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Cheap Magnets Printing from $53.23

Magnets Printing from $53.23

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Download Templates for Magnets:

- We will provide you with templates upon request based on your needs. Please contact us today!

Cheap Magnets Printing - A long-lasting promotional material!

If you want to put the name of your business right in front of your client, go with magnets. They are customizable, useful and affordable. Our magnet prints are:

  • Available in a variety of sizes
  • Available in a variety of shapes
  • Available on 20 or 25 mil magnet stock
  • Have a fast turnaround time



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Note: If your file is a Word Document or PDF which contains multi-pages, we will assume that 1st page is the front and 2nd page is back. Please upload your multi-page file just once.


What our custom Magnets customers are saying:

★★★★★ Stewart, Bellflower
Magnets are used for various purposes. This is when I hired you guys to get the magnets printed for my business. The response has been thrilling. Superb!

★★★★ CC Diane, Lakewood
I wanted a customized look for my business. 55 Printing did just that. The magnets looked stupendous and inspiring, making customers happy in the process. The customer service is efficient and work is delivered on time. Great!

★★★★★ Ashton, Lakewood
Thanks a ton for the inspiring magnets printing job. Hats off to you guys!


Easily Promote Your Business with Magnets

Do you need to attract the attention of your prospective customers? Do you need to market your business? If yes, you can do that easily with the help of custom magnets. A custom magnet can serve all types of purposes, political or promotional campaigns, or as magnetic signs, and also as corporate gifts.

Next time, for promoting your business, you can get a custom magnet printed from us. With our cheap magnets printing, you can get print a customized magnet. Moreover, with our magnets printing services, you get:

  • Different Size Option
  • Varied Shape Option
  • 20-25 mil Magnet Stock
  • Rapid Turnaround Time

Cheap Magnets Are a Great Promotional Tool

Are you looking for an advertising tool that can have a long-lasting effect? If yes, you can go to magnet printing shops. Just like flyers or color copies, magnets can also serve as a great marketing and promotional material. Apart from using a magnet for personal use, you can use magnets for creating business awareness. Any business can put the name of its business on the magnet and distribute it among the clients. Customize the magnets so that it meets the business goal.

You should take care to design the magnets beautifully. It would help to create a long-lasting impact on the mind of the audiences.

cheap_magnet_cards_blank_before printing

Still not convinced? Consider, for a bit, how frequently people use magnets.

With our overnight cheap magnets printing service, you can easily take your business to another level. Our magnets are available in two options, 20 Mil and 25 Mil. The 20 Mil is a light magnet and 25 Mil is the moderate magnet.

Magnet printing being a single-time investment can offer a greater level of targeting. It can reach out to the pertinent audiences who are likely to buy your services. Take the help of a well-targeted mailing list or direct-customer handouts, to distribute the magnets.

If you are still in a fix and don’t know how you can use the magnets, you don’t need to worry. Take a look at the following points.

Types of Magnets

You can go for custom magnet printing that is very affordable and customizable. You can print custom magnets for any events, like conferences to birthday parties and more. Now, take a look into the different types of magnets in detail.

Fridge Magnets

You can use this magnet or a picture frame magnet for your kitchen. This magnet allows you to decorate a wide range of metal surfaces. Take the help of a professional to print a fridge magnet for promotional needs. A fridge magnet allows users to stick a child art or shopping lists or reminders on the doors of a refrigerator. Businesses can design fridge magnets based on their products.

Business Magnets

The use of a custom magnet for a business is varied. Print a custom magnet for your business promotion. Add a promotional message on the magnets to spread business awareness. It can serve as corporate gifts. Alternately, you can use the magnets for office internal usage.

You will be able to advertise your business on any size of the magnet. Simply, take the help of an overnight cheap magnets printing company and get your business magnets printed.

Often, businesses use this magnet as a promotional magnet. Hence, they print the magnets with the company name and logo on it. A promotional magnet is an all-time favorite for businesses. Print magnets with product names and services on it. You will be able to distribute the magnets at events.

