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One of the most flexible advertising tools!

No matter what kind of business you are into, brochures can be tailored right to your needs. This is one of the most popular advertising tools as it can be used for promotions or announcements. Our brochures are:


  • Available in different sizes
  • Have different folding options
  • Available in quantities of 250 to 100.000
  • Different paper stock options
  • Fast turnaround time


Download Guideline Brochure Templates (All Size + Fold)


Brochure 8.5" x 11" Templates

Tri-Fold - (In) (Out)
Half Fold - (In) (Out)
Z Fold - (In) (Out)
Half-Fold to 4.25" x 11" - (In)  (Out)

Brochure 9" x 12" Templates

Tri-Fold - (In) (Out)
Half Fold - (In) (Out)
Half Fold to 4.5" x 12" - (In) (Out)
Z Fold - (In) (Out)
Roll Fold (4 Panel) - (In) (Out)
Accordion Fold - (In) (Out)

Brochure 8.5" x 14" Templates

Tri-Fold - (In) (Out)
Half Fold - (In) (Out)
Z Fold - (In) (Out)
Single Open Gate Fold - (In) (Out)
Double Gate Fold - (In) (Out)
Double Parallel Fold - (In)  (Out)
Double Parallel Reverse Fold - (In) (Out)
Roll Fold (4 Panel) - (In) (Out)
Accordion Fold - (In) (Out)

Brochure 9" x 16" Templates

Half Fold - (In) (Out)
Accordion Fold - (In) (Out)
Double Gate Fold - (In) (Out)
Double Parallel Fold - (In)  (Out)
Double Parallel Reverse Fold - (In) (Out)
Roll Fold - (In) (Out)
Single Open Gate Fold - (In) (Out)
Tri-Fold - (In) (Out)
Z-Fold - (In) (Out)

Brochure 11" x 25.5" Templates

Tri-Fold - (In) (Out)

Brochure 6" x 9" Templates

Tri-Fold - (In) (Out)
Half Fold - (In) (Out)


Brochure 11" x 17" Templates

Tri-Fold - (In) (Out)
Z Fold - (In) (Out)
Single Open Gate Fold - (In)  (Out)
Double Gate Fold - (In) (Out)
Double Parallel Fold - (In) (Out)
Double Parallel Reverse Fold - (In) (Out)
Roll Fold (4 Panel) - (In) (Out)
Half Fold then Tri-Fold - (In)  (Out)
Half Fold To 8.5" x 11" - (In) (Out)
Half Then Half Fold To 5.5" x 8.5" - (In) (Out)
Accordion Fold - (In(Out)

Brochure 12" x 18" Templates

Tri-Fold - (In) (Out)
Half Fold - (In) (Out)
Half Fold then Half Fold - (In)  (Out)
Half Fold then Tri-Fold - (In) (Out)
Double Parallel Fold - (In) (Out)
Double Parallel Reverse - (In) (Out)
Single Open Gate Fold - (In)  (Out)
Double Gate Fold - (In) (Out)
Z Fold - (In) (Out)
Roll Fold (4 Panel) - (In) (Out)
Accordion Fold - (In) (Out)


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Advantages of Brochure Printing and Its Effectiveness in Marketing

Type of marketing strategies you undertake depends on the types of products and services your company deals in. However, one of the most effective and time-tested methods of promoting your goods and services is direct marketing. And, brochure printing is an important part of direct marketing endeavors of a company. Print brochure to expand the reach of your business to a large number of existing and potential customers simultaneously. As printed brochures reach the hands of the prospective customers directly, the effect printed brochures have on the prospective customers is more intense.

Printed brochures are marketing tools that contain all important information about products and services of a company. Generally, these are multi-page documents that contain detailed information on the company and its products and services.

You mustn’t confuse brochures with catalogs as both are completely different tools of direct marketing. It is interesting to note that while brochures provide information on all the products and services of a company along with additional information about the employees, the group, and the technologies the company deals with. Whereas, catalogs contain information on a particular products or events like a special launch offer or a festive deal that the company is providing. So, you mustn’t confuse a brochure with a catalog. Information on catalogs is more one-directional as compared to the printed brochures.

How to Make a Brohcure - Print brochures to promote business

You must print brochures online from a service provider like There are quite a few brochure printing services that you can choose from. Before opting for business brochure printing, you must understand why do you need to print brochures? The primary reason for brochure printing is business promotion. You can promote your products and services through brochure marketing as this form of marketing is more elaborate and descriptive.  They are generally in the form of a booklet containing information on all the products and services a company deals in.

Brochures are generally sent directly to the customers, packed in envelopes, and via mails and couriers. So, these marketing pieces reach the customers directly and have a deeper effect on the customers. These are tools that present information in an interesting and impressive manner to the customers to enjoy. Dull and boring brochure designs often fail to attract customers’ attention and hence fail to serve the purpose of advertising for the products and services of the company.

Print color brochures that contain images of the products and employees. It is often through brochures that companies provide information on the latest news and happenings like dealers’ meets, seminars, and annual fests. Thus, these are important pieces of information on various things in addition to product details.

Brochure Maker - Print brochure to gain customers

Brochure PrintingBrochure printing is sometimes more important and effective than other forms of outdoor advertising like putting up banners and posters. A custom brochure printing will ensure that prospective customers check those out with attention and importance. Banners and hoardings, however interesting can attract the attention of the customers only for a short period of time.  So, you must print brochures to be able to expand the reach of your business within a short period of time and with comparatively less investment. As brochures are in the form of booklet or have multiple folds and are easy to hold, customers tend to check those out while relaxing at home or during free hours at work. Thus brochures gain that extra attention span from the customers. So, marketing your products and services with the help of the brochures is considered more effective form of direct marketing.

