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It is not for nothing that people say that a CD is judged by its cover. There is some truth in this. So, make sure that you present your products to the fullest, in a high quality way with the help of our CD Inserts print. Our Cheap CD inserts printing has:


  • Competitive prices
  • Fast turnaround time
  • Different paper stock qualities
  • Different page number options


What our customers are saying:
The CD inserts printing order we placed with you guys has been a stupendous success. Cheers!
Lucy Roberts, Arlington

Thank you each one at for doing such a great and wonderful job. I was really happy because this project has turned out just the way I visualized. The covers are wonderful and I have already recommended you to some of my friends. You have surpassed my expectations.
Max Richards, Hacienda Heights

Hi, I’m celebrating the success of the cheap CD inserts Printing project. 55 printing has made my job easier.
David Lucas, South Gate

How to Ensure the Best Cheap CD Inserts Printing?

There are many companies that do marketing and promotion of their products through CDs Inserts. These CDs contain information about the products and services of the company.


CD Inserts Printing: Best Music Marketing Method

Are you promoting your own music?  You should know that it is necessary to make your CD stand out from the others. You will be able to do this in an effective manner with the help of the CD insert printing.  There is some truth in the saying that a CD is judged by its cover.  Hence, you should make use of these to the fullest extent.

Full Color CD Insert Printing

At 55printing, you will get full color CD insert printing. The vibrant colors are produced using the color build of cyan, magenta, and black, and yellow.  With the help of this method, we can create any color you want for your CD inserts.  Hence, you can be sure that you will get stunning results.

CD Inserts Different Finishing

You can either get matte or standard gloss finish for your CD inserts.  Matte finish is perfect for people who want to give their CD insert a professional and corporate look.  Standard gloss finish isn’t too dull or shiny. It is ideal for middle of the road CD inserts if you don’t want something flashy.

If you want some space within the printed piece of CD insert then you can get folded inserts. You have the option to choose from a wide range of folded patterns. You will be able to get them at a competitive price at 55printing. 

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500$ 59.55 $ 44.66
1000$ 71.46 $ 53.60
2500$ 114.75 $ 86.06
5000$ 184.88 $ 138.66
10000$ 352.16 $ 264.12
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