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Posters have been the ideal choice when you are looking to endorse a casual event or a commercial event. Posters can also be used to advertise your expertise and for an important announcement. Few of the exclusive uses of posters include;

  • Sales and Promotions
  • Sports and event venue and details such as facilities
  • Convention and trade show booth advertisements
  • Personal events such as graduation, welcome home, birthday party announcements
  • And many more


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Cheap Posters Prints - A good solution for a louder promotion!

Posters are similar to flyers but bigger. With their help, you can announce just about anything, new businesses, future events, products, concerts, etc. Our poster prints are:

  • Available in two different sizes
  • Available in two different paper stock qualities
  • Available in quantities of 250 to 1000 per order
  • Have a fast turnaround time
  • Very affordable price rates

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Poster Printing - Advertise Your Business with Posters

Are you looking for a flexible advertising tool for your business? If yes, you can take the help of a poster. Well, with the help of a poster, any business can reach out to a wide number of audiences very easily. Posters are helping businesses to spread their important message to prospective clients. With our poster printing, you get to enjoy the following.

  • Two different size options
  • Two different paper stock qualities
  • Rapid turnaround time
  • Bulk order options
  • Affordable pricing

Why Do You Need Posters?

In the present age of cutting-edge competition, any business needs to advertise their products and services. With the help of a workable advertising strategy, a business can expect rapid growth. Amidst the wide number of options available, cheap poster printing is an efficient way to promote a business. With the introduction of poster printing, a business can showcase their expertise. You can use a poster to promote a new movie. During product launches, posters are used. Design a poster beautifully and it’s bound to attract the attention of the audience.

All over the globe, businesses are using poster printing as a marketing tool. It helps to promote a brand and create brand awareness among customers. Well, poster printing can be of great help for a business.

The main advantages of opting for poster printing services are:
  1. Versatility: If you run a business and know your target audience well, you can distribute posters among them. You can place the posters at cafés, bus terminus, subways, stations, etc.
  2. Exposure: For the ultimate brand reinforcement, poster advertising is the best solution. Always, print posters in such a way that it creates a great impression on the mind of the audience. You can easily get in touch with your target audience through the posters with CTA. The poster helps a brand to get the required exposure and make people aware of a brand.
  3. Affordability: Unlike other advertising methods like PPC that requires constant payment, poster printing only requires a one-time payment. With the help of any 24 hours poster printing services, you can get posters printed at a minimal rate. You can get amazing discounts on bulk orders when you take our services

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Various Types of Poster Printing

In today’s world, posters play a huge role to promote and advertise any business. The usage of posters is not a new thing. During World War II, posters were used for promotional campaigns. Posters like ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ posters were very common during that time. Nowadays, poster advertising is allowing high-street brands to small business houses to highlight their brand and promote their business.

You can take the help of posters to catch the attention of the audiences. It doesn’t fail to serve its purpose. Businesses are using cheap poster printing to convey a message to the masses. It has got many other usages. To know about it, you should go through the rest of the post.

  1. Education Posters

This poster holds great importance in this world. You can use it along with the presentations. The main purpose of the poster is to provide a visual element to a particular idea. Well, educational institutes use this kind of posters to help students or clients, get a better idea about the products or services.  The poster makes use of graphical data and infographics to improve the understanding of the thing.

  1. Movie Posters – Decorating A Piece

You can take the help of an overnight poster printing company to print posters with graphics and pictures on it. Most of these printing firms take the help of offset printing technology to come up with a beautiful poster for your home.

Often, teens opt to print the picture of their favorite person or band on the posters, which they would hang on the walls easily.

Previously, to advertise to people about a film, movie posters were used. Movie posters made use of illustrations and colorful work of art to draw the attention of the customers. Special emphasis should be placed to focus on important details. It would help to draw the attention of customers.

  1. Advertising Posters – Announcement Medium

Do you want to make important announcements? Is the announcement related to a travel package? Or, is it related to an upcoming offer? If yes, you can opt for the announcement posters.

