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Cheap Custom Invitations Printing from $30.95

Cheap Invitations from $30.95

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Download Templates for Invitations:

- We will provide you with templates upon request based on your needs. Please contact us today!

Cheap Custom Invitations Printing - Perfect for any occasion!

With the right invitation, you can be ready for your next anniversary, birthday or any social event. This way, you can be sure that you will have the right people at the right time and place. Our invitation prints are:

  • Available in a variety of sizes
  • Available in different shapes
  • Available in different paper stock qualities
  • Have  a fast turnaround time and competitive prices


Uploading your own?

File Requirements - File Formats: We welcome all file format.

- Quality: Recommended: JPG, 300dpi, Color Setting to CMYK.

We apologize for the inconvenience but we are still experiencing some delays in production due to COVID. Please allow an additional 1-2 days to your estimated completion.

Note: If your file is a Word Document or PDF which contains multi-pages, we will assume that 1st page is the front and 2nd page is back. Please upload your multi-page file just once.


What our custom Invitations customers are saying:

★★★★★ - David Crawford, San Gabriel has done my invites in the most wonderful manner I could have imagined. My clients loved them. Thanks!

★★★★★ - Dan Graves, Walhut
I need my invitation prints within a week, and it was a large order. I was contemplating about hiring a service, when I came across 55 printing. These guys promptly took up my order and delivered fast results. Cheers.
★★★★★ - Ness Evans, South Gate
Thanks a million for the stunning invites. Great work, folks!

Cheap Invitations Printing: Create Beautiful Invitation Cards for Any Event

An invitation card is perfect for any occasion. Whether you want to celebrate your birthday or your anniversary, an invitation card can offer the perfect solution. You can use this card to announce a social event. Invitation cards can go a long way to act as a great marketing tool and help any business to achieve their goal. So if you are looking forward to printing invitation cards, with our cheap invitation printing, you can get to enjoy the following benefits. Take a look below:

  • Multiple Size Options
  • Different Shape Options
  • Multiple Paper Stock Quality
  • Rapid Turnaround Time
  • Competitive Pricing

Why Do You Need An Invitation Card?

Invitation cards are not only meant for marketing purposes; rather, they are used for strengthening relationships and creating connections. Moreover, to ensure an event runs smoothly, informing the guests properly is crucial. In your invitation card, you can print all the necessary details. For instance, if your birthday party has a dress code, you can inform it via the invitation cards.

cheap invitation printing near me in 24 hours

Invitation cards are more personal than any other form of advertisement. It has been seen that customers readily respond to such invitations. Now, in this blog, you will get to see how a business can get more customers with 24 hours invitation printing.

Define Goals

Before you go ahead with the designing of your invitation card printing, you need to identify your goal. You need to understand the taste of your target customers. For instance, what actions their potential customers might take on receiving the card. However, you need to specify the reason for sending them the invitation. Whether you want them to be present for a book launch or a sale, everything should be specified in the card. Whatever might be your goal, you should design invitation cards keeping the goal in mind.

Offer Incentive

When you are inviting people for a product launch or to a wedding, there’s an incentive to it. For a product launch, a customer would get new products at a discounted rate. For a wedding, the reception lunch serves as the incentive. Make sure the discount or a freebie is mentioned in the card.

Even though these types of offers can be lucrative, don’t forget to add a CTA with the card. The call to action can be your phone number or address. It will remind the prospective customers about taking some action to enjoy the benefits.

Create a Brand Image

If the customized invitation card that you send has a beautiful design, it can help a brand to create a professional image in front of the customers. Moreover, it can convince the customers to come for the event launch. This would help to create a bond with the customers and help a business in boosting their sales.

Offers Modern Appeal

The humble invitation card has been present around us for decades. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t set the mood of the card. Depending on the event for which you are designing the invitation card, the mood can be set. You can ask your printing invitation near me shop to use the colors, images, and other elements in such a way that a friendly or a lively mood can be set. Also, you can ask your printer if they can insert a pop-up message with your card. If they can then it’s well and good. Or else, make sure the printer uses a color filter while printing your invitation card. The color filter can easily make the text stand out and it won’t blur the background image.

Create Memories

Creating good memories is now possible with the help of invitation cards. For businesses, having a good connection with customers and business prospects is important. It helps a business to grow. A business can easily send an invitation card on a special day like a client’s birthday. It would impress the clients and also show them that you care about them. A simple act of sending a card can help clients to create great memories with the business house.

Beautiful Mode of Communication

Businesses don’t get the scope for personal communication. The message that a business needs to send to its prospects should be precise and short. An overnight invitation printing shop can help you in this effort. They can design the card in such a way that it looks engaging and attractive. Wishing the clients or inviting them for an event can increase the chance of the business becoming successful.

Once you know the purpose of printing invitation cards, it’s high time that you know a little bit about design. This would help you to design the invitation card in a much better way.

Designing Your Invitation Card

Nowadays, the task of designing an invitation card has become easy. There are many free online tools and software available in the market. These tools can help you to design the card. Using the tools can help you to avoid the cost of hiring a designer.

In case, you are planning to design the card on your own, you can’t expect the same result like a professional graphic designer would provide. Still, a DIY invitation card would cut down your cost. However, you can take the help of online designers to design your invitation card.

In case, you are planning to upload your designs, you can do that also. You will need to upload the design here. All you need is to specify the number of prints that you need.

