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Make your everyday business correspondence more professional!

Because they are used for correspondence, envelopes are used for packing necessary documents and letters. Our envelopes are:

  • Available in two different sizes (4.125 x 9.5 and 3.875 x 8.875 inches)
  • Available in quantities of 250 to 10.000 per order
  • Have two ways of front and back printing
  • Fast turnaround (same day printing or 1-2 business day printing)

We apologize for the inconvenience but we are still experiencing some delays in production due to COVID. Please allow an additional 1-2 days to your estimated completion.

Download Guideline Template For Envelope Printing:


A-1 Color both sides3.625" x 5.125"
A-1 Color front, no back3.625" x 5.125"
Window Color both sides3.875" x 8.875"
Color both sides3.875" x 8.875"
Window Color front, no back3.875" x 8.875"
Color front, no back3.875" x 8.875"
Universal Color front, no back4.125" x 9.5"
Window Color both sides4.125" x 9.5"
Color both sides4.125" x 9.5"
Universal Color front, no back4.125" x 9.5"
Window Color front, no back4.125" x 9.5"
Color front, no back4.125" x 9.5"
Color both sides4.75" x 6.5"
Color front, no back4.75" x 6.5"
Color both sides5.25" x 7.25"
Color front, no back5.25" x 7.25"
Color both sides5.75" x 4.375"
Color front, no back5.75" x 4.375"
Booklet Color both sides6.5" x 9.5"
Booklet Color front, no back6.5" x 9.5"
Catalog Color both sides6.5" x 9.5"
Catalog Color front, no back6.5" x 9.5"
Booklet Color both sides6" x 9"
Booklet Color front, no back6" x 9"
Catalog Color both sides6" x 9"
Catalog Color front, no back6" x 9"
Booklet Color both sides9" x 12"
Booklet Color front, no back9" x 12"
Catalog Color both sides9" x 12"
Catalog Color front, no back9" x 12"
Booklet Color both sides10" x 13"
Booklet Color front, no back10" x 13"
Catalog Color both sides10" x 13"
Catalog Color front, no back10" x 13"


24 Hours Near You Cheap Envelope Printing

Do you know envelope printing can boost your impression in business? Yes, this is in major demand in the professional world. If you are lucky enough you can easily find a 24-hour envelope printing service near you. Moreover, you can get information about the nearest printer to you online. If your organization is looking to upgrade itself to boost its sales, try using printed envelopes. You can use these envelopes to send important documents to your clients or customers.

What is envelope printing?

Envelope printing is the process of printing business information along with colors and design on an envelope. If you consider the term envelope, it is simply a statement responsible for carrying a document in it. This keeps the documents safe from any initial damage. Envelope printing is easy and does not take too much time. You can print envelopes of different shapes and sizes. Moreover, you also have the option of designing it in the way you want.

A good envelope is the first chance of making a great impression in front of your clients. This is also a direct way of promoting your brand to your clients and customers. When one single envelope has the potential of making a big impact, why not make the envelope a great one!

When you search with the keyword printing envelope near me on the search engine, you will come across a big list. This list has names of the best printing stores near you. Make sure you choose the best store to get the best quality print out. Professional printers like us use advanced printing methods. Our top quality services ensure clients get the best results. Consider these things below to get the best quality printed envelopes.

Choose the right Envelope Openings

Envelopes are available in different types of openings. It is important to make the envelope opening grand. To get your professional envelope seasoned like a pro, you need to know about the various types of openings. Commonly envelops come in two categories when it comes to openings.

Open-End envelopes

As the name suggests, the open end envelopes come with shorter openings. Although these sizes range from small to large, the end is small when compared to the other type of opening. The open end envelopes have one side open while the other side is permanently sealed. When the user inserts the document through the open end, the documents fit well inside it. Following which the open end is either sealed or left as it is with a gentle fold.

Open side envelope

The open side envelope is the opposite of the previous category. These envelopes have opened on the sides; hence they are longer in dimension. Unlike the open-end envelopes, the open side envelope is also available in different sizes. Open side envelopes are the best friend of an inserter.

