully printed on a small canvas.

Holiday Photos

Family holidays, romantic getaways, and adventure trips are supposed to be special since it means that you can get away from the daily hustle-bustle and enjoy some good time. This is another aspect where digital photography has advanced the options in terms of clicking pictures and using them as holiday photos. You can create a montage of the favorite holiday pictures and get it printed on a high quality canvas.

Party Picture

Every social occasion or event is characterized by a several photo opportunities. Nowadays, people carry digital cameras or phone with them. This way every glorious moment in an occasion is easily captured by the photographer. This is another reason to create a montage and print it on a custom wall canvas. You can also choose the most special shot and print it over a canvas.

Art and Design

Budding artist and photographers can make use of canvasses for displaying their art work. A professional can depend on 8 by 10 canvas since it the best results when the work is printed on the canvas. This is also cost effective which means that it is a good option for novices and amateurs. Photographers and designers can scan their work and thereby get it printed on the canvas to give a realistic look.

Hobby Photos

Photos tend to look good when printed on a canvas. This is simply because of the hiog resolution of the present day digital photography. You can use it to print pictures related to your hobbies or the photos of your pets. Versatility and uniqueness is one of the best benefits of canvas i printing. If you want to gift something different to your loved ones then you can gift then a canvas printed photo.