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- Product: Brochure Printing with FREE folding

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- Quality: Recommended: JPG, 300dpi, Color Setting to CMYK.

Note: If your brochure defsign file is a Word Document or PDF which contains multi-pages, we will assume that 1st page is the front and 2nd page is back. Please upload your multi-page file just once.



FREE folding for our brochures

Cheap brochure printing online product with FREE folding on most popular fold types. For product informational pamphlet, restaurant menus or even event information flyer as a brochure, we can tailor this product to your needs. Chat with us today so we can recommend a brochure size + style for your order. Our affordable line of brochures are:

  • Available in different 8 sizes
  • FREE different folding options
  • Available in quantities of 250 to 100,000
  • Different paper stock options
  • Fast turnaround time (Next Day Brochure Printing available)

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Ideas and Examples

Why do you need to distribute brochures? Simply because it works! Various companies use brochure printing for creating an awareness of the brand and develop brand exposure.  This is a popular medium since businesses can make use of brochure to market the products and services irrespective of the whether they try to reach out to the prospective consumers across the nation or within the zip code.

If you have to print brochure fast and easy, you can get in touch with us. We offer brochure printing services and mailing along with free designing.  All you have to is upload your custom files and use the online design tool and we are going to print your brochure within 2days after proof approval. 

Cheap Brochure Printing Alternative Ideas for Marketing


Brochure Marketing Ideas

Every business has to share information with the clients and the customers and the best way to do this is through brochure printing.  A brochure is a great and resourceful way to transfer the product, procedures, and events so that any you can turn any piece of information into a brochure.  Brochure printing service enhances marketing, educational, fundraising, and educational effort.  It is the perfect choice to distribute information regarding the products and services and answering the frequently asked questions. 

A brochure which has been designed with a mailing card can be sent to the customers and the prospects directly.  Include the brochure in the sales packet, hand them out in the store, and put it out on display.  You can use them as trade shows, events, lectures, restaurants, and events.  Brochures can be used as price lists, inserts, circulars, product sheets, tracts, leaflets, notices, and menus. They are of the ideal shape and sizes for reports, handouts, portfolios, and maps. In case you want to create an interest and generate a response, brochure printing is a must. 

Cheap Brochure Printing Promotions and Marketing

Education Brochure Printing

Brochure printing is a great way to promote your organization. This is particularly the case with universities and schools. Educational institutions will be able to use brochure printing for various reasons which range from creating awareness for marketing.

For instance, a college needs to use brochure printing for reaching out to the prospective students. Materials which contain maps and activities for the students should also be distributed in the campus centers.  Public and private schools can use brochure for similar purposes or for informing about upcoming events like fundraisers and sports.

With 55printing, educational institutions will be able to produce brochures they require without even breaking the budget. We have worked with various schools and universities previously to help out with brochure printing requirements. We also provide various sizes, folds, colors, dyes, and styles which help the organization to produce eye-catching brochure at an affordable price. 

Educational Purposed Brochure Printing


What our Brochure Printing customers are saying:

4.75 / 5 out of 821 reviews

★★★★★ - Beverly Grove, Los Angeles, CA 

Our company was looking for a high-quality brochure-maker at an affordable rate. 55 Printing provided us with something that exceeded our expectations. Good job, guys.

-  Alec Stuart

★★★★ -  Manchester Square, Los Angeles, CA 

Brochures define your brand. This is why we wanted sophisticated brochure printers that could do this job for us, by specifically taking our goal into consideration. We are glad we found 55 printing, and they have done a brilliant job. Our customers are happy with the cheap printing and have come back for repeat business.

- Stephanie C, 

★★★★★★ - - Chatsworth, Los Angeles, CA

Brochures printed by 55printing have given a new marketing edge to my business. Keep up the good work.

- Matthew

★★★★★★ - Lincoln & Hastings-Kearney NE

I am very pleased with the quality of the print. Our company has used these for 10 print jobs till now and is going to continue to use them. The customer support is great and is easy to work with.

