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As a customer at a restaurant, have you noticed how good the cheap table tent promotional product works? Sometimes they use a table tent to attract customer attention to what sells less at their place.

Very often we see they include dessert options with very tentative images and dessert ideas. Cheap Table tents are also used for wedding, anniversary and many other events where a table with decoration is required.

If you need to print custom table tents for any other occasion different from what we offer here at Please contact us for a custom quote and we promise that you won't be disappointed.

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A solution to attentive audience!


If you want to put your business info and message in front of certain audience, why not doing it with table tents. There is a variety of options what you can do with them and print on them, and one good suggestion would be making a calendar. So, this way you are making your promotional material both useful and valuable to the client. Out table tent prints:


  • Have different size options
  • Have different shape options
  • Are printed on cardstock


What our customers are saying:
5 / 5 out of 17 reviews
The table tent cards by 55printing are awesome. They are small, yet impressive to say the least. Loved this job!
Daniel Clarke, South Gate

My customers are in awe of the table tent cards that have been printed by The team is made of experienced professionals who have a thorough understanding of the job. Really impressed!
Carl Richard, LA

I want to mention my thanks to the team at because of the dedication to their job. They made printing table tent cards a playful task, while adhering to all my details. Good one, dude!
Michael Mall, Lakewood

Table Tent Cards: A Solution to Attract More Customers

If you want to place your business information in front of the audience then you will be able to do it effectively with the help of table tents. You will be able to do lot with them. This is a versatile marketing tool that can be used personally, as card card-body as commercially. This is an ingenious creation which can be used for endorsing a product.

What’s best is that you will be able to place the promotional tool at any place that has foot traffic. This is a promotional tool which is capable of gathering enough attraction to increase the sales.

Best Options to Avail Table Tents

With 55printing, you will be able to avail the best printing options. Moreover, you will also get what you are looking for. We make sure to cater to your demands with superior quality tent cards. Our printed card design offers an evocative finish.  You can order them in bulk. There is unlimited color option to choose from.

Ordering Table Tents Online

The best part about availing the service of 55printing is that you will be able to avail the service over the internet from the comfort of your home. Thus, you will not have to travel to the store to get the product that you want.

Things You Need To Know Before Choosing Table Tent Printing

Want to attract the immediate attention of your customers or visitors to something important? Why aren’t you using table tents? Table tents are printed marketing tools that can be used to convey a specific message about a special discount or offer. Such a marketing tool is often used in restaurants to provide information about a special dish on the menu for the day. Such a marketing carousel-item can also be used to provide information on the special offers and discounts.

Marketing with Table Tents

Table Tent Printing

Often businesses print table tent to wish someone on anniversaries.

Table tents can be used on the tables to congratulate someone on professional achievements or to honor someone for extraordinary contributions to something. So you can see that printing custom table tents is important for a multitude of options. These marketing tolls can present the marketing messages in a nice manner without being too pushy about anything. That is the reason it is considered to be one of the most preferred form of marketing and advertising by both the customers and companies.

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