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With our cheap RackCard printed product, you could promote any sort of business, service or product with the right size to fit any generic rack card found at stores. 

It is already very hard to go into a store and ask permission to post your marketing goods to display for their customer. Now imagine if your flyer just didn't fit with their flyer display area on rack card carry case. Avoid this little inconvenient by printing your RackCard with the right size, the first time.

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A faster way to promote your business!

With the help of our high quality rackcards, you will easily promote your business in your neighborhood or city. Include your logo on it and all the necessary information about the company to make your brand more distinguished on the market. Our rackcard prints have:

  • Fast turnaround time
  • Standard size of 4 x 9 inches
  • Different paper stock qualities
  • Different coating options
  • Different quantity order options

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What our customers are saying:

Printers are not easy to be found. So, when I came across 55printing, I was somewhat skeptical. However, they proved me wrong. Thanks for all the help!
George, La Mirada
I have just received the rack cards I ordered and I’m too impressed. In fact, I am speechless at the results. Thank you 55printing in a big way. Keep up the good work, guys!
Josephine Jacob, Bell Gardens

I can’t begin to say how much I owe to you guys for making my campaign a success. Thanks for it all!
Marshall, West Puente Valley

Cheap Rack Card Printing: Use Rack Cards to get your Business Noticed

Have you ever thought about the importance of using rack cards? They are so easy and simple marketing tools for any business. Places with a good amount of footfall are almost certain to have rack cards. The advantage is that people will pick up rack cards randomly. They will not determine what product it is related to. All they want is to feel that tangible piece of marketing tool in their hand. And when they have it in their hand they will naturally go through it. The name rack card suggests that these cards are placed on racks. Yes, they are placed on a racks for people to pick it up randomly.

If you look at the design of a rack card, you are likely to find it the same as a brochure. The 24 hours rack card printing companies print these cards in different shapes and sizes. Not every rack card is designed the same as a brochure. Unlike brochures, rack cards will not always come with multiple folds. They can get printed on single or both sides too. Moreover, the purpose of a rack card is also different from a brochure.

Importance of Rack Cards in Business

Rack cards play an important role in business marketing. They are small, compact and attractive. If you can add to that an extra dose of creativity, things get even better. Always remember that people are likely to pick up and read these cards on the go. They will not invest a lot of time in reading it. Yet they can’t resist picking one card for themselves.

Give Message on the Go

Rack cards are more popular in places with more footfall daily. People are busy but still want to invest a certain amount of time in looking at something while traveling. For example, people have a habit of reading newspapers while traveling on the bus or train. Reading a random rack card can be compared to such a similar habit. But they will not invest that much time as they would in a newspaper. Hence the little amount of time you get is vital. If the design is compelling enough they will give the message successfully on the go.

Boosts Sales strategies

Rack cards are exceptional when it comes to boosting your sales strategies. Rack cards are generally flexible to different types of sales strategies. So you can experiment with them easily. For example, you can target a few specific locations. You can also choose to target certain specific industries. It is often confusing to find the right strategy for rack card marketing in the first stages. But with the little trials and errors, you finally get to know the right strategy.

Direct communication

The most important reason to use a rack card for business is for its direct communication process. If someone has a rack card in hand, they are likely to invest full attention in reading and learning about it. There are many stores printing rack cards near me. Printing rack cards are common. A well-printed rack card in the hand of a customer can create a big impact. This is one of the best methods of direct communication for different businesses.

Works for any Business size

These compact pieces of document easily work for any business. The marketing form is affordable and works only to uplift the standard of a business. The design is what matters the most. The simplicity and humble nature of the rack card are what make it a perfect fit for any business.

Portable and easy to store

Rack cards are compelling not just for the design but for the shape and size too. If you can print them in the right shape and size, these become more handy and portable. storing them also gets easier. Customers can easily slip in the cards inside a book or side pocket. The longer they have it with them, the better it is for your business.

