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Custom event tickets for more business options!


With our event ticket prints you can customize the tickets for your next event. By choosing different features they can have a unique and more professional way while at the same time maintaining their basic purpose which is providing information about where and when the event will take place. Our event tickets:


  • Can be made in different sizes
  • Can be printed in different paper stock qualities
  • Have different perforation and numbering options
  • Fast turnaround
  • Competitive prices


What our customers are saying:
5 / 5 out of 6 reviews
★★★★★I had no idea you could print event tickets in so many ways until I met 55printing. Great work, guys!
Samantha Jones, West Puente Valley

The tickets to my show sold like hot cakes. In fact, buyers were in awe with the amazing look and unique design. They have even contacted me as to where I got them from! Thanks team for performing a job with such exception and brilliance. I will get back to you shortly for more orders!
Heather, West Carson


Great job delivered in superb manner.
Susannah Yates, South Whittier

Cheap Event Ticket Printing: To Make More Sales

Planning to organize an event?  You can use event ticket printing to promote it. You can include different features and make it more unique. This way you can make it look professional while maintaining the primary purpose of the ticket.  The ticket will convey where and when the event is going to take place.

The event tickets are used by the visitors to make an entry into the program or an event organized by your company. You have the option of selling the ticket or giving out the tickets to the customers for free. Whatever you plan to do, it is very important that you choose good quality event ticket.  55printing will provide you with superior quality event ticket.

Custom Print Event Ticket

Custom print event ticket is the best option for inviting people to the event. You can print photos or designs of your own on the ticket.  At 55printing, we have invested in leading edge technology and equipment which offers accuracy and control of printing.

Place Order Online for Event Tickets

With 55printing, you have the option of placing your order online. You will be able to choose from a wide range of sizes, security, and printing options.  Check out the different features below to find the one that will cater to your need. Here, you will be able to get them at an affordable price.

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2500$ 45.34 $ 34.01
5000$ 68.02 $ 51.02
10000$ 124.71 $ 93.53
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