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From the last couple of years, the conventional methods of content marketing have become outdated. Still, the traditional practice of sending rush printed business postcards has not lost its importance. Sending printed postcards through mail enhances the readability. That is one of the factors that promote the lead generation and allow businesses to reach a wide audience base. Sending the printed postcards is, yet, another omni-channel marketing strategy that you can use to improve the sales numbers.


The best thing about the printed postcards is, you can customize them according to the requirements of your business. Once printed, you can send the postcards to the potential customers or loyal ones. The postcards are the perfect way of expressing gratitude to the customers. Sending a "thank-you" note or a "nice to have you as our patron" card offers a personal touch that the customers would not forget ever. Unlike the rush printed flyers, the postcards are not meant for selling products. The postcards instead enhance customer engagement and captivate the attention of the consumers. It gently prods the customers to know more about your business or products and leaves a lasting impression on their minds.


How Businesses Use Postcards?


Postcards have a typical image. We only think about them during the holidays or birthdays. However, the efficacy of the postcards can go beyond that. In this digital age, it is easy to forget about the importance of postcards. However, it will be a folly if the businesses disregard the efficacy of the business postcards.


Unlike the traditional direct mail campaign approach, the postcards bring a breath of fresh air. They have the power to cut through the clutter of the brochures and flyers campaigns. The printed postcards appeal to the human emotions directly and help the businesses to forge a unique relationship with their customers which is impossible to make with the help of digital marketing or through the traditional form of marketing.


All in all, the printed postcards offer businesses one of the cheapest yet effective methods of target marketing. The postcards can also be used for other purposes, like appointment reminders and address validations. Saying that, here are some common methods of using the colorful postcardprints.


  • Birthday Postcards: These postcards can offer surprise and joy to the customers. Use the printed birthday postcards to send to the customers every year.
  • Seasonal Postcards: You can send targeted postcards greeting the customers and depicting the winter or summer sale your business is offering them.
  • Real Estate Postcards: Home listing and the house selling information is best delivered through the postcards. Real estate businesses can reap the maximum benefits of the postcard marketing technique.
  • Promotion: While the postcards are not commonly used for sending promotional content to the customers, there is no hard and fast rule about it. You can use the postcards to let your potential audience know about the latest discounts, or about the political campaign that you are running.
  • Appointment Reminders: This is one of the most popular ways of using postcards. People often pin the postcards on their fridge to keep the appointment date on the mind. You can also use this tactic for your organization.


Factors To Consider Before Printing The Postcards


Are you all set to order a bunch of printed postcards from the rush postcards printing company? There are a few things that you need to know before that.


The postcard advertisement method is powerful. But all of it depends on the design and the content of the postcards. The more you research on the target demographic and various aspects of creating printed postcards, the better the customer impact you will have. Once you are able to incorporate all the important features in your postcard, it will be easier for you to be successful.


Pick a Purpose for Your Postcard


As we have already discussed, the purpose of sending the postcards to the clients can vary in different ways. Think about the goal you are trying to attain before jumping on the designing process. It will help you understand your target audience and choose the images and designs that appeal to their interests.


Size of The Postcard


The size of the postcards varies widely. You can choose the smaller size to the larger ones according to your business requirements. You can also play with the sizes of the printed postcards according to the purpose of your campaign. However, know that the 4” X 6” size is the most popular among the businesses. If you want to stand out from the competitors, you can step beyond this size and create different looking fast print postcards that hook the attention of your customers.


Play With The White space


The first instinct of most people is to fill every corner with bright colors and texts. Most people think that the more you put on the postcards, the better it can deliver the messages. The truth, however, is different from the common conception. Overloading your postcards with images and texts can easily overwhelm your recipients. That means that instead of reading the postcards, the recipient will be throwing it away in the trash. While it can seem insignificant, but then the white space plays an immensely important role in your postcards. Plan to use the white space meticulously so that your readers can focus their attention on the main content of the postcard.


Including Necessary Information


Sending a colorfully printed postcard to your customers does not give you the license to overwhelm them with unnecessary information. Think about the message you want to convey to your customers and make it concise. Use a catchy and informative headline and never miss to include a clear call to action message. Plan some discounts or offers that your audience simply cannot refuse.


Saying that, make sure to keep the most important message at the focal point of your quickpostcard design. It will help the audience to zone in on the information first before diverting their attention to anywhere else.


Coat or Not to Coat


While designing the postcards, most businesses take a somewhat laid back approach to the coatings. As the coating makes it difficult for the customers to write something on it, most businesses simply skip this process. It is perhaps one of the biggest rush printed business postcards mistakes that you should avoid at all cost.


The main purpose of printing the postcards and sending them to the clients is to communicate with them. Now think, how would the communication part go if your postcard reaches to them in a torn-up condition? It might not seem possible, but the UV coating makes the cards even more robust. The hard ultraviolet coating practically guarantees that your postcard will reach to the recipients without bendings or tears.