How Rack Cards get your Business Noticed?

Rack cards have the advantage of getting noticed easily. Perhaps it is because of the concept in which they are placed. The typical size of these cards makes it eligible to fit in a location with significant footfall. Some of the common areas where you are likely to come across rack cards include hotels, lounges, restaurants, airports and waiting areas.

A small piece of entertainment

People often look for something to entertain them when waiting at a particular location. With the help of overnight rack card printing services, it is pretty easy to get printed rack cards in bulk. Rack cards work as an exceptional piece for entertainment. It serves people with important information about your business in no time. They are an inexpensive way to promote your business.

Business Specific Rack Cards

With the help of business-specific rack cards, you can promote any business easily. Besides promoting a particular type of business these cards can also work to promote one time events. This makes sense because the method is straightforward and affordable. Make sure to match the tone of the event with the design in the rack card.

Launching a new Business

If you want to promote your new business through rack cards, it is a good way to do so. When it comes to spreading brand awareness, rack cards are excellent. Marketing firms know how powerful rack cards are. Hence they always prefer to use these cards to promote new business ventures.

Good for Non- Profit Organizations

We provide our customers with cheap rack card printing services. These small cards have the power to convey a message to the audience with a sense of empowerment. It has the power to encourage readers about the aim of the organization. Highlighting the goals prominently is the most important benefit provided by the rack cards.

Room Tariffs and Travel Destinations

Rack cards have a major role to play in the travel industry. It is extensively used in hotels for printing room tariffs. Visitors can pick one for them and refer to it before booking the room. Apart from room tariffs, rack cards are also used in the travel industry for other purposes. For example, it is used for printing top places to visit in a particular location along with the time duration.

Templates vs Custom Designs

  1. If you want to choose a good design for printing rack cards, you have two options. Either you choose from various templates available online or customize the design on your own. But the big question is which is better. Working with templates is fun and easy. Templates are pre-designed and you can customize them as per your needs. This saves your time and you will not need to invest too much time on thinking of ideas for the design. However, one disadvantage of using a template is that it lacks flexibility.
  2. Even if templates are customizable, you can only customize it to a certain level. However this problem you will not face with custom designs. You have full flexibility and control over the design. Designing a rack card yourself is time-consuming but the output is better. The problem with templates is that they are not unique. Other businesses could have used the same templates. You have the scope of choosing from multiple types of templates, but still, the chance of acquiring a duplicate design remains intact.
  3. If you are looking to save time and money, the best way is to go for templates. However, experts always prefer to get their unique designs. It is not at all difficult to design a good rack card. If you know how to design, there is nothing like it. You will not only save a good sum of money but get the design of your choice too.

Tips to Get a Great Rack Card Design

Visually Attractive

Rack cards as the name suggest belonging to the racks. Probably with several other rack cards. This is why you need to make your piece stand out in the first look. The trick is to make it visually attractive. With the help of attractive printings, the 24 hours rack card printing services can provide you with the best prints. Try to select the most attractive and eye-catching colors and images. You aim to get your marketing item as much attention as possible. This will only happen if the item is visually appealing.

Use bold Colors

Incorporating bold colors in the rack cards will grab attention easily. It will naturally generate a sense of curiosity among the audience to know what the card is about. Dull colors will easily camouflage it with the rest of the dull cards in the rack. As a result, people will refrain from picking up your card.

Avoid Too Many Texts

Too much of anything is not good. The companies printing rack cards near me offer well-designed rack cards with limited texts. You do not need a lot of texts on the rack cards. Just the information relevant to your business and essential to update the audience about it is sufficient. Too much information will also make it clumsy. Focus mainly on keeping it visually appealing.

