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It is not for nothing that people say that a CD is judged by its cover. There is some truth in this. So, make sure that you present your products to the fullest, in a high-quality way with the help of our CD Inserts print. Our Cheap CD inserts printing has:

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Max Richards, Hacienda Heights

Hi, I’m celebrating the success of the cheap CD inserts Printing project. 55 printing has made my job easier.
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Cheap CD Inserts Printing

cheap cd insert printing product

In the world of music, compact disks once played a major role. There was a time when people were mad about a new music CD launch. Every disk was important back then. But now the importance of disks has been affected significantly. The reason for such a drastic fall is well known. It is the digital world that has influenced traditional concepts. Slowly CDs are getting obsolete. Nevertheless, the little amount of presence it still has is good to enjoy. Perhaps many people out there are still fascinated to hear music from a disk. Marketers, on the other hand, are not the one to let the opportunity go. Hence music marketing with CD is still on.

What keeps CD inserts Printing so active?

The best advantage of using a CD for any audio or video is the quality. The truth is if you want to enjoy a television or theater-like atmosphere at home, you can experience the best with a compact disk. This is one of the main reasons for the 24 hours CD inserts printing companies to remain active in the digitally obsessed generation.

For businesses that use a CD for their audio or video, contents will also require the inserts. Including disk inserts along with the disk, the cover is just another way of enhancing the look of the overall disk presentation. Imagine how the CD case with the look without an insert! It will look so naked and poor. To give a CD case a professional look, the inserts are important. They cover the entire disk case inside out. You can print the inserts in the way you want. The design depends on the content of the disk. Anything out of the topic will misguide customers.

Even if the importance of disk is not the same now, the demand for good disks has not declined. Most people still love to use the compact disk. Hence, inserts play an important role in marketing.

Role of CD Inserts in Marketing

Since the demand for a good disk is still there, it makes sense to businesses to present the disk in a great way. How the disk is presented matters hence, in this case, the CD inserts play a crucial role in attracting attention. It looks extremely odd to present customers with blank disks. The disk may have content inside it but from the outside, it looks blank.

The CD inserts are printed on paper. It has a specific size and is placed inside the CD case. When customers are looking for a particular disk they will recognize it from the printed inserts. The size of the disk cover depends on the size of the CD. Unlike other marketing options, disk inserts also need to get a design with planning and accuracy. Since the concept of designing and printing has evolved, in the present generation, you will never run out of options to create a good design. If you want to launch a great disk, never forget to add a cover to complete the look.

cd insert ideas for cheap printing and design


The most important role of CD inserts in marketing is for better identification. No matter what type of disk it is, the cover will talk it all. Unlike the other marketing forms, it is the disk cover that speaks on behalf of you to the customers. If the disk is kept on the rack, customers will easily understand what the disk is about. They do not need to search separately for that. Moreover, quick identification will also take less time for sellers and buyers to find out the right CD out of thousands of others.

The store printing CD inserts near me offer interesting designs and patterns. You can also get printed CD inserts from us. We ensure to print them professionally so that it can make the biggest impact on your audience. With the help of our high-quality disk cover printouts, give your CD the best look inside out.

Relevant information

Most information about a topic is readily available online and you can expect the content of the disk too. But you cannot ignore the importance of printing relevant information in the disk cover. The disk along with the cover is a tangible thing. When customers feel the disk in their hand they will naturally read the information printed on it. This way they get to know the disk contents easily. For example, some music CDs will include the list of songs in it. This is done for a better understanding of people.

Since disks have nothing to hide or keep as a secret about the content, you can include information that will attract people the most. You can interestingly present them so that people are more compelled to read it. Hence, disk covers play an important role in providing people with relevant information.

Creative piece

The reason why disk cover is an excellent creative piece is simple. Not all customers come pre-decided about the disk they want to buy. Some of them visit randomly and take time to choose a disk they think is relevant. How will you attract these customers? This is where the importance of creative disk covers lie. Out of thousands of other disks, a well-designed disk is sure to grab attention. In marketing, this is what you should take advantage of.

Covers inside out

Various stores are into overnight CD inserts printing jobs too. We also provide the same at affordable prices. We can help you get the best-printed covers in no time in case you need it urgently. The disk inserts are also available with both side's print. The advantage is you get to cover the disk inside out. Both sides printed inserts are more attractive. While one side will cover the main outside look, customers see more on opening the cover. You can also choose to print the cover on one side. But both side printing looks better.

Advantages of both side printing

Disk inserts look good no matter how you print it. But of course, the design needs to be great. Both side printing is slightly more expensive than single-side printing. But there we provide cheap CD inserts printing services. Hence you can save a few extra bucks yet make the most out of the insert. When you print the inserts both sides you can,

Make it look more important

The truth is that people can see only one side until they open the disk completely. Yet it is better to print on both sides. The professional print on either side of the same paper created a bigger impact on the CD’s appearance. Designing in this century has reached great heights. Users are visually bombarded with attractive creative pieces. As a result, they start to judge a book by its cover. This makes some sense in disk marketing too. A disk with not much relevant content can appear important with both side disk cover prints.

