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Provide more information to your clients with our cheap mini menu prints!

Any successful restaurant will be in a need of mini menus with which they can promote their business much faster and more efficiently. Usually, a mini menu will contain a selection of the most popular or signature food from the restaurant, together with the prices. Our mini menu prints:

  • Are available in size of 4 x 10 inches
  • Are printed on a gloss book quality paper
  • Can be ordered in quantities of 250 to 50.000

We welcome all file format.

Recommended: JPG, 300dpi, Color Setting to CMYK.

Note: If your file is a Word Document or PDF which contains multi-pages,
we will assume that 1st page is front and 2nd page is back.
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cheap mini menues printing for restaurants

Mini Menu Printing: Promote Your Business with Mini Menus

The restaurant industry knows it very well that the food menu forms the lifeblood of its business. It doesn’t matter if the food menu is written on a whiteboard or is placed on the table; it forms the brand for any business. For a restaurant business, a mini menu also known as a pocket menu is very ideal. You can hand out a mini menu to passersby and regular customers. For takeout orders, it can be a perfect option. Customers can easily take a look into the menus at their convenience and order food from their homes. With our cheap mini menu printing, you get to enjoy the following.

  • 4” x10” size option
  • Quick turnaround
  • Gloss Book Quality Paper is used for printing

Highlight Food Items with a Mini Menu

A restaurant business with the help of a mini-menu can promote their business faster and in an effective manner. Only, when a business receives a good promotion, it can become successful. Usually, mini menus allow patrons to take a look at the food and beverages that are on offer. It can contain the name, images of signature food items from the restaurant along with the price.

Are you looking forward to creating a good impression of your business in the mind of the audience? If yes, you can do that simply by printing food menus. Starting from restaurants to coffee shops, food trucks to cafes are opting for folded mini menus. A printed menu creates a strong impression in the minds of people about the quality and services offered by the business. It also helps to increase the credibility of the restaurant.

Moreover, customers can easily get in touch with restaurants because of the mini menus. The menus can contain contact information, logo, and other necessary details in it. This would help customers get in touch with the business easily.

Still confused whether you need a mini pocket printing or not? You don’t need to worry. Take a look at the following reasons.

Reflection of the Brand

A menu reflects a brand. It represents what a business is selling. By focusing on a limited menu, can help businesses develop a brand identity. Your customer is bound to get confused if the menu contains a wide range of items. Moreover, they won’t be able to differentiate a business from its competitors. So the aim of creating a good impression on the mind of the audience won’t get served.

Narrowing down the menu and allowing customers to focus on the signature dish of the restaurant, would help in effective printing. So any 24 hours mini menu printing company can help restaurant businesses to establish themselves and also their foods on offer to prospective clients.

Cost-Effective Marketing

The biggest benefit of mini menu printing is it’s low-cost. It’s an affordable means of advertising. All that a business needs are an attractive design with a catchy tagline on it. It’s a one-time investment. Once you have printed a pocket menu, you can hand it out to prospective clients and passersby. A mini-menu would easily remind customers about the restaurant and they won’t throw it away like other marketing collaterals.

The Modern Touch

The age-old menus are getting a modern touch. Modern technologies are being included in the mini-menus. Most menu cards are now coming up with QR codes. On scanning the QR codes, customers can get amazing deals from the restaurant. Moreover, some QR codes allow people to download the restaurant’s food ordering app from the play stores on their devices.

Promote a Business

A restaurant menu forms the business card of a restaurant. Hence, a menu should be comprehensive. The necessary information should be precise. Thus, a well-designed pocket-menu can promote a business. It can serve as a great marketing tool for the business. Restaurants can easily hand, these menus to customers along with direct mailers, or newspaper. Also keeping a few pieces of these menus can be of great help. It can be distributed at gatherings.


Maximize Profit

There has been a rising awareness of vegan diet or gluten-free food. Also, demand for menu customization is on the rise. Hence, a limited menu can make the process of customization easier. Moreover, a short menu can grab the attention of the customers easily. It can help a business to stand out from the rest of the competitors. Thereby, with the help of an overnight mini menu printing company, a restaurant business can maximize its profit and increase its ROI.

  1. Target Audience: For a restaurant business, their target audiences are foodies. When these mini menus with offer coupons are distributed to foodies at food festivals, they would take a look into the menus. Moreover, a beautifully printed pocket-menu would create a long-lasting impression on the mind of the audience.
  2. Right Impression: Do you want your customers to get impressed when they see your brand? Most of you will say yes. Well, a mini menu printing can help you to create a great impression. A mini-menu can go a long way to build a strong brand image. A mini menu containing all elements can help to create a positive image of the brand.
  3. Guide Customers: If you run a restaurant business, you can’t run with just a few food varieties. You will need to satisfy the taste buds of your customers. Hence, a business needs to keep varied food options starting from salty to sweet. Hence, while designing a menu card, a printing mini menu printing near me shop would take into account to keep separate options for starters, main dishes, and desserts.

other styles of mini-menus for printing cheap

Elements to Consider

Now that you have a clear knowledge about the importance of restaurant pocket menus; here, are some designing essentials that need to be taken into consideration.

The Paper

When it comes to printing a menu card, you won’t be getting multiple paper options. However, with our mini menu printing service, remember that you will get the best paper option. We won’t offer anything cheap as it would create a bad impression in the mind of the audience.

The standard choice for the printing menu with us is 100lb Gloss Book with Aqueous Coating. It’s a smooth, glossy paper that’s almost akin to a soft cover of a booklet/ catalog. The beautiful sheen helps to make the product look livelier and protect it from any kind of damage.


