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Showcase your event or business!

Thanks to our staggered cut flyers, it will be much easier for any business to elaborate more on the products or services that they have in their offer. our staggered cut flyers have:

  • A variety of size options
  • Different paper stock qualities
  • Fast turnaround time
  • Fair prices

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What our customers are saying:

Flyers are meant to be impressive, and I was wary of finding a provider that would make them look interesting. simplified the job for me a lot!
Marks Ridley, LA

Cut flyers as printed by 55printing are among the best and they leave everyone craving for more. This is why the company is so popular in the market. Keep up the great job guys!
Lucas Tenny, Lakewood
I wanted my staggered cut flyers to look as stunning as ever. The team kept this thing in mind and I’m saying this because it shows in the designs. Wow!
Glenda May, Bell Gardens


Cheap Staggered Cut Flyer - Promote Your Events Easily with Staggered Cut Flyer

Do you want to expand your business? If your answer is a resounding yes, you need to promote and market your business properly. With the help of staggered cut flyers, any business can showcase its products and services in front of prospective customers. On each staggered flyer, a business can highlight their offerings to customers. So if you need to present your business, professionally to prospective customers, we can help you with it. You get a staggered cut flyer set printed from us within a short time. With our cheap staggered cut flyer printing, you get the following

  • Multiple Size Options
  • Multiple Paper Stock Quality
  • Rapid Turnaround Time
  • Competitive Pricing

Why Do You Need A Staggered Cut Flyer?

Businesses use different marketing collaterals to promote and market their business. Starting from catalogs to business cards, brochures to business cards have made its marks in the field of marketing. Flyers are also important marketing collateral.

Whether you are launching a new store or planning to promote an event, you need to have a stylish flyer by your side. Flyers can serve two important purposes. A flyer needs to attract the attention of people. Secondly, it needs to convert the leads into sales. Design a flyer to market your business.

Marketing a business is a constant process. A business needs to reach out to target customers with promos, discounts, deals, and other marketing materials. Proper marketing can help with branding endeavors. This is where a staggered cut flyer can play a great role. With the help of a staggered cut flyer, a business can add detailed facts about the product and services that are on offer.

A staggered flyer forms a great marketing tool. You can’t include every bit of information in a flyer. However, the problem gets solved with a staggered cut flyer. Sometimes it can serve as a reminder mailer to clients and customers about the business. Usually, flyers that come with a compelling message can prompt customers to consider the business house for certain services.

If you are still wondering if you need a staggered cut flyer for your business or not, take a look below:

Staggered flyers are undoubtedly a flexible and effective marketing tool. A business house can take the help of an overnight staggered cut flyer printing firm, to present their services in detail to customers. You can add the content details of a product in the staggered flyers.

Customers can easily combine the staggered cut flyers with a matching presentation folder. This can be a great package for delivering a sales report or price quotations to clients. It can impress clients.

Understanding the Importance of Staggered Flyers

Are you looking forward to presenting your business in detail to prospective customers? If you say yes, you can do so by taking the help of a staggered flyer.

Reach Out To Audience

A staggered flyer can serve as a great platform to showcase your event or business. With the help of the flyer, a business can reach out to the target audience. A staggered flyer printing firm can easily distribute the flyers through:

  • Direct Mailers
  • Newspaper Inserts
  • Presentation Folders
  • Street Distribution
Easily Measurable

Coupon codes help to measure the success of a marketing campaign. The printing staggered cut flyer near me store can print the flyers with discount coupons on it. Based on the coupon numbers, a business can calculate how successful their event has been. Apart from the coupons, a flyer can also include QR codes and URLs. Depending on the number of page visits, a business can calculate the success rate of the event.

It’s Tangible

The tangible nature of the staggered cut flyer holds great importance. It helps a business to promote their products and services. When a customer holds the flyer, it signifies that they would go through the details. In this regard, the flyer design holds great importance. It can impact the decision of a customer on whether they should go through the flyers or not.

Provide Information

With staggered cut flyers, there is no need to offer precise information. Instead, each flyer set can focus on separate points. For instance, in one flyer, a business emphasize on invitation card printing. On another flyer, it can focus on brochure printing and so on. Hence, whatever information a customer might be looking can be easily found on a staggered cut flyer.