  1. Make a good impression: Making a good impression in the minds of people is everything you need for marketing. However, you need to take every chance carefully. The scope of making a good first impression is limited to one and you may not get the same opportunity again. Both side insert printing will help the disk make a lasting impression. These way customers will develop a connection with your brand or business.
  2. Get Space for more Information: The 24 hours CD inserts printing providers print both sides too. Inserts with both side printing have more space than the single side prints. With more space, you can easily include more information. Additionally, you can also keep the design more creative. You can distribute information equally on both sides. This will also help you from making the outside cover too clumsy.


Make it compelling

With the help of printed disk covers on both sides, the entire product looks very compelling. It is visually appealing and customers develop a greater interest to select the disk. Customers always look for quality products at cheap prices. Irrespective of the price, the most compelling product gets more importance.

Strong and Attractive: The overall structure of the disk looks strong and attractive. Insert are generally printed in thicker papers for both side prints. This gives it a thicker base. The once the thick printed paper is inserted in a CD case, it looks great.

Keep the printed covers creative so that it gets more attention. A good insert will have the power to generate an instant emotional connection with potential customers. The creative cover is different from good packaging. For artists, dependent on disks only for business, have this one way of reaching the customers. Hence, the presentation of the disk matters more than anything.

How to Design a Good CD Insert?

Before you start designing a CD insert, you should not forget that it is also a piece of information. This means it is necessary to keep it formal as well as creative. By formal it means, you should design it in a way so that people do not extract a negative idea about it. Otherwise, it should not get very difficult to design a good insert.

  • Image or art: The stores printing CD inserts near me print anything with great accuracy. If you want to design the insert with an image only, you need to have a good quality image. Make sure the image is clear and relevant to the disk inside. But in case you want to create art, the design is completely on your hand. The meaning of the design should have a clear meaning. Never design something that will not make any sense. You should also avoid including anything difficult for readers to comprehend.
  • Avoid Pixelated images: The easiest way to spoil your entire work is to use a pixelated image. When you use such images, it gets difficult to enlarge it. The image is also unclear and full of grains. Using pixelated images will degrade the overall quality and ruin all the close details. Furthermore, you must also avoid blurred or shaky images.
  • Use logo and title: Most disks should come with a proper title. This title should come with a good meaning and match with the content in the disk. The brand logo is important. Try and include the brand logo so that people can recognize you instantly. You may include contact information too. But do not include unnecessary things.

Don’t make it clumsy

Unlike the other forms of marketing pieces, the inserts should also not appear too clumsy. The overnight CD inserts printing company can guide you with the trending insert designs. You can also choose from a range of templates online. It is completely your choice.

Should You Print Inserts in Bulk?

Of course, you should print inserts in bulk. To save more money in an already cheap printing procedure, getting it in bulk is the best option. When you print the inserts in bulk, you easily stand a chance to get more discounts. Moreover, the bulk quantity will also give you a major portion of bulk. You do not need to place orders frequently.

CD insert printing is one of the most affordable forms of marketing. If the cheap CD inserts printing company can provide you top quality printed inserts in a very short time. For companies that cannot afford in any other form of marketing can always count on printed inserts. Just make sure you have given an attractive design to the cover. Make use of colors and patterns wisely. Decide what type of content you want to give your audience. Avoid printing too much information. If you are looking to launch a music CD you can choose to print the lyrics or certain quotes from the lyrics. But do this only if you have sufficient space.

Don’t underestimate the relevance of CD inserts! It creates a major role in marketing. Do not leave it blank or to casually designed. Use the best possible designs to convince buyers to choose you over the others. Alternatively, you can also take help from a professional designer. Once the design is ready, print it from the best printer.


How to Ensure the Best Cheap CD Inserts Printing?

There are many companies that do marketing and promotion of their products through CDs Inserts. These CDs contain information about the products and services of the company.

CD Inserts Printing: Best Music Marketing Method

Are you promoting your own music?  You should know that it is necessary to make your CD stand out from the others. You will be able to do this in an effective manner with the help of the CD insert printing.  There is some truth in the saying that a CD is judged by its cover.  Hence, you should make use of these to the fullest extent.

Full Color CD Insert Printing

At 55printing, you will get full color CD insert printing. The vibrant colors are produced using the color build of cyan, magenta, and black, and yellow.  With the help of this method, we can create any color you want for your CD inserts.  Hence, you can be sure that you will get stunning results.

CD Inserts Different Finishing

You can either get matte or standard gloss finish for your CD inserts.  Matte finish is perfect for people who want to give their CD insert a professional and corporate look.  Standard gloss finish isn’t too dull or shiny. It is ideal for middle of the road CD inserts if you don’t want something flashy.

If you want some space within the printed piece of CD insert then you can get folded inserts. You have the option to choose from a wide range of folded patterns. You will be able to get them at a competitive price at 55printing. 

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