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250 Table Tents for $109.10

250 Table Tents for $109.10

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Affordable Table Tents, solution to an attentive audience!

If you want to put your business info and message in front of a certain audience, why not doing it with table tents. There is a variety of options that you can do with them and print on them, and one good suggestion would be making a calendar. So, this way you are making your promotional material both useful and valuable to the client. Out table tent prints:

  • Have different size options
  • Have different shape options
  • Are printed on cardstock


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What our custom Table Tents customers are saying:

★★★★ - Daniel Clarke, South Gate
The table tent cards by 55printing are awesome. They are small, yet impressive to say the least. I loved this job!

★★★★★ - Carl Richard, LA
My customers are in awe of the table tent cards that have been printed by The team is made of experienced professionals who have a thorough understanding of the job. Really impressed!

★★★★★ - Michael Mall, Lakewood
I want to mention my thanks to the team at because of my dedication to their job. They made printing table tent cards a playful task, while adhering to all my details. Good one, dude!

Cheap Table Tent Printing Product

As a customer at a restaurant, have you noticed how good the cheap table tent promotional product works? Sometimes they use a table tent to attract customer attention to what sells less at their place.

Very often we see they include dessert options with very tentative images and dessert ideas. Cheap Table tents are also used for wedding, anniversary and many other events where a table with decoration is required.

If you need to print custom table tents for any other occasion different from what we offer here at Please contact us for a custom quote and we promise that you won't be disappointed.


Table Tent Cards: Clever Way to Attract More Customers

What do you think about the real purpose of a Table tent? Is it just meant to make things look more attractive or does it has any marketing strategy hidden behind? If you are thinking of a marketing strategy, you are right. This is the generation of creative advertising. Hence not a single visually attractive thing is out of the marketing strategies. This is perhaps the reason why you see different types of marketing strategies here and there. Over the years, the trend of using table tents for marketing has gained popularity. Many of you may not know what table tents are despite coming across it several times.

Table tents are most commonly found in restaurants. These humble little tents are made of cart boards or thick papers. Most restaurants prefer to use table tents to approach different customers. But it is not only the restaurants, but several other businesses can also benefit from table tents too. The method is unique as well as affordable. For small scale businesses, it is one of the biggest alternatives to other forms of marketing campaigns. If used properly, table tents have the power to generate great leads.

Table Tents in Restaurants

There are many reasons for restaurants to use table tents for marketing. In regards to the look, it is unique. Moreover, it is also easy to distribute for effective marketing needs. Restaurants have a lot of tables. This is exactly what the table tents need. You can place it anywhere on the table allowing customers to have a look at it. We provide 24 hours table tent card printing services. Restaurants can print custom designed table tents for improving their promotion strategies. To grab the attention of your target customers you can get the best-printed table tents from us at attractive prices.

Some restaurants also print menu in the form of table tents. It is a good way to promote the recognition of your restaurant. It has the power to increase the importance of your brand and generate leads too. Unique marketing tools like table tents have the potential to attract attention from people. Moreover, it also creates a lasting impression in the mind of your customers.

Enhances the look of the Table

In restaurants, people enjoy having a fine dining experience. With table tents, you can spice things up. You can make the ambiance even more luxurious and enjoyable for them. With table tents on each dining table, the look enhances. These days appearances matter a lot. The appearance of the restaurant is one reason to determine whether customers will step in or not. The food quality is secondary in that case. The company's printing table tents near me provide them with affordable prices and quality that you can trust. The modern table tents are highly durable and you can use it for as long as you want.

Increases brand importance

Something that is unique will stand out. Not every restaurant will use a table tent. There are different designs for table tents. A table tent will not only enhance the beauty of the table but increase the importance of the overall restaurants as well. It will allow people to consider your restaurant with high standards. This impacts your brand image directly.

table_tent_4x6_prints_for_restaurant menues

Why Table Tents are effective?

Very few people will miss out on reading the message in the table tents. The messages or information on the tent is short and catchy. It does not take more than a few seconds to read the message in it. This is the reason that makes table tents increasing effectively. You can keep your audience at your finger and let them feed on the exact information you want them to read. That’s how you make an impact on their thought process.

