Learn About Cheap Every Door Direct Mail Printing

Things You Must Know About Cheap Every Door Direct Mail Postcards and Mailing to Boost Your Business

Print cheap Every Door Direct Mail postcards and flyers to boost your sales! Even in this digital world, local businesses struggle to get their message out in the world. It might seem a bit silly, but the struggle is real for the businesses. The good news is there are still certain ways that can help the businesses to reach to the audience. One of such methods is known as every door direct mail (EDDM) service.

EDDM is unquestionably one of the best tools that can reach each of your customers living in a certain geographical zone. As this service is provided by the post office, it is highly scalable for your business. If you are trying to find unusual avenues to advertise your business, then EDDM sure can be one of the best choices. However, if you have not heard about this marketing method yet, it is better to gather some information before its implementation.

Every Door Direct Mail Postcard Mailing
Every Door Direct Mail Postcard Mailing

What Is Every Door Direct Mail?

The United States Postal Service (USPS) carries forward a special system that helps the local businesses to reach their audiences easily. As the name suggests, every door direct mail is a mailing service that helps you to reach the target audiences residing in a certain area of the USA. You can choose any mailing route of a certain area, and your mail piece (also known as a flat mailer) will be sent to each residential or official address of that area.

It is true that this system is easier and better than most traditional marketing methods. Here, you don’t even have to create a database of the names and addresses of your potential clients. You just need to select the target area you want to hit, and the United States Postal Service will send the mailer to every address on that route.

This marketing method is especially beneficial for local businesses, like pizza restaurants, that want to reach each of the local people staying within their limited delivery zone. Other than choosing the target area, you have to choose a way to print the mailer within a rational budget. So, before choosing the target area, get in touch with a cheap EDDM printing business for leaflet printing.

Is Every Door Direct Mail Is Right for Me?

It is one of the points that you need to mull over before reaping the benefits of this marketing method. Ask yourself, does your business can serve the needs of the local people? Find the answer to this question before taking a step further.

Whatever answer you get, it will help you to draw a profile of your potential audience. Once you get that picture, it will be easier to derive whether this method is right for your business or not.

However, if you run one of the following businesses, then you can start searching for cheap EDDM printing services for printing the mailers.

  • Retail Stores.
  • Dry Cleaners.
  • Restaurants
  • Realtors
  • Coffee Shops
  • Home Services
  • Auto Sales and Services

Other than the above-mentioned businesses, political parties can benefit from this marketing strategy. If you are trying to gain a political footing in your area, choosing EDDM might just be the right idea. Churches and NGOs can also use EDDM services to spread words about their programs.

Advantages of Using Eligible Postcards

all you need to know about EDDM
all you need to know about EDDM

Slowly but surely, businesses are taking notes on the advantages of EDDM.

Of course, they are doing that!

You can reach only up to a certain point using the classical methods of digital marketing. After a certain time, all your mails are bound to fill the slot of the customer’s junk mails. Other digital advertisements will get cleared by ad blockers, and all your notifications on social media will get skipped over.

That is why practicing only the online marketing method is slowly getting one-sided. It is high time to bring back the balance in the marketing strategies of your business.

Are you still a non-believer about the physical mailing method? The following advantages of EDDM might give you a much-required perspective about marketing.

Reach: In EDDM, you get to choose specific carrier routes and area codes to reach the geographically potential audiences. In short, this process helps you to reach to the customers of the area which is significantly important for the growth of your business. You can even narrow down your prospective audience by location, age, and income. If you have a more organized and targeted campaign methodology, it can also be implemented using additional demographic filters; such as family size and gender.

The United States Postal Services even offers you a mapping tool which can help you to find the perfect route for your business. Through this method, you can achieve a high conversion rate within a short period.

Finding the right route can indeed be a bit tedious at first. The tools of the United States Postal Services, however, will help you to complete this task. It will ask you the route and address type. If you have a picture of your target audience in mind, then making the choice would be easier for you.