Which size is right for Business?

When it comes to business, there is no specific size to go well for it. The envelope size you choose should depend on your mailing needs. Choose the envelope dimensions based on the types of documents you will need to send. The printing process has nothing to do with the size. But the printing process starts only after you have decided the right size. For example, if your organization is into sending oversized documents, you will need to print on oversized envelopes. And if you are into sending documents in a small or standard size, you can choose a small envelope.

custom printed envelope size guide

Please note that you can print envelopes only when it is not in use. Printing envelopes with the document inside it is not recommended. If fact most printers will not carry out such a task.

With the help of our services, you will get printed envelopes for almost every need. Our custom envelopes print using off-set machinery. This ensures our clients to get top quality printed outputs. We can provide you with cheap envelope printing services within a standard period.

  1. Necessities of Printed Envelopes in Business: An envelope is more likely to get opened if it has a logo on it. Custom printed envelopes can reinforce your brand image. Sadly, many big organizations are still unaware of this. It can enhance your marketing efforts and help your organization develop its name in the professional world. If you have not given you envelops a thought before, there is no reason to worry. It is not too late to start. Here are the necessities of using customized envelopes mentioned below.

  2. Strengthens Brand Image: A printed envelope will reinforce your brand image. It will not only get a professional look, but people will not underestimate the brand too. As a result, it strengthens your brand image. You can take this as part of a marketing strategy as well as a procedure of grooming your brand in front of the outside world.

  3. Makes documents safe: Documents, when distributed in printed envelopes, tend to be safer than non-printed envelopes. A professionally printed envelope will have the organization name and address printed on it. This prevents the letter from getting misplaced. The receiver of the lost letter can at least send it to the printed address. Apart from this, the envelope will also protect the document from dust, stains and ink marks.

Better identification

A printed envelope always gets the advantage of better identification. This means even if the envelope is along with thousands of other documents, people can easily make out which one is yours. When people identify your envelope they naturally identify your brand. This way you can easily create a place in their mind.

24 hours cheap envelope printing for company use

Handy and easy to carry

The primary advantage of any envelope is that it can make documents easy and handy to carry. But printed documents are generally made out of superior paper quality. These envelopes are way better and thicker than normal envelopes. Hence they are easy to carry and store anywhere.

Do Printed Envelopes Impact Sales?

Now that you are getting more into the necessities of printing envelopes, this is the most obvious question to ask. Do printed envelopes impact sales? Yes! It does impact sales and the reasons are obvious. Just because it is an envelope, you should not underestimate its power in generating leads. The overnight envelope printing agencies work to meet the growing demand for printing envelopes. You are already aware of the necessity of using printed envelopes. If printed effectively, these custom envelopes can create permanent impact.

Printed Envelopes Make Your Brand Authentic

Printed envelopes can easily make your brand authentic to the customers or clients. When a client receives a document in a blank envelope, the person does not have any information or idea from where it came. Sometimes this is also the reason many customers refuse to open the envelope. But as we mentioned earlier, a printed envelope is more likely to get opened. When the receiver gets a document in a printed envelope, they immediately recognize it as an authentic brand or business. Hence, they open the envelope. This is one of the biggest advantages of using a printed envelope.

Many printers are into 24 hours envelope printing. With the help of these printers, you will get your printed envelopes in hand in a short time. You do not need to wait for long. Printed envelopes are the best for any business or professional organization. Here are the advantages of using printed envelopes.