Short Dose of Entertainment

There is a waiting time involved between placing an order and getting the food on the table. Customers have nothing to keep themselves engaged within this time. In this case, the table tents act as a short dose of entertainment. With the help of our overnight table tent cards printing services, you will get amazing table tent cards. These will help you promote your brand effectively with the exact information that customers need to know. If you can make use of this short time span effectively, you are sure to benefit from it.

It is not just in restaurants, table tents will work effectively in other places too. Some of the other areas you are likely to come across table tents include banks, coffee shops, expo events, and schools. These are not very clumsy in design. Moreover, table tents are also printed on both sides. This allows people sitting on both sides to read the marketing content. Customers will not need to invest a lot of time reading the content on it.

How to Use Table Tents Creatively?

If you think there are just a few ways of using table tents effectively, you’re not right. The cheap table tent card printing services are beneficial for businesses of all types. Apart from marketing, this tool is also effective to get attention from your target customers. There are many ways of using table tents creatively.

blank no print cheap table tent for custom hand writing

Promoting Special offers

With the help of these effective table tents, you can promote the special offers in your business. For restaurants, they can use this method to promote the special deals of the day. One can also mention special creations. Using discounts and other beneficial offers on table tents is not a bad idea either. This is a big piece of information for the customer. It helps them to get more at fewer prices.

  • Event Promotion: Using table tents form promoting upcoming events is an excellent idea. You can include relevant information about the event in an interesting manner. For event promotions, you can make the table tent design more creative. This will attract even more attention to it. The event could be related to your business or you could simply be promoting another event.
  • Upselling Products: This is particularly more beneficial for banks and restaurants. Talking about banks, every now and then there are so many different offers. It is the responsibility of the bank to bring these beneficial schemes under the attention of the customers. With the help of table tents, they can do this conveniently. The 24 hours table tent printing services can get you custom printed tents to meet your requirements instantly.

When it comes to restaurants they can upsell a special preparation. This is likely to attract more attention to this particular preparation. You can frequently change the table tents so that things don’t get boring. Table tents are very effective in upselling products. This is because it highlights the special item and gives special emphasis to it as well. People get a reason to choose a particular item over others.

List of services

Another creative way of using a table tent is to mention the list of services. This saves time for the business as well as the customers. Each individual can refer to the list of services instead of waiting for an official to demonstrate it. Moreover, this process is also convenient for customers to understand the services clearly. This method also saves time and money. For example, the business does not need to hand out leaflets or pamphlets to each individual customer.

Creativity is not just restricted to these procedures only. There are endless ways to make a table tent creative. The main objective is to keep it as engaging as possible. So that when people go through it they don't find it boring and irrelevant.

Tips to Boost Your Sales with Table Tents

The main purpose of table tents is to serve is an effective marketing tool for potential customers. The application and method of grabbing attention are different from other marketing tools. It is great to catch customer's attention during their pass time. Just as the case in a restaurant or even in a bank after a particular procedure.

Using table tents is a smart way of promoting your business. It increases your brand standards to display a good image of your business in front of your customers. The store's printing table tent cards near me have various options for printing the right table tent. With us, you can print it in various shapes and sizes. We print table tent cards on cardstocks. So if you are in plans of making promotional material and a valuable tool for providing information at the same time, you will need this.

Choose your Promotion Strategy clearly

The promotion strategy you choose should have a clear relation to the type of customer you are expecting. For example, the table tent design of a bank will definitely be different from that of a restaurant. Do not choose a random topic to promote your item. This might not be as effective as you think. It is also important to consider the format in which you want the table tent printed. If you want the same print on both sides the design should be placed accordingly. But if you want to have different designs on each side, choose the design that appears the best.

It is not a good idea to promote the expensive items of your restaurant through a table tent. However, you can always promote ongoing discounts and offers in your restaurant with it. It works!

