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Cheapest Place To Print Flyers Near You and Online

Cheapest Flyers and Copies for Printing Near You
Cheapest Flyers and Copies for Printing Near You

Most affordable and Cheapest Ways to Print Flyers

If you are looking for the most competitive pricing for the printing industry market, the first step is always to look online on Google, Yahoo, Bing among other search engines. If you are not sure what to look for as of now, don’t worry, we will walk you thru some options.

You first need to set clear if you are looking for large quantity flyers printing project or maybe limited quantity color copies project (black and white copies are also available locally near you and online by many providers). The big difference here comes by the price per unit of each of these. Bellow, we will explain why flyers are good for good quantities and why color copies are cheaper for the smallest quantities.

Cheapest Flyers Printing Ideas For Bulk Quantities (1,000 up)

In bit quantities, flyers are often printed with different machinery (much cheaper per unit) called Off-Ser Printing. This machines are much more expensive than your regular color copy machine but will print way faster and with much more quality for a state-of-the-art finished product. Most of the flyers you see in the streets with a nice glossy finish and thick paper stock are often printed with this sort of machinery.

The economical benefits of using Off-Set printing for flyers is just that ink cost is way less expensive than the toner (ink powder) used for the color copy machine. Also, offset printing is way more resistant to water and sun UV rays.


The catch for the offset printed flyers, you need to run huge quantities to make the “set-up” process worth it. A plate has to be sacrificed for each of the 4 colors used by the offset machine (CMYK = Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black) and after the printing has finished, they are useless in most cases. This adds a man-hour and material costs to the setup of the printing that will add up to the final project price not seen for the color copies job coming up next.


Price for a full-page (8.5″ x 11″) flyer printed both sides including premium magazine like paper comes around 4 cents (US $0.04) a piece when you order at least 5,000 flyers with the same fixed design. This is as cheap and economical as it gets for these quantities in the worldwide printing market.

No sample page can be printed with CYMK or at least it’s not worth to set up the machine just for 1 single sample page for proofing.

Cheapest Color Copies Printing For Smaller Quantities (10 – 1,000)

It is so easy to just jump into the computer, open an image file and send to print. The color copy machine will do the rest for you and no need to worry about job setup, machinery prep or any other of industrial pre-printing preparation. You may also print a single page for proofing, color verification, and text confirmation. Proofing comes very handy as you see the final product before running full printing campaign.

Most popular cheap color copy machines use a toner as a type of ink transferred to the paper via heat. Toner seats in the paper very nicely and with a bit of a glossy touch on more expensive equipment. Toner holds very good with water and sun UV rays but not as good as the off-set printing.


Following the price example previously used for the off-set printing, a full-page (8.5″ x 11″) color copy flyer, full color both sides in a cheap plain paper comes around 80cents (US $0.89) per unit when you print it on any color copy shop near you. If you look only you may get a much better deal on cheap color copies printing even when you add the shipping to it.

Color Copy Shop Near You VS Online Ordering

We all know Kinkos and Staples as the best example on where to go for some fast color copies printing, but there are also many copy shops and internet cafe that will offer similar services and they might be closer to you.

Difference between ordering online and going to a near local printing shop is huge for pricing and speed turnaround. We will disclose next a sample of 100 color copies printed on full color, single-sided, cheap plain paper done locally and done online

100 Color Copies “PRINTED LOCAL”
Price: $89.00 (plus tax)
Speed: Same Day
Quality: 7/10
Art Support: n/a

100 Color Copies “PRINTED ONLINE”
Price: $25.75 + $15.56 for shipping = $41.31 (plus tax)
Speed: 3 to 4 business days to your door
Quality: 10/10
Art Support: Yes




Conclusion on Where To Get Cheap Flyers Printed

It will always depend on how many units you need and how quickly the turnaround is for your current project. For smaller flyer quantities go with the color copies rather locally near where you live/work or shop online for even further discounts, better services, and product quality.

For the more ambitious projects needed over 1,000 flyers, we will always recommend going for the off-set printing gang run for the most economical results and state-of-the-art unbeatable quality when done correctly.

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More information about color copies can be found here: https://cheap55prints.com/cheap-color-copies/