Lastly, you will get the option of templates are available with cheap invitation printing. We offer a wide range of invitation card templates. The templates can be edited easily. You can put your details inside the templates and add the required elements. Once you are done with the design, add it to the cart and select the order quantity.

Design Tips to Follow

If you are looking forward to designing your very own birthday or anniversary invitation card, you need to keep certain things in mind. The elements on which you need to focus on while designing a cheap invitation printing card are:


Based on the event for which you are designing the card and its content, the card dimensions might differ. You can get different variations of invitation cards from us that can range from small to rectangular and even the big ones. With our invitation card printing, you will get the following size options.

  1. 4” x 6” Flat Invitations
  2. 5” x 7” Flat Invitations
  3. 5.5” x 8.5” Flat Invitations
  4. 4”x6” After BI-Fold (8” X 6” When Flat)
  5. 5” x 7” After BI-Fold (10” X 7” When Flat)
  6. 5.5” x 8.5” After BI-Fold (11” X8.5” When Flat)


Your invitation card should be able to spread joy instantly. For this reason, opting for a vibrant color scheme is very important. Contrasting colors should be used for the invitation card. You should go for those colors that appear opposite on the color wheels, such as blue and orange. For example, a proper contrast of blue and pink colors can be used for a birthday card.

While choosing from a wide range of colors, you should do that wisely. Opting for too many colors for the invitation card is a strict no. Too much use of colors can make the card look clumsy and loud.


When it comes to choosing the paper for overnight invitation printing, you won’t be getting many options. Hence, you can choose any paper type to make your card stand out from the rest. Even if your invitation card is meant to be funny, you should never go for cheap paper quality. A receiver would get a bad impression from it. However, if you hire us, you won’t be facing any such issue. The paper options that we offer are:

  • The standard choice is 14 pt gloss paper. This paper offers a professional look without pinching the pocket.
  • Another excellent option is 100LB Gloss Cover. You can invest in this paper stock if you want to give your invitation card a premium look.


An invitation card can feature a layer of finishing for adding some extra effect. While the matte finish is a popular choice, it might not go well with all invitation cards. Rather, you can also opt for a glossy finish. The standard option in most modern invitation cards is the UV High Gloss Finish. This can be used for both sides of the card. The UV gloss finish adds a protective layer to the card so that it remains protected from the harmful UV rays. This kind of finish adds a kind of polish/ shine to the invitation card.


You should ask the printing invitation near me shop to use one image as the focal point. In the world of design, the focal point forms that part to which the attention of the audience is drawn. For the birthday invitation card, one image can be made the focus image. For instance, if you are planning to add an image of a cupcake, it can be used as the focal image. The cupcake can be beautifully designed and printed to become the central attraction of the card.

Font Styles

If you want to add a bit of variety to your invitation card, ask your printer to mix and match different font styles. An invitation card is one such platform that allows one to go crazy as one gets to experiment with different font styles.

For an invitation card, it’s always better to opt for a decorative font for the main heading. Another font style can be used for the subheadings. You can take the help of professional designers to match the fonts for your card.

Experiment with Templates

Most of the 24 hours invitation printing store allows customers to experiment with the available template online. Using the predesigned templates can ease the process of designing. As these templates can be edited and customized, the proofing is done in this stage only. Hence, it saves a lot of time for the printing company and also for the customer. This, in turn, helps with fast turnaround time.

If you keep in mind these elements, you will be able to come up with a beautifully designed invitation card. If you want to print invitation cards for a special event, we can help you with that. You can get in touch with us and specify your requirements. Based on your requirements, we can design and print the cards for you in the manner you just want.

Always Order in Bulk

However, when you are going for invitation card printing, you should always go for bulk prints. Ordering in bulk quantities would be economical for you. Moreover, you get to enjoy huge discounts on bulk orders.

Benefits of Invitation Card Printing

Cheap Invitation PrintingIf you go to a shop, you will find plenty of options for greeting cards. However, the case is different with an invitation card. The problem has been solved by 24 hours invitation printing companies. They can print cards for you according to your requirements. Use an invitation card for an event as it offers a lot of benefits. Take a look below:


A beautifully printed invitation card looks very attractive. When it’s printed with a beautiful theme, it is bound to attract the attention of the audience towards it.

Connection: It helps businesses to create a connection with the customer. A customer feels privileged when they see their name on the card. They feel special as the card has been designed for them only.

Design Scope: The invitation card can be customized as per the event. A customized card holds a lot of significance to the receiver.

Affordable: One of the chief advantages of a custom invitation card is that it’s very cheap. When you order prints in bulk amount, you can save a lot. You won’t need to pay separately for the envelopes. The reason is pretty simple. You get an envelope along with the printer package.

Invitation cards are tangible. Hence, it offers a great scope to connect with potential customers. So if you are looking forward to connecting with your customers during events, invitation card printing can be the solution.

Things to Check before Printing Invitation Cards

Every company organizes different events throughout the year. If you are organizing an event and ant to invite delegates and customers to that event, you need to print invitations. Most of the companies today print invitations for events like seminars, meetings, and annual fests. Not just for business purposes, these cards are used to invite guests during occasions like weddings, birthdays, and baby showers. So, whether you want to print your own baby shower invitations or print birthday invitations, you must make sure that the cards are attractive and engaging enough for the recipients. Before you print your wedding invitations you must remember whether you are choosing a suitable invitation printing service.


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