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Showcase your event or business!


Thanks to our staggered cut flyers, it will be much easier for any business to elaborate more on the products or services that they have in their offer. our staggered cut flyers have:


  • A variety of size options
  • Different paper stock qualities
  • Fast turnaround time
  • Fair prices


What our customers are saying:
4.75 / 5 out of 4 reviews

Flyers are meant to be impressive, and I was wary of finding a provider that would make them look interesting. simplified the job for me a lot!
Marks Ridley, LA

Cut flyers as printed by 55printing are among the best and they leave everyone craving for more. This is why the company is so popular in the market. Keep up the great job guys!
Lucas Tenny, Lakewood
I wanted my staggered cut flyers to look as stunning as ever. The team kept this thing in mind and I’m saying this because it shows in the designs. Wow!
Glenda May, Bell Gardens

Staggered Cut Flyer: Promote Your Business or Event

With staggered flyers, you will be able to elaborate more on the product and services that your business has to offer. This is the most commonly used marketing tool. These marketing tools have been designed in the most effective manner with illustrations and images. You will be able to include a lot of information about the company on a staggered flyer.

Staggered cut flyer can be placed in pocket folder for the purpose of displaying. At 55printing, you will get full color printing for your staggered flyer. Special effects such as spot UV, embossing, matte or gloss, etc. can make the flyers appear more interesting.

Various Options Available on Staggered Cut Flyers 

You have the option to choose from a wide range of size options. Moreover, there are various paper stock qualities to choose from. Make sure that the flyers are impressive. At 55printing, you can avail the best quality paper options. There are various advantages of using a staggered cut flyer for your business. You can provide your own design for staggered cut flyers.

Staggered Cut Flyers Online Order

The best part about 55printing is that you have the liberty to order your products over the internet. Thus, you will not have to visit the store and lose the comfort of your home to get your promotional tool.

How Are Staggered Cut Flyers Beneficial For Your Business?

Different types marketing tools are being used by businesses all around the world. Brochures, catalogs, bookmarks, and business cards are a few of the most prominent tools of direct marketing. Flyers are also one of the most commonly used marketing tools. Many businesses use flyers for promoting their products and services.  These marketing tools are designed in the most interesting manner with images and illustrations. A lot of information about a company and its services or products can be included in the staggered cut flyers.

Staggered Flyers

Uniqueness with Staggered cut flyers

Staggered cut flyers are a bunch of irregularly cut flyers attached together. Generally, these flyers vary in length. A bunch of staggered cut flyers will have different lengths. These flyers are distributed by putting those in interestingly designed presentation folders. This increases their importance as advertising materials. There are lots of advantages of using staggered cut flyers for a business. A few of those are discussed below in brief:


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3 Pages, .25" Staggered, 8.5x11 to 8.5x10.5250$ 403.60 $ 302.70
500$ 464.13 $ 348.10
1000$ 484.31 $ 363.23
2500$ 766.83 $ 575.12
5000$ 988.80 $ 741.60
10000$ 1,808.09 $ 1,356.07
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