The concept of advertising was popular even 20 years ago. They have been an effective mean of marketing. Convey messages consciously or subconsciously with the help of advertising posters. Malls or supermarket makes use of posters to announce special offers and discounts.

  1. Motivational Posters – Keep Motivated

This kind of poster contains images of an individual along with their important saying. Sometimes the poster can contain a motivational message only. This kind of posters can help to improve the morale of the people. You can ask the printing poster printing near me shop to print a motivational poster for you. Offices can stick the motivational posters all across the office floor so that they get the motivation to do their job well. With this poster, the confidence of the employees can be easily boosted.

  1. Political Posters – Create a Campaign

During political campaigns, you might have seen political posters being handed out at gatherings. Through this poster, a party can promote a particular candidate or the agenda of the party. During the First World War, political posters were used to showcase the patriotism of Great Britain.

  1. Marketing Posters – Used at Tradeshows

At tradeshows, businesses who look forward to promoting their services or products take the help of high-quality poster printing. The posters can be displayed on the stands. The posters with a striking CTA can draw the attention of people.

  1. Promotional Poster – Ideal for Endorsement

In this competitive market, businesses need to promote their products and services very well. With the help of a cheap poster print, a business can promote its specific services and product. Many renowned printing companies are printing posters with product details or promotional images on it.

With the help of a 24 hours poster printing company, any business can endorse their product easily. Businesses can reach out to their specific target audience with the help of this poster before an event like a product launch.

However, the designing of all these posters is very important. You should take great care when designing any of these posters. The design should be simple yet unique. Too many colors can make the poster look loud and clumsy. It is important to make the posters memorable. Only then the poster would be able to make a mark in the mind of the audience.

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Tips to Design a Poster

Are you looking forward to unique designs for your poster printing need? You can come up with a unique design with the help of some simple tips.

  • Avoid Too Much of Texts

For a poster, too many texts can prove disastrous. It can do more harm than doing any good. Hence, depending on your poster’s purpose, you can use the texts. Keeping the text short is mandatory. It would help people to focus on the chief message. At the same time, the use of flowery language should be avoided.

  • Determine the Size

Any expert printing poster printing near me shop would offer a wide range of printing options. The printing company would take care of the following points, like poster size, paper stock, and other specific details. You should always talk with the experts about the best printing options based on the poster need. A good printing firm takes care to print the poster as per the client’s requirement.

Choosing the size of the poster is important. Depending on the purpose, the poster size can be picked. For instance, customers can opt for the standard poster size of 13” x 19”. You can even pick from other size options, like 18” x 24” or 26” x 39” and more.
  • Technical Aspects

Technical aspects are very important for poster printing. Taking care of the bleed area of a poster is very important. It’s the area around the poster that goes into the white frames. Moreover, you can cut the excess area from the copy once it’s printed. Also, you can print posters on either side or any one side.

Another aspect that needs to be taken care of is the paper stock. You can choose between 100lb and 80lb gloss book with aqueous coating. A good coating can offer a sophisticated look to the poster.

  • Creating a Flow
Just like a presentation, a poster, chiefly an educational poster should maintain a logical flow of information. The informational hierarchy would help to focus on the chief points. Make the posters visually appealing. You can focus on the main point with the help of poster printing services.

However, if you are not confident to design a poster, you can take the help of template designs. We offer a wide set of template designs for poster printing. You just need to edit the template and add details like logo, message, and headline. Once your design is complete, add it to the cart and select the number of prints.  Alternately, you can add your poster design. It would be proofed by our experts.

  • Typography

Are you planning to print posters from leading print houses? You should take care to ensure that the poster designed by the 24 hours poster printing company doesn’t use many typefaces. Too much usage would make the design very complex. On the other hand, using one or two typefaces would help to preserve the design consistency. This, in turn, would add life to the design.

  • Color Contrast

Whether you are planning to print a political poster or a motivational poster, you should take care to ask the printer to use not more than 2-3 colors. Too many color usage can make the poster look highly unprofessional. An ideal solution would be using bold colors and one typeface. This would help you to get high-quality poster prints.

