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Presentation folders are appropriate for presenting sales reports, marketing materials and similar. Shortly, they represent a very good solution for the organization of all your important papers. If you choose our presentation folder prints, you can:

  • Choose between different sizes
  • Choose between different paper stock qualities
  • Choose between different color options
  • Choose between other features (slit for business card for example)

We welcome all file formats.

Recommended: JPG, 300dpi, Color Setting to CMYK.

Note: If your file is a Word Document or PDF which contains multi-pages,
we will assume that 1st page is front and 2nd page is back.
Please upload your multi-page file just once.

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cheap and custom presentation folders printing

Make Presentation Folders A Part Of Your Marketing Arsenal

In today’s age of digitization, presentation holders still hold a lot of importance. For any organization, it can serve as a great marketing tool. The presentation folders are often touted as pocket folders. It holds important papers, marketing brochures, printed documents, and any kind of information about a company.

There can be no better way to hand out important information to prospective clients than with a branded folder. With custom pocket folders, prospects can get quick access to business information and their services easily. Hence, it’s easy to market a business.

With our cheap presentation folder printing, you can professionally promote your business. When you choose our presentation folder prints, you get to enjoy the following:

  • Different size options
  • Multiple paper stock quality
  • Varied color options
  • Many features

Why Presentation Folders Are So Important?

Businesses need to promote their sales reports in front of their investors. Similarly, to promote a product/service, presenting the marketing materials hold great importance. All business material needs to be presented properly. This is where a presentation folder prints can be of great help.

Potential customers can get a first impression of the company/ brand by taking a look at the marketing material. Hence, a professionally designed folder when handed out to customers at events or trade shows can create a great impression on the mind of the audience.

A pocket folder can amp up the level of competition for business. You can use the folders to store important business documents. It can serve as a crucial tool for sharing information. For instance, during client meets at cafes, access to the digital platform can be a bit awkward. This is when traditional marketing materials like presentation folders can be healthy.

Overnight presentation folder printing

Usually, an overnight presentation folder printing professional offers a standard pocket folder to customers. The folder is folded from the bottom so that it can hold paper, documents, sales materials, and even business cards. The folders come with a slit to hold business cards. The folders come in different size and shape options.

Do you want to expand your business globally? If yes, you need to employ a proper marketing technique. Nowadays, with the help of pocket folders, marketing the business becomes easy. There are some good reasons for using this folder by any business. Take a look below:

Company’s Physical Representation

A presentation folder is tangible. It can help to create a first impression. Companies can hand out an embossed pocket folder with important marketing materials that can go a long way. It can have more impact than emails. After all, it’s personal.

In this virtual world, when you distribute this kind of folders to business prospects, it is well appreciated. The beautifully crafted pocket folder can create a strong impact across the mind of the audience.

In addition to the verbal presentations, a customized pocket folder can help to instill a sense of confidence among the people. They would gain the confidence to use a company’s product or services.

Keep Things Organized

One of the crucial facets to carry out a fantastic presentation or meeting is organization. When you know that every document is in proper order, you won’t feel stressed. Take the help of a pocket folder to keep everything handy. In fact, with the help of presentation folders, every employee would remain on the same page. They can have quick access to important information at any point of time. Moreover, when you keep the important documents in the folder, the risk of the document getting damaged gets reduced.

real estate presentation folder printing for cheap

Make Notable Impression

Do you want to provide a professional and corporate look for your brand? Any reputed firm offering 24 hours presentation folder printing service would take a great level of care to create value. They will design and print the folders in such a way that clients would take a look at the folder.

Customers would see that you have paid attention to the folder design details. When a pocket folder is handed out to clients/ customers at the end of the business meeting or conference, the information would be retained by the customers.

Building Brands

Branding is very important aspect of business. It helps to create business awareness. So you can add a corporate logo to the folder. It would help to spread the name of a brand among the masses.

You can customize a pocket folder with your products or the picture of your employees. This would help to create a brand identity. Design the folders with different colors and texture so that it represents the company values and goals.

Market the Company

Marketing the services of a business becomes easy with pocket folders. When you are planning to send mailers to your target audience, you can even send pocket folders to them. It can help to carry out successful campaigns. Businesses can add CDs for holding promotional videos. The videos would offer customers an idea about the products and services on offer.

To Grab Attention

Businesses whose main aim is to grab the attention of target customers can design the folders in different styles. With our presentation folder prints, you can get the folders fully colored. The folders are printed before its cut and folded.

You can ask the printing presentation folder near me company to customize the prints by inserting the topic of the presentation or conference on the top of the folder. When you are planning to use the folders for a product launch don’t forget to add the business logo. The logo would help to grab the attention of customers on the brand.

Boost Sales

One important aim of marketing is to brand your business and boost sales. A customized pocket folder can help businesses to reach the goal. However, care should be taken to provide the necessary information in a precise manner. Proper information would help to increase traffic for the business.

Customers can be reminded to get in touch with the business house. With time, new customers or business prospects, contact them when they need their services. When prospects get the right impression of a business house, it helps to strike great deals.

Show Off the Products

Organizations are either selling or manufacturing a product. A beautifully designed presentation folder can focus on the products with the help of high-quality images. A folder should offer an idea about what a business is going to offer even before opening the folder.

Now, you are well aware of the importance of pocket folders. However, you need to take a look into the designing process of the folders.

Designing Essentials of a Pocket Folder?

Are you struggling to design a presentation folder for your business needs? Not to worry. You just need to add your designs to the cart of a 24 hours presentation folder printing store. Experts would approve the design.