- Aubrey S.

★★★★★★ - Portland OR

55printing took enough time to make sure that my project came out perfect. They provided special help as I never made a brochure before. Also, they have ensured that the bleed areas were correct and the color has come out right. I would like to thank them and I will definitely contact them for my next project.

- Humberto W.

★★★★★★ - New York NY

The service is obtained from the printing service was fantastic. As a matter of fact, the print quality was great. It was the price that made me go with this printing company. If all stays the same, I will surely come back in future.

- Imani W.

★★★★★★ - Omaha NE

My initial purchase some months ago was for testing to find out what kind of product I am going to receive from 55printing. Thus, when I required new brochures, I did not hesitate to order them again. They delivered another great product to my door yesterday. Scarlett has been extremely helpful and I couldn’t be happier to work with 55printing for the printing requirements.

- Aldo C.

★★★★★★ - Monterey-Salinas CA

The brochures are easy to order and looked pretty great.

- Kaia K.

★★★★★★ - Los Angeles CA

I was greatly pleased with the brochures that I purchased. It was professional. The process had been smooth and the delivery was lot quicker than you can expect. I am definitely going to use your service again. Thanks.

- Heaven O.

★★★★★★ - Chicago IL

Good printing. The color matching is great.

- Ralph F.

★★★★★★ - San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose CA

55printing offers excellent service and quality. Moreover, the products are delivered before the scheduled date.

- Emmanuel L.

★★★★★★ - Greensboro-High Point-Winston Salem NC

My order for 10,000 copies was two days late but the manager made this right by offering me a break.

- Frida C.

★★★★★★ - New Orleans LA

The service they provide is excellent. There is no issue with my brochure. These are perfect and the best in comparison to the others that we contacted. Couldn’t be happier and will come back.

- Karsyn C.

★★★★★★ - Washington DC (Hagerstown MD)

Have used these for 15 years and is just perfect.

- Coby O.

★★★★★★ - Philadelphia PA

I am so happy with the initial inquiry. The finished product arrived before the deadline and the brochures are excellent. Will surely use 55printing for my next project. Knowledgeable, friendly, helpful, and remarkable group.

- Trenton P.

★★★★★★ - Atlanta GA

I was already satisfied with the quality from the previous products but this time 55printing went out of its way for ensuring a timely arrival of the shipment. It was truly helpful. Thanks a lot.

- Layla C.

★★★★★★ - Miami-Ft. Lauderdale FL

Outstanding price, service, and product. I had made a mistake on the order form but they contacted me immediately in order to clarify the order. They proof came sometime later and then the production time was even shorter than I had anticipated. I received my order 10 days early and they simply looked excellent. Thank you.

- Stella C.

★★★★★★ - Houston TX

Our brochure order was handled really card card-body and the folks at 55printing helped us with some adjustments to the graphic for ensuring that nothing had been cut off. The brochures were delivered when it was promised and they looked great.

- Yusuf D.

★★★★★★ - Dallas-Ft. Worth TX

George had been very helpful and got me a timeline to follow for the HCE Annual Meeting Booklet. Thanks a lot.

- Dakota C.

★★★★★★ - Indianapolis IN

This is the second order I am placing with 55printing. We simply loved the calendars and the brochures which have arrived today. They are great and we are just thrilled by the quality. We are always going to use 55printing for future collateral.

- Darius B.

★★★★★★ - Nashville TN

Always provides top-notch service and products.

- Lucian R.

★★★★★★ - San Antonio TX

Have loved the brochures.

- Cortez W.

★★★★★★ - Victoria TX

Very pleased with the excellent quality of the brochures.

- Alfred D.

★★★★★★ - Great Falls MT

This is the first time I placed my order with 55printing and I am extremely pleased. The brochures look great and the cost is cheap. We are definitely going to be repeat customers.

- Addison D.

★★★★★★ - Albany GA

Our company has started using 55printing for marketing collateral. The materials are processed timely and are printed in vibrant colors on high quality materials. The process is simple to order and the receipt of the completed collateral is pretty quick. I would recommend 55printing to people.

