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Have you ever thought about using rush printed brochures as a marketing tool? You must be thinking about why companies should waste their resources when there are so many digital marketing options available on their fingertips.

The truth is, most of us are growing sick and tired of the frenzy of the digital world. There is no doubt that the brands are trying their best in the digital world to draw attention.


Not just that, in an effort to be heard, some companies are somewhat stalking their audience. Some of us are trying to run away from this stalking. But, others turn a blind eye to the advertisements flashing on their smart devices.


In all this, the marketing tactics using the brochure sounds decent. But the question that marketers ask is whether the marketing tactics using brochure has any relevance.


After all, most people believe that this traditional marketing has lost all significance in this digital era. But, some of the recent studies have shown that the printed brochures still offer a decent ROI. The brochure also sends a subtle message to your audience that your business is reliable, professional, and committed to taking care of them.


What Is a Brochure?


You need to know the answer to this question if you use the brochure as a marketing plan. The brochures are an informative document printed on foldable paper.


Generally, companies or businesses use printed brochures for promotional purposes. It acts as a tangible, cost-effective marketing tool that can be distributed to the audience in bulk.


The brochure enables the businesses to introduce their new products or services to their loyal customers. It also helps them to reach a wider customer base.


Why Use The Rush Printed brochures?


The sole purpose of using the printed brochures as a marketing tool is to create awareness about your products or businesses in a lucid language. Content of most brochures is so easy that anyone can understand the message that you are trying to convey through it.


The cost-effectiveness is another reason why the marketers of a new generation are so interested in the brochures. However, the benefit of using the rush prints brochures as a marketing tool is, you can distribute it in many different ways.


For example, you can hand over the brochure to a potential customer personally, or you can directly mail then. You can even leave the brochures to some other businesses that have promised you to help you reach their customer base.


How to Make a Brochure?


Now, the question is, how you can make a brochure that creates a good impression on your audience. Most reputable priority brochure printing and designing companies offer an online designing tool for creating a brochure.


With such a tool, you can design a brochure even if you are not a designer. Reputed companies also offer free templates to companies. You can choose any of the templates and use it as the cornerstone of your brochure design. The online tool will also help you add the content and the logo and more on the template. You can also create graphics of your business and drop them on your design to get the best effect.


While that sounds easy, you need to consider some other factors before jumping on the brochure designing and printing part. Here are some of the factors that you should consider before moving any further.


Identifying the Target audience


Identifying the target audience is one of the most important steps of quickbrochure designing. For the uninitiated, the target audience is the cluster of potential customers for whom you have designed your services or products.


Think hard about the gender, profession, marital status, age, income and other factors of your potential buyers who will be availing your services or products.


For example, the brochure for young mothers should be different, than the one created keeping the retired persons in mind. You can also design perfect printed brochures, once you get answers to all the above questions.


Type of Information


Do you think the content of the brochure does not change with time? You are wrong. The information printed on one type of brochure is different from the next. As the purpose of each brochure varies, the content also varies accordingly. Consider the goal of your marketing to decide what kind of content your brochure should carry. You can add charts, graphs, product features, mission statements, photos, instructions etc. to meet your goal.


Content Layout


The layout of the brochure plays an important role in keeping your audience engaged. The design of the fast print brochures should be simple yet effective. Too much information makes the brochure look cluttered. Too much information easily overwhelms the customers and does not create the expected impact.


Find out which information is the focal point of your marketing. After that, keep it in the central position of the brochure. In this way, it will be easier for your prospective customers to read the message and remember it for a long time.


All the above factors will help you to plan the brochure better. However, there are some other factors that will actually help you in the designing process. Keep on reading to know more about these aspects.


Know Your Folds


Depending on the layout and format, you can design the rush prints brochures in five different folds. Each fold serves a various purpose. Check the below section to know more about the folds.


  • Bi-Fold: If you are designing a formal brochure for any corporate meeting, this fold will serve your purpose the best.
  • Tri-Fold: From the name itself, you can imagine how this type of brochure will look. The templates of the tri-fold brochure offer the designer ample space. That means you can tap on the pool of creativity lurking behind the surface to make the fast print brochures look more attractive to your target demographic.
  • Z-Fold: This design denotes versatility from every aspect. With this type of template, the designer gets a unique opportunity to play with each fold. This brochure template can also help you to bring a surprise factor to the audience.
  • Gates Fold: Unlike the folds depicted above, this one is quite uncommon. The inward folding design enhances the carrying conveniences of this type of brochure. Thanks to the expensive paper materials used in making this brochure also ensures its longevity.
  • Cross Folds: Most of the time, tourism companies use this fold for creating travel-related brochures and maps. The convenient fold helps the audience to carry the brochure with them without much hassle. This fold is perfect for holding maps, diagrams and poster-like designs.
  • Die-Cut Fold: The dynamic folds take very little time to catch the attention of the readers. This fold is best suited for conferences and trade shows, where the visitors have already seen hundreds of various brochures. The unusual folds help your business stand out from the competition and create a positive impression on your potential clients.