Car Magnets

Car magnet prints are attached to the side of a vehicle. For most businesses, it can serve as a great advertising tool. It spreads awareness about the business. Moreover, a custom car magnet can be used for publicity and for creating social awareness, such as an anti-smoking campaign.

Alternatively, art enthusiasts can print their favorite artwork on the car magnets, which they stick to the side of their vehicle.


Event Magnets

Do you need a customized magnet for different events? Get magnets printed for any social event. You can print a magnet for business meetings or product launch and more. Take the help of 24 hours cheap magnets printing companies to get a magnet printed and advertise the business. For instance, business for its product launch can go for a unique type of invitation. They can print the invitation on the magnet and distribute it among the guests. They can ask the printer to focus on the date.

For trade shows or exhibitions, the magnet can serve as a small gift to potential customers. Sometimes magnets are used as giveaways. Magnets look cool and people would look forward to using the magnets again.

Magnetic Name Badges

Do you need a name badge for your employees? If your answer is a resounding yes, you can go for custom magnetic name badges. The magnetic name badges can offer a lot of advantages. The badges can easily stick to any thick clothes without any problem. Secondly, they don’t leave any holes in the clothing like the pin magnets. The reason is simple. The magnetic badges fasten to the clothes very easily.

Put Tons of Creative Ideas

Simply take the help of an overnight cheap magnets printing provider, to put your unique ideas on the magnets. You can create a photo collage and print it on the magnets. Or, you can simply print the photo of your loved ones on the magnets and use the picture frame magnets for your kitchen.

Sales agents or realtors can go for a wide variety of house-shaped magnets that can help to spread your business information. You can customize a magnet with colors and creative design.

Do you need a large dry erase magnet? We can design it for you that would suit your business need. With our cheap magnets printing, you will get many options.

How to Design on Magnets?

There are many ways to design a magnet. The best bet would be to get a promotional magnet printed by a professional designer. A professional designer would offer you high-quality results. However, if you don’t require a professional, you can simply upload your design here and get it approved by the experts.

magnet print many sizes available

Secondly, you can take the help of many online tools and software to design your magnet. Using the tool is just like a cakewalk. You can create your design and simply order the number of prints.

Lastly, you will get the option of template designs. You will need to log into our site and select from the wide range of templates. Here, you will get the chance to add the necessary details. Once done, you can send it for proofreading. When it is completed, just upload the design to the cart, and choose the paper stock, color, and coating options. Once done, just order the number of prints.

Advertise On Any Magnet Size

Do you want to put the name of your business in front of your prospective client? We can help you with that. With our magnet printing services, you can easily aim your business to the target audience.

Not every business might require the same size of the magnets. Some businesses might need a small size car magnet print; whereas other businesses might require a bigger size magnet. With our help, you will get a different size and quantity of magnets. Along with the size, you can choose multiple shape options. For instance, you can opt for a 2” x 3.5” finished size magnet or 3”x 3” square magnet. Alternatively, you can opt for a 3.5” x 8” rectangular magnet.

What’s The Cost Involved in Custom Magnet Printing?

The cost of printing custom magnets varies greatly. The cost is based on design complexity, style, shape, coloring, and the size of the magnets. However, magnet printing services would cost less than traditional advertising channels. Generally, for printing 100 units of 5” x7” Rectangular Magnet, printing cheap magnets near me store would charge you $197.80. The cost can go down for printing 100 units of 2” x 3.5” finished size magnets. We would charge you $59.37.

Generally, it would be better if you order prints in bulk amount. With bulk orders, you get to enjoy huge discounts. Hence, you won’t need to pay much for printing a custom magnet. Rather, it would cost you less than traditional printing.

Now that you know the general pricing of magnet printing, you need to take a look at the advantages of magnet printing services.