- Cooper S.

★★★★★★ - Marquette MI

We obtained our finished product just on time. The quality of the booklets and the brochures were pretty great. The quality of the overall colors and the photos were more vibrant and richer than the materials I had received from another printing company. I am going to order all of our printing materials form this company in future.

- Edwin L.

★★★★★★ - Jackson TN

Excellent printing and customer service. Our brochures are excellent. The brochures we received are beautiful. I recommend 55printing for all of your printing requirements.

- Jermaine P.

★★★★★★ - Lafayette IN

Thanks for making the short run over 4 over 4 color printing cheap enough. The print quality is excellent and the customer service is commendable. I will recommend them to everyone. I am working with a large corporate network outside Minnesota and even with the employee discount I cannot afford the printing and the printing service is good. Thanks to the customers service and the press person. I am a graphic designer doing pro bono work for a cat rescue in Ohio and I can print the pieces that I design for them.

- Xander E.

★★★★★★ - Clarksburg-Weston WV

I have ordered many brochures, posters, and catalogs from 55printing. Every product has printed exceptionally and it exceeds my expectations. As a designer I to see how my design looks as print. The customer service is flexible and great. They try to accommodate my orders every time. I will continue sending my orders and will highly recommend them.

- Amir B.

★★★★★★ - Medford-Klamath Falls OR

The brochures are great. the print quality is also excellent. When I was placing the order, I missed out on the box for adding folding. However, I placed a quick call and requested them to add it on. They made the procedure so simple. I have several items printed by 55printing and they exceed my expectations.

- Leroy W.

★★★★★★ - Harrisonburg VA Georgia P.

Speedy delivery and great brochures.

- Jaelynn T.

★★★★★★ - Missoula MT

This is the first time I have used this firm and I will use them again.

- Anya V.

★★★★★★ - Tulsa OK

Great product and will do business with them again.

- Braydon O.

★★★★★★ - Bangor ME

This is the best customer service you are going to get. Thank you.

- Clare E.

★★★★★★ - Fargo-Valley City ND

Thank you for the excellent customer service. Norma had been easy to work with and had been truly helpful. Will use 55printing again in future.

- Lennon M.

★★★★★★ - Idaho Falls-Pocatello ID

The brochures turned out to be pretty great. Quality color, paper, and arrived before time. Thank you 555printing.

- Jairo B.

★★★★★★ - Erie PA

I was happy with the way my wedding program turned out. They looked like it has been professionally printed. I am going to order from them again if required.

- Averie F.

★★★★★★ - Tallahassee FL-Thomasville GA

The product is just as I expected it to be. I have used 55printing for the last few years for different types of project and will continue working with them. They have good customer service, good quality work, shipping time frames, and excellent production.

- Luciana P.

★★★★★★ - Beaumont-Port Arthur TX

I am surprised by the high quality output and the fast turnaround. It is less costly than the local speedy printer.

- John R.

★★★★★★ - Providence RI-New Bedford MA

Reliable seller, high quality item, cheap, and good. They quickly ship to my postal address and then to Costa Rica, my country. It is a great experience to print aboard. The products are also card card-body-packed.

- Jay R.

★★★★★★ - Charleston SC

Reliable service, great product, and excellent quality. I only wish that shipping had not been this expensive.

- Landin D.

★★★★★★ - Salisbury MD

Nice to work with and very helpful over the phone, as card card-body as over the internet. The flyers had arrived on time and the printing job was great.

- Zara B.

★★★★★★ - Gainesville FL

Like before, the finished product was just as I had expected. Great job.

- Keely C.

★★★★★★ - Burlington VT-Plattsburgh NY

We are truly pleased with how it turned out. Rachel was helpful to correspond with. Thank you.

- Mireya M.

★★★★★★ - Columbia-Jefferson City MO

Helpful staff. This is the first time I am designing and I required some good pointers and have received them. Thank you everyone at 55printing.

- Nickolas T.