Staggered cut flyers can be a great tool for trade shows

At trade shows, when you distribute a staggered cut flyer, elaborating the product details become easy. On each flyer, separate products and their benefits can be added. Alternatively, the usage of a staggered cut flyer is limitless. It can be used in any way one wants. For example, in one flyer company’s accomplishments can be shown, client testimonials on the other, and even a ‘Why Chose Us’ section.

The front side of the flyer is a bit short from the rest; going through the topics at a glance becomes easy. In short, a staggered cut flyer has done away with the need of going through different presentations or marketing materials during a tradeshow or seminars.

Cost-effective Marketing

Hiring a printing staggered cut flyer near me store, won’t burn a hole in your pocket. Rather, staggered flyer printing is one of the most affordable means of advertising and marketing a business. However, care should be taken to come up with an engaging design. Once the staggered flyer is created it can be handed out to the prospective clients at trade shows, events, business meetings, and more. Unlike other marketing materials, a person won’t throw away a staggered flyer.

Offer Professional Touch

You will prefer to work with a company that professionally presents its business. Most importantly, you will go to a firm that offers a detailed introduction to their products or services. A customer would pick a business that they know or have some information. So by distributing staggered cut flyers across high traffic zones, it would attract the attention of the people.

Now, you know the role of a staggered flyer, design it carefully. Ask your 24 hours staggered cut flyer printing shop to cut the flyers in irregular shapes and attach them together. Usually, these flyers come in varying lengths. Some of the size options that are offered by the printers are mentioned below:

  • 3 Pages, .25" Staggered, 8.5" x 11" to 8.5" x 10.5"
  • 3 Pages, .5" Staggered, 8.5" x 11" to 8.5" x 10"
  • 4 Pages, .25" Staggered, 8.5" x 11" to 8.5" x 10.25"
  • 4 Pages, .5" Staggered, 8.5" x 11" to 8.5" x 9.5"
  • 5 Pages, .25" Staggered, 8.5" x 11" to 8.5" x 10"
  • 5 Pages, .5" Staggered, 8.5" x 11" to 8.5" x 9"
  • 6 Pages, .25" Staggered, 8.5" x 11" to 8.5" x 9.75"

Like this, the size list goes on. You can pick from a wide range of size options for the staggered flyers. However, you need to be careful with the design process.

Designing Essentials

Make It Eye Catching

When you enter a café or a restaurant, you might notice some flyers placed on the tables. As soon as you reach for the table, the compelling design is bound to attract your attention. The flyer could be for a local concert where a new band might be performing. Seeing a new band, you might not feel interested anymore.

However, when you go through the attached pages with it, you can think of reconsidering your decision. On the adjacent pages, small information about the band can be provided. With a staggered flyer, a new band can easily get their purpose achieved, i.e. calling-in customers and introducing themselves.

Usually, the color or the shape of the flyer, or the typography used could be the reason to attract the attention of people. Any good printing shop would take care of these details while printing a staggered cut flyer for their customers.

Consider Color

A splash of colors can arouse the feeling and emotion of a viewer. Ask any cheap staggered cut flyer printing firm to use contrasting colors in the flyers. Proper use of colors can help to create a maximum impact on the mind of the audience. Using warm colors like orange or red can communicate a feeling of warmth and energy. Similarly, colors like blue can communicate a feeling of calmness. Using the right color shade can help to focus on the key message. Abstract colors can be chosen to make the flyer interesting.

Take Care of Readability

It forms a crucial factor for staggered flyers. Avoid fonts that are too much ornate. Rather, simple fonts should be used so that it can be read from a distance.

Don’t Forget Typography

When talking about a flyer layout, typography plays a great role. Often with the help of an image, a business can communicate its message. However, choosing the right font is also important. Proper fonts can offer a distinctive look at the flyer design.


Staggered Flyers

Uniqueness with Staggered cut flyers

Staggered cut flyers are a bunch of irregularly cut flyers attached together. Generally, these flyers vary in length. A bunch of staggered cut flyers will have different lengths. These flyers are distributed by putting those in interestingly designed presentation folders. This increases their importance as advertising materials. There are lots of advantages of using staggered cut flyers for a business. A few of those are discussed below in brief:


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5000$ 988.80 $ 741.60
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