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One of the most flexible advertising tools!

No matter what kind of business you are into, brochures can be tailored right to your needs. This is one of the most popular advertising tools as it can be used for promotions or announcements. Our brochures are:


  • Available in different sizes
  • Have different folding options
  • Available in quantities of 250 to 100.000
  • Different paper stock options
  • Fast turnaround time


Download Guideline Brochure Templates (All Size + Fold)


Brochure 8.5" x 11" Templates

Tri-Fold - (In) (Out)
Half Fold - (In) (Out)
Z Fold - (In) (Out)
Half-Fold to 4.25" x 11" - (In)  (Out)

Brochure 9" x 12" Templates

Tri-Fold - (In) (Out)
Half Fold - (In) (Out)
Half Fold to 4.5" x 12" - (In) (Out)
Z Fold - (In) (Out)
Roll Fold (4 Panel) - (In) (Out)
Accordion Fold - (In) (Out)

Brochure 8.5" x 14" Templates

Tri-Fold - (In) (Out)
Half Fold - (In) (Out)
Z Fold - (In) (Out)
Single Open Gate Fold - (In) (Out)
Double Gate Fold - (In) (Out)
Double Parallel Fold - (In)  (Out)
Double Parallel Reverse Fold - (In) (Out)
Roll Fold (4 Panel) - (In) (Out)
Accordion Fold - (In) (Out)

Brochure 9" x 16" Templates

Half Fold - (In) (Out)
Accordion Fold - (In) (Out)
Double Gate Fold - (In) (Out)
Double Parallel Fold - (In)  (Out)
Double Parallel Reverse Fold - (In) (Out)
Roll Fold - (In) (Out)
Single Open Gate Fold - (In) (Out)
Tri-Fold - (In) (Out)
Z-Fold - (In) (Out)

Brochure 11" x 25.5" Templates

Tri-Fold - (In) (Out)

Brochure 6" x 9" Templates

Tri-Fold - (In) (Out)
Half Fold - (In) (Out)


Brochure 11" x 17" Templates

Tri-Fold - (In) (Out)
Z Fold - (In) (Out)
Single Open Gate Fold - (In)  (Out)
Double Gate Fold - (In) (Out)
Double Parallel Fold - (In) (Out)
Double Parallel Reverse Fold - (In) (Out)
Roll Fold (4 Panel) - (In) (Out)
Half Fold then Tri-Fold - (In)  (Out)
Half Fold To 8.5" x 11" - (In) (Out)
Half Then Half Fold To 5.5" x 8.5" - (In) (Out)
Accordion Fold - (In(Out)

Brochure 12" x 18" Templates

Tri-Fold - (In) (Out)
Half Fold - (In) (Out)
Half Fold then Half Fold - (In)  (Out)
Half Fold then Tri-Fold - (In) (Out)
Double Parallel Fold - (In) (Out)
Double Parallel Reverse - (In) (Out)
Single Open Gate Fold - (In)  (Out)
Double Gate Fold - (In) (Out)
Z Fold - (In) (Out)
Roll Fold (4 Panel) - (In) (Out)
Accordion Fold - (In) (Out)


What our customers are saying:
Our company was looking for a high quality brochure-maker at an affordable rate. 55 Printing provided us with something that exceeded our expectations. Good job, guys.
Alec Stuart, Beverly Grove

Brochures define your brand. This is why we wanted sophisticated brochure printers that could do this job for us, by specifically taking our goal into consideration. We are glad we found 55 printing, and they have done a brilliant job. Our customers are happy with the print and have come back for repeat business.
Stephanie C, Manchester Square

Brochures printed by 55printing have given a new marketing edge to my business. Keep up the good work.
Matthew, Chatsworth


Advantages of Brochure Printing and Its Effectiveness in Marketing

Type of marketing strategies you undertake depends on the types of products and services your company deals in. However, one of the most effective and time-tested methods of promoting your goods and services is direct marketing. And, brochure printing is an important part of direct marketing endeavors of a company. Print brochure to expand the reach of your business to a large number of existing and potential customers simultaneously. As printed brochures reach the hands of the prospective customers directly, the effect printed brochures have on the prospective customers is more intense.

