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Custom and cheap Event Tickets for more business options!

With our event ticket prints, you can customize the tickets for your next event. By choosing different features they can have a unique and more professional way while at the same time maintaining their basic purpose which is providing information about where and when the event will take place. Our event tickets:

  • Can be made in different sizes
  • Can be printed in different paper stock qualities
  • Have different perforation and numbering options
  • Fast turnaround
  • Competitive prices


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Note: If your file is a Word Document or PDF which contains multi-pages, we will assume that 1st page is the front and 2nd page is back. Please upload your multi-page file just once.


What our custom Event Tickets customers are saying:

★★★★★ - Samantha Jones, West Puente Valley
I had no idea you could print event tickets in so many ways until I met 55printing. Great work, guys!

★★★★★- Heather, West Carson
The tickets to my show sold like hot cakes. In fact, buyers were in awe with the amazing look and unique design. They have even contacted me as to where I got them from! Thanks team for performing a job with such exception and brilliance. I will get back to you shortly for more orders!
★★★★- Susannah Yates, South Whittier
Great job delivered in superb manner.

write-on tickets for events - cheap printing

The Basics of Cheap Event Ticket Printing

People love attending shows, events, and movies. But the common necessity for all three is a ticket. Tickets are available in exchange for money, but printing them attractively can boost its sales even better. Any important event will always provide customers with a professionally designed ticket.

That is one way of reflecting on the importance of the show. Events are special, but not hit unless they have a lot of viewers. Previously, marketers did not take the importance of a well-designed ticket seriously. But now they know how important it is. Hence, in the present time, the demand for a colored and designed ticket is on the rise.

The ticket is a Tangible Asset

One cannot ignore the fact that ticket is a tangible asset. Anything tangible is naturally good for marketing. The reason why it is an asset is because of its value. A good ticket is not just valuable for the sake of the event but the design too. People will love to possess something valuable with a good design. Do you know this is also the reason why many people want to purchase a ticket for an event?

Tickets are available in different shapes and sizes. The 24 hours event ticket printing companies can meet your printing demands easily. We are one of them and with our help; you can easily get the best printouts for any purpose. You can customize the design and tailor it to your needs.

If you want to attract more attention to your event start your marketing campaign including the designed layout of your ticket. Customers will not know how the ticket looks unless they purchase it. Hence take the opportunity to highlight the well-designed tickets during the event promotions.

Tickets Work Everywhere

Event tickets have no limitations or restrictions as such in marketing. This is because people who purchase tickets already know about the show they will attend.

They know the type of show it is going to be. When you design the tickets attractively whoever gets the ticket is impressed. But one thing you should not forget is the layout. It is alright to design the ticket for marketing purposes, but never overdo it. To make a good event ticket you should avoid,

Including a lot of brand details

The ticket is just a pass or access to a particular event. You should know that people already know about the event well. Hence let the ticket serve the purpose it is meant to. Do not include a lot of information on it. Just include the most necessary information. Otherwise, leave it simple.

Too much about sponsors

It is okay to include the name of event sponsors on the tickets. You either include the name of their brand logo. But refrain from including words from sponsors and more. Customers will rarely read it. Moreover, such information will also make the ticket look clumsy.

Too tiny details

This problem is commonly noticed in tickets, perhaps done to save time and money. You may include the detail you want in any size. But don’t expect every size to make a similar impact on people. Too many tiny details will make it difficult for users to read it. Moreover, it makes the ticket look boring. If you are not into too many fancy decorations, make the size readable at least. The stores printing event tickets near me offer services exactly the way you want. You can also take our help to print affordable and simple event tickets quickly.

Missing out the contact information

One of the biggest blunders to make in a professionally printed ticket is missing out on the contact information. Often people face problems with purchasing or selling tickets. It is a valuable asset. No one wants their money to go in vain. Including contact information will at least allow them to report and seek help if a problem arises.

  • Making the ticket size too small: This is more relevant for big-scale events. Tickets of small size have higher chances of getting misplaced. To make it easier for customers to store it, make the ticket in a standard size.
  • How to Improve Standards of Event Tickets? The best way to improve the importance of event tickets is to make it customer-friendly. In other words, you should design or include the details that will impress customers. You may not understand what a particular event could mean to a customer. So when you make it convincing to them the ticket gets more meaning to it. Chances are they will store the ticket for as long as possible. The clever ways to make a ticket compelling to buyers are:

Highlighting Customers Name

Event tickets that come with the customer's name printed on it have more importance. There are several overnight event ticket printing companies to perform this task for you. If you do not want to design a fancy ticket, stick to a basic layout and that should work. But when you highlight the customer's name, it implies two things. First, the ticket officially belongs to the customer and second the event organizer is already aware of the customer.

Make it Bright and Colorful

This is one way of attracting more attention to your event ticket. Choose the color palette wisely so that it has appropriate contrast in it. Do not work with one specific color. You must incorporate at least two or more colors. Try matching the colors with the theme or subject of your event. This will influence the ticket in a better way.

The Paper Quality

Event tickets are usually thick and glossy. But this is not the only type. We provide cheap event ticket printing services. With the help of our exclusive printers, you will surely get the best-printed tickets cheap. No matter what the paper quality is and what type of design, all our printing services are within affordable ranges. When it comes to ticket printing, you should always use a good paper type. This is important because the paper type will determine the overall look of the ticket. Avoid using a very thick paper. But also do not use a very thin paper.


