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RUSH EDDM® Priority Printing

Among the products we added to our new RUSH printing services, the EDDM® postcards are as important as all other top 10 products. Customers urged to get their flyers to mail them forward to their future customers as fast and affordable as possible. 

This is why we added the Every Door Direct Mail postcards printing product to our top PRIORITY RUSH printing product category. With our EDDM® flyers you will find the following advantages:

  • No Mail list needed
  • No Permits Required
  • Postage only 19¢ per piece
  • Advanced Mapping Tool Available

Postage only 19¢ per piece at the USPS 


Download Guideline Templates For Our Cheap EDDM® (Every Door Direct Mail®) Postcards:

6.5" x 9" - (Front) - (Back)
6.5" x 11" - (Front) - (Back)
6.5" x 12" - (Front) - (Back)
8" x 6.5" - (Front) - (Back)
8" x 10" - (Front) - (Back)
8.5" x 11" - (Front) - (Back)
9" x 11" - (Front) - (Back)
9" x 12"  - (Front) - (Back

Download EDDM® indicia - Local Postal Customer

Download EDDM® bundle facing slip design.

USPS® requirements sheet (We already take care of requirements when you order with us)

At 55printing.com we guarantee that our printed EDDM® Postcards will be eligible (compatible) with USPS requirements. *Make sure to request a free design proof and ask for art revision for guidelines compliances during checkout."

We welcome all file formats.

Recommended: JPG, 300dpi, Color Setting to CMYK.

Note: If your file is a Word Document or PDF which contains multi-pages,
we will assume that 1st page is front and 2nd page is back.
Please upload your multi-page file just once.

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High Quality and Hassle-Free Every Door Direct Mail Printing - Rush EDDM Printing


Are you thinking about personalizing the direct mail you send to your target audience? Then the rush Every Door Direct Mail printing (EDDM) might be one of your best options. With this mail printing service by your side, you can reach potential customers at pocket-friendly prices.


Exquisitely printed materials help you to promote the business and enhance your current market size. You just need to find a good printing company which can maintain all your requirements and offer you the best possible solutions.


However, having some knowledge about quick EDDM printing can help you in this endeavor. Check the following section of this article to understand how you can print better and more aesthetically pleasing EDDM cards for your potential demographic.


What Is EDDM?


Every business needs to get in touch with their customers on a regular basis. While the technological development and the flourishing social media platforms have offered the companies different channels to do that, most of those channels lack the soothing personal touch that the customers crave.


Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) is one of the marketing techniques businesses uses to reach the customers of a particular area. It allows the businesses to communicate with the customers without the names and addresses of their homes.


EDDM enables the companies to use the carrier routes and deliver the marketing materials to the houses. You just need to identify the most potential circuit and decide on the drop date, and your leaflets will get delivered to each of the homes of the selected neighborhood. You only have to maintain USPS standards while designing the content materials for flyers.


Steps To Follow While Designing The EDDM Cards


As we have mentioned before, fast printing EDDM postcards are the best and most pocket-friendly way to win the hearts of the customers. The postcards allow the businesses to pitch their marketing content without gathering the mailing list of even using the expensive postal sorting. You just need to maintain a strategy to make your EDDM postcard campaign successful. Here are some details that will help businesses achieve their goal.


Set Marketing Goals


Create an EDDM postcard printing marketing goal before doing anything else. Be specific about what you want to achieve. Keeping your customers in your goal is also very necessary. It will help you to check the success rate of the campaign and take decisions accordingly.


Select The Mail Routes


Use online tools to decide the routes where you want to post your rush print EDDM postcards. You can choose to send your postcards to every home of the area, or you can select particular residences and commercial addresses for that. Determine the purpose of the campaign before concentrating on the routes. It will help you to make the decision better.


Create the Promotion


As you will be sending your advertisement content to the residents of a particular route, you need to plan ahead to make the campaign successful. Think about the lifestyle and the demographics of the area first and then consider how to make your offer relevant.


Designing and Printing


You can design the fast printing EDDM postcards once you have finalized all the above factors. Having clear ideas about your goals helps you to create better posters for your potential customers. Either hire a graphic designer for the job or download a template from any reputed EDDM poster printing companies. Keep in mind the guidelines about the EDDM postcard designing, and you will be able to persuasive content for your potential customers.


Once the designing process is complete, upload it to the website of the professional rush printing companies. Even though most of the reputable companies accept all types of files, JPG is the preferred format. 


Mail and Track 


Post the cards via the EDDM once you get the printed cards in your hand. After that, track the customer responsibility to check whether it reached the campaign goal or not.


Things To Keep In Mind While Designing The EDDM Postcards


As the postcards help the businesses to deliver the marketing pitch, they should be designed more carefully. You can take the help of the graphic designer or online designing tools. But, you still need to consider certain aspects before giving the final EDDM postcards printing order. Take a look in the following section of this article to find the factors you should consider while designing the cards.




There are seven different sizes that the USPS allows for the EDDM Postcards. The sizes vary from 6.5” X9” to 9” X12”. Among all of them, the 6.5” X 9” one is the most popular. Other than that, 6.5” X11” and the 8.5” X 11” are two sizes that customers order the most. You can use popular sizes, or choose one of the not so popular ones to make your rush print EDDM postcards different from the rest.




The EDDM postcards should always be rectangular. The corners of the cards should not be rounded off. Make sure that the finished corner of the card does not exceed the radius of 1/8 inches.


The Design


If you hire a graphic designer for the job, you do not have to worry about anything. But if you are using the online designing tool with the help of the templates, you need to consider the following details.


  • Safe Zone: While designing the cards, always ensure that the important details do not go beyond the safe zone. You should keep the text and images within this area, so that, it does not get cut in the final print.