  • Easy to Comprehend: The message in your rack card must be clear and easy to comprehend. Refrain from using flowery languages that will make things complicated for readers. Such words can alienate you from potential customers instead of getting them closer to you.
  • Include a call to Action: Whether you use the rack cards to announce a sale or offer a discount on a special item, a call to action is very important. The call to action is just a line of text that invites people to try your business at the earliest. A powerful call to action can drive customers to your store.
  • Include Business Contact Information: Missing out on the contact information will cost you. The entire purpose of the business campaign in the rack card is to invite people to contact you. However, the rack card remains incomplete and ineffective without contact information. Never forget to include the business contact information on the rack card. Otherwise, you will miss out on potential customers from your business.

What is the importance of a good Printer?

At our store, you will easily get overnight rack card printing services. Our services are professional and we can easily get you print rack cards in bulk quantities. As part of the marketing strategy, most rack cards are for free. Hence the design along with the print quality is responsible for making it stand out.

However, if you are not careful enough with the printer, all the hard work and money could go in vain. The wrong printer will provide you with a poor-quality printout. In the end, you only have substandard marketing materials in hand.

Various printing companies provide cheap rack card printing services. Don't worry about the budget, you can always count on our services. Our print quality will never let you down no matter how fast you require it. A good quality print out is necessary to bring out an optimum design on the paper. Apart from the printer paper quality plays a major role here. Avoid choosing a poor paper quality. It will not print the design well on the paper.

Why Include More Images and fewer Texts?

The reason why most rack cards don’t work is the content. Marketers often make the mistake of including a lot of information and no images. Always remember that people are always more attracted to images and graphics instead of texts. It is visually more appealing and proper image selection will do half the work done with texts. Limit the amount of text using only a few lines. Perhaps you can use eye-catching lines, slogans, headlines, and keywords. Another advantage of using more images is it gets instantly eye-catching. As a result, people are more likely to get attracted to it.

Rack cards are better than Brochure

The reason why rack cards are better than brochures is the cost. Compared to rack cards, the brochures are more expensive. Moreover, the size is also attractive. This gives rack cards a better chance of visibility no matter where they are placed for display. Customers are used to seeing rack card displays. Some people even consider rack cards as an expanded form of the business card.

In comparison to the other types of marketing materials rack cards have many advantages. If designed effectively, rack cards are powerful and can reach your target audience effectively. If your business benefits from rack card advertising you can opt for our printing services. We can provide you with the best print quality at affordable prices.

Rackcard Printing: Faster Way to Promote Your Business

Rackcard printing is a great option for travel and tourism business. With the help of this promotional tool, you will be able to promote the business in a faster manner. You use it to promote your business to a city or neighborhood.

Rackcards are marketing tool that has to be printed using the latest printing technology. Moreover, it is also necessary to use good quality paper. This is mainly used for commercial advertising. You will be able to promote the service and products with the help of rackcards. Use this for conveying messages about a special offer or deal. If you are using it to promote a hotel, you can include the information regarding the number of suits in the hotel.

Designing the Rackcards

The design of the rackcards is the most things that you need to consider. You can customize it too make it interesting and attractive.  55printing will be able to custom create any rackcard you want. Our professionals are highly qualified and experience. They are aware of the good design principles.

Affordable Prices on Rackcards

At 55printing, you will be able to get rackcard printing at a cheap price. Since we offer a standard size of rackcard printing options, the price will primarily depend on the quantity that you are ordering. You will be able to place the order online, from the comfort of your home.

How to Promote Your Business Faster With Rackcard Printing?

If you are associated with the hospitality industry, you must know the benefits of printing quality rackcards. Rack cards are marketing documents that need to be printed using latest printing technology and good quality paper. Rackcard printing is mainly done for commercial advertising. You can promote your services or products through rackcards. Especially in hotels and restaurants, you can present information about special offers and deals through these cards. Moreover, you can include information on the number of suits available in a hotel or any special menu on offer.

RackCards Design

The designing of the rack cards should be taken into account because if the designs of the cards are not attractive enough, customers will not get impressed. As rack card printing is used as advertising, it is very important for the cards to be attractive and interesting.

RackCards Printing

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