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We have created a new line of products just dedicated to RUSH printing products. Among the top products added to this new fast production line, we must include our popular Business Cards printing as an essential support for printed marketing goods.

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It is impossible to imagine a world of entrepreneurs where there is no business card. A business card helps entrepreneurs to offer essential information to prospective clients and connections. However, the role a good quality business card plays is far more important than that. The personal touch that business cards offer is impossible to get from the digital networking tools widely available today.

You do not have to worry about designing and creating the business card all on your own. We are here to help you out in that. You can get an exquisitely designed business card set from us just in a few days. Our cheap business cards printing services offer the following and more.

  • Various Paper Quality Options
  • Different Bulk Order Options
  • Quick Turnaround
  • Smart Business Card Designing Tool


Why Business Cards are Still Important?

Despite all the technological advancements that have taken place in the last few years, the rush print business cards still have not lost their importance. Instead, it seems that the business cards will remain relevant in the coming days as well.

Most businessmen exchange their business cards while getting acquainted with their clients. These cards not only help them to exchange information but also come in handy while exchanging contact information with potential clients you meet in the business fairs, meetings, and seminars.

Even if you are not aware of this, business cards help you to extend a personal touch to your networks and clients, which coax them to try and check your offerings in the first place. Banking on this emotional front, the marketers often use the business cards to beat the competition. Along with sharing email addresses and phone numbers, smart business cards design can make them communicate favorably about the business.

If you still want to know why the business cards are still essential, you should, perhaps, check the following factors.

Straight Forward Approaching

There is no fixed time and place for meeting a potential client for your business. You can meet them even when you are vacationing in someplace fancy. The business cards are generally small enough to fit inside your wallet, never leaving you in a quandary when you need to exchange contact information with a prospective client.

Whenever you are heading out, keep a couple of business cards in your wallet. If you do not make it a habit of carrying a couple of business cards with you, who knows how awkward the simple contact information exchange can become.

Pocket Friendly

Printing business cards is one of the most pocket-friendly affairs. Affordability is no doubt one of the biggest advantages of using business cards. It works as the cheapest form of advertisement that you can find anywhere.

With business cards, all you need is a catchy and interesting design and a little planning. Like any good piece of advertisement materials, the fast print business cards will keep reminding the recipients about your organization and the products and services you offer. Moreover, most business cards come with a personality, making it difficult for people to just throw it away.

The Professional Touch

Just think how messy it would look if you casually write down your contact details on a tissue and hand it out to your potential client while you were at dinner? The chances are that the person will consider you as an insincere businessman. Moreover, they will never think about availing your products or services. He/she will more likely choose someone who hands over a nicely designed high quality business card during an interaction.

The Modern Appeal

While business cards printing is a traditional concept, that does not mean you cannot take the help of modern technologies to create one. Apart from using high tech designing tools, you can also exchange information in a tech-savvy way.

For example, you can print a QR code on your business card. That will help the clients to scan and add your contact details on their smart devices.

Instead of imparting contact details, you can also use the QR code to take the prospective client to your website with a simple scan. The more you think about incorporating cutting edge technology in your business cards, the better you will understand that there is no end to the possibilities.

Wide Acceptance

Even in this era of smart technologies, there are many people who are not comfortable using smart devices. So, you cannot expect that all the prospective clients you meet are tech savant. The traditional business cards save you from falling into this trap. As business cards are widely accepted, it appeals to the prospective clients of every age.

Right Impression Matters

What comes to your mind when you consider the way people should see the brand of your business. Most probably, you will want to impress them at the first chance. The first impression really matters after all.

The business card helps you to achieve that perfectly. Even though you need to plan a meticulous business cards design, once done, it can craft a robust brand image for your organization.

A business card with all the right elements will be able to create a positive impression on the recipients. You just need to add a remarkable twist to initiate a marvelous first impression.

What Should You Print On Your Business Card?

You need to understand that the business cards act as an extension of your brand identity. So, you have to be careful about the image and the information that the cards convey to the recipient. With the right design and the necessary details in your hands, you can create a powerful and memorable business card for you.

The question is, what key information should you share on your high quality business card? Here are some tips to shed lights on that matter.

Tagline and Logo

While planning the design of the business card, make sure it contains the logo and the tagline of your organization. As an extension of your brand, the business cards need to convey the identity of your business to the prospective clients and your networks.

You need to think carefully about the shape, color and the words written on the card to ensure that the recipients can identify your brand. It will help them to recognize your brand whenever they see it in the future.