Other Things to Remember

You need to keep in mind some trivial things when printing a magnet. For instance, the coating plays a great role in improving the look of the magnet. You should always ask your printer to make the magnets laminated. You should laminate the magnets as it can last for a long time no matter how roughly it’s being used.

Benefits of Custom Magnets Printing

You can use a magnet for promotional purposes. Unlike other advertising counterparts, such as flyers, a custom magnet is of great use. It serves the purpose of advertising and creating business awareness. Cheap magnets printing services can serve many other purposes like for printing memories, educational purposes, and many more things. Now, let’s take a look into the amazing advantages of magnets.

  1. Appealing: Let’s accept the fact. Magnets never fail to grab the attention of the target audience. The magnets have a strange charm. So when you aim to attract people, you can personalize the magnet different kind of messages, quotes, and taglines. It would force your customers to take a close look at the brand or on the product and services.
  2. Economical: Do you have a mailer campaign or trade show lined-up in the upcoming days? Are you having some budget constraints? If yes, you can go for custom magnets printing. Magnets are an affordable marketing material, which helps with bulk promotion. Get your car magnets printed in bulk amount. When you order prints in bulk, it would cost you less per impressions. Hence, with magnets, you can easily go for budget promotions. Unlike other print and advertising methods, 24 hours of cheap magnets printing are budget-friendly.
  3. Handy: You can easily hand out cheap magnets to your prospective customers. They are light-weight. Hence, carrying them won’t be very difficult. You can get your business name and logo printed on the magenta and stick it to goodie bags for your recipients.

When your customer would be using the magnets on the refrigerator door, it would serve as a reminder about the brand. The magnets are handy as they can hold up the shopping lists or other important pieces of paper like recipes. These magnets can become an interesting topic among guests. You can easily distribute or hand it out at events or during conferences.

Brand Promotion

To promote your brand, you should take the help of printing cheap magnets near me shop. You can also take help from us, to create a great impression. A good impression can help to recall a brand. You can get to choose from a wide range of custom magnets, like calendar magnets or save the date magnets or schedule date magnets, and more. Hence, it helps a brand to get more exposure.

Fund Raising Item

The magnets can serve as a great tool during fundraising. They are low in cost and highly popular. You can sell the items at a high rate if you want to raise money for a cause. Alternatively, you can add a sports team schedule to the magnet.

Motivational Tool

Custom magnets can serve as a great motivational tool for company events or social events. Distributing a magnet containing a motivational message to employees will encourage them to work hard.

Outstanding Value

Most marketing tools, such as direct mail postcards, flyers have limited life. People view a flyer or a postcard-only once and after that, it lands in the trash bin. However, custom magnets can last for a long time as it would be viewed for many years.

Are you ready to print magnets for your business? With our magnets printing service, you can get custom magnet printed at an affordable rate. Call us now, to get your magnets printed!

Cheap Magnets Printing: Durable Promotional Material

Want to put the name of your business, right in front of your clients, print cheap magnets from 55printing. Magnet printing is a cheap marketing tool that is going to remind the customers about your business for a long period of time.  These are affordable, customizable, and useful, too. 

Magnet Printing Choices

You can custom print the magnets to attract more customers towards your business. The refrigerator magnets will be able to attract the attention of the customers, instantaneously. This is the reason magnet printing is considered to be one of the suitable options. When people take a look at the printed magnets, they are curious about the company that has created these.  Hence, it spreads the name of your company and its products.

Custom Magnets Print 

At 55printing, customized magnetic advertising is available at a wide range of sizes. You will get superior quality promotional magnet a cheap price.  Promotional magnets are printed with logo and name of the company along with the contact information. These are perennial favorites when it comes to advertising vacation sports and home related services.

Chea Printing On Magnets

You will be able to print the magnets at different shapes.  Hence, choose the shape that suits the business image.  The price of the magnet largely depends on the size and the quantity that you are ordering. You will be able to place the order for the magnets over the internet. 

Magnet Printing

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