How to print a brochure? – Some tips

When it comes to online brochure printing, you must choose the best service provider. You can print brochures cheap, but do not compromise on the quality of the marketing tools. When it comes to brochure printing, there are a few things that you should remember. Firstly, you must make sure that the brochures are unique and original; secondly, the designs on the brochures should be well within the estimated budget. Given below is a short list of guidelines to help you choose the best color brochures printing service for your company:

  • When opting for online printing services, you must research well on the reputation of the service provider. There are quite a few printing service providers on the Internet that are reputed for providing the best quality services for cheap brochure printing. However, you should check the reputation of the company before choosing such a service provider.
  • If you are opting for custom brochure printing, you must make sure to choose unique designs and templates for the brochures. Remember, the brochures of your company should not look similar to that of your competitors or any other companies. That is the reason you should provide your own customizations and content to the brochures. Remember, the content of the brochure should be informative as well as interesting. You must seek professional help while creating the designs and content for such marketing tools. There are online brochures printing service providers that can provide the cheap brochure printing services. One such company is
  • You must consider the occasion for brochure printing. Are you printing brochures to be distributed during the annual fest of the company? Is there a special launch for which you need to print brochure? Do you need to inform the customers regarding special discounts and offers on the store? These are a few of the most important things that you need to consider while considering color brochure printing.
  • In addition to the designing, you must consider the brochure printing costs. This type of direct marketing is considered to be the cheapest. So, you need not spend a lot of money in the promotion of your products and goods through brochures. By doing marketing through brochures, you can actually save a considerable amount of money on your marketing budget that you can use in the betterment of your products and services.

Brochure Design - Getting the best deals on brochure printing

Are you planning to get the best deals on custom brochure printing? You must choose deals and offers by a company that deals with brochure printing online. Choose lucrative deals and offers by a company like What is a good deal? Any deal that offers the best quality products at the best prices to you is a suitable deal. Before choosing a deal on printing business cards, there are certain important things you should consider.

Choosing a deal…

  • The best deal to choose would be free brochure printing. You must make it a point to choose a company that offers discounts and offers on brochure printing services. By availing offers and discounts by reputed online printing service providers you can save a considerable amount of money on your marketing budget.
  • When choosing a deal on brochure printing for your products and services, you must remember to check the quality of products you are getting. You should never compromise on the quality of the products. Remember, brochures are important marketing pieces for a company. These booklets are going to represent your company’s policies and principles to your clients and customers. So, you should opt for the best quality paper and printing for the items. Choose a company that provides the best quality material and printing on printing brochures online.
  • When it comes to deciding on the budget you’d keep aside for cheap printing brochures, you mustn’t ignore the importance of choosing a deal that considerably reduces the rates of direct marketing. Ask for brochure printing quote from two or more printing service providers and you can get the best value for money. Asking for quotes enables you to compare and choose the service that is most suitable for you.

Choosing a deal on business card printing is important for almost every business that is planning for direct marketing. It is one of the most direct and effective approach to promote your products and services. But when it comes to printing a brochure that is going to represent your company and enhance your reputation, you must take professional help. There are quite a few reputed companies that offer cheap color brochure printing. Given below are a few tips to help you choose a suitable one…

Travel Brochure - Tips to choose a cheap color brochure printing company

There are a few reliable and reputed companies to print color brochures cheap. However, you must do some research before choosing such a service provider. Aren’t you sure what to check? Given below is a checklist to help you choose the best color brochure printing company:

  • Check whether the company you are dealing with is a reliable one. Remember there are many frauds in the business. And if you are not careful in choosing a company, you may choose a fraudulent business and lose a lot of money.
  • Check reviews and recommendations of people who have already opted for suchlike services. There are many websites where you can find such reviews and testimonials. Read those carefully before choosing a company.
  • If you are looking for a brochure printing company that offers discount brochure printing, you must compare quotes from two or three different service providers. If you are lucky, you may get free brochure printing deal! This will reduce the cost of promoting your products and services further.

Travel Brochures - How to ensure the best out of cheap brochure print marketing?

Marketing your products and services through brochures is one of the most effective forms of direct marketing. However, it needs strategy and proper planning to be able to provide the best results. Want to be successful in brochure marketing? There are certain things that you must take care of.

Firstly, you must consider creating well designed brochures. Brochures are marketing documents that present information regarding various products and services in an interesting and effective manner. If the brochures are not designed well, no one will check those out. And, if the contents in the brochures fail to attract attention, information about your products and services will not get through to the customers. This is not preferable for your business and it in turn will negatively affect your customer base.

Secondly, you should use good quality, durable paper for printing brochures. The brochures should not crease and fold too easily. Generally, brochures are kept for free-time reading and are often preserved for a long time. Thus, these should be durable and strong enough to be there for a few days or month.

To get the best out of brochure marketing, you must make sure that the printed brochures reach a maximum number of customers. The more number of people these marketing tools reach, the better effect direct marketing has for your business. So, you mustn’t ignore the importance of ensuring that these marketing pieces reach a maximum number of people. You need to decide whether the marketing tools will be delivered in hand to the prospective and existing customers in an event or these should be sent via mail to the clients and business partners.

Another thing that can have an effect on the success of your marketing plan is the time or occasion for distributing brochures. Is it an event of the company or an important seminar? Generally brochures contain information on all products and services in addition to special offers and discounts that the company is providing. So, you need to decide when you want to print brochures – either during an annual event of the company or during a product launch. There are a few companies that print annual brochures. So, the decision should be made beforehand. The design and contents of the brochures should be based on the event on which the tools are being distributed.

To do full color brochure printing, you must hire the services of a company that provides custom brochure printing services. Taking help of experts is always recommended when it comes to printing a brochure online. Only with expert services you can print the best quality brochures for your business.

So now you know that there are loads of advantages of brochure printing. But the effectiveness of marketing through brochures can only be understood when applied. Place an order for cheapest brochure printing at today!

All that You Need to Know About Brochures

An informative paper document often used for the purpose of sharing promotional material is known as brochures. This can be folded into a leaflet, pamphlet, or a template. These are advertising pieces that are used for the introduction of company or an organization and inform about its products and services to potential customers. They are sometimes referred to as flyers. Brochures are still important marketing collateral in spite of the escalated growth of online marketing initiatives. As a matter of fact, brochures are collectible items for the enticing visual effects and an enormous amount of product information that can be specified with the help of it.

Brochures are mostly colored. Brochures are usually printed on both the sides of a sheet. They help in sharing detailed information in a very fashionable manner. Hence, it is a credible sales marketing tool. The customers will be able to touch the pages, flip it, and then absorb the benefits of the product. It is an integral part of communication strategy of a company.

What is the Purpose of a Brochure?

A brochure a can be used for a variety of purposes. It can be used for the explanation of the product and services of the organization. Do you have a give a presentation to a group of people who are not familiar with the organization? Do you have to meet and discuss important issues with the potential funding agency? Do you have to interview a group of potential volunteers? For almost any kind of situation where you have to introduce something or someone new to a group, a brochure can prove to be very useful. If you are not able to talk about the organization, about it missions, services provide, contact details, and the history of the formation of the group, in two or three sentences, then you should seriously consider making a brochure.