It is better not to pick the route in haste. Remember, this route selection can make or break the success of your campaign. Experiment a bit, and then choose the most potential route for your business.

Flexibility: What type of impact do you want to have on the audience? Have you ever thought about that?

EDDM service now gives you the freedom to experiment. With the help of cheap Every Door Direct Mail printing services, you can print your message on different sized postcards.

The sizes itself create different impacts on the audiences. If you are going for the smaller format, then write short and punchy lines about your business. The larger cards, however, lets you tell the story of your establishments. The designs of the cards should be different as well. There are several types of EDDM templates available online. You just need to check those to create an impactful design.

Value: The United States Postal Service has created a system specially designed for EDDM campaigns. You don’t have to pay a lump sum while using the postal services. The USPS has reduced the stamp rates for EDDM campaigns as well. The NGOs get even lower postage rates for these campaigns. Overall, these systems make this campaigning method quite economical for every business.

Effective: Most marketers are still baffled about the response that this campaigning system draws. According to consumer psychologists, physical leaflets are not a competitor of digital campaigns. On the contrary, it helps to grab the attention of the customers. The customers believe the physical mailers more than digital advertisements and emails.

These tangible mailers offer the customers a human touch that any digital advertisement lacks. With the help of these physical mailers, you open a multi-faceted campaign that enhances the response, exposure, and engagement prospects of your business. By forging a bond with a cheap Every Door Direct Mail printing company; you can reach a tipping point that leads to a lasting business to customer relationship.

The Difference your Printing Partners Can Make

It is a well-known fact that the less time you spend on the printing of the mailers, the more time you will have for your business. So, you need to choose a cheap EDDM printing service that can fulfill all the aspects of EDDM campaigns on your behalf. It is not easy to find the right printing partner for your business. The below points can help you to find the best printing partner without any hiccups.

Printing Abilities: Your printing partner must have both offset and digital printing alternatives. In this way, you can reap the benefits of both the printing options. First, choose the printing method which brings in the maximum benefit for your business. Make sure to ask about the prices before going down the printing pipelines. Don’t have the time to create the designs of the mailers? Ask your printing partner for templates. Check those templates and make the required changes.

Route Selection

It is one of the most important points of EDDM campaigns. To make this campaign successful, you have to create a profile of your target audience. It will be easier to choose the mailing routes once you have the profile handy. You can also use the route selection tool offered by the United States Postal Service. If you are taking the help of a professional printing service, don’t forget to ask them about such tools. These tools will save you the hassle of searching the targeted area manually.

Delivery Services: ask the printing partner if they would deliver the printed mailers to the USPS office before making anything final. This service of the printing company will save you the trouble of delivering the printed mailers yourself. Once the mailers reach the USPS, they will be delivered to each house and/or businesses in your selected mailing route. Keep an eye on the results of this campaign, and tailor your circulation with the help of the mapping tool of USPS when necessary.

Regulatory Expertise

While retaining a cheap EDDM printing service company at your service, check whether they have an established mailing service department. The USPS has rigid requirements of bundling and mailing of the mailers. The company needs to know the rules to serve you better. Additionally, the experienced professionals of any service company can tell you about different discounts that USPS offers.

Send Your Order: Your work does not end at the printing of the mailers. You have to do a lot of legwork to ensure that all your mailers reach the targeted audience at the right time. That is why it is always better to take the help of an experienced EDDM printing service who will do all the legwork for you. By forging relationships with one of such companies, you ensure that every minute of your time is being used productively. Such services can also check the filled-in forms, bundle the website in the right manner, and deliver it to the post office in orderly stacks.

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Economical Print Color copies near my place in Columbia-Jefferson MO

low cost color copies - Columbia-Jefferson MO

Color copies – Columbia Jefferson City Missouri

 The transformation of the print industry is crystal clear to everyone. Almost everyone in this generation knows how drastically the print industry changed and developed itself to what it is today. Now, you will come across so many different types of printers. If you can access a printed document, it is all because of the printer. Every printer based in Columbia works to deliver a particular requirement. If you can print standard sized documents at home, it is because of the inkjet printers. If you can print documents in bulk, you are probably working with a laser printer. If you can access printed items like banners or posters, it is because of the off-set printers near me.