It is Customizable

Envelopes are customizable till the time you print it. The design or basic layout is always customizable. This means you can customize the design of how and when you want it. You can choose a unique size along with a good design to make it stand out. You should always create an envelope that will successfully fulfill the marketing potentials. Keep in mind that the envelope needs to beat your competitors. Since the envelopes are customizable, you can design it in endless ways.

thank you sample of custom cheap printed envelopes

Choice of Quality
  • You can choose the paper quality of an envelope too. Not all envelopes print in standard papers. The best envelopes are often printed in glossy or matte finish papers. This enhances the look of the paper and makes it more appealing to the receivers. The store printing envelope near me provides various paper qualities for printing. If you also want to locate a similar store, look for it online. Printing envelopes on premium paper quality gives it a professional look.
  • Full Advantage of Color Printing: Getting colored printed envelopes is not a myth. Black and white is no longer the preferred choices and you can easily get a colored envelope from a good printer. Whether you choose to print in one color or multiple colors, it's totally on you.
  • Match envelope with letterhead: Printing envelopes matching with letterheads is always recommended. This is another way to make your brand more recognizable to the audience. To get a completely cohesive look keep the logo, design and paper stock the same for both the envelope and letterhead.
Little Bit About Envelope Closures

The closure is a crucial part of any envelope. It determines the way your envelope gets sealed. We offer 3 different types of closures.

Remoistenable Gum

The remoistenable gum is nearly similar to licking an envelope. This is the most widely used type of closure in an envelope. The remoistenable gum is soluble in water and can easily cover the envelope flap partially or fully. The seal activates after the gum comes in touch with moisture

Latex Gum

Always ask overnight envelope printing service provider about the type of adhesive they provide. Generally, the adhesive is attached to the paper after the printed process. This is because the adhesive can get affected by the heat during the printing process. The latex gum is also known as self-adhesive gum. This gum is pressure-sensitive and applied along the flap edges. This closure has a limited shelf life but creates envelopes that can seal themselves.

String and Button

This is not a very common closure type. But this closure is still preferred by many businesses. It is usually found on inter-office envelopes. Additionally, This closure comes with two rivets. These two rivets are held along with a string. You need to wrap the string along around the two rivets.

Printing Envelopes in Bulk

Once you have decided to print envelopes for your business, you need to finalize the amount you want to print. It is good to get the envelopes printed in bulk. This way you will get a large number of envelopes in one session. We provide our clients with cheap envelope printing services. This way you get bulk printouts without investing too much time behind it. There are many advantages to printing envelopes in bulk.

It is cost-effective

Printing envelopes in bulk are cost-effective. When you print envelopes in several sessions, you tend to invest more time and money. But printing in bulk will not hurt you that much. Moreover, you do not need to visit the store again and again. This is what makes bulk printing cost-effective in many ways.

Discounts and offers

When you obtain services from the cheap print service provider near you, they naturally provide you with discounts and offers. This is why you should always print in bulk.


Develops a good relationship

You will naturally develop a good relationship with the printer. As a result, you can rely on them to help you during emergencies too. They will help you with printouts even during odd hours. After a certain amount of time, you do not even need to instruct them with your requirements. They already know it and can start with your work directly.

Sample tests

A Professional printer will always give you scope to go through sample print out before they begin with bulk printing. With this, you can check out for any rectification at the last minute. This method is particularly helpful because it prevents useless printing. For example, if there is a mistake in one envelope, it will naturally occur in the rest. However, a sample print out can tell many things about the actual print out about to come. It will not only show the content and design but the quality as well. Hence always choose an envelope printer who can provide you with sample designs.

Envelope printing is no longer a requirement. It is an absolute necessity for any business to survive well in the competition. Businesses should leave no opportunity to stand out from their competitors and this is one such area where many fail to put an eye. If you are one of them without a printed envelope, start with it today!

blank cheap bulk envelopes for writing and customize

Envelope Printing: The Efficient Marketing Technique

If you often send files and brochures to your clients or customers, then it is better to pack the documents that you are sending. Usually, documents such as catalogs, brochures, and confidential letters are sent in a sealed manner in a printed envelope.  What’s amazing is you can turn these envelopes into a piece of advertisement for the company.

Envelope Printing

Envelopes will reduce your advertising and marketing costs and still make it work.  You can use custom printed envelop to spread a word about your business. The envelope will contain the name of the company along with the logo.  If you want, you can include a tagline. 



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1000$ 203.96 $ 152.97
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5000$ 459.97 $ 344.98
10000$ 946.10 $ 709.57
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