You can use the brochure for answering the frequently asked questions about the organization. If you are tired of answering the questions that people make, then you should consider creating a brochure. Although, a brochure will not be able to stop people form answering the questions, yet it can prove to be a quick way to answer them.

It can help in providing specific information to your customers. In case, there is a specific step by step process that you want your customers to learn, a brochure can be a useful way by which you will be able to convey that information.

A brochure is something that tells the reader the way by which they will be able to find out more about the organization. If you are trying to grab the attention of the people to do something like volunteering for an event, it can be used as a call to action. They can help people understand how they can participate in the event. You will be able to talk about the history of the group to the people. You will be able to talk about the process of formation of the group.

A brochure is capable of education people about a particular event and program. In fact, you will be able to talk about it in detail.

Why should you Use a Brochure?

Tangibility: A printed brochure is capable of making the services tangible by communicating all the services that you offer and the manner in which you will be able to help your business individuals. It will also be able to get across the personality of your company.

Convenience: When you use online brochures, it burdens the reader with the headache to click, search, and download. Also, they are not a physical reminder of your firm. A printed reminder on the desk of the recipient is a constant reminder of the firm. A brochure is taken to be a much user friendly. As a matter of fact, you can read them on train or at home, and can be shared with your colleagues.

Target Audience: Do you think it will be possible to reach out to your target audience just with the help of your online brochures? You need to consideration while planning your marketing activities. However, brochures are helpful as a marketing tool for all kinds of businesses.

Integration with Digital Marketing: Firms that uses digital marketing will find that brochures help them to drive traffic to the website and the social media pages. Augmented reality readers and QR codes enable the users to directly link through the mobile phone to any page of the website. This way you will be able to monitor the number of people that have taken the help of the brochure in doing this. The very least that the brochure will do is referring people to the website.

How will you make the Most Effective Brochure?

When you plan on designing a brochure in order to increase the sales or for the announcement of a new product, you will have to ensure that it is able to garner good response. Here are some important secrets to a successful brochure.

  • Gauge Your Customers

Before you spend time in planning your brochure, you need to make sure that you understand your customers. You have considers questions like, why will they purchase your products, what are the most important things that you will be able to do for them, what are the kind of problems that your products and services will be able to solve. To find out the answers to these questions, you can talk to the customers and the salespeople of your company. You can then make use of their answers to decide the benefit that you will be able to play up in your mobile. Analyzing what the reader what the reader wants to know from the brochure, is very important. The brochure should be answering the questions in the mind of the reader in a logical sequence and it should follow the train of thoughts of the reader.

  • Plan the Brochure for AIDA

AIDA is an abbreviation that is used for Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action. In order to be effective and get attention, the brochure needs to be interesting to make the audience read the further details that has been provided in the brochure. This way you will be able to raise a desire in them for the product and services that you provide. If you get the first page of the brochure wrong then you will be fail to increase your sale. Make some thought provoking techniques that will make the customers pick up the brochure and open it up. Do not just put the company logo and the product name in the front page, even if you are tempted to do it.

  • Keep it Simple

If you keep the design simple, it can prove to be very effective. However, simple does not necessarily mean boring. It means there should not be too many colors, and the effect should be modern and simple. You can also emboss the brochure which is an interesting feature and you will be able to carry it out through the interior.

  • Make Sure You Sell and Not Tell

Your target customers are not really interested in the company and in order to get hold of their attention; you need to concentrate on the advantages that they will be receiving when they will be purchasing your products. Give it a considerable thought before designing the brochure. If you go on talking about your company and its history, instead of what is important then people might get bored with it. Thus, they will not have to spend much of their time reading the brochure.

  • Keep a Captivating Headline

The cover of the brochure is the most important thing. This is that part of the brochure which helps a reader to decide whether they would delve deep into it or not. If you have a boring graphic or headline on the cover of the brochure, some people might not even bother opening it up. This will lead you to lose your potential customers.

  • Keep Bullet Points to Focus on the Important Features of the Product

The details within the brochure should be such that a person should be able to read it within a glance. This is because we all in a busy world surrounded by busy schedules, and nobody have time. Thus, they need to skim through the copy very quickly. If you have bullet points then it will help them to be focused on the things that you are offering and thereby, lead them to the action that you want them to take.

  • Describe the Product

The product that you are advertising should be described properly and this is the reason, you need to draw up a list of features. The description of the product needs to be in detail. You need to keep in mind that the person who is purchasing the product is not always the person who is using it. Thus, they need to know everything about it before they purchase it.

  • Make Sure it is a Keeper

You need to put helpful pieces of information in the brochure. The reason is that, only relevant pieces of information will encourage the readers to keep the brochure. If they find it interesting then they might even pass it off to other people.

  • Make an Impact with Simple Shapes

If you have geographically shaped brochures that are made to look like callouts, it has a fun effect on the brochures. The color against the background helps in bringing the message of the brochure forward like it is really calling out to the customers. The cuts add up to the three dimensional look which creates another element of interest.

  • Keep a Linear Design

Brochures need not be folded booklets that are bound at the center. They are be made to stretch in various different ways. You can shape it in such a way that the reader will be able to read the whole brochure all at once, rather than flipping from one page to another.

  • Keep it Personal

If you are an experienced speaker, you will always pick out a particular face in the crowd and will build up a conversation with that person. This connection with a specific person helps to make the conversation more personal than if he or she had been addressing a large section of people. In a similar manner, the words on the brochure should use this technique and should zero in on a single imaginary person. This will help you to increase response.

  • Talk of the Readers

Do not just get carried away by your own needs and interests. You should make it a point to talk about the reader and not just yourself. If you talk only about the reputation of the company then it just turns out to be boring. Focus on points like how the company will be able to help the customers in solving their problem.

  • Limit the Font Usage

You should not use too many fonts while designing a brochure. You can three different fonts for heading, subheading, and the body. Too many fonts might make it look to clumsy and cluttered. It might even lead the readers to lose interest in reading it.

  • Keep only that Stuff that Work

Do not try to be whacky with contents of the brochure just for the sake of it. Make sure that you include only that which are important and necessary.

What is the Importance of Brochures?