★★★★★★ - Oklahoma City OK

Brochures have turned out pretty great just like it was accepted. It was also shipped quickly. Will surely order again.

- Kate S.

★★★★★★ - Anchorage AK

3rd order for the annual buying local guides. I am very pleased with the order process and the quality of the product.

- Esperanza G.

★★★★★★ - El Paso TX

I love the brochures. They are just what I was looking for. These are of high quality and extremely easy to work with.

- Melissa C.

★★★★★★ - Montgomery (Selma) AL

Great value and value for service. Print quality of the brochures is better than the ones which I have received from the local print shops at a much higher cost. The people who proofread it have also looked out for us. They let us know that that the design was a bit off the fold alignment which provided with the opportunity to fix and then reload it. Resubmitting the files surely delayed the production for many days which was much longer than I had expected. There was no rush so it didn’t have a negative effect.

- Camryn M.

★★★★★★ - Wilmington NC

First rate service and excellent quality.

- Camille M.

★★★★★★ - La Crosse-Eau Claire WI

These are nice brochures. However, I would like to get more information on the style and direction on the website.

- Jewel A.

★★★★★★ - Toledo OH

I have done many print jobs with 55prining and all of them have been done by professional people. They still continue to impress me. Thanks for the great work.

- Byron C.

★★★★★★ - Columbus GA

Just received my second order and I am truly pleased with the color and the reproduction. They provided excellent service. Will surely recommend 55printing to others and will be back when I need more printing. Thanks for the excellent job.

- Robert C.

★★★★★★ - Jackson MS

I am truly satisfied with the order I have placed with USA. The whole process is easy from the starting to the finish. Melissa and Jacob have been helpful all throughout. The brochures arrived like I expected. I am surely going to use them for my future needs.

- Rylee D.

★★★★★★ - Youngstown OH

The final product was exactly like I wanted and it had been delivered on time. Additionally, the price also pretty cheap. We have printed brochures, posters, booklets, calendars, and rack cards from 55printing. I am extremely satisfied with it. When I have to call, I call a customer support and they are quite helpful.

- Abagail B.

★★★★★★ - Portland-Auburn ME

Excellent product and customer service. Couldn’t have asked for anything more.

- Amelie P.

★★★★★★ - Buffalo NY

The brochures I ordered appeared in excellent shape and looked like I wanted. Thank you for keeping the price reasonable. Great products.

- Brennen M.

★★★★★★ - Tyler-Longview(Lufkin & Nacogdoches) TX

This is the first time I am doing business with 55printing and I have to say that they are just great. Writing is perfect and the paper stock is also nice. I will get in touch with them for more printing work.

- Gauge D.

★★★★★★ - Evansville IN

Inexpensive, prompt, high quality, and helpful. I am pleased.

- Rashad C.

★★★★★★ - Austin TX

Our brochures are just perfect. They offered superfast service and excellent customer service. Thank you. We will order more in future.

- Tatum S.

★★★★★★ - West Palm Beach-Ft. Pierce FL

Software is easy to use. There are many options. The staff was helpful and cordial with the issues that I was facing. I appreciated that the tip that the photos wasn’t of the right resolution to get a good print. I got the final product at a reasonable price.

- Shamar F.

★★★★★★ - Augusta GA

The price is the best part about the company. Moreover, the orders are also delivered on time. Nonetheless, if there is a problem, the customer service is a bit slow.

- Larissa D.

★★★★★★ - Ft. Wayne IN

Great price, excellent quality, and quick turnaround. This is my second time with 55printing and I am going to keep using them.

- Nick C.

★★★★★★ - Wilkes Barre-Scranton PA

This is my first time making a company flyer. I was a bit confused. I used the template of 55printing. This made it quite easy. I just uploaded the files and talked to the rep at the location for clarifying that I did it right. They had been so helpful in making me comfortable. The finish product has arrived and it looks great. Thank you so much. I am definitely going to use them again.

- Lilianna O.

★★★★★★ - Bakersfield CA

I am very happy with the service, price, and quality.