  • The Trim Line: this line determines the place from where the printed cards will be cut. This section should not contain anything other than the background color.


  • Bleed: It is a printing style that goes beyond the area from where the printed sheets will get trimmed. You can use this technique while designing EDDM cards to make sure that the image gets extended to the edge of the printed cards.




It may not seem that important, but the look and feel of the postcards changes with the quality of the paper. While there are different types of paper available, the 14 pts cardstock gloss is the one you should choose for your EDDM cards. The thick and stiff cardstock will give your EDDM cards a shiny finish. The glossiness helps to enhance the vibrancy of the color and protects the cards from scruffs and scratches.


UV Coatings


The reputed EDDM card printing companies offer different UV coating options you can avail. You can either choose the high gloss UV coatings on the printed sides of the cards or go for the front specific coatings. However, the aqueous coatings on the printed sides are perhaps the best choice for the businesses. This coating not only enhances the aesthetics of your EDDM cards but also protects it from the elements.




Studies have shown that the colorful designs on EDDM cards help to hook the attention of the customers. So, instead of choosing the boring black and white options, you should go for the full-colored both sides option.


However, if budget is an issue, then go for a full-colour front and black and white back or no back. Just make sure to keep your color setting to the CMYK to get the best quality printing.


File Type


It is better to upload JPG files for printing. However, most rush printing services providing companies accept all formats.


If you choose to upload a word file or PDF with multiple pages, the printing companies will consider the first page as the front and the second page as the back. So, prepare the content of the page in the likewise manner.


Design Review


You can order the printing of the EDDM postcards without reviewing the print first. But, you should avoid doing that. Always request a free design proof to make sure that the printed version of the card is following the USPS requirements.


You can also request for a design review before printing the cards. However, if you are in a hurry, always opt for the rush EDDM priority printing option.


How to Create Impactful Messages for EDDM Cards?


Direct mailing is one of the best ways to send personalized messages to potential customers. Now, the question is, how to create interesting messages that attract the eyes of the customers to your business? Here are some tips that can help you in this matter.


Personalize the Message


It is hard to find a person who does not want to feel special. Yu should harp on that weakness of people and utilize it for creating messages for your customers. This approach will impact customers and potential customers in the same way.


Instead of perceiving your direct mails as junks, the customers will feel that you know them to the bone and understand their requirements like no one else does. Using the recipient’s name in the letter is the easiest way to do that. But the trick does not end there. To make your customers feel special, you can tailor a special offer that is relevant to them.


More Information


We understand that space is a factor for adding even more information, but you have to be smart about it. Instead of stuffing the EDDM postcards with the unnecessary information, you should add the tit-bits that will hook their attention. There are a couple of ways following which you can attain your goal.


  • Attractive Image: A picture is worth a thousand words. Use clear and attractive images to draw the attention of the customers.


  • Graphics and Designs: You should insert graphics and texts smartly in the postcard so that the customer forms a bond with your brand. Choose the text and the images carefully as they will be conveying the messages about your services or products.


  • Testimonials: Authentic testimonials never let the customers down. You should demonstrate the authentic testimonials to make the potential customers understand why they should choose you.


All in all, keep the focus solely on the requirements of the customers while choosing the images and writing the text. Your goal is to form a trusting bond with the customers, and the fast printed EDDM postcards should help you in that direction.


Impactful Call To Action


The ultimate motto of sending EDDM postcards is the same as any other marketing campaigns. It is a tool to convince your customers that only your services or products can improve their life. That is one of the reasons why creating an efficient call to action message is so important. It really acts as the glue that holds the whole campaign together.


The call to action message should be strong enough to make the customer take action. Try to make the call to action clear, powerful and concise. Scatter the call to action message throughout the design, keeping in mind that it should not sound repetitive. This technique might seem a little insane, but it will help your customers remember the offer for a long time.




For the direct mailing campaigns, timing is everything. You need to send the mails to the right people at the right places at the right time. It is the only way to gain maximum return on your investment. Keeping your database up to date and relevant is the best way to make sure that happens. Accurate dataset helps you to identify the target audience and their requirements.


Make It Risk-Free


Create any offer, which makes your customers uncomfortable. Instead, make a risk free offer to them and describe the next steps clearly. Being transparent to the potential customers always helps in forming a better relationship with them.


Advantages of Using EDDM Postcards


The benefits that you get from investing in the EDDM postcard printing are numerous. Here are some common advantages that explain why you should invest in it.


No Mailing List Required


Most companies need to purchase the mailing list to send direct marketing materials to the customers. However, in this case, you do not need to buy such mailing lists. The mail carriers will deliver your postcards to the doorsteps of each of the houses of the neighborhood you intend to reach. It allows you to focus solely on the requirements of the customers and the content of the postcards while someone else worries about the delivery.




EDDM is one of the most pocket-friendly options you can avail to reach to the doorsteps of your target demographic. Just design and print an eye-catching EDDM postcard and send batches of content materials at the lowest possible postage rates. If you choose to target the customers in the local area, you can save on the mailing cost.


No Postal Limits


As you might have guessed already, you do not have to worry about the postal limits while sending the EDDM cards. The rules regarding EDDM allow businesses 200 to 5000 mailings per day per zip code without any postal permits.


Traveling door to door to reach to the potential customers is significantly difficult. Even if businesses choose to do that, it will cost them a substantial amount of money and time. EDDM breaks this barrier and enables the businesses to reach more customers in less time. You just need to create an appealing message for your clients and order rush print EDDM postcards to connect to your audience. So, what are you waiting for? Plan a design today and let your target audience know who you are and what you are offering to them.