Reasons Why Canvas Prints Forms the Perfect Platform to Show off Your Artwork or Photos

Canvas printing is basically a form of art that allows a digital image to be printed on a gallery wrap canvas. Canvas printing is not a new thing as it was popular among the elites who used to paint portraits of their loved ones on the canvases so that others can view them and admire the art. For printing photos, the traditional photo paper was used as the canvases were not suitable. This was mainly because of the printing technology was not so good and also the materials that were used were not good enough for printing pictures to canvas. But with technological advancement, the entire thing changed as the printing companies started to print photos or any kind of images on the canvases. Continue reading Reasons Why Canvas Prints Forms the Perfect Platform to Show off Your Artwork or Photos

Ways to Make Canvas Printing Work

Are cheap canvas prints in vogue? Well, it is becoming a part of a profitable business and is becoming a part of the ever-growing print market from the last couple of decades. This trend is expected to continue for the coming years also. So, it is unfair to say it’s a fad.

According to InfoTrends, which is a printing industry research firm, the market for printed canvasses has grown from 500 million square feet in 2013 to 860 million square feet in 2018 for a five year CAGR of 11.6%. According to them, the usual canvas application is gallery wrap canvas over a frame. However, sometimes canvases are also framed for banner type applications or canvas artwork.

Right from the signage companies to print shops, photo labs to professional photographers or DIY people the mist important concern is the utilization of the best methods for canvas photo printing, choosing the right materials, and also finding the best way to finish the artwork on the canvas.

Material and Textures: Choosing the right canvas type is basically subjective as it totally depends on the different looks and tastes of the individuals. Some people may choose textured surface while some may go for a smooth surface. The various types of materials that are usually available are Polyester, Cotton.

  • Polyester – For high volume of printing, the polyester is ideal as it is less expensive and is smoother than the poly/cotton blends. This material is often used for wall art décor applications, decorative signage, and banners.
  • Cotton – For cotton, variations are seen in the whiteness, weave and also in the texture. Cotton being the fibre, it can easily absorb the ink and thereby help in reproducing the perfect image.

Finishes: The finish of the personalized canvas art totally depends on the client. Whether they want a matte or a satin or a gloss finish? However, the lighting environment would matter for the finishes.

  • Matte – The matte finish is usually preferred for fine art where blaze can become an issue. Matte has got smaller color gamut. So, in case the artwork has got a lot of bright colors it is always better to opt for satin finishes. Or, a gloss coating can be added to the matte finishes.
  • Satin – This finish provides a perfect satin shine that is not gullible to glare but can easily expand the color gamut.
  • Gloss – This finish option is ideal for the canvases designed for latex printers or solvent printers. Printers can easily print the coating step easily.

Print Resolution: It is one of the most important facts that need to be considered. The resolution of the image is measured in DPI. The higher the DPI value the photographs on canvas will appear more detailed when it is expanded to fit into the canvas.

Framing: There are several framing options available. One of the most popular methods is the gallery wrapping. Other methods are mounting it upon a wooden frame. Or, if one wants they can simply hang the canvas on the walls of their room.

Canvases can help to form a great looking wall-art which can be used to decorate a room or any area of a gallery.