Color of the Brochure


The days of black and white brochures are over. Now is the era of colorful printed brochures. To create one, you can use the available templates on the website of rush printing and designing companies, or create your own graphics. You can also use high-quality images to make the brochure visually appealing. If you are thinking about using the product photos on the brochure, make sure to arrange them in a visually appealing manner.


All in all, while designing the brochure, always choose the CMYK color setting. It is the only way to ensure high quality printed brochures. Also, it is better to use the brand colors of your business for quick brochure designing. The brand colors will improve your brand recognition and help the audience to recognize your business or products the next time they see them anywhere else.


Choose The Fonts


The structure of the brochure content is different from the pamphlets or flyers. The text of the brochures generally contains a heading, subheading and a body of texts. While choosing the font, you need to keep this content structure in your mind. It will help you to design the brochure in a better way. Also, never use more than three different font types while designing the brochure. Also, test the font combinations to make sure that they look great together on the rush brochureprints.


Know the Paper Stock


You should also consider the paper stock you will be using for priority printing brochure. The paper stock can change the aesthetics of the brochure. It impacts the perception of the customers about your business or products as well. Here are some of the common paper stocks that you can use for printing the brochures.


  • 100lb Paper Gloss: Even though this paper stock is smoother and finer than the regular ones, it is also thicker. The fade-resistant surface keeps the printed colors on the brochure bright for a long time. The shiny finish also gives exceptional look and feel to the printed brochures.
  • 100lb Paper Matte: The fine quality and texture make the paper the perfect choice for printing brochures. The mate coating creates the right background for soft colored and text-based designs.


There are many other paper stock options available in the market. Communicate with the priority printing and designing companies to find out which one is suitable for your goal.


File Format


Most reputable companies accept all types of files for printing the brochures. However, all of them prefer the JPG format the most. If you upload multiple page Word or PDF documents, printing companies will consider the content of the first page as the front cover of the brochure. The tests on the second page are considered as the content of the back. Now that you know it, you can arrange the texts accordingly to secure the best quality brochure printing services.




The primary reason for using the glossy or matte coating is to enhance the aesthetics of the brochure. The UV coatings protect the brochure while giving it an upscale look. The coating also protects the brochure from abrasions and smudging and makes the colors look more vibrant. Choose either the aqueous coating on both sides or the UV coating on the color sides for bringing even more shine to rush brochure prints.


Call To Action


While most businesses do not give the call to action text so much importance, you should not make the same mistake. The call-to-action button helps potential customers to lead to the intended action. Whether the motto of printing the brochure is to check out your website or buy the products, or avail discounts, the call to action text helps the potential customers to reach to the end. Use visual clues and the color contrast smartly to ensure that the call-to-action text stands out to the audience.


Benefits for Using Brochures


As you already know, the brochures offer the customers a welcome break from the onslaught of digital marketing tactics. That, and the physical stimulation brochures elicit, helps it to become more memorable. If you are still unsure whether using the printed brochures for marketing is a smart move, check the following benefits. It might help you to change your attitude about the fast printed brochures.


Easy to Distribute


The unique size and the folds of the brochures allow you to use it in different ways. You can strategically place the brochures in various places to relay positive and accurate information about your products and business to the new customers.


Use the printed brochures as a form of promotional giveaways. Send them through mail or keep them on the table of your office for maximum exposure. You can also distribute the brochure with other tangible items. For example, if you are giving away items, like T-shirts, etc. in a local fair, don’t forget to distribute your brochure along with these items.




Compared to some other forms of marketing, the brochures offer a low-cost marketing plan. Most of the professional printing and designing companies provide the best quality cheap brochure printing services. Communicate with them to meet your requirements without dredging a hole in your savings. The price of the brochure can decrease even further if you buy it in bulk.


Building Trust


The brochures help you to build a trusting relationship with your potential customers. Most companies include the goals and objectives of their business in the printed brochures. This information helps the customers to understand that you devote time and effort to your customers. Once your audience understands that you truly care for them, they start trusting your businesses, as well as your products even more.


Smart brochures help the customers to understand that you are serious about offering the best services to them. That further helps to make your relationship better.


Contains a Lot of information


Multiple folds of the brochure allow the companies to offer a lot of information about their business to the clients. Even if you choose the simple trifold design, the flaps help you describe your products and service better. Want to tell the story of your business? Designing and printing brochures are the best options for that. You can also include coupon codes and offer special discounts to your brochure. It will help you generate immediate customer response.


Personalizing Your Business


Ask any marketing professional, and they will tell you how important it is to target one person in a large audience. This approach allows you to make each of your customers feel special. That is what makes this approach more effective. The speaker, in this case, can communicate to the customers on a personal level.


The brochure offers the businesses the rare opportunity of having that one on one conversation. Use an easy-going and approachable tone while addressing your audience through the printed brochures. It will help you develop a stronger bond with your clients.


All in all, a brochure is always better for conveying information to your clients than any digital technique. The impressive reach and the cost-effectiveness of the rush printed brochures are advantages of using them as a marketing tactic that you should not ignore. Also, using a unique marketing approach always helps companies to get better ROI. So, why don’t you use the printed brochures to reach your potential and loyal customers and see how it fares.