Printed brochures are marketing tools that contain all important information about products and services of a company. Generally, these are multi-page documents that contain detailed information on the company and its products and services.

You mustn’t confuse brochures with catalogs as both are completely different tools of direct marketing. It is interesting to note that while brochures provide information on all the products and services of a company along with additional information about the employees, the group, and the technologies the company deals with. Whereas, catalogs contain information on a particular products or events like a special launch offer or a festive deal that the company is providing. So, you mustn’t confuse a brochure with a catalog. Information on catalogs is more one-directional as compared to the printed brochures.

How to Make a Brohcure - Print brochures to promote business

You must print brochures online from a service provider like There are quite a few brochure printing services that you can choose from. Before opting for business brochure printing, you must understand why do you need to print brochures? The primary reason for brochure printing is business promotion. You can promote your products and services through brochure marketing as this form of marketing is more elaborate and descriptive.  They are generally in the form of a booklet containing information on all the products and services a company deals in.

Brochures are generally sent directly to the customers, packed in envelopes, and via mails and couriers. So, these marketing pieces reach the customers directly and have a deeper effect on the customers. These are tools that present information in an interesting and impressive manner to the customers to enjoy. Dull and boring brochure designs often fail to attract customers’ attention and hence fail to serve the purpose of advertising for the products and services of the company.

Print color brochures that contain images of the products and employees. It is often through brochures that companies provide information on the latest news and happenings like dealers’ meets, seminars, and annual fests. Thus, these are important pieces of information on various things in addition to product details.

Brochure Maker - Print brochure to gain customers

Brochure PrintingBrochure printing is sometimes more important and effective than other forms of outdoor advertising like putting up banners and posters. A custom brochure printing will ensure that prospective customers check those out with attention and importance. Banners and hoardings, however interesting can attract the attention of the customers only for a short period of time.  So, you must print brochures to be able to expand the reach of your business within a short period of time and with comparatively less investment. As brochures are in the form of booklet or have multiple folds and are easy to hold, customers tend to check those out while relaxing at home or during free hours at work. Thus brochures gain that extra attention span from the customers. So, marketing your products and services with the help of the brochures is considered more effective form of direct marketing.

How to print a brochure? – Some tips

When it comes to online brochure printing, you must choose the best service provider. You can print brochures cheap, but do not compromise on the quality of the marketing tools. When it comes to brochure printing, there are a few things that you should remember. Firstly, you must make sure that the brochures are unique and original; secondly, the designs on the brochures should be well within the estimated budget. Given below is a short list of guidelines to help you choose the best color brochures printing service for your company:

  • When opting for online printing services, you must research well on the reputation of the service provider. There are quite a few printing service providers on the Internet that are reputed for providing the best quality services for cheap brochure printing. However, you should check the reputation of the company before choosing such a service provider.
  • If you are opting for custom brochure printing, you must make sure to choose unique designs and templates for the brochures. Remember, the brochures of your company should not look similar to that of your competitors or any other companies. That is the reason you should provide your own customizations and content to the brochures. Remember, the content of the brochure should be informative as well as interesting. You must seek professional help while creating the designs and content for such marketing tools. There are online brochures printing service providers that can provide the cheap brochure printing services. One such company is
  • You must consider the occasion for brochure printing. Are you printing brochures to be distributed during the annual fest of the company? Is there a special launch for which you need to print brochure? Do you need to inform the customers regarding special discounts and offers on the store? These are a few of the most important things that you need to consider while considering color brochure printing.
  • In addition to the designing, you must consider the brochure printing costs. This type of direct marketing is considered to be the cheapest. So, you need not spend a lot of money in the promotion of your products and goods through brochures. By doing marketing through brochures, you can actually save a considerable amount of money on your marketing budget that you can use in the betterment of your products and services.

Brochure Design - Getting the best deals on brochure printing

Are you planning to get the best deals on custom brochure printing? You must choose deals and offers by a company that deals with brochure printing online. Choose lucrative deals and offers by a company like What is a good deal? Any deal that offers the best quality products at the best prices to you is a suitable deal. Before choosing a deal on printing business cards, there are certain important things you should consider.

