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Booklet Printing

Are you going to launch some new products for your organization? Yeah! Well, you will need to provide a lot of information about the products to your customers. Usually, information could be about the product or its benefits and more. This is where booklets can be of great help.

Well, booklets can be the perfect marketing tool for organizations. Why? The booklets provide the required information for target customers in a compact format. So, organizations can use it as a product catalog or as an instruction manual and more. In short, for promoting a product, a booklet always remains the best choice. Hence, business organizations can easily look out for booklet printing services to print custom booklets for their customers.

Popularity Of Booklet

In today’s digital age, printed booklets form an effective marketing medium. Its function is not only limited to promoting business products or services but is also suitable for announcing event programs. The best part of a booklet is that it can be customized as per need. One can get a 12 page or a 30-page booklet easily printed from a cheap printing service near me.

The best part about a booklet is that it can be read at any point of time that deems fit for the customer. For this very reason, cheap booklet printing is a very good marketing channel.

Booklets: Far Better Than Other Marketing Collaterals

Businesses look forward to different marketing channels to launch their product or make some announcements. Well, marketing channels like brochures, flyers are very popular among some business houses.

However, brochures or flyers might not be a suitable choice for event or product marketing. Why? Well, it's because of the limited space for printing the information. To overcome the shortage of space booklet printing seems to be the best option. After all, a booklet is a thin book that comes with a cover page and a certain number of pages, such as 8 to 20.

Different Types of Booklets

Booklets are known by different names. In the event you have decided to use cheap booklets for your marketing, you must try to learn about the different types of booklets available. In the following section, we are going to share with you the booklet types so that you can know which would be the best for your business.

  • Brochure Booklet

In this competitive age, a brochure booklet seems to be the best option for business houses. This kind of booklet contains information about the products that one is planning to promote. Hence, it is often referred to as a sales booklet.

  • Portfolio Booklet

Do you run an agency that deals with creative work? Or are you into interior designing? Yup! Then you will need a portfolio booklet to showcase your work and proficiency in the field to prospective clients. This is where we have got you covered with cheap portfolio booklet printing services. With a portfolio booklet, potential clients will get a clear idea about the kind of work you do.

  • Newsletter Booklet

Whether you are a startup or a giant corporation, you will need newsletters to keep your audience (clients, shareholders, etc.) informed and up-to-date about the company’s latest developments or profits, and many more things. The simplest way to do so is to choose newsletter booklets and get them printed from a cheap printing service near me. Moreover, these booklets can be an effective tool to gain the trust of your customers.

  • Instruction Booklet

You might have often noticed that whenever you buy a new product, it comes with a small booklet inside. This kind of booklet is nothing more than an instruction manual. Usually, they are very brief and contain important information related to the product, such as how to assemble or disassemble it, installation process images, safety instructions, along a warranty card.

Well, these are some common types of booklet printing that are usually opted by customers for their projects.

Types Of Binding

Whether you are looking for a newsletter booklet or an instruction booklet, booklet printing offers the perfect way to make your message reach out to the target audience.

Now that you have decided to print booklet for cheap, you will need to decide on the binding process. Depending on the number of pages you want in your booklet, you will have to decide the binding method.

Well, there are different types of binding options available for booklets. There’s saddle-stitch to perfect bound, wire to spiral. Each has its own set of benefits. So, depending on the end goal of a booklet, the binding process must be picked by clients.

Let’s take a look into the various binding processes that are cost-effective and are offered by professional printing companies.

Saddle Stitched

In this binding process, online booklet printing companies usually bind the pages together with staples along the spine. Basically, stacks of sheets are assembled, folded, and then stapled through the folded spine line.

A saddle-stitched booklet looks much more professional as it comes with a front and back cover. The best part being this binding process allows the booklet to open flat from the center. Sometimes, a booklet can also be stitched along the fold line to offer a firm bind over the entire bunch.

Spiral Bound

Ask any booklet printing company about spiral binding and they will give you a clear idea about this binding technique. Well, this binding process is also referred to as coil binding. In this binding process, holes are made along the edges or better be said on the left corner of the pages. Usually, a plastic or metal coil is made to pass through the punched holes of the paper pieces.

This binding process is the perfect option for those who want to print booklet for cheap like directories or annual reports, and more. However, printing companies must ensure that the coils are durable enough to accommodate a higher number of pages.

Perfect Bound

Instead of stapling or coiling the bunch of pages, in perfect binding technique sheets of paper are bound to the spine with heat and glue. To put it simply, online booklet printing companies will just paste the pages along the spine. Once done the other sides of the booklet are cropped to offer it a neat look and premium finish. Ideal for catalogs with a glossy, laminated cover. This technique is just perfect for binding a booklet of 40 to 60 pages as per the need. However, the minimum spine thickness must be maintained always.

Out of the aforementioned binding options, saddle stitching is best suited for any kind of booklet printing. With saddle stitching, a booklet comprising a minimum of 8 pages to multiples of 8 like 16 pages and more could be stitched.

Factors To Keep In Mind

Before opting for booklet printing services, it’s important to keep in mind certain factors, such as quality prints, paper stock, color and finishing touch, and many more things.

Get Quality Prints

Do you need high-quality prints for your booklets? Yes! Talking to a booklet printing company is, perhaps, the best way to know more about quality prints. To get quality prints, right from the paper stock to color and even the finish is crucial.

The professionals of a printing company can produce colorful booklets that one might be just looking for their business requirement.

Color Option

Often the printing is carried out in CMYK mode. Customers can utilize all four colors if they want for their booklet. However, to make a booklet look more interesting one can utilize two-three colors.

Business houses to save printing costs might opt for cheap booklet printing. This is where online booklet printing services could be of great help. They can provide quality prints for booklets at a reasonable price. Customers can stay assured of the print quality as it won’t be compromised.

Paper Quality

No matter what type of binding technique you have picked, make sure to choose the correct paper stock. For instance, picking a 100lb Gloss Book with an Aqueous Coating can help to get the perfect sheen that you might want your booklet to have. Well, to get a good quality finish, going for a UV High Gloss Coating remains the best choice.

Designing It Beautifully

Well, business houses can make use of various software to design their booklets. Some software comes with basic features; whereas, others might come with an extensive range of features for dealing with different aspects of the booklet.

Whatever software one is planning to use for designing the booklet, it must be ensured that the finished product is saved in the correct format. This would help professional printing companies to print the file as per industry standards.

Keep in mind that if a print booklet for cheap is correctly used, it can be a great marketing solution for companies. The target audience and business prospects are more likely to respond to booklets than other marketing collaterals. But this doesn't mean other marketing efforts are ineffective. They can equally pay off just like booklet printing services if done correctly.