A brochure which is used as a printed marketing material is extremely important for small business. The reasons that it is important for small business have been enlisted below.

  • Versatile

Marketing brochure is one of the most versatile tools that are available. It can be used for informing customers about the product and services that a particular company is offering. Offices and retail stores that experience huge rush of customers, often keep brochures along with the product information, either at the front of the store or at the waiting room. Banks can also use brochures on each and every category of financial product; so that the customers are review it as they wait in the lobby. Marketers can also make use of the product in order to trade shows and presentations and hand them over to potential business associates and potential customers.

  • Marketing Kits

Brochures work very well with media kit or a promotional giveaway. Media kits are packets of a company or the information of a product that is sent over to the news media for the development of reviews and also featured stories on the business. The brochure is responsible for providing a good overview of your company. If you are able to combine brochures along with tangible item to the readers, then you might be able to attract more attention.

  • Information

When you print a brochure, you have more room for the product information and company details than any other print items like magazine, newspaper, etc. Even if you have a simple tri-fold design then you will have a colorful front page with five separate sections for all the different kinds of information that are to be provided. You can include coupons along with special discounts and deals and this might lead to immediate business.

  • Costs

The brochure printing costs are relatively low when compared to all other marketing options and this adds to the value of small business. The cost of a brochure depends on the design, color, content, and also the finishing quality of the product. The more number of brochures you order, the less expensive is it for you. A brochure is also able to deliver a deeper message that you will be get through with the help of an advertisement on television or print media advertisement.

  • Suitable Size

Brochure is small in size which allows them to be placed them on the windshields of cars and also on the doors. In fact, you can also hand them over to the passerby on the roads. They can be placed anywhere for the potential customers to read and gain information. It is because of the size that the people will be able to hold on to the brochure of the company.

  • Saves Considerable Amount of Time

Sending a brochure containing all the information is much easier than typing a complete letter to a customer who is making an inquiry. Thus, this helps you to save considerable amount of your which you will be able to invest on the other aspects of the business. You do not need to customize the brochure or address the brochure particular to the customers. You can just put a brochure inside an envelope and mail it to them without much hassle.

  • Helps in Building Faith

All the business firms that use brochures to showcase their objectives and actions to the customers create a high impression in the mind of the potential customers. A brochure represents the fact that the firm is quite serious about its business and its operations which, in turn, help in building up the clients trust.


Tips to Write the Most Effective Content of a Brochure

Three of the most common reactions when people come across a brochure are that they either contact the company that has issued the brochure in order to gather more information about the company, keep it, or trash it away into the dustbin. However, nobody wants their brochure to be thrown into the trash can. This is the most common marketing tool that is being used by several kinds of business. There is some reason or the other behind a brochure being thrown away and the most basic reason is the brochure is terrible in some or the other way.

Some of the most important guidelines that you need to maintain while writing the content of the brochure has been given below.

  • Keep a Headline that is Attractive

When you keep an attractive headline for the business brochures printing, you will actually be able to ensure that a particular person gets hold of it and reads it completely. If you include unique as well as captivating headline, it will make the information on the brochure stay in the mind of the reader for a longer period of time. The best way by which you will be able to start writing a brochure is by including something that the reader would like reading first. If you have to capture the attention of the readers then make sure to use snappy headlines.

Make sure that you use as less words as possible. This way, the texts on the brochures will be large enough and thus, will be easily read by the customers. You can make use of a condensed form. This font will condense all the letters on the brochure so that the headline can be made to fit into it.

  • Use Flashy but Elegant Graphics

If you include large and eye catching headlines then it will be easier for you to catch the attention of the target customers. This kind of graphic might be responsible for setting the mood for the reader which will make them explore all that has been included in the brochure. The main image of that you will include in the brochures should be the one that will be able to encourage the readers to read and discover more about the products and the services that you are offering to them. This is not at all difficult at it might appear to be. You can get your brochures printed online or purchase the service of a company.

  • Focus on the Advantages

After you have included all the flashy stuff in the discount brochure printing, you should make sure that you include all those things which would be compelling for the readers. When you include something on the brochure you need to make sure that it only about the reader. You also use a conversational tone in the content. Large paragraphs are a complete no-no for brochures. If you include large paragraphs in your brochures, the readers tend to lose patience and thus, might discard the brochure.

The font that is being used in the body should be different from the font that is being used for the headline. This does not necessarily mean that you have to be ornate and hence, two fonts are enough to increase the readability.

  • Incorporate Testimonials

You should incorporate testimonials in the brochures whenever it is possible. One of the most interesting factors of a brochure is the testimonials of the previous customers. Prospective customers like to know whether the product that is being advertised has been able to produce significant result in the past or not. Nonetheless, you also need to make sure that you do not include too many of them.

  • Include the Contact Details

An important part of a brochure is to let the customers know exactly where they will be able to find your business and thereby, receive the benefit that is being promoted by the brochure. If your brochure is being used for the promotion of the sales, it is important to make sure that you have included the address of the store. Also, you not forget to mention the duration of the sale mentioned on the brochure. You should include a phone number, so that the customers can get in touch with you whenever they want. You need to make it convenient for those people who are receiving the brochure. In case, you have a web address then make sure you include that too, in the brochure.

  • Use Pictures

Brochures should supply the most important bit of information. Nonetheless, people also look for visual effects, this is the reason you should consider using pictures in the brochures. Make sure that you include high-quality pictures, to avoid making it look tacky.

What Are The Things That You Need To Avoid While Designing A Brochure?

Brochure is the most effective tool for various kinds of businesses. But, there are few things which are important to avoid while designing a brochure.

  • Long and Boring Headlines

Headlines are the most captivating thing of a brochure. Thus, it is very important avoid long headlines when you make your brochure. You need to use as few words as you can. This way you will be able to make the reader to read more of the brochure. Before you get your brochure printed, you should keep a sample in front of your colleagues and find out the reaction that they have towards the brochure. You should print the flyer only if you get a positive reaction.

  • Too much Information

The worst possible thing that you can do to a brochure is to fill it with contents just for the sake of filling it up. You should leave some empty spaces instead of including unnecessary details. If you have made the brochure to promote a new product of your company then you should make sure that the name of the product is included in it. Also, include the price and all the key information about the product. You should not write long paragraphs talking only about the benefits of the product. Your customers would like knowing about the things that the product is capable of doing. You should keep in mind that almost everybody is under a hectic schedule and this is the reason customers always look for quick information. Thus, you need to ensure that only key points are included in the brochure which will be easy for the readers to scan and digest.

