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Help Your Customers With Custom bookmark prints!


Bookmarks can be used as a sort of a unique flyer while at the same time making it a useful carousel item that really can be used. They are also associated with accomplishment or intellect and this makes them a very interesting marketing tool for a certain group of clients. Our bookmarks prints have:

  • Fast turnaround time
  • Different paper stock options
  • Different size options (including custom made)
  • Different print options (one side or both sides)


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- Quality: Recommended: JPG, 300dpi, Color Setting to CMYK.

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Note: If your file is a Word Document or PDF which contains multi-pages, we will assume that 1st page is the front and 2nd page is back. Please upload your multi-page file just once.

inspirational cheap bookmark printing

Cheap Bookmark Printing

Marketing With Bookmarks


Looking for an improved marketing strategy? You can consider using bookmarks. Well, cheap bookmarks could be a handy tool for those who are looking to market and sell their products. A bookmark apart from marking a book page also helps with marketing endeavors.

Businesses who are planning to use bookmarks as a marketing tool should print on both sides. Doing so would help them to make the most use of the space for marketing their business and adding contact details. This would ensure the targeted prospects get the message that the business house wants to convey.

Do you want to create a mark on the mind of your audience with custom bookmarks? You can do that easily with the help of cheap bookmark printing professionals. They are known to offer:

  • Quick Turnaround
  • Various Stock Options
  • Different Size Options
  • Multiple Print Options

How Bookmarks Can Be Used?

Cheap Bookmark Printing

You can use a customized bookmark in multiple ways. They are:

  • Event Promotion

Planning to launch a particular product. Print details of the product launch event, such as date, and location on the back of a bookmark. Also, adding a QR code that would help clients to know about the brand from the website. Hand out your bookmarks to customers when they visit a bookstore, newspaper stands, or any literary events.

  • Event Takeaways

Instead of printing booklets, you can go for cheap bookmark prints for your guests. Along with other business souvenirs, you can also give away a customized bookmark with business details on it. This would help in branding as the bookmark would act as a lasting reminder for them.

  • Holiday Mailers

Holidays are the perfect time to share gifts with your customers. A personalized bookmark with holiday greetings written on it would surely make an impact on the minds of your audience. It can be mailed to all those who are on your contact list.

  • Product Packaging

When someone buys a product from your company, make sure to provide a bookmark along with it. It could be used as promotional material for your business. The bookmark would resonate in the minds of the target audience as they will keep it close to them.

  • Thank You Cards

If you are looking for an affordable thank you gift for your business, you can go for bookmark prints. They can be a great gift to thank people for their support and presence at the event.

  • Business Cards

Bookmarks serve as business cards also. Right from publishers to literary agents to writers who are associated with the book writing and printing industry would find cheap bookmark prints a very interesting tool for image branding. Every time a business logo is printed on one side of the bookmark, it would remind the recipients about your business and services. When bookmarks are given with books, it would get a higher retention rate.

Why Print Bookmarks?

Bookmarks can be great marketing material. The reasons for printing cheap bookmarks are mentioned below.

  • Affordable

It’s a known fact that marketing through bookmarks is considered cheap. Creating a custom bookmark won’t pinch the pocket. There is nothing to worry about the marketing costs, as printing bookmarks won’t cost you much. Rather, being a cost-effective marketing tool it can help a business gain success.

  • Customizable

The reason to opt for cheap bookmark printing is that they can be customized. This allows adding a unique element to it so that it can stand out from the competition. they can be designed in a way that meets the desired look that one wants. Hence, businesses that want to promote their products can add product images on the bookmark. thus, making the bookmark a unique promotional tool. This kind of marketing technique will generate a sheer interest among customers.

good and bad design for a boorkmark print project


  • Compact


The compact size of bookmark prints is what makes them so beautiful and appealing. Due to its small size, it can be easily distributed among a huge audience base. Furthermore, one can keep enough bookmarks with them so that they can be handed out to prospects at coffee shops, bookstores, trade shows, events, and more.


  • Convenience


The best part about cheap bookmark prints is that they won’t take much space in a person’s bag, wallet, or pocket. Hence, it’s very convenient to carry anywhere.

How To Design a Bookmark?

If you want to print some bookmarks for your business, then you can take the help of 24-hour printing professionals. They can provide creative ideas for the bookmarks that would surely stand out.

Or, you can simply upload your designs and get them to proofread by the design professionals. Having vast years of experience in the industry, they will be able to print bookmarks of any size, design, and color.

Similarly, clients can pick any bookmark template design that matches their brand image and download it. Once it gets downloaded, allow your creative juices to flow. At this point, you can add a logo, and contact details in the bookmark design so that customers remember it.

Once the design is ready, it is ready to get printed. For printing, using the best printing technologies is important. For bookmark prints, it’s better to print both the back and front sides. This would allow the customers to use it in any way they want.

Are Designs & Patterns Important?

The main purpose of bookmark printing is to grab the attention of people/ potential business prospects and clients. Hence, implementing interesting designs and patterns is very important. However, take care to keep the bookmark design within the white space. For engaging bookmark designs, professional printers must be consulted.

custom near me bookmarks printing

Reminding prospective customers about your business is easy with the help of custom bookmarks. So, if you need any kind of help with cheap bookmark printing, take the help of 24-hour printing professionals. They would be able to print bookmarks as per the business requirement.

When you are planning to print bookmarks, make sure to add some interesting information. This could include some fun facts or historical events that didn’t gain the limelight. While your business information is important, such small tidbits of information are often well-appreciated by the recipients. In fact, they are more likely to keep such bookmarks with them rather than keeping them away.

What are you waiting for? Making a quirky-shaped bookmark for your business would definitely be a show-stopper. Call a 24-hour printing professional today!

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