Print Quality

Printed tickets are always more authentic than other types. It guarantees the information printed on the ticket and also makes it trustworthy. A good quality print will show all the information in detail. The information should appear clearly on the paper surface. There should be no smudged ink. For a good quality printing service, you can always rely on us. Our professionals have enough experience to give you the best results.

  1. Including a Seal: Including a seal will make the event ticket more attractive and authentic. A fake ticket will not have the authentic seal of the brand or event producer. Seals are of various types. The most modern form includes a barcode. Including a barcode on the ticket does not require any special equipment. You can print it normally unlike the rest of the ticket. The 24 hours event ticket printing companies can easily print a barcode along with the rest of the tickets.
  2. Tips to avoid Printing Mistakes: One of the biggest mistakes people make in printing event tickets is a content error. A little mistake can cost big. Hence, you should never rush with the printing process. Even if the printing process is fast, you should not rush with the design and content. Understand that you cannot design a ticket in a hurry. You need a lot of patience. Designing a ticket is not as simple as it looks. You need to pay attention to the little details to avoid big mistakes. There are many ways to avoid printing mistakes. All you need is a little bit of attention to the design.
  3. Check and Recheck: Even though it sounds odd, but you still need to check and recheck the ticket content like it is everything. Don’t just glance through it, check every single word. If there is a mistake, it is sure to grab your attention.

Ask for a Sample

The store's printing event tickets near me always provides customers with a sample printout before proceeding with the final printing task. This is always a good idea that saves a lot of money too. Events tickets are always printed in bulk. If there is a mistake in the design, it will also reflect on all the tickets. You certainly do not want to print the wrong tickets. Hence, always ask the printer for a sample ticket printout. When obtaining services from a good store, you will not even need to ask for that. Providing clients with sample printout is part of their printing process.

  • Use Templates: To get flawless prints for event tickets, trying custom-designed templates is not a bad idea. These templates are pre-designed and you can easily avoid mistakes with them. For people who are not into professional designing and do not want to hire a professional designer, they work with templates. You will easily get thousands of templates online and from printing websites too. This is one of the best ways of avoiding any type of printing mistake.
  • Hire a Professional: A professional designer will not let you down. With their skills, they will help you get the best event ticket designs. They can collect and collaborate with the best ideas to craft incredible event tickets. Although you need to pay a certain amount to the designer, you can get the best designs in return. If you are lucky, you will get cheap designers too. This way you can get a quality design within your budget.
  • Choose Designs Online: Many people also select ready to use designs online. These designs differ from templates. To get these designs you have to pay a certain amount.

Is it possible to get Printed Event Tickets in a Day?

Tickets are versatile in terms of sales. You will never know when the demand has increased all of a sudden and you need more. Tickets are calculated based on certain parameters like the number of seats or number of participants. But it is difficult to predict the exact numbers. What is the option available when you need to get tickets on short notice? Well, the option is to head to your nearest overnight event ticket printing store. We can provide you with overnight printing services too. Our experts and highly efficient printers will work overnight to give you fast event ticket printing.

The overnight printing services stand very beneficial at times when you need the most. They will either provide you the ticket on the same day or by the very next day. This means you are sure to get the printed tickets in hand in one day. Since the printers are highly efficient, printing tickets in bulk is not a big deal. Whenever you want to print event tickets instantly, you need to have the design or layout ready.

cheap event tickets printing with event data

Printing tickets in bulk is not a big deal

There are certain events in which a printing ticket is not possible beforehand. For example, the finals of a prestigious football match. While the semifinal is still on no one knows the team to qualify for the finals. On the other, the final match is scheduled in the next two days. You need to print thousands of tickets with the name of two finalists. This is where the overnight printer is needed the most. Unlike football matches, several other similar events could require overnight printing.

The best thing about overnight printers is it's not very expensive. We provide cheap event ticket printing services overnight. Our multiple machines will easily meet orders of any quantity. You will also appreciate the quality of our printing services when you see it for yourself. If you want to print event tickets in bulk overnight, you can expect to get great discounts as well.

Printing affordable and well-designed event tickets is one of the most demanded areas in the print industry. The event keeps happening now and then and tickets are necessary. With time organizers are learning the importance of using well-designed tickets. It can not only boost sales but also create a great impression on the minds of users. Hence the next time you print a ticket, think about getting a designed one.

Cheap Event Ticket Printing: To Make More Sales

Planning to organize an event?  You can use event ticket printing to promote it. You can include different features and make it more unique. This way you can make it look professional while maintaining the primary purpose of the ticket.  The ticket will convey where and when the event is going to take place.

The event tickets are used by the visitors to make an entry into the program or an event organized by your company. You have the option of selling the ticket or giving out the tickets to the customers for free. Whatever you plan to do, it is very important that you choose a good quality event ticket.  55printing will provide you with a superior quality event ticket.

Custom Print Event Ticket

A custom print event ticket is the best option for inviting people to the event. You can print photos or designs of your own on the ticket.  At 55printing, we have invested in leading-edge technology and equipment which offers accuracy and control of printing.

Place Order Online for Event Tickets

With 55printing, you have the option of placing your order online. You will be able to choose from a wide range of sizes, security, and printing options.  Check out the different features below to find the one that will cater to your needs. Here, you will be able to get them at an affordable price.


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