Choosing a deal…

  • The best deal to choose would be free brochure printing. You must make it a point to choose a company that offers discounts and offers on brochure printing services. By availing offers and discounts by reputed online printing service providers you can save a considerable amount of money on your marketing budget.
  • When choosing a deal on brochure printing for your products and services, you must remember to check the quality of products you are getting. You should never compromise on the quality of the products. Remember, brochures are important marketing pieces for a company. These booklets are going to represent your company’s policies and principles to your clients and customers. So, you should opt for the best quality paper and printing for the items. Choose a company that provides the best quality material and printing on printing brochures online.
  • When it comes to deciding on the budget you’d keep aside for cheap printing brochures, you mustn’t ignore the importance of choosing a deal that considerably reduces the rates of direct marketing. Ask for brochure printing quote from two or more printing service providers and you can get the best value for money. Asking for quotes enables you to compare and choose the service that is most suitable for you.

Choosing a deal on business card printing is important for almost every business that is planning for direct marketing. It is one of the most direct and effective approach to promote your products and services. But when it comes to printing a brochure that is going to represent your company and enhance your reputation, you must take professional help. There are quite a few reputed companies that offer cheap color brochure printing. Given below are a few tips to help you choose a suitable one…

Travel Brochure - Tips to choose a cheap color brochure printing company

There are a few reliable and reputed companies to print color brochures cheap. However, you must do some research before choosing such a service provider. Aren’t you sure what to check? Given below is a checklist to help you choose the best color brochure printing company:

  • Check whether the company you are dealing with is a reliable one. Remember there are many frauds in the business. And if you are not careful in choosing a company, you may choose a fraudulent business and lose a lot of money.
  • Check reviews and recommendations of people who have already opted for suchlike services. There are many websites where you can find such reviews and testimonials. Read those carefully before choosing a company.
  • If you are looking for a brochure printing company that offers discount brochure printing, you must compare quotes from two or three different service providers. If you are lucky, you may get free brochure printing deal! This will reduce the cost of promoting your products and services further.

Travel Brochures - How to ensure the best out of cheap brochure print marketing?

Marketing your products and services through brochures is one of the most effective forms of direct marketing. However, it needs strategy and proper planning to be able to provide the best results. Want to be successful in brochure marketing? There are certain things that you must take care of.

Firstly, you must consider creating well designed brochures. Brochures are marketing documents that present information regarding various products and services in an interesting and effective manner. If the brochures are not designed well, no one will check those out. And, if the contents in the brochures fail to attract attention, information about your products and services will not get through to the customers. This is not preferable for your business and it in turn will negatively affect your customer base.

Secondly, you should use good quality, durable paper for printing brochures. The brochures should not crease and fold too easily. Generally, brochures are kept for free-time reading and are often preserved for a long time. Thus, these should be durable and strong enough to be there for a few days or month.

To get the best out of brochure marketing, you must make sure that the printed brochures reach a maximum number of customers. The more number of people these marketing tools reach, the better effect direct marketing has for your business. So, you mustn’t ignore the importance of ensuring that these marketing pieces reach a maximum number of people. You need to decide whether the marketing tools will be delivered in hand to the prospective and existing customers in an event or these should be sent via mail to the clients and business partners.

Another thing that can have an effect on the success of your marketing plan is the time or occasion for distributing brochures. Is it an event of the company or an important seminar? Generally brochures contain information on all products and services in addition to special offers and discounts that the company is providing. So, you need to decide when you want to print brochures – either during an annual event of the company or during a product launch. There are a few companies that print annual brochures. So, the decision should be made beforehand. The design and contents of the brochures should be based on the event on which the tools are being distributed.

To do full color brochure printing, you must hire the services of a company that provides custom brochure printing services. Taking help of experts is always recommended when it comes to printing a brochure online. Only with expert services you can print the best quality brochures for your business.

So now you know that there are loads of advantages of brochure printing. But the effectiveness of marketing through brochures can only be understood when applied. Place an order for cheapest brochure printing at today!


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