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Cheap Greeting Cards Printing from $28.20

Greeting Cards from $28.20

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Download Templates for Greeting Cards:

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Our cheap greeting card printing will connect more with your customers!

Greeting cards are a very convenient way of promoting your business or by just simply creating unique and personalized add. Our greeting cards are:

  • Available in a variety of sizes
  • Available in different shapes
  • Available in different paper stock qualities
  • Have  a fast turnaround time and competitive prices


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Note: If your file is a Word Document or PDF which contains multi-pages, we will assume that 1st page is the front and 2nd page is back. Please upload your multi-page file just once.


What our custom GreetingCards customers are saying:

★★★★ - Jack Mey, Redondo Beach
I wanted to send out unique greeting cards to my clients. 55printing have made my work cakewalk!

★★★★★ - Martha May, LA
My clients have appreciated the amazing greeting card prints they received. Thanks to you, 55 printing for taking care of the situation. I have received a lot of positive feedback about the cards. The team has made my job simpler due to their cooperativeness.

★★★★★ - Daniel Clark, Chatsworth
A big thank you to all the team members at 55printing.

Cheap Greeting Cards Printing

Greetings cards offer one of the best ways of expressing emotions. No matter what the occasion is there is always a greetings card for it. Moreover, you can also create a card on your own. Designing and printing a card is easy. Greeting cards are very versatile and you can design as you like. It is a good and easy way of connecting with new people and showing care for your existing friends.

Another advantage of using a greeting card is that it does not have any age limit. You can present it to any one irrespective of age. The concept of exchanging greeting cards has been there for long. With time creativity has taken the concept to the next level. As a result, there is a great variety of greeting cards available now.

cheap greeting cards printing near me in 24 hours

Purpose of Greeting Cards in Business

Good business is all about effective communication. What matters more is how you do it. You can communicate with your clients in many ways. Creative communication is more effective than normal communication. We provide 24 hours greeting cards printing services. If you want to present your customers or clients with instant greeting cards, our services will help you to do so. There are reasons why businesses still rely on greeting cards.

  1. Develops a warm relationship : Greeting cards are humble and easily develops a warm relationship with your clients. They are effective as you can freely communicate professional thoughts with them. The best greeting card that works in business is the best wishes card.
  2. It simply reflects the concern of one business towards the other. A greeting card comes in a standard size, hence when you present it to someone, it is not a burden. They can carry it with them and even place it somewhere good.
  3. Creates a good first impression : If you present your client with a greetings card, it shows that you have taken the time to think of them. It indicates that you want to strengthen the relationship and work together too. This naturally creates a good first impression. The importance and opportunity of the first impression should not be ignored. With the help of a well-designed card, you can influence clients and customers in the very first interaction.
  4. Thoughtful communication : In business, there is no space for personal communication. You should not show too much emotion to your clients or customers because it is unprofessional. However, a little bit of emotion can work good and with greeting cards you can do that easily. The content in the greeting card can include a warm message with good wishes towards one's health and life.

Brand image

Professional greeting cards often come with brand long and tagline. Apart from the wishes the card also has elements about the business. In a way, this is good for the business as it acts as a form of marketing technique. The more you share the greetings card the brand image gets better. Your clients are aware of how your company deals with clients. This is likely to create a good impression.


Purpose of Greeting Cards in Daily Life : In daily life greeting cards work for many purposes. There are endless occasions to use greetings cards. From birthdays to farewells, there is a greeting card for everything. This is because the cards are simple yet carry valuable messages.

Strengthens relationship: The primary purpose of a greeting card is to strengthen relationships. The stores printing greeting cards near me can print customized greeting cards. This means you can choose the design easily from their templates and get it printed. Alternatively, you can also design the card yourself and get it printed. With the help of our printed greeting cards strengthen the bond with your friends easily.

Shows your care: One of the best ways to show your love and care to your loved ones is to present them with a greeting card. It is important to choose a card in the standard size. A very small card will not have an impact as much as a big one. Irrespective of the card your efforts do matter. Hence, greeting cards stand exceptional when it comes to showing care.

Mends relationships

Unlike strengthening relationships, greeting cards also have the power to mend relationships. It is an indirect form of communication. This means you can communicate easily and show you care.

Benefits of Custom Printed Cards

When you visit the gift shop you will come across a variety of options in printed greetings cards. Name the occasion and you will find it there. However, sometimes a good design will not match with the content you want to communicate. You end up rejecting the card. In such situations, you have two options. Either choose a card that is blank inside or get a customized printed card.

The overnight greeting cards printing companies can even help you print greeting cards within one day. For example, if you need to distribute greeting cards in bulk and very short notice, our overnight printing services will help you with that easily. The advantage of printing a blank greeting card from inside is, you can pen down your thoughts. The control of the content inside is in your hand. But full printed greeting cards also have its benefits like,

It looks more attractive


Using a full printed greeting card looks more attractive. It looks complete and professionally designed. When you present the card to someone, it will create a great first impression. Greetings cards look better with little or not handwritten content. It leaves the card neat and clean.

  • Control over the design: Custom printed greeting cards gives you the full flexibility and control of designing the card in your style. Most of the cheap greeting card printing services will print custom designed business cards. This means you will get the type of card you want. You are free to choose colors, designs, and patterns. With the help of such a card, you can stop being dependent on the ready to use greeting cards.
  • Design as per the event: You can easily design a card based on the type of occasion. Although the same occasion may have a large variety of pre-designed and printed cards, you can still design on your own. This will increase the importance of the card according to the event or occasion.
  • Scope of more creativity: When you design greeting cards on your own, you get more scope of including creativity. You can even make the card a personalized one with the help of images. Cards with unique designs will compel people to preserve the card for a long time. Nobody wants to throw away a good card.