You should always design folders depending on the business needs. There are many sizes of folders from which you can choose. Some folders can come with slits on both pockets and some with slits on either the left or the right pocket. Some folders might not contain any slit. Take a look into the available options:

  • 4” x 6” Small Press Kit
  • 6” x 9” Folder w/3” pocket
  • 6” x 9” Folder w/4” pocket
  • 6” x 9” Sample Kit
  • 9” x12” Standard

Make the contact details of the company visible. It would help to attract the client’s attention towards the business.

Make sure to brand your presentation folder. You would use it as an advertising tool and hand it out at events.

Consider the Paper

However, when you are planning to take the help of a printing presentation folder near me agency, you will get multiple paper options. It’s important to choose the right kind of paper for making the folders. Whenever you come across a firm that’s professional and trustworthy, you can have complete peace of mind.

A professional firm won’t use cheap quality paper to print the presentation folder. It’s because it would create a bad impression.

The paper options offered for presentation folder prints are:

  • 14pt gloss paper. Usually, this is the standard choice for presentation folder prints. This quality gives a professional look while going easy on the budget.
  • Businesses, who look forward to offering a premium feel, can invest in 14pt Premium Uncoated. It offers a sophisticated look to the pocket folders.
  • Silk coated paper can be an excellent option. This offers a smooth finish. The silky feel becomes more evident when the folder gets printed in colors.

Similarly, colors can also play a great role in presentation folder printing. Make sure to inform the printing company if you want to color both sides of the folder. Or, if you want to color only one side and not use any colors on the back side, you can do that easily. Just take the help of an overnight presentation folder printing company, to get a pocket folder, colored on either one side and keeping the back Grayscale.

Other Aspects That Needs To Be Taken Care Of


Even in a pocket folder, 24 hours presentation folder printing shops can offer multiple finish options. You can add an extra effect with an extra layer of finishing. Customers can get to choose from a glossy or a matte finish.

Gloss finish offers high-quality shine and increases the brightness of the folder. On the other hand, a matte finish creates a soft impact.

The Backside

The backside of a presentation folder is hardly used. However, you can use the backspace for highlighting your services. You can include the contact details of a business. Along with the company details, you can add the company logo.

Now, once the designing process of the pocket folder is complete, it’s time to take a look into the advantages of using it.

What Are The Benefits Of Presentation Folders?

  1. Multi-situation Workhouse

A crucial benefit of cheap presentation folder printing is its versatility. Do you need a customized pocket folder for a trade show event or a product launch event? For these needs, a pocket folder forms the best bet. You can get the pocket folders, foil-stamped and insert important marketing materials into it. When a customer shows interest in the business, you can hand them pocket folders containing brochures, booklets, and business cards.

You can use a pocket folder for many situations. If a business needs to interact with the media-house often, a pocket folder can go a long way to keep the public relation balanced. For the media house, you can go for the standard 4”x6” small press kit. Or, you can go for the 6”x9” Folder w/3” Pockets to house case studies and press releases. It increases the chance of good coverage.

  1. Look Professional

During meetings and conferences, a business can professionally present themselves. With the help of a pocket folder, businesses can present materials to all those who are attending it. Through a neat organization, a business can present them as highly professional.

  1. Promote a Brand

Presentation folders prints can come in different size options. Depending on the size of the folder, companies can promote their business. Folders are a great utility item. You can promote your brand with the help of the pocket folder prints.

  1. Creative Design

24 hours presentation folder printing companies offer multiple design options. Customers get to choose from different colors, fonts, and size options during the design process. So you don’t need to worry if you are a bit confused. One should always choose the size of the folder depending on their business needs. Also, the size option varies depending on the brands.

  1. Cost-Effective

Are you looking for an affordable mean top advertise your product and promote your services? You can do so with the help of high-quality presentation folders. At half cost, one gets a presentation folder printed. After all, printing a customized pocket folder in bulk amounts won’t cost you much.

A marketing material forms the first impression that a business prospect develops about a company. So it’s important to create the right image. If you want to present your business in a badly constructed folder, it won’t uphold the right image. With professional pocket folder prints, a business can get an edge over their competitors.

What are you waiting for? Get presentation folders designed by an overnightpresentation folder printing professional today!

Presentation Folder: Presenting the Business in a Professional Manner

Presentation folder is the ideal way to present marketing material and sales report.  These are a great option for an organization for preserving the important papers. Using a presentation folder when you hand out the proposals or the important documents will help in creating an immediate professional image on the clients. There are some people who hold on to the presentation folder due to their perceived value and usefulness.

Full Color Presentation Folder

You will be able to get full color presentation folder from 55printing. These folders are printed before it is die-cut and folded. If you use it for a specific purpose then it can have a serious impact. All our folders are printed ton superior quality material. You just have to inform us the kind of material that you want.

Paper Options on Presentation Folder

You can avail various paper options at 55printing. Silk coated paper offers a smooth finish. If printed in colors, this will appear distinct and clear. Premium coated paper is a great option for the folded ones because it is absorbent.

Finishing Choices

At 55printing, you have the option to choose from matte or gloss finish. Matte lamination offers a soft effect. However, gloss lamination provides a high quality shine. This will increase the vibrancy of the presentation folders.

All About Creating Presentation Folder

Are you making a list of the items you can put in the press kit for your next press conference? The items you put in a packet for the journalists and media people should include useful items with your company’s branding. For example, you can put a presentation folder in such a packet. These are folders used for presenting marketing statistics, sales reports and for keeping documents.

You must opt for presentation folder printing, but you need to be sure of the things associated with presentation folders printing. Read on to know more…

Presentation Folder

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