  • Too many Colors

Colors on the brochure are important to make it stand out among others. However, you should make sure that you use as much color as necessary. If you use too many colors then it will make it look vibrant and bright. If you use too many colors on the brochure then it can make it look confusing especially if excessive colors are used for the text. Make sure that you use only those colors that complement each other and the ones that go well with the brand image and the logo. The color that you use for the text should be confusing. You can use a different color for the heading or for the price to make it stand out.

  • Poor Quality Pictures

If you decide to include pictures in the brochures then you need to makes sure that the pictures which are being used are of high-quality. If you include low-quality and pixilated images then it can have an adverse effect on the promotion with the brochure. As a matter of fact, you should not use images that have been directly copied from the website. The reason is that these images are of poor quality and has different kind of resolution. If you have a camera then you can use it to click go quality pictures. You can also use good quality stock images if you have. A good quality picture can lead to a good quality brochure.

  • Mistakes in Spelling

If you provide wrong information on the brochure with poor grammar and spelling in it then it can have a harmful effect on the business. You should get a proofreader who will check all the errors on the brochure before you get it printed. Also, check all the sensitive information like the dates, the contact details, and the price of the product. The reason is that you will be able to change this information only when you print the brochure for the second time. This would involve some unnecessary expenses.

  • Small Texts

The texts are an important aspect of a brochure. This is the reason you need to give a considerable amount of thought to the font that is appropriate for the brochure. There is no use spending significant amount of time designing a brochure, if the customers incur problems while reading it. The sub-heading along with the key points should have a little larger font than the main content of the brochure.

While printing a brochure, you think about all the good things that you have noticed in a good brochure as well as the bad things that you noticed in a brochure which you trashed into the dustbin.

What Are The Differences Between A Flyer And A Brochure?

  • Difference in Design

Flyers are used for impressing the customers instantaneously. If you have to make someone read the entire message then flyers are the suitable choice of you. You should be using a loud design which is capable of capturing the attention of the audience within an instant. This way you will be able to make some extra sales.

Brochures on the other hand are useful set of information. This means that the most essential aspect of the brochure is the text of it. The design has to be creative but there is no need to overdo it. You just need to add some graphics, good background color, and a photo that will help in keeping the attention of the reader to the brochure.

  • Message Included on the Brochure

The message used in flyer and a brochure is also different. A flyer requires a short message which can be easily read. Most people hold a flyer only for a moment. Thus the headline that is included should be interesting. The message on the flyer has to be concise and brief. You have to tell the readers in an instant why you are the best.

While on the other hand the brochure should have a slightly longer content than the flyer enumerating all the details about the company. Each and every section of the brochure should be used to describe something very briefly to the reader. Like, you should keep a section for your services, the advantages of purchasing products from your company, and some general information for informing the reader.

  • Best Time of Usage

Flyers serve to be the best when you communicate only small amount of information. You should distribute flyers to the people and make them excited about purchasing products from you. You can also use it inform about a standard product info or an event.

Brochures prove to be useful when someone is already interested in the product or services and wants to gather more information about it. The customers want to feel confident and secure when they purchase product from you and brochures give you the opportunity to speak more about a particular product. Brochures are usually used as a reference material. They should he made so that the customers can continue referring to them whenever they feel like.

Both are essential marketing material and are equally necessary. Flyers are used for communicating little information and brochures are important for making customers feel confident about purchasing your product. If you are able to use these correctly, you will be able to increase your sales to a significant extent.

Ten Ways by which you can distribute you Brochures Effectively

The most effective and powerful advertising and marketing tool is a brochure. However, it is very important to distribute the brochures effectively or it will turn out to be useless for you. Some of the effective distribution processes have been enlisted below.

  • You can distribute the brochures directly by mailing them. You need to keep in mind that you have to mail the brochures to all the business ids that you have purchased. This is an effective advertising method and if one percent of the crowd is responding then you will understand that you are doing quite well.
  • You can also distribute them in malls and parking lots. As a matter of fact, you might distribute people to read the message and this is the best way to gain publicity.
  • You can also take the help of a local newspaper and ask them you in advertising your business. The brochures that you have printed will be placed inside the journals and hence, will be delivered to the readers.
  • You can purchase plastic holders where you will be able to place the pamphlets and then you can offer it to only those people who visit your website.
  • You can stick these brochures in the public places so that people passing are able to read this message. The best public place will be the post office where people will be standing and waiting in queue. Thus, they will get enough time to read the brochures.
  • You can talk to doctors and dentists and ask them if you can place the brochures in their waiting room in order to attract people and audience who come for check-ups to read the message that you want to convey. However, you need to keep in mind that the doctors will be allowing materials that are related to their profession.
  • You can take the brochures and distribute them in any popular exhibitions and trade shows. If the trade show is relevant to the business the business brochures will be helpful for the visitors.
  • You can also distribute your brochures along with other community businesses especially if it complements your products and services. However, you should make sure that you obtain their permission before you place the brochures.
  • You can make your customers and employees participate in the distribution of the brochure. This will work well for you if you have an incentive program for the employees or for the customers for the purpose of generating a new business.

There are several distribution methods but not every distribution method is suitable for every business. The distribution of brochures depends on the type of business and also its physical location.


Three Most Essential Elements of a Brochure

In order to connect with the readers, each and every brochure needs to have some essential elements.

  • Captivating Cover

There are chances that your prospective customers have a very short attention span. So, in case, your brochure cover fails to captivate them and pique their interest, they will not at all one and read the brochure. If you have to capture the attention of the audience then you would have to combine a visually appealing design with a truly enigmatic and interesting headline that would address the benefit of your customers.

  • Compelling Content

You care more about the business than the prospective customers. They are in no way interested in the detailed history of the business. They are actually more interested in knowing about the product and services that will help them to save time, lower the cost of advertisement, and also increase sales. The content should be focusing on the challenges and problems that are faced by your customers and the way in which you solve them better than your contemporaries. You should use graphs, charts, and images which will support your content and thus, convey the message more effectively and quickly.

  • Powerful Call to Action

The main purpose of a brochure is to move people over to the next phase of sales. If you want them to visit your website and call and ask for a free estimate, then a good call to action tell the customers what you want them to do. As a matter of fact, it also stands out from the rest of the copy, so that you do not miss it.