Why do you need an inkjet printer?

An inkjet printer helps you get cheap printing at home or in Columbia and Jefferson City. You can buy it in the shop near me. If you are looking for prints in the short run, this is the printer that you need. It is not just economical but is one of the cheapest options as well.

Print out at home

Sometimes it is just not acceptable to move out of your home just to print one document. In such situations, you need to use an inkjet printer. If you do not need to print in bulk and if the quality is not the best that you need, an inkjet printer should serve your purpose. Inkjet printers suit the best for home use. However, some offices in Jefferson City prefer to use it at the office too.


The printing costs do not hit you individually on a per-piece basis. Instead, they hit you in the long run when you realize you are changing the ink cartridge quite often. Inkjet printers at home can give you economical results. Of course, you do not want to print it for too many pages. Counting based on per page print out monthly is recommended. This way you can use the same cartridge for a long time.

low cost color copies - Columbia-Jefferson MO
low cost color copies – Columbia-Jefferson MO

Instant printing

The biggest advantage of inkjet printers is instant printing. As soon as you give the command, you get your printout almost in a few seconds. It is not just a low cost option but the fastest too. Just make sure that the printer working in Jefferson City is setup with your laptop or desktop.

Not good for bulk Printing

The drawback of inkjet printers is that it is not the best option for bulk printing. When you need to print in bulk, this printer is not the best in terms of cost. It is not the most economical option in Columbia MO.

  1. Not Quick: Although the inkjet printers will give you instant results, they are still not quick enough to deliver bulk orders. When it comes to printing bulk orders, it takes up a lot of time. This is why people do not use inkjet printers for printing documents in bulk.
  2. Not the best quality: When compared to a laser printer, the inkjet printer might not give you the best quality printouts. Moreover, these printers also fail to keep up with consistency when it comes to print quality. It might print the first few in the best quality, however, it is most likely to lose its pace in the middle. As a result, you will not get the best quality.
  3. More ink consumption: When it comes to bulk printing, inkjet printers consume more ink than the other types of printers. Since these printers are best for short printing runs, when you use them for bulk printing, they will consume more ink. This is not affordable and not the cheapest of all the other options available in Jefferson City MO.

Inkjet printers work well for a limited number of printed documents. Hence it is the perfect solution for home and office use. However, if your printing needs are higher and you need more printouts daily, you need to work with a laser printer.

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Change Image / Picture Resolution Without Photoshop

change resolution of an image or picture without photoshop

Tips and Tricks of Changing Image Resolution without Photoshop

 Figure out how to change an image/picture resolution without Photoshop apps. The introduction of Photoshop in the world of design has made life a lot easier. If you know how to use Photoshop, you can do anything with an image. Photoshop is an advanced image creation and editing software. You can use the software for various purposes. It is one of the most popular tools in professional image editing. Apart from editing, controlling and balancing the image resolution is also an important factor. An image with proper resolution will give you the best output while printing. Sometimes it is not possible to capture the image with the appropriate resolution.

Later when these images are transferred to the computer, they appear grainy and pixelated. So what is the procedure to get them fixed? Frankly, the original image resolution is always the best. You can correct the resolution with professional software like Photoshop. But this can hamper the image quality. The difference can be noticed through the image clarity.

image resolution change samples
image resolution change samples

Importance of image resolution in Business

Most businesses are dependent on the print industry for marketing. The print industry is one of the most important sectors in advertising. Big advertisements like posters, banners, and hoardings are all results of the print industry. They comprise of enlarged images so that people can notice them from a great distance. This is where clarity matters the most.

An image that is not clear enough will not grab the attention of customers. The number one reason for an unclear printed image is the resolution. People with no knowledge in editing will make the mistake of enlarging the image freely. Once they do so, the image gets pixelated and grainy. It is easily noticeable. Sometimes the image will look blurred and lose its focus too. Businesses are heavily dependent on advertising. They cannot afford to launch a poor advertising campaign.

