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Provide more information to your clients with our mini menu prints!


Any successful restaurant will be in a need of mini menus with which they can promote their business much faster and more efficiently. Usually, a mini menu will contain a selection of most popular or signature food from the restaurant, together with the prices. Our mini menu prints:


  • Are available in size of 4 x 10 inches
  • Are printed on a gloss book quality paper
  • Can be ordered in quantities of 250 to 50.000


What our customers are saying:
I have hired 55 Printing for getting the mini menu job done. The results have been awesome!
Daniella Mays, East Los Angeles

My patrons loved the printed mini menus. I too am thankful to 55 printing because, without them, the task would not have been possible. Kudos to you guys for all the effort and perseverance, given the time crunch I had.
KK Richard, La Mirada

Thank you everyone at 55printing for the superb job. Will get back soon!
Rita Knox, South Gate

Why Should You Opt For Mini Menu Printing?

Menu printing is important – especially for restaurants. Most restaurants opt for printing menus to create a good impression about themselves. Printed menus enhance the credibility of the restaurant. Print restaurant menu to create a strong impression in the minds of the people about your quality and services. Low quality menus can create a negative impression about your business.

Mini Menu Printing: The Best Way to Popularize a Restaurant

If you are running a restaurant, you might require a mini menu to popularize it.  This is capable of promoting the business at a much faster rate and that too more effectively. Usually, a mini menu consists of a selection of signature or most popular food items from the restaurant along with the prices.

With the help of the mini menu printing, you will be able to make a good impression on the customers.  It will help in enhancing the credibility of the restaurant. However, the mini menu has to be of superior quality if you do not want to create a negative impression with it.  Keep in mind that this is the first thing that this is the first thing that the customer will come across when it comes to your restaurant. 

High Quality Materials for Mini Menues

At 55printing, you will get a wide variety of options to choose from.  There are different sizes, designs, and colors for grabbing the attention of the customers.  Once you distribute them, the customers will start asking for them and they will start passing them around. 

Mini Menu Easy Ordering

With 55printing, ordering is pretty easy. You will be able to place the order from the comfort of your home through the internet. Thus, you just have to decide on the specification and your work is done.

Mini  menus doesn’t just promote the business but is also helpful for the guests. 

So, do not compromise on the quality of menus. Remember, it is the first thing that your customers would come across about your restaurant. So, make sure you create the best impression with the right menu designs.

Mini Menu Printing

Price Details

4" x 10" (Parallel Fold)250$ 109.91 $ 82.43
500$ 120.54 $ 90.41
1000$ 134.82 $ 101.12
2500$ 205.33 $ 154.00
5000$ 313.07 $ 234.80
10000$ 585.26 $ 438.95
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