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Printing Business Cards at Home, Possible?

Is It Possible To Print Cheap Business Cards at Home?

The quick answer to this question is, Yes, you can print business cards at home. It is a very simple process and just a few tools are required. To get it done right, there are some additional tips that you could consider. In this article, we will share with you some of the top ideas on how to get a clean and nice designed business card done at home.

business card printer Elegant Business Card Design Business Card

Avoid Using Scissors

Advice: Never use scissors to cut your cheap business cards at home, it gives the cards a very bad look and finishes. We have tried using all sort of scissors for this tutorial and not even once, it never worked good. The sluggish borders will scream at your possible customers that you didn’t care about the quality of your personal business cards. After you have this step clear, therefore, now we can start talking on what tools you are going to need to accomplish your cheap business cards at home.

Tools You Will Require:

1. Printer: Laser over Inkjet


If you are about to buy a printer for this task, you will notice that there are hundreds of different printer models and types of printers. Among the most popular home printers, we find the Inkjet and the Laser ones. Out of the bat, we would recommend the laser home printer even though it is a bit more expensive. The convenience of the Laser printer over the inkjet is the print out durability. Laser technology will get your cheap business cards waterproof among other conveniences like glossy finish.

If you decide to buy an inkjet printer for your business cards project, then we would recommend the Epson water-proof versions. These are a bit slower than competitors, but it offers water-proof technology that is a must for business cards printing.

Don’t just go for the cheaper Epson printer as we need it to handle heavy paper stocks. Cheaper printers only handle well the standard plain paper used for copies and regular daily writing. At the time you stick in a thick and heavy paper, therefore, it might struggle to move it down the tray.

2. Paper Stock (Thick, Please!)


Buy any paper that is thicker than a magazine cover. Usually, the 80lb cover paper will do the job for some fine looking cheap business cards made at home. If you could go a bit thicker (this will vary upon what printer you’ve got) then much better, buy a 100lb Cover Glossy Paper. The glossy finish is loved by almost 80% of printer customers. The glossy finish gives your business cards a touch of shyness that other regular cheap business cards won’t have.

Remember to double-check with your home printer for maximum paper weight capabilities.

3. Cheap Home Hand Trimmer or Bisturí


There are many ways to cut your business cards, but if you want a fine looking finishing cut, keep reading. Professional Business cards cutter are very costly ($1,500+) and hard to set-up. Industrial business cards cutters, are very heavy to move around and not practical for home use. So, fewer good options remain. Simply a hand paper cutter or a bisturí, after that, will solve your business cards cutting issues.

Using the hand paper trimmer for home (like the image above) is a very simple process. It comes with a ruler on the top and guided rule on the side to assure paper alignment. If the paper cutter is new, it will slide like a hot knife over butter. If it is not new, notice it has a metal piece below where you can slide the knife of the cutter many times until it re-gains the sharpness it requires for a nice sharp cut. Avoid bold knives in the cutter or it will twist your paper. The bold knife also gives you a bad looking cut for your business cards.

When using the Bisturí, remember to buy an extra transparent ruler, this will help you align the cutting edge all across the paper and keep the bisturí in line all the way till the end. Transparent rulers are recommended, therefore, you can see what’s under the ruler at the time of measuring with guided pre-printed points.

4. Cheap Business Cards Carry Case Holder


Not just limit yourself to paper+ink business card presentation. At the time to draw your business cards out of pocket, make it with an extra little trick. A glossy finished business cardholder case (link for the product at the end of this article). You may store your business cards on your regular wallet as most of us, but don’t just stop there. Storage business cards in your wallet may cause it extra damage, smudge the ink or even tint your wallet with the business cards ink. Be a little more genuine and carry your cards in this nice piece of metal, you will love it.

End of Shopping – Hands-On The Design

So all the shopping is already done, but you still don’t have the design done for printing. You have a few options to get a nice and cheap business cards design done at home too. With some basic skills, you can build a good looking business cards design in MS-word or MS-paint (comes with Windows for Free). You may also play around with Photoshop online free application called This application contains all basic tools people often use Photoshop to create a business card design. Don’t be shy to try Photopea, you might realize you got a designer inside you.


If you don’t feel comfortable doing the business card design yourself, you may also try online design tools like These online applications give you the choice of thousands of pre-design templates. These online templates already include dummy text that you can exchange for your business or product information.

List of Information to Include For The Design:
  • Logo
  • Company Name
  • Address
  • Phone
  • Website
  • Slogan (optional)
  • Related Images

Gather all this important information to a folder on your computer. Make sure to check the grammar and continue with the actual design-build. We will show you how to use these online tools in future posts, so please stay tuned and subscribe!.


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