The design and layout of the inside pages of the brochure should work well with the content.

What are the Five Different Types of Brochures?

Advertising brochures are a great way which enables you to showcase your product and services to the customers. Brochures are something that provides direct information to the customers in the form of sales pitches and product descriptions. Consumers who are smart enough will want to have this kind of information so that they can make a smart choice. However, before that you have to decide on the type of brochure that will work the best for you and your business. A well-written brochure is very important for transforming potential customers into paying and then repeat customers.

  • Leave-Behind

Leave-Behind is the kind of brochure is a type of brochure that is left behind at meetings and conferences with potential customers. This is a kind of brochure that needs to have a complete description of the business, the product, as well as the benefit that it is providing. The brochure should echo the specifics and facts that you have given during the meeting and summarize the sales pitch. This makes your potential customers to remember the words the mentioned in the brochure and this, in turn, will make them remember the product and service for a sufficient time for them to purchase the product and services.

  • Point-of-Sale

This type of brochure is similar to the type you come across when you are standing in queue in your bank. These brochures are usually places where the customers are supposed to be. This point-of-sale process is used for different or new product and services to all the existing customers. It needs to have an eye-catching headline with proper visuals that will be successful in grabbing the attention of the customers. Potential clients have to be drawn in for a closer look. They have to be made curious so that they develop the urge to read it.

  • Respond to Inquiry

This is the kind of brochure which is made for people who are already in the product. If you give this kind of brochure to a qualified buyer then it can turn out to be profitable for you. It should be providing more information and specifics about a certain product that the customer is interested in. You just need to make sure that you include all the pints of sales and facts, so that they are convinced that they should purchase your product.

  • Direct Mail

This is the kind of brochure that is included along with a direct mail package. This package might contain many things, but a good brochure is capable of bringing about a difference. A quality direct mail will contain quality photos, the sales points of the product, and all the technical features. The primary aim of the brochure is to find out new business and bring back the previous clients. The brochure should be representing you, the products that you provide, and the benefits that your products can provide to the customers.

  • Sales Support Tool

Sales support brochures are quite like leave-behind brochure. The only difference is the manner in which the brochures are assembled. This is specific kind of brochure and is used for selling aid to the sales team. These brochures will help out the sales person all through the sales and thereby, provide back-up for the claims. This type of brochures has larger pages, larger headlines, and larger photos, so that the information can be read at a glance.

The advertising brochures have to be tailored according to the requisites of the business. You area aware of all the different types of brochures and you should select the one that will be suitable for the business.


Important Recommendations for Printing Brochure within a Budget

When you have a well designed brochure you are then armed with an excellent marketing material. This is one of the most successful marketing tools among all the elements of successful elements in the evolution of promotional things.

You might consider designing it yourself. You can even take the help of a professional. However, it is always advisable to get it printed from a professional. If your brochure is has a poor design then it can bring down the entire look of the business. You have to maintain your high standards when it comes to your corporate identity. It is then reflected on the products and services that you offer. If the brochure printing Miami is not a high-quality brochure printing, the public might get and impression that even the product and services are of poor standard.

Brochure in the Online Marketing Age

Many companies are of the opinion that printed forms of marketing do not hold nay value as they now have the advantage of latest online marketing technologies. The internet and all other new technologies have turned into new methods for the companies for the advertisement of their products and they have also started using it.

The Website Isn’t Everything

Websites are extremely helpful when it comes to online marketing. They can prove to be a valuable asset for your advertising requirements. Nonetheless, they are not the marketing tools that your company should be investing on. If you do so then it might lead you to lose a significant number of customers who might been interested in the business if you had any other methods of marketing. Not everybody can be present online all the time during the day. There are many people who prefer staying offline. These kinds of people use the internet only when they require it. Then again there are people who would prefer shopping offline by visiting shops and stores.

These people will never be attracted to the products that you are offering if you use only the internet for marketing purpose. You need printed advertisements such as brochures for attracting these types of clients. Your marketing strategy should comprise of various methods and forms of advertisements. The various types of advertising methods will help you to get hold of a large number of customers.

Reasons Brochures are Important Even in this Digital Age

People like Shopping Online

Online shopping is becoming exceptionally popular with time. However, there are sizeable numbers of customers who prefer doing their shopping in a traditional way. As a matter of fact, there are some online shoppers who also go to stores to make purchases. Moreover, shoppers will be able to get some information about your company and the products that you offer over the internet. However, brochures are the easiest way by which they will be able to garner information. Customers would not prefer accessing the internet just to know about the sale that you are putting up. If they have a well designed brochure printing Las Vegas in their hand, it will let them know about the all the information that they require about the sale quickly and easily. Customers can even store the brochure for using it as a reference later on. The online method does not provide equal degree of convenience.

Brochure Helps to Connect with the Customers

When you or the employees of your company have the opportunity to make a conversation with a prospective client, it is important to cultivate the interest of the customers, so that are ready to make the purchase. If you simply ask the customer to visit your website to gather further information will not help you or your business. . In fact, you might have to lose customers because of this. A   can prove to be of great help as the customers will not have to access the internet. The person will be able to view the brochure quite easily and that too, in your presence. This will lead them to make queries instantaneously, if needed.

A brochure is capable of making both you are your salesman look much more professional and presentable. Knowing that you as well as your company are organized in your work makes the customer feel comfortable. A website means that customers will require a method in order to access it. You might offer a gadget to your customer so that they can access the website but the entire process might consume a lot of time. Moreover, the gadget might also prove to be a distraction when you would try to increase the interest of the customers.

Brochures are a Way to Create another Contact Method

The website of the company is one of the many possible ways by which a customer can get in contact with you can your company. The more options you provide to the customers for contacting you, the more they trust you. People might have serious doubts about your business and you allow them to contact you then you will be able to clarify their doubts and thus, conclude your sales. A brochure gives your customers a reason to get in touch with you. A brochure is capable of providing more information which will raise more number of queries in the mind of the customers. Customers who keep contact with you for a longer period of time will be more open to the idea of making purchases frequently. This is definitely better for the customers as they can be sure of the fact that they have made a good regarding the purchase.

Brochures Can Be Easily Read

Instead of reading a piece of information from a website, it is easy to read it from a brochure. This is because can find it difficult to browse and navigate through the website. In fact, the customers might have to spend more time to locate the particular information that they are looking for. Nonetheless, the customers would not incur any such problems while using the brochure. Moreover, brochures would offer more freedom to consumers while they make their choice. It is convenient to mark a particular portion of a brochure than marking it on a website.