Cheap and Affordable

The biggest advantage of printing customized greeting cards is that it is cheap and very affordable. Whether you want to print in bulk or simply print in small numbers, you will find customized printed cards cost-effective. When you buy a printed greeting card from a store, the cost per card is higher as it included profit margins.

Better Expression

With the help of custom printed greeting cards, you can express your emotions in a better way. It is a good and effective way of communicating your thoughts in own style. You know what you want to say and how to place it on the card. The 24 hours greeting cards printing stores print customized cards so that you can express your thoughts better. If you can execute the design successfully, the card naturally gets easier for the receiver to understand what you want to say.

How to Design an Effective Greeting Card?

A greeting card is all about expressing thoughts and emotions. It is also an indirect way to show you care. The cards are versatile and you can design it exactly the way you want. Make it different so that it can stand out from the thousands of other existing cards. If you want to sell your self-designed greeting card, you should design each card with one question in mind. Why will a person buy your card? The design of the card plays an important role in giving out the message effectively. Hence plan and execute the design well.

Eye-catching colors

Colors play a major role in creating an appealing card. It is responsible for catching the eyes of the recipient as soon as they open it. Play and experiment with different color shades and select the best ones. Makes sure to add proper color combinations or contrasts. Depending on the occasion, brighter looking cards have better chances of getting selected. Nobody likes a dull and faded card.

Defining Designs

It is clear that any creative piece stands out for exceptional color usage and defining designs. The stores printing greeting cards near me knows well to print a good quality greeting card. We can also help you print affordable business cards in no time. Our top-quality printing machines and professional printers ensure your orders to remain error-free. The advantage of using defining design in your works is it makes the card more attractive. Apart from colors, designs and patterns also play an important role in making a greeting card stand out.

The Top third of the card is important

The top one-third area in the greeting card is the most valuable. This is because it is the most visible area on the card. Hence, always take advantage of the complete front portion of the card. Make use of the most visible areas of the card and place the primary elements of your design in these areas. This improves sales and helps to generate leads.

A balance between Design and copy

Never forget that the design and content in the card go hand in hand. It makes no sense to create a design that does not match the content. Create a balance between the design and content to allow viewers to correlate the design. The design should attract people but the content decides whether the card sells or not. Good content is the key to make the card appealing to different people. With the help of our exceptionally fast overnight greeting cards printing, you can quickly get your cards printed in any design and format.

Season with Personal Touch

Whether you want to keep the card blank or add handwritten fonts it's your decision. Adding a small message or a few handwritten words just before presenting it to the user brings in a personal touch. It makes the card more interesting and receivers feel proud to have it too. But while doing this, never end up adding a lot of text in it. This will only spoil the look and destroy the actual meaning of the card. Keep the card area neat and tidy.

Paper Quality

The paper quality is extremely important in printing greeting cards. These cards sell better in the thicker variants. Irrespective of what you design the paper quality used by the cheap greeting card printing services determines how it will appear. The paper quality determines how well the ink will soak in the paper. To reflect a bespoke design and make a lasting impression use fine quality paper. This way you can also create high-end cards and place higher price tags for sale.

Importance of Blank Space

Finally, we come to the importance of blank spaces. Understand that less is more important in designing a greeting card. If you have too much on your card you already lost a big number of audience. To avoid committing such blunders always start designing only after the planning ends. That way you will know clearly what is more important and what's less. You will also understand what you want to show your audience first.

A greeting card is imbibed with the tradition of goodwill and sentiment. This has the potential of lifting a person’s morale. It is a simple act of expressing your care and thought for someone. Greeting cards are compact and tangible with a scope of written communication. For thoughts and words that are difficult to express verbally, it is easily possible with the help of a greetings card. Precisely, it is a great way to keep in touch with everyone.

Importance of Printing Greetings Cards for a Business

It is not always that your customers might need your products or services. It is important for the customers to remember your company during those times. For example, customers might not need a home improvement service provider more than once or twice a year. However, if you are providing the service, it is important that your customers remember your company’s name and services even when they do not need such a service.

Greetings Card Printing: To Connect with the Customers

Greetings card is a great way to promote your business. You can let your creativity loose with customized greetings card from 55printing. Combine your unique designs with our superior quality custom greeting card for different occasions. 

At 55printing we use modern equipment to custom design the cards to the highest possible standards. Our presses develop cards with vibrant and rich colors and also stunning sharp images. You can choose the number of cards that you want to print for your clients or friends.

Various Options

At 55printing, you will come across a wide range of sizes, finishes, and paper stocks. However, the best option is always Trucard.  This is coated on the outside and uncoated inside.  Thus, it is ideal for writing.  If you want you can also get a full color print on the inside.  The card design is entirely up to you.

Remind the Customers About Your Company with Greeting Cards

The customers might not always need your product or services.  It is necessary that the customers remember you during these times.  So that whenever they need your services, they return to your company. Retaining customers is more important that making new ones. Greetings card is important for retaining customers and also for making them understand that your company is always at their service. 

At 55printing, you will be able to place the order on greeting cards online at an affordable price. 

Greeting Cards Printing


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