Name and Job Title

While it might seem obvious, people still make mistakes about it. The purpose of printing business cards is to introduce you to people, who might be interested in interacting with you. Put your preferred name on your business card. For example, if your name is William, but you prefer Bill, then you should put the latter on your business card. It will save you awkward reintroductions later.

As for the designation, the small business owners and managers don many a hat every day. Do put all of those on your business card. Always put your main functional title on the business card. If you like, you can put your position credential on the business card as well. But put it only after the functional title.

Contact Information

Exchanging contact information is the main purpose of business cards. If you want your prospective clients and networks to contact you, you need to tell them how. The direct approach always helps when it comes to the contact information of your business cards.

That means you should never share your personal contact information on your business card. Consider carefully about the information you put on the business card, and then make a decision.

Website Address

You should always share the website address in your business card. That does not mean you should share the home page address on it. Instead, you should create a special page for your prospects and share it on the business card.

Always share the address of the page that helps you to deepen your connection that you have built. Also, always keep the URL of the page short and simple, so that, it does not create a cluttered look on your business card.

Social Media Profile

Social media has become indispensable for any business these days. If you are not on social media, for most prospective clients, you simply do not exist. That does not mean you should include all the social media accounts on your business card. Be strategic about the social media listings and only list the channels where the prospects can understand your work better.

Factors to Consider While Designing a Business Card

While people might think that planning and designing a business card is difficult, the truth is, technology has bridged some of the gaps. Almost every reputable business card printing service offers online business cards, design makers.

You can use this tool to design your business cards yourself. Once the design is complete, add the card to your cart, select the printing options and place the order for your business card.  

Of course, if you employ a graphic designer, the look and feel of your business card will be better. You can then upload the professionally designed image on our website and order the prints. While we accept files of every type, most designing and printing companies prefer the JPG format.

Of course, there are certain things that you need to keep in mind while designing rush business cards. Here are some aspects that require your attention.


The boring days of black and white business cards are gone. Nowadays, business cards come in all sorts of colors. The question is, which color should you choose? That generally depends on the brand colors of your business. As the business card is an extension of your brand, its colors should be similar to the colors used for branding.

While you can choose as many colors as you want for your business card, use a little bit of reasoning while doing so. Too many colors on your business card can make the business card gaudy and tasteless, which you should avoid at all cost. That being said, always choose the CMYK color setting for your quickbusiness card prints. It will help you achieve the best possible results.


When it comes to the paper, there are so many choices that you can get overwhelmed pretty easily. Still, choosing the right paper quality is a necessity for creating the perfect rush print business cards for your organization. Never opt for the cheap and flimsy papers if you want your business card to reflect personality. Here are some types of paper that you can try for your business card.

  • 14 pt gloss paper is the standard quality paper for the business card. It is easy on your pockets and does not make your business card look cheap either.
  • If your goal is to give your card a premium feel, make sure to invest on the 35 pt triple-layered stock. The opulence of the paper will add gravity to your business card.
  • The 18 pt. C1S gloss cover paper is yet another exceptional choice for your business card.
  • Recycled papers are another great choice for people and companies concerned about the environmental impact. Most of the time, recycled paper comes with a matte finish enhancing the look and feel of your business cards substantially.

Water Marks

If planned right, watermarks can look exceptionally good on the cheap business cards. Your business logo is the most appropriate thing that you can watermark on your business card. You can ask the designer to put the watermark on your card or do it yourself. Just make sure that the watermark does not obscure other important information.


Most reputable companies add layers of finishing to enhance the look and feel of the quick prints business cards. While lamination is the most popular choice, it does not always suit the branding of your organization. The glossiness, on the other hand, imparts some shine and sheen. It makes the card look interesting. However, if you want to add elegance, then the matte finish is perhaps the best choice for you.


In most of the traditional design, the backside of the business cards always remains blank. The question is, why should you follow the norm when there is a chance to create something different? Use up this space to make your business card more interesting and impressive.

Rush Delivery

More often than not, when people want to fast print business cards, they are often in a hurry. To ensure that you do not have to wait for your business card for an uncertain period, make sure to discuss rush business cards printing and delivery factor while talking to the printing company. As most reputable companies offer a full refund for delays, you should always be on the winning side of this deal.

The tactile feel of the rush print business card allows the recipient to feel the personality of the card, and by extension, the nature of your business. A prospective client is more likely to communicate and make a deal with someone trustworthy. That is where a well-planned business card can help you. With it, you can win their confidence. Once that’s achieved, they can even recommend your business to their friends and acquaintances as well. So, always use a business card to bridge the gap between your prospective clients and your business.