- Niko H.

★★★★★★ - Flint-Saginaw-Bay City MI

Cheap, fast, and had to use JPG rather than PDF.

- Spencer H.

★★★★★★ - Eugene OR

I am quite happy with the brochures. They offer good services, are perfectly done, and also delivered on time. Glad to have discovered 55printing.

- Neil E.

★★★★★★ - Baltimore MD

Flyers look great and we received them much sooner than we had expected. It is easy to use them, excellent product, and great service. They provide the services at a cheap price. There is nothing more we could have asked for.

- Gavin S.

★★★★★★ - Peoria-Bloomington IL

I love how the brochures look. My customer service representative was quite helpful and professional. I had asked for the shipping to be expedited and it had been taken care of immediately. I am going to use the company for future marketing.

- Amya H.

★★★★★★ - Lansing MI

I simply love the brochures. Not only were the brochures the best that I found over the internet but also had great prints. I will buy from 55printing again.

- Ralph Gilmore

★★★★★★ - Johnstown-Altoona PA

The booklets were as I had designed and also accurate to the color profile that I had applied.

- Shelby S.

★★★★★★ - Milwaukee WI

Great price, service, and quality.

- Braeden B.

★★★★★★ - Raleigh-Durham (Fayetteville) NC

Our company is going to use 55printing again. Excellent work.

- Averie D.

★★★★★★ - Reno NV

This was our first buy from 55printing and we couldn’t be happier with it. The uploading process was easy and the brochures looked great. In fact, the tools that they make available for design are excellent. I will not call myself a graphic designer but the guides have helped me to create a professional looking piece which I am proud to take around to the community. I will recommend them to potential or new customers to order the Sample Kit, today. It is always better to check what the designs are going to look on in paper. I have used it to show the executive tea,\m, the different product and how it is going to feel. It also tells how different finished means in concrete terms. I am drawing inspiration for the future products from their sample which is always a plus point. The prices can be cheap. It seriously out-prices the local printing shops. However, I found the link to sample kit only after I had uploaded the design. I would like to have found this earlier when I was investigating various vendors and were pricing them. I would ask the marketing team to incorporate this into the home page design.

- Aria K.

★★★★★★ - Greenville-New Bern-Washington NC

They delivered the order before time and were beautiful. I just wish that there was a discount on the non-profits. I had to take out money out of my own pocket for getting these printed out of the veterans. Many people complain that not a lot of money which is collected by the non-profit goes to the cause. I can now see why. We plan to spend only 5% of the proceeds for the administrative cost and in order to stay within budget but the companies are making it impossible for us to this.

- Jalen V.

★★★★★★ - Minneapolis-St. Paul MN

I ordered 6 page trifold and the product quality is excellent. The support to get proof and graphics had been excellent. I have ordered 1000 verbally but the order which came through was 500. This is of okay quality for now.

- Leah B.

★★★★★★ - Seattle-Tacoma WA

Phenomenal price, excellent communication, and fast service. 55printing made advertising my business so much more affordable. I could have got the work done in couple of days less time. However, the cost might have been four times as much.

- Abram W.

★★★★★★ - Santa Barbara-Santa Maria-San Luis Obispo CA

Awesome price and experience.

- Pablo H.

★★★★★★ - Charleston-Huntington WV

Always tries working within schedule and very helpful. Thanks a lot.

- Talia W.

★★★★★★ - Albany-Schenectady-Troy NY

Like always, perfect job.

- Kianna G.

★★★★★★ - Boise ID

Good quality, excellent products, and personalized service. We are pleased and will order again from 55printing.

- Keaton B.

★★★★★★ - Baton Rouge LA

My brochures were superb. Thanks.

- Jacqueline L.

★★★★★★ - San Diego CA

Excellent products and service.

- Darian M.

★★★★★★ - Las Vegas NV

Excellent quality at a great price.

- Justice G.

★★★★★★ - Chattanooga TN

Fast, affordable, and awesome. This is exactly what we required for our sell sheets. Superb quality and will use again.