Other Details to Keep In Mind

Pay close attention to poster printing details. By focusing on the minute details, one can come up with a visually impressive poster.

  • Avoiding Cluttered Images

You might think of using too many images for your poster. However, the effect of using too many images can be the opposite. Too many pictures can make the poster look disarranged from a distance. People would avoid reading and taking a look at the poster. Hence, using a featured image helps to strike a chord with the audience. Moreover, it won’t affect the readability factor of the poster.

  • Typography Shouldn’t Be Neglected

A stunning image can easily draw the attention of the readers. However, some posters need to convey an important message for the audience. For this reason, you should give equal importance to typography. Choose a font that can create a mood for the product/ service you are providing. Typography helps to create a minimalist look for the posters.



Consider the Distance

You design a poster so that you can read it from a distance. However, it should be able to attract the attention of the readers. To create interest among the readers, the subject of the poster should be very clear.

Ask the overnight poster printing agency to focus on the central image/ text. One would be able to see the poster from a clear distance. You should focus on three things: text, headline, and the body. All these three elements would provide essential details and information to the target audience.

  • Pay Attention to Surrounding

The location of the poster holds great importance. Pasting a poster on a cluttered background won’t serve its purpose. You won’t be pasting a poster in one area only. So you should look out for alternative locations. Depending on the areas, you can plan the design elements for the posters. This, in turn, would help the poster to go well with the surroundings and not clash with it.

Are you looking forward to an effective mode of marketing and communication? Poster printing can be a solution. Posters are similar to flyers, but its’ big in size. Most businesses are taking up poster printing to announce future events, concerts, etc. and gain the attention of potential customers.

An aqueous coated poster is the ideal solution when you want to endorse a grand opening of your business

organize an event concerned with large crowds such as concerts or sports events or celebrate a special occasion. At 55printing, we utilize the most scientifically acknowledged methods to print posters that meet the highest standards. We use only the highest-quality paper stocks with two segments of thickness 100lb Gloss book with an aqueous coating (C2S) and 80lb Gloss book with an aqueous coating (C2S).

cheap posters printing at 55printing

We at 55print create posters which will be a pleasure to display or distribute. We have a range of sizes available for the posters of your choice so that you will find just the appropriate size for your worthy affairs. If you have a predetermined design of the poster, you just need to upload your print-ready files. Also, we accept all file formats.  After you submit your order, you can receive an instant proof on your email id for your kind approval.

If you aren’t sure about the poster design, our Designer template tool on-site can help you create one from scratch. Logos and other graphics can be easily added to the templates; also texts can be added to create a fully customized design for your poster with a range of fonts and other tools such as clip art.

We realize that our worthy clients have different needs; this is the reason why we have such a large domain of posters quantity ranging from 250 to 5000. Our posters range in size from 13” by 19”

to 27” by 39”. Posters can be printed on one side or on both sides according to the choice of clients.

Next day air delivery option is available for customers looking to receive their products urgently. You can choose to receive their posters the next day after the printing turnaround time at the most reasonable cost. Also, other delivery options including Ground/Freight (2 to 4 days) + printing turnaround time, 2nd-day air delivery (2 days) + printing turnaround time are also available as per the customer’s needs.

What our customers are saying:

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The team at 55prnting offers superb fast services at unique rates. Their staff is courteous and patient with all your questions. They will also recommend you with anything that might suit your print best. Good job indeed!
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I am thankful to everyone who has made my poster printing task a success. Thanks guys for all the time and effort!
Josh Todd, San Gabriel

Poster Printing and Its Benefits


If you are planning to do logical and cost-effective marketing communication with your customers you must use posters. Poster printing is one of the most effective outdoor marketing methods that an increasingly large number of entrepreneurs are taking up. If posters are placed correctly, they can attract the attention of the potential customers to events and offers that your company has organized.

Printing posters printing is also helpful in situations when there is a need to inform people or customers about an upcoming event or seminar.

Poster Printing

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