Brochure Can Be Used In All Situations

The website of your company will be visible to only those people who are using the internet. When you host a stall in the trade show, you will just not be able to ask your prospective customers to browse through the website if they have to get further details about the business and the products that you are offering. You will not be able to display the website in a seminar or workshop that you are organizing. In situations like these the brochures proves to be of immense help. The customers will be able to browse the brochures and ask questions related to it almost immediately. Since the problems and queries that they have are solved immediately, they can have increased interest in making the purchase. A website is not capable of such flexibilities.

The customers might not have the option to access the internet all the time. This would mean that they will not be able to view the website which will cause you o lose sales. Nonetheless, brochures can be used even when the customers are not connected to the internet. People will be able to read the brochure and call or visit the shop for making the purchase.

A Guide to Make Brochure Easily

Brochures can be made in different kinds of sizes and might have several design options. You will be able to mail them to the potential customers or hand them in person. It can be used as mini catalogs for the products or as information booklets. Brochures are the most versatile printed materials for conveying any materials that you want. It can help you to make a strong impression on your customers.

  • The Selection of Paper for the Brochure

The paper is the base of the design and the impression that is made on the customers with the help of these. It is important that you select a stock of paper that is of a good quality. When the customers touch it they should not feel that it is of a cheap quality. Heavier stock paper might look more attractive but they are more expensive.

You can select recycled paper so that you are able to do your bit in protecting the earth. Some exotic kinds of paper are available as well. They can be used for making brochures but are definitely more costly. Hence, it will not prove to be cost effective.

  • Making of the Copy

The copy of the brochure needs to be informative but the data needs to be presented in an interesting format. Moreover, the format and the tone should match the requirements of the brochure. The content that is required for a marketing tool like brochure will have a different tone than the copy for the catalogue brochure.

In any case, you would have to ensure that the basic information has been presented on the brochure. This comprises the contact numbers of the organization, the email address, the website, and the physical address.

As a matter of fact, the placement of all information also matters. The information on the brochure should have a smooth flow. The folds of the brochure also have to be taken into account when you prepare the content layout of it. The placement of the images is also a factor that needs careful consideration. Make sure that you use bullet points wherever necessary and ensure that the headlines of the brochure are prominent enough. You should make sure that there are not more than three or four fonts all throughout the brochure.

You should base the brochure content on the message that you want the customers to receive with through the brochures. The customers should have enough reason to read the brochure. You might also offer discounts and offers in order to increase the interest that is shown by the customers. It is likely to push them more to purchase the products and services that are offered.

Choosing the Design of the Brochure

You have various kinds of designs to select from while creating the brochures. However, there are few things that simply have to be present in spite of the choice that you make. This includes the logo of the corporation along with the name. It is advisable to keep the original design and color scheme. You should considering modifying your logo according to the design of the brochure.

If you add a slogan or a tagline to the brochure then it might prove to be a good option. If you have to make a strong impression, you need to ensure that all these points along with the name and the logo are present on the front section of the brochure.

As far as the design is concerned, you ask the brochure printing company to give you some templates to choose from. This way you will be able to base your design on these templates. You can even try to create your own design. If you have a big budget, you might consider the option of hiring a graphic designer. As long the design is professional and suitable for the company, it does not really matter. The design should be able to convey the message to the customers without any hassle.

The Front Cover of the Brochure

A proper brochure should not have a front cover that is overloaded with information. The most basic information should be present on this side of the brochure. The name and logo of the organization might be placed on this particular side. You might also add a tagline to it. A title or a call to action has to be added. This way you will be able to offer the readers a reason to turn over the page and read it.

You should place at least one picture on the front cover of the brochure. As a matter of choice, it is possible to give it a sophisticated look if you place bare minimum information on the front cover. In any case, your aim should be to make the readers to browse through the brochure entirely.

Style and Number of Folds

Folds are quite important in a brochure. They arbitrate the functionality and the feel of the brochure which makes them extremely critical for the success of the brochure. If you opt for different types of folds, you will be able to create different types of looks with it. This, in turn, will increase the versatility of the brochure. You should try different folds instead of opting for the basic letter fold. Half fold can prove to be a good option. It is very simple because there is only one fold which creates four different surfaces where you can print the messages.

A tri-fold brochure printing is another possible option. It will give you total six pages in the brochure. Nonetheless, you need to ensure that you have chosen a large size paper to make the tri-fold brochure printing stand out among the rest.

Z fold brochures can open up like it is an accordion. You get wide number of surfaces where you are able to display the information. Per contra, the size of the paper also needs to be increased in order to facilitate several folds.

Brochures can serve to be an excellent marketing tool for your business. You just need to ensure that you have chosen an appropriate cheap brochure printing agency and make sure that the effectiveness of the brochure is intact.

How to Create a Cheap but an Effective Brochure for Your Business?

A brochure is used for the promotion of the company and thus, you need to spend considerable amount of time in creating a brochure that will be adequate and compelling. Nonetheless, you might have to spend a large amount as a printing cost. Large companies hardly suffer from these problems as they have already gained experience in matters like these. Also, a large bill not creates a financial issue for them.  It is actually the smaller companies who have to maintain the tight budget. However, the brochure printing services cost need not be high at all. If you have to print cheap brochures then there are few things that are very important to keep in mind.

Contacting a Printing Press

Generally companies tend to deal with artist or graphic designing agencies when they have to create a brochure. These agencies then manage the printing press for printing brochures cheap. However, you can very easily remove the middle-man in such a scenario and directly contact the press. This will help you to save some significant amount of money. In some cases, the saving might be as much as 50%.

You should keep it in mind hiring a graphic agency has its own benefits but that is not at all financially cheap. There are very printing presses that have their own artists. Some of the graphic agencies have their own presses for printing. These methods are considerably cheaper than the normal methods. One thing that you need to keep in mind is that the quality of the graphic might not be great every time. However, they are a better option.

  • Design It Yourself

If you have some knowledge regarding designing then you can design your brochure on your own. This way you will not need a graphic agency that would charge a good deal of money for the services that they offer. There are also many websites that allow you design the brochure printing Mumbai with complete ease. They will give you the templates and you can use them to create a brochure printing Chicago that would feel and look like a professional brochure. Another cost that you cut down very conveniently is the cost of proofreading. You can simply do it on your own. You can also take the help of a friend or an acquaintance who is quite efficient in grammar.