- Nicole M.

★★★★★★ - Springfield MO

The first batch of print that was delivered was unusable and out of registration. However, I contacted the customer service representative and got an immediate response. Thereafter, the correct batch had been sent out pretty quickly and was pretty perfect. Excellent customer service.

- Cassius C.

★★★★★★ - Harrisburg-Lancaster-Lebanon-York PA

We had 55printing print a brochure on 100lb paper that is triple fold. It was approximately 1200 pieces. The pieces turned out to be just perfect. The paper quality was just like we wanted. The fold was to the point and the mail went out right on time. Thanks for your help.

- Meadow D.

★★★★★★ - Phoenix AZ

Production had been completed within the requested time. Simply loved it that they had packed in stacks of hundred. Thank you.

- Bennett R.

★★★★★★ - Columbus OH

I am really happy. Prompt and card card-body done.

- Zayden H.

★★★★★★ - Kansas City MO

The brochures are of the expected quality. Service of printing and printing are of the same standard. Nothing has changed at all since out first encounter in 2007.

- Brennan G.

★★★★★★ - Savannah GA

Superb quality. The pricing is best so far in the industry. Excellent customer service. This is the best that I have come across.

- Ezequiel W.

★★★★★★ - Honolulu HI

Brochures for my business is all that I had asked for, except for the color of the background was a little darker than what I had expected. I didn’t take this to be different when I got a proof of approved printing. I have attached a copy of my previous brochure and expecting to get something similar.

- Josue H.

★★★★★★ - Sacramento-Stockton-Modesto CA

Love to print at 55printing. They do excellent work and have great customer service. In case they mess up something, they make it just right without an argument. I can recommend them to everyone.

- Jacob F.

★★★★★  Colorado Springs-Pueblo CO

Great customer service and the prices are just on point.

- Ayana H.

★★★★★★ - Green Bay-Appleton WI

Great work within great price. 55printing is the go to guys for all my printing requirements.

- Dashawn L.

★★★★★★ - Pittsburgh PA

55printing has always done a great job for us. The whole staff is pretty great to work with.

- Selah G.

How and Where to Design A Discount Brochure Printing Project

You can easily make the economical brochure design by using the Microsoft Word, Publisher or Vista. But before you head on, consider the following things first.

Cheap Brochure Printing

Brochure Printing Research

The first thing you must set your mind when attempting to create your design is to make studies. The studies are your own concepts which you can build from the scratch. Before you can experiment designing it on the computer.

How to print a brochure

You can get to work three ideas which you can think to fit your message, your brand or your company or your overall strategy. You can do it on paper, clippings and more. If you were at work on the cheap pamphlet design by using the Microsoft Publisher and Word Vista.  Then you know the affordable brochure design which has certain limitations. You can start with the simple ideas.

Cheap Brochure Printing: The Attention Grabbing Option

Irrespective of the kind of business you are in, cheap brochures can be tailored to fit your marketing needs. This is known to be one of the popular advertising tools which can be used for announcements and promotions. 

Available in Different Brochure Print Folds and Sizes

55printing gives you the option to print brochures at different sizes and fold. Thus, you will get Z fold, tri-fold, double gate fold, roll fold, half fold, etc. Thus, you can choose the one which is suitable for your business.  When you choose the size, make sure that you consider the staying power.  Ultimately, it should match the quantity of information that you want to convey with the help of the brochure.

Great Deals on Brochure Printing

At 55printing, you will get amazing deals on brochure printing.  Thus, you will be able to print them at a cheaper price. You can simply decide on a design online or offline.  Here, you will get superior quality material for your brochure.  Poor quality materials might have a negative impact on your company image.  Thus, we make sure to use only the best. There is also a wide array of finishing choosing from.

Brochures printing services are one of the versatile pieces in marketing or advertising arena.  Once you are done choosing the size, finish, and design, place the order online without any hassle. 

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2500$ 194.51 $ 145.88
5000$ 264.97 $ 198.73
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