Pocket menus are usually folded menus. However, any businesses can for other formats such as a double parallel fold menu, triple fold menu, and a long menu. Whatever pattern a customer may choose to print, it can come with a coupon or a voucher option.

The Size

The standard size for a cheap mini menu printing is 4” x 10” (parallel fold). However, you can get other size options from any nearby printers.

Color Options

Gone are the days when a pocket menu was printed in just black and white colors. In order to strike a bond with customers, you can try to make the mini menu print look very colorful.

You can choose the color of the menus depending on the type of restaurant business you have. For instance, if your restaurant business specializes in seafood, you can print the menu cards in a light blue color.

What Should A Menu Card Have?

When creating mini menus, you need to consider what a menu should have. Of course, the name of the restaurant, logo and contact details should be present. A pocket menu that is filled with too many details can look clumsy. It won’t strike a chord in the mind of the audience. So you should avoid putting unnecessary details.

The basic details of any pocket menus are the restaurant name, a phone number, and logo. You shouldn’t compromise on these three things. The logo can help with branding endeavors. On the other hand, with the help of an email address, a business can reach out to the company in case of grievances.

Add the social media profile of the restaurant business to the mini menus. With most people being active on social media, they can easily get in touch with the restaurant business.

However, you should take care to ask an overnight mini menu printing company, to take care of certain elements when printing the menu card. They are:

  • Texts should be readable.
  • The font size should be big enough. It would help aged customers to read the menu.
  • Add clear images for the respective items. Images can speak louder than texts.
  • A description of the food items would help people to learn about food.

Designing the Menu

When you are thinking of designing and printing a pocket menu for your restaurant, you should take good care to design it. Only then a business can form a right impression about them. A clumsily designed pocket menu would affect the credibility of the business.

For a hotel or a restaurant to expand, promotion is crucial. This is where a mini menu card plays a huge role. So if you are looking forward to creating a mind-blowing menu card, you should design it carefully.

Ways to Design It

Well, designing a mini menu card is not that hard. You can take the help of graphic designers to design the cards. Alternately, take the help of a 24 hours mini menu printing company to get your menu card design approved by the experts. Here, you will just need to upload your designs and order the number of prints.

Secondly, you can take help of template options. We offer our customers a wide range of template designs for a mini menu. You need to select the template and edit it to put the necessary details. The design process fastens when a customer uses a pre-designed template. Make the mini-menu impressive with necessary elements. Once the design is complete, you can add it to the cart and choose the print options.

Lastly, one can take the help of many online tools and software. You can use the free from anywhere. With this software, designing a mini menu becomes easy.

Benefits of Printing Mini Menus

Make Items Stand Out

A restaurant can make their special items stand out from its competitors. Placing a CTA would help to bring the attention of the customers. Bold letters can be used to highlight the signature dishes of the restaurant.

Pay Attention to Customers

Do you want to advertise your healthy food items? A customized cheap mini menu printing can grab the attention of customers to healthy menu items. For the health-conscious people, a separate menu section can be added. A customer would take more interest in the restaurant if they see that the restaurant is giving special attention to their needs.

Promote Brand with Inserts

Big and small restaurants offer limited–time menus. Customers need to flip the menus with inserts. The inserts can help a restaurant to promote their special mouth-watering dishes that might be on offer. Hence, it can help businesses to create a maximum impact.

Good Mode of Advertisement

Restaurant owners can take the help of any good printing mini menu printing near me store to advertise about their popular dishes. The pocket menu can contain the company logo and contact details. The company logo will help customers to learn that only one particular restaurant would serve a certain item.

Target Customers

Do you need to reach out to a specific segment of the customer?  You can do that easily. You can keep the menu copy design same. However, you can highlight some food items for the target audience. A business needs to identify its niche audience and their favorite dishes. By catering what a customer loves would help to boost a business.

Mini menus might be small in size, but it can help a business to create a great impression. It would help a business to enjoy a large customer base. When a customer starts to love the customized mini menus of the restaurant, it would help a business to get high ROI.

What are you waiting for? Print a mini menu for your business and reap maximum benefits.

Why Should You Opt For Mini Menu Printing?

Menu printing is important – especially for restaurants. Most restaurants opt for printing menus to create a good impression about themselves. Printed menus enhance the credibility of the restaurant. Print restaurant menu to create a strong impression in the minds of the people about your quality and services. Low quality menus can create a negative impression about your business.

Mini Menu Printing: The Best Way to Popularize a Restaurant

If you are running a restaurant, you might require a mini menu to popularize it.  This is capable of promoting the business at a much faster rate and that too more effectively. Usually, a mini menu consists of a selection of signature or most popular food items from the restaurant along with the prices.

With the help of the mini menu printing, you will be able to make a good impression on the customers.  It will help in enhancing the credibility of the restaurant. However, the mini menu has to be of superior quality if you do not want to create a negative impression with it.  Keep in mind that this is the first thing that this is the first thing that the customer will come across when it comes to your restaurant. 

High Quality Materials for Mini Menues

At 55printing, you will get a wide variety of options to choose from.  There are different sizes, designs, and colors for grabbing the attention of the customers.  Once you distribute them, the customers will start asking for them and they will start passing them around. 

Mini Menu Easy Ordering

With 55printing, ordering is pretty easy. You will be able to place the order from the comfort of your home through the internet. Thus, you just have to decide on the specification and your work is done.

Mini  menus doesn’t just promote the business but is also helpful for the guests. 

So, do not compromise on the quality of menus. Remember, it is the first thing that your customers would come across about your restaurant. So, make sure you create the best impression with the right menu designs.

Mini Menu Printing