Importance of Resolution to a photographer

The advanced digital cameras today come with great resolution. Yet, some cameras will have it more while others are less. Not always will you need a camera with the top resolution? But if you already know that you need an image with good resolution, you should go for a camera with good resolution. Getting a camera that meets the basic resolution requirements is easy. The normal resolution in a camera is approximately 6 megapixels. But for large-sized images, you need a camera with higher resolution.

Tips to get good resolution

 The file format is one of the biggest reasons for low image resolution. To save space, many people store images in the jpeg file format. If you do not have any requirement of editing the images, it is fine to click it in jpeg. But if you are a professional photographer and you want to get the most out of the image details, go for RAW.

The RAW file format required a bigger storage space. This is because it will store every single detail of the image. It can retain great resolution and clarity during the post-production process. Hence, experts will often recommend storing and saving images in the RAW file format.

Benefits of RAW file format

 Gives you the highest level of quality.

  • Helps to record the brightness levels in a better way.
  • Can correct the over and underexposed images easily.
  • Makes it easy to edit images in professional software like Photoshop, Lightroom, etc.
  • Gives you high quality detailing.
  • Allows editors to take advantage of non-destructive editing.
  • Helps to adjust colors based on the situation.
  • Best for professional usage.

Other Reasons that Destroy Image Resolution

Sometimes you can have the correct resolution settings in your camera. But when you capture the image, it appears blurry and out of focus. This could be due to a shaking hand. Maybe you have shaken your hand too much while capturing the picture. This will automatically result in a blurred image.

Another reason for the image to get blurry is not focusing on the right area. When you focus the image on the wrong area, the rest of the image will by naturally out of focus. To avoid this you need to control the camera focus manually. You may rely on the autofocus option but sometime it may betray you by focusing on the wrong area. Hence, it is always better to focus on the image manually. Either of these two reasons can make the image appear blurry.

How to change image resolution without affecting Quality

It is always advisable not to change the image resolution. But if you do so use professional software or any good designing application. But some image requirements demand correction in resolution. In such cases, you can use Photoshop to correct the image resolution. But what if you do not know how to use Photoshop? There is nothing to worry. There are several applications and design tool that can rectify image resolution without hampering the quality.

If you look for resolution correcting applications online, you will find a lot of them. Among them, Resizeimage.net is a very helpful one. With this website, you can not only change the image resolution but you can freely crop and rotate it too. Some of the other additional options available on this website are image editing. You can make the image background transparent and change the file formats. Before you choose to save the image, there is a compression selector that will enable you to decide the final image resolution.

picture resolution low and high
picture resolution low and high

The Option You will love the most

Apart from the normal editing and resolution correction processes, you will love another option on this website. If you want to increase the image resolution and still not let it affect the image quality, you will love the Artificial Intelligence Image Enhance option. With this useful option, you can increase the image resolution up to 600%. You are not going to lose the image quality. The image will surely remain sharp.

Some other similar applications and websites will provide you with the same quality of image resolution. Some applications will do it efficiently while others will not. Most of the good resolution correction applications are either Paid services for free.

Common Places to Notice Low Picture resolution Images

A commonplace where you will surely find images with the low or changing resolution is WhatsApp. Did you notice the degrading image quality while sending or receiving images in WhatsApp? You may have captured an excellent image with perfect resolution through the inbuilt phone camera. But when attempting to transfer the same image to your friend, you find the image grainy and pixelated.

This happens for a reason. WhatsApp degrades the resolution to make the sending and receiving process fast. Since we are okay with the overall image quality, we don’t mind losing some of the image resolutions. But if you look at the same image very closely, it appears grainy and pixelated. You will not get to see anything very clearly.

One thing that most WhatsApp users still don’t know is controlling the image resolution. In WhatsApp, you will come across an option that asks you the amount of resolution you want to compress while sending the file. You will find this option in the local settings. With this option, you can control the compression of resolution to a certain extent.

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