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NCR Books (Special): The Best Business Promotion Tool

You might have to create multiple copies of the same document for your business or work. Usually, this is when you have to create many hand-written documents; people use carbon paper in between the sheets. However, there are disadvantages of using such copies.  It can turn out to be messy.  Hence, if you are looking for carbon less solutions, you should opt for NCR books.  NCR paper is a chemically treated paper that works just like carbon paper.

High Quality NCR Books

With 55printing, you will be able to get superior quality NCR books.  You can use it to give quotes to the customers and also maintain the business records.  At 55printing, you will be able to find these books at various colors and sizes with hard and soft covers and options for perforations and numbering.  We know that high quality products are highly appreciated.  Thus, we offer nothing but the best. 

Unique Designs

You can design your NCR books. In case you do not have the design, our talented graphic designers will help you with it.  They will design your NCR Books from scratch.  We print outstanding NCR pads and booklets.

The best part about 55printing is that you will be able to place the order from the comfort of your home through the internet.

What Is The Need For NCR Form Product/Promotion?

Your business or your work might require you to create multiple copies of the same document. Generally, when there is a need to make copies of a hand-written document, people use carbon paper in between two sheets. But there are drawbacks of using such a material for making copies. Using carbon paper is messy.

NCR Books Print

Carbon papers are chemically treated to transfer the impression of things written on a paper to another paper underneath. Using carbon paper is a messy affair. Carbon papers could be used just once to make prints. If they were not thrown after using once, they produced poor quality prints. Another issue with such papers is that, after making a carbon copy, it was possible to check out what has been written by holding the carbon paper to a light source. This is a major issue of concern, especially when it comes to sensitive government information.

Using carbon copies to enter credit card details and signatures is also risky as important personal information may get stolen.

What is a NRC (No Carbon Required) form?

If you are looking for carbonless solutions to your printing problems, you must make it a point to check what NCR forms are. NCR paper is a kind of chemically treated paper that works exactly like that of carbon paper. The carbonless paper, as the name suggests, can transfer the impression while you write on the sheet on top. To get an impression with NCR paper, you need to put very little pressure. Wondering what does the carbonless paper made up of? The bottom side of carbonless NCR paper is coated with micro-encapsulated dye. When pressed, this dye breaks. On the top of the second sheet that needs to be put, it is coated with clay. This clay and dye reacts with each other to form the permanent ink. So, when you write on the top sheet, the pressure of pen or pencil cause the dye to break and as you write, the clay reacts with the ink to make permanent marks.

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