Moreover, the UV coating makes your fast print postcards look more vibrant and protects the color from fading quickly. However, UV coatings make it difficult to write anything on the coated postcards. To get the best of both worlds, you can UV coat one side of the card and leave the back portion uncoated.


Card Stock


Just consider how it felt when you last received a postcard printed on the thicker paper than the ones printed on the regular quality paper. Generally, the thicker cardstocks make the postcard appear valuable and enhances its longevity as well. You should always choose 14 pt cardstock if you want to get high-quality postcards printing.


Also, the thicker cardstocks are tougher and can withstand all the wears and tears of the transit. Choose the thicker cardstocks and rest assured that your customers will notice the difference of qualities between the postcards your business sends them and the one they get from other companies. Even though the thicker cardstocks can cost you a bit more, it is a worthwhile investment.




The combination of colors plays a big role in hooking the attention of the customers. Always think about the color combination before actually starting the designing process. As the postcards work as an extension of your brand, always choose the hues compatible with your brand or logo color. No matter what you do, do not forget to keep the color setting at CMYK. It helps postcards designing and printing companies to create more accurate prints.


Preview the Final Products


The postcards you send to your customers represent your business and your brand. That means even the smallest mistakes on the postcards can hamper your brand identity and disrupts the identity of your business.


There is nothing worse than to find that some of the design and the content of the postcard has been trimmed on the final products. So, Before ordering the bunch, request the rush postcards printing company to print only a single preview copy for checking.


Proofread the sample postcard carefully and tweak the design and the text if necessary. However, if you are in a hurry, contact a reputable postcard printing company, and order the print without reviewing the design.


File Format


Most reputable companies accept all kinds of file formats. However, to ensure that there is no mistake, you should always upload the file in the JPG format. Also note that if you upload a multiple page word document or PDF, the companies can treat the text according to their printing policies. For example, most reputable rush printing companies assume that the content of the first page of the multiple page Word Files goes on the front of the postcard and the rest on the back. If you have different planning for the texts, communicate with the postcard printing and designing company.


Reasons for Sending Business Postcards


Some of the marketers of today acknowledge the importance of sending the custom postcards. However, most of them are still not sure of its benefits. Studies have shown that sending the custom printed postcards elicit 3.7% better response than the advertisements on the digital marketing channels. However, there is no doubt that the postcard marketing campaigns work the best when you use it with all the different marketing tactics. Studies have also pointed out that a potential customer makes up their minds about buying products from a business only after hearing about it for more than seven times. The postcards offer a unique way to remind the potential customers about your business or your brand in one of those seven times.


If you are still kind of on the fence about using the rush printed postcards for marketing purposes, read the following points. It will help you understand why businesses should send custom printed postcards to their customers.




Unlike many digital marketing methods, printing and distributing the postcards among your customers is one of the most cost-efficient affairs. You can easily avail the cheap postcard printing services to create eye catching and innovative postcards for your customers. You do not even need any extra human effort for preparing and delivering the postcards.




The postcard offers the businesses a unique way to broadcast their business presence. The postcards also enable the companies to seek new customers and reach out to the old ones. The personal touch customized postcards offer, often helps in generating leads by landing on the letterbox of your target audience.




It is difficult to determine whether the audience has seen advertisement content of digital marketing. The postcards of direct mail marketing, on the other hand, will land squarely in the letterbox of potential customers. That means the customers will come in physical contact with the postcards and, at least, take a look at it. If you design the printed postcards smartly, the chances that your customers remember the information are higher.


Brand Identity


By using the logo and the brand colors on your postcards, you can cement the branding as well. The postcards offer the businesses a highly visual medium for showing off their creativity and reiterating their brand identity.


Better ROI


Even though the postcards are a traditional marketing technique, you can still track it using modern technology. You can place an order code on the postcards when offering special discounts. You can also print QR codes on the postcards and track the response rates of the customers. You just need to invent some intelligent methods to get tangible data from the postcards marketing campaign. Once you do that, it will become fairly easy to compare the data and tweak the design and the campaign-style when necessary.


Beat The Competitors


These days, the printed postcards are perhaps the most underrated campaigning methods. That means if you use it, your business will surely get a competitive edge over the others. The best thing is, your competitors would not have any idea about the marketing method that you are implementing to bring more customers.


Valuing The Recipient


Sending the postcard to the customers is not as easy as just typing a message and sending it. Instead, it requires planning, dedication, time and effort to create a new postcard campaign for your customers. The customized campaigns also address the requirements and demands of your customers specifically. All these additional efforts for printing and sending postcards convey the sense that your business values the recipient. This simple sense of importance and belonging plays a major role in customer psyche.


All in all, sending the printed postcards to your customers creates an impact that you cannot generate through the digital marketing channels. Sending flyers and brochures are a direct and physical way to approach the clients. But, they are not capable of conveying a sense of importance and feelings to the customers. While designing the postcard on your own is not that easy, you can use the online designing tools of the reputable rush printing and designing companies and use it to create fabulous postcards. You can also check the available templates or use your own images to create something exceptional. So, why are you waiting? Research more on your target demographic and start designing postcards that catch their fancy today.