Choosing the Right Message

The message is more crucial than the design. Choose the message right to promote your products or services well. Highlight your main message with an eye-catching headline or tagline. But never add too much content in it. Include a short but convincing text as part of the body copy. This should end with a call to action. You may also include a contact number if applicable, to allow customers to get in touch with you directly for any questions.

  1. Invest a significant amount of time to decide the right content. Craft it with a powerful headline.
  2. To make the conclusion more interesting you can always end with provoking texts like, “Try now” or “contact now”.
  3. These are action-oriented phrases and naturally create a spark in the minds of customers.
  4. Try our Overnight table tent cards printing services to get the best-printed results.

Make an impactful Design

The design has the power to turn maximum eyes towards it. The more attractive you make it, the better it gets for viewers. Narrow down the concept of the design and know about the components known to attract more attention from customers. If you are not sure about a good design refer to the templates online or simply seek professional help. Take time to design it but do not let your efforts go in vain in the end with an ordinary design. Get something extraordinary for customers to feed their eyes on.

The best way to design your ideal template is to design it for yourself. If you are aware of the professional software, focus on the colors, fonts and different images that you want to use. However, if you do not know to design, do not take the risk of doing it on your own. Hire an expert to get the right table tent card design. This design can take you a long way to generate leads.

The Print Quality

The print quality of the table tent is almost similar to adding a cherry on top of a fully baked cake. In other words, this means, the print quality has the potential to make or break your table tent performance. You may have an amazing design with top quality content. But what is the use until the print and paper quality is right? This is the area where you should focus until the very end. Poor print quality will pave the way for all your efforts to go to waste. Customers pay attention even to the slightest of printing mistakes. Don’t let this happen to your table tents. Our cheap table tent cards printing service can provide you exceptional quality table tents. With our quality cardstocks, you are almost sure to get the finest print quality in the market. Our professionals will prevent you from worrying about a thing in the printing department.

As a business owner, you should take the time to address all pertinent details before placing the final order. Compared to the other print marketing methods, table tent printing is a painless procedure. However, the rules to design an effective table tent remain the same. Unlike the other methods, you should keep the content short and compelling. Make sure to include attractive offers to make it more appealing to the customers.

Besides promoting products, table tents are also amazing to invite repeat business. You can also encourage customers to upsell products. No matter what your business plan is, with us beside you, the chance of going wrong with a table tent printing is almost zero.

Table Tent Cards: A Solution to Attract More Customers

If you want to place your business information in front of the audience then you will be able to do it effectively with the help of table tents. You will be able to do a lot with them. This is a versatile marketing tool that can be used personally, as card card-body as commercially. This is an ingenious creation that can be used for endorsing a product.

What’s best is that you will be able to place the promotional tool at any place that has foot traffic. This is a promotional tool that is capable of gathering enough attraction to increase sales.

Best Options to Avail Table Tents

With 55printing, you will be able to avail of the best printing options. Moreover, you will also get what you are looking for. We make sure to cater to your demands with superior quality tent cards. Our printed card design offers an evocative finish.  You can order them in bulk. There is an unlimited color option to choose from.

Ordering Table Tents Online

The best part about availing the service of 55printing is that you will be able to avail of the service over the internet from the comfort of your home. Thus, you will not have to travel to the store to get the product that you want.

Things You Need To Know Before Choosing Table Tent Printing

Want to attract the immediate attention of your customers or visitors to something important? Why aren’t you using table tents? Table tents are printed marketing tools that can be used to convey a specific message about a special discount or offer. Such a marketing tool is often used in restaurants to provide information about a special dish on the menu for the day. Such a marketing carousel-item can also be used to provide information on special offers and discounts.

Marketing with Table Tents

Table Tent Printing

Often businesses print table tent to wish someone on anniversaries.

Table tents can be used on the tables to congratulate someone on professional achievements or to honor someone for extraordinary contributions to something. So you can see that printing custom table tents is important for a multitude of options. These marketing tools can present marketing messages in a nice manner without being too pushy about anything. That is the reason it is considered to be one of the most preferred forms of marketing and advertising by both the customers and companies.

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