  • Digital Printing versus Offset Printing

Prior to going to the printer for the purpose of brochure printing Los Angeles, you have to consider the kind of print that you want on your brochure. This depends on the total number of pages that you want to be printed. Offset printing is the best option when you have to print innumerable number of brochure printing Kinkos. If you have to print a handful number of brochures the digital printing is a cheaper option.

There are some other points that make digital printing different from offset printing. Digital printing gives you the opportunity to create different copies of brochures with bare minimum hassle. This means that you would have the option of changing the graphics on every different sheet. Offset printing does not offer you that facility as the cost will become too high and you would have to pay for each and every plate. On the other hand offset printing allows you to print on an extensive selection of materials such as plastic.

  • Get the Quotation

If you have to get the best possible deal then it is better that you ask three different brochure printing companies. These printers will be able to fulfill the demands that you have. They will be able to print the required number of copies within a specific period. The quality of the printed brochure needs to be good enough.

  • Patience is Necessary

If you offer more amount of time to the printers then there is chance that you will be getting a better price. Printers are usually busy and only work when there is a free press. If you agree to a longer period of time, the printers will take time to complete your order. This way you will get a cheaper price for the same order. Nonetheless, you need to keep in mind that the time period is not too much otherwise the printer will stop doing your work if they are offered a more lucrative work.

  • Dimensions of the Paper Used

If you select a custom size for your brochure printing Atalanta then you will be able to create an effective brochure that will be successful in arousing the interest of the readers. However, they are pretty expensive. If you opt for traditional sizes of brochure then it will be better for your finances. Smaller the size of the brochure, the cheaper it is to get to get it printed.

The bulk and the thickness of the paper also tend to have an effect on the price of it. A thicker paper means better quality but you need to keep in mind that paper is actually priced according to their weight. You need to understand that the bulk and the thickness of paper are two different things. A paper might have less weight and still be bulkier. This way you will get paper that will be lighter in weight but will have the same kind of texture. As the paper that you are using is light weight, you will be able to save significant amount of money on printing.

Brochures have a Longer Life

While using a computer or a smartphone in order to browse the internet, people will notice some advertisements. However, people do not ever save those advertisements for future reference, no matter how much ever attractive they are. While on the other hand, a person can keep a Singapore brochure printing if it is found to be attractive. The brochure can be used later on if needed. A person might be able to use the information printed on the brochure to make purchases later on. This kind of information might be inconvenient to locate through the internet.

 A Personal Touch to the Brochure

A Los Angeles brochure printing proves to be of immense help when a personal touch is needed to conclude a satisfactory meeting in between two businessmen. A business card is something that might be appreciated by both the parties but it holds no value in providing information about the business, it products, and also its staff.  On the other hand a brochure is capable of providing loads of information on and about the business. Moreover, a brochure is capable of making the businessman look more profession when they use it in important events like corporate events and trade shows.

A brochure makes a businessman start discussing the different aspects of his business without any delay. This is not the case with website. For a website, they would require a device. Then other aspects of a website such as, logging in and loading, take up some valuable amount of time. As a matter of fact, any electronic gadget can be distraction for the other party. This might lead you to lose some prospective clients which, in turn, will reduce your sales.

Easy to Use

You cannot navigate through every website easily. The information that is provided on the website can be quite difficult to read and understand. Brochures on the other hand are very easily read. The customers can even mark a point for future reference. When they require that point again, it will be easier for them to locate it, as it had been marked previously. A website might not be capable of such functionality.

Brochures can Be Used Conveniently in Events

It is not possible to use a website to showcase business and its products at an event. People will not have the interest to stand and browse through the website prior to getting a chance to speaking to the host. While on the other hand is quite good way by which the customers will be able to spend their time. People will be more willing to read the Kinkos brochure printing prices than the website as it is more easily usable and flexible than a website while they are waiting.

Brochures are Portable

Brochures are not heavy like the catalogs nor can they be restricted to a particular location. Your distributors as well as your customers will be able to carry them around easily. Flyers are also portable but they are not able to convey enough information like the green brochure printing. You can send them with the help of email and thus, will not have to pay any extra money for the weight of it. Your advertising plans receive a boost as the brochures might be used to reach out to far and wide places.

Brochure Can Be Used for Providing Assistance

You can make brochures for providing more detailed and extra information about certain aspects of the business. You can distribute these brochures after the conclusion of a meeting or conference. You can use brochures for providing extra information to the clients about the services. Moreover, the brochures will prove to be helpful in assisting them to recall the meeting with you as they take the brochures along with them. If possible, they might also give over the corporate brochure printing to somebody else and this, in turn will increase the reach of your advertisement.

You Can Print Customized Brochures

Brochures tend to have a lot of possibility when it comes to the design of it. They can be printed on an extensive range of papers which includes the glossy and thick ones. Then again, there is the folding technique. Brochures can be single fold or double fold. There are many other complex folds like zigzag and asymmetrical folds. Die cuts and various other finishing techniques are being used quite frequently in making the brochure. They look much more cooler and appealing for the people for those people who will be viewing them. The brochures can be printed in different kinds of sizes depending on the amount of information that you want to print on the brochure. A standard size is perfect for sending the brochure with the help of mail. You can use the bigger brochures to hand out after the meeting to the people attending it.

Brochures are Convenient to Use than Other Marketing Tools

Brochures often prove to be more convenient than other forms of advertisement. A commercial on television will last for only few seconds. Banners are also fixed to specific areas. Most of the consumers are busy and they do not have the time to stop and stare at the advertisement as they have work to do. However, brochures can be read at your convenience. There is no rush and the customers will be able to read them when they will have time in their hand. The customers will also be able to recall the advertising message that you have provided more conveniently.

What the Added Benefits of a Brochure?

Brochures can be used to give out information to the client. You can make use of them to sell products by captivating customers and thus, compel them to make the purchase. You can attach a coupon to the brochure which will allow the customers to get a special gift or discount. You can make the customers purchase by luring them with the discount and offer coupons. They will visit the store to get the offer that has been mentioned in the brochure. Brochures can also be used for the promotion of giveaways. You can tell the customers that you will offer them a special gift when they turn up along with the brochure and make a purchase.


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