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Banner stands are sort of retractable flyers which can be saved anywhere you want, and then pulled out and shown in the time of promotion, trade show booths, sales demonstrations etc. Banner stands can be assembled in just a second with one simple swift pull action. Our banner stands are:


  • Lightweight and compact
  • Feature a aluminum base
  • Customizable
  • Have a fast turnaround time
  • Available in a standard size of 33 x 79 inches


What our customers are saying:
Your banner stands won over the hearts of my customers. Thank you for the job.
Brandon Lewis, Beverly Hills
I was looking to renovate my shop with these attractive banner stands. has made my dream come true. The stands they provided me are exceptional in style and design. They have made my business stand out. I’m thankful to the team and their promptness of handling the project.
Mark Joseph, Garden Grove 
Lovely look, and job done with precision. That’s 55printing for you. Job well-done team!
Luke Mission, Lakewood

Top Benefits of Using Banner Stands for Your Business

Banner Stands

Are you planning to print business banner stands? Not just advertisements, there are quite a lot of uses of the stands in marketing. Sometimes such a tool is used to mark different areas or sections in programs and events. Banner stands are great for advertising. You can promote the products and services of your company using custom printed banners. So, you need to consider the multi-purpose use of banner stands before you place an order for printing such marketing tools.

Banner stand printing foradvertisement

Where do you see most banner stands? Often banner stands are used for advertising before stalls or kiosks in fairs and events. These stands are used there to promote the products available at the stalls or the services the company provides. It is very important for every business to put banner stands before their stalls in fairs and events. Custom print banners make your stall stand out among others in the fairs. The stalls are printed with attractive designs and colors. By looking at these stands, customers should be able to guess what the company deals with. There is quite a lot of information in the banner stands. These advertisements contain information on the products and services of your company, company logos, taglines, and discounts and promotional offers that your company is providing. Remember, banner stands with detailed information about your company and its products or services can be the best promotional tools.

Banner stands are put up in a variety of ways. While there are banner stands that are put directly before the stalls to grab the immediate attention of the prospective customers, there are stands that are put high up on poles. These tall banner stands are visible from long distances and can attract a good deal of attention. By putting information on banner stands, you can actually avoid unwanted crowd at your stall. People interested in your company’s products and services will come to your store. It is better to have quality crowd in your store rather than having unwanted crowd. It is possible to gain customers through well-designed, custom banner stands.

Cheap Banner stands as markings

During a large event or occasion, it is often difficult for the customers to find their way through the different sections of the event. You can use banner stands to mark specific areas in the venue. This will ensure easy maneuvering of crowd at the event. You can mark different sections or corners inside a program venue. Thus, you can organize the event more. It will be easy for the participants to move around the venue. It will also be easy for the organizers to manage the crowd properly. That is the reason banner stands are beneficial as markings. In addition to marking specific areas and corners, these stands are useful for informing people about the programs being organized. For example, if multiple programs are being organized in a single location, custom banner stands can help to move participants and delegates to the programs of their choice. They can check the names of the events on the stands and find out the exact program they have come to attend. Thus, with custom print banners, organizing events become easy and convenient.

Custom Print Banners for restaurants

You can see small, retractable banners being used in restaurants to inform the customers of the day’s menu and cuisines on offer. At restaurants, the banner stands are also being used for marking booked tables and wishing customers on special occasions and days. Interestingly designed banner stands are used for advertising special shows and events being held at the restaurants. For example, if you are celebrating Christmas and offering special discounts on food items, you can let people know that with custom printed banner stands. As banner stands need to attract the eyes of the customers or visitors, these needs to be printed and designed with care. You must make sure that not just designs, but the banners should also contain information like your restaurant’s name, taglines, and logos. The advertising stands can also contain images of food or special cuisines of the restaurant. You must know that creating high quality banner stands can leave a mark and create a good impression in the minds of the people about the reputation of your restaurants. Reputed, well-known restaurants generally use highly designed advertisements on banners. This on one hand helps in creating a good impression among people and on the other helps in promoting your business to your existing and prospective customers in the best possible manner.

So, you can see that there are loads of benefits of custom printed banners. Print banner online to be able to get the best rates on retractable banners. You can choose an online printing service provider like There are a few things to check before choosing an online service:

  • Find out whether the company provides the best quality prints
  • Choose the best rates on custom banner printing. Cheapest rate on banner printing is not always the best. You need to consider the quality of the custom printed banners too. So, compare and choose reasonably priced services.

You need to build a good and strong marketing strategy around banner stand printing to get success on your marketing ventures.

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