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Download Guideline Templates For  Every Door Direct Mail Postcards:

6.5" x 9" - (Front) - (Back / EDDM)
6.5" x 12" - (Front) - (Back / EDDM)
8" x 6.5" - (Front) - (Back / EDDM)
8" x 10" - (Front) - (Back / EDDM)
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9" x 11" - (Front) - (Back / EDDM)
9" x 12"  - (Front) - (Back / EDDM)

Download EDDM indicia - Local Postal Customer

Download EDDM bundle facing slip design.

At we Guarantee that our EDDM Postcards will be eligible (compatible) with USPS requirements. *Make sure to request a free design proof and ask for art revision for guidelines compliances.

STEP BY STEP: Here are the most basic step by step rules regarding the EDDM program:


1. You are free to download any pre designed template and include it on your EDDM postcards that are available in the following sizes – 6.5 x 9 inches, 6.5 x 12 inches, 8 x 10 inches, 8.5 x 11 inches, 9 x 11 inches, 9 x 12 inches.


2. Another thing that is very important here and about which we will be talking in a little bit is the EDDM indicia. It should be downloaded from the site of USPS, and added on the front page of your EDDM postcard. The indicia will require a free space of 2 x 3 inches minimum, on the upper right corner of the postcard. It shouldn’t be covered with any design over it. It should be visible. Even thought the return address is not required here, it can still be added in the upper left corner or on the back side of the postcard if requested.


3. After choosing the right print store, place the order, and make sure the print materials are being bundled in packs of 50. This can be done by a print store for additional charge, or you can do this yourself as well, before delivering the print material to the post office.


4. When the EDDM postcards are delivered to the post office, they will be sent to the doorsteps of target households for a price of $0.16 to a maximum of $0.19. This service doesn’t require the use and payment of any registration fees.


What our customers are saying:

I've been wrestling with printers now for over 24 years with my business, and these gloss promo postcards are the best job I've ever seen. They have so much more "impact" for the rich blacks and colors that provide the "snap" we love. So you were right .."you're gonna' love it." Also appreciate your truly experienced hand. I could tell with my questions, and the ease with which you allowed me to make changes that you had a lot of hands on experience with printing and software, and can hardly believe a printer has someone with that much experience "available" for me to work with.
Again, thanks so much for being "honorable" people at what you do. It's truly much appreciated.
Paul Larisey, California
I like using these guys for my Every Door Direct Mail prints as they hardly disappoint.
Beth Bonny, California
We’ve had a lot of vendors coming up to us for printing our Every Door Direct Mail, but we were steadfastly for, and we’re glad to have done so. You guys have made us proud. Our clients have loved your work, and innovation, not to mention the attention to detail.
Josh Carey, LA
Thanks for providing these pre-designed templates, had no idea on how to design these EDDM flyers and where to insert the USPS Indicia. You all have done a superb job. Kudos!
RR Smith, Fullerton






Importance of Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) Printing for a Business



Which customers matter the most for your business? Definitely, the ones that live in nearby neighborhoods are the most important customers for your store or company. You must reach to them direct and fast to be able to establish long term relationships. And, with direct mail marketing you don’t even need to know the name of the street or number of their houses to be able to contact them directly. There is an effective way to reach them - EDDM Printing.


What is direct mail Marketing?

Every door direct mail is a form of direct marketing that is effective. Before you start implementing your direct mail marketing plans, you must identify target neighborhoods. Entrepreneurs use various printed marketing tools for every door direct mailing. Every door direct mail postcards, brochures, catalogs, and flyers are a few of the marketing tools that you can use to do creative direct mail marketing. is a reputed online printing service provider that can help you with your marketing endeavors by providing the best quality direct mail postcards in addition to other eddm printing materials.

Role of every door direct mail

For every small, medium, and big businesses, direct mailings or eddm mailing is very important to establish good relationships with people living in immediate neighborhood of the company. They are the people who are likely to visit company’s stores the most. So, it is very important that you impress them with your direct marketing services. Customers next-door are likely to spread words about your company and its products and services to their friends, family members and colleagues. Thus your company will get the much-needed exposure in a fast and effective manner by distributing eddm postcards. Just create the eddm postcards or direct mail postcards you wish to use for the purpose and spread words about your business, company, and products to prospective customers in the most effective manner.

Every Door Direct Mail EDDM

You can send various direct mail marketing items to your targeted neighborhood customers in your direct mail lists through mail or can send someone in person to deliver the marketing pieces to them. The latter is a more personal approach and helps build a long term relationship with the direct mail marketing companies.

Three steps of every door direct mail

If you need to grow your business, you should be able to refresh your direct mailing lists with more and more number of new customers. It is not just important to make new customers, but retaining them also plays a part in the growth of your business. That is why you must research on direct mail solutions before implementing your business plan. Given below are three most important steps of direct mail advertising:


  • Finding customers – To being marketing for your company’s products and services, you must identify your potential customers. So before planning and finalizing on direct mail design and direct mail ideas, you must use an online mapping tool to find the potential customers near your business. Remember, choosing and marking the potential customers is very important for direct mail advertising as the type of direct marketing tools you use will depend on your choice of target market for the best direct market solutions.
  • Selecting the routes for the direct mail services – How do you think the every door direct mail printing pieces should reach the customers? You can mail eddm printing tools like brochures or advertisement templates or can simply print business cards to distribute among your potential customers. You can find mapping tools on the Internet by reputed direct mail service providers that are designed to help you find prospective customers near your company or in the neighborhood. You must use such a mapping tool by one of the direct marketing companies to mark your potential customers. Once marked, it is easy to reach them and distribute eddm retail marketing pieces for better marketing of you products and services. You can also choose to mail your company’s brochures and catalogs to your prospective customers on your direct mail lists by putting those in printed envelopes containing company logos and brand name. You can get them all printed at one of the best direct mail printing service providers - where you can get high quality printing services for all your outdoor marketing needs.
  • Low cost – There are various different ways you can choose mail direct strategies for distributing information about your company and its products. You must research the market well and consider the most suitable form of direct mail services. Remember, when it comes to every door direct mail retail plan, what is suitable for your company, may not be suitable for yours. So, you must consult with your company’s expert marketing team before implementing any strategy or choosing any eddm tool. In addition to that, it is also suggested that you use proper demographic data for marking the territory of your potential customers who can later provide valuable every door direct mail reviews. Demographic data that can be used for this purpose includes age range of your customers, average income of the households you are targeting, and the size of the families you are choosing.


Benefits of eddm Printing for direct marketing companies


Direct mail companies get a lot of advantages because of high direct mail response rates. By opting for this form of direct market, you do not have to spend a lot of money on expensive mailing lists or costly postage permits. You must consult with a reliable direct mail association in your area to know more about this promotional technique. This form of marketing provides options to the entrepreneurs to promote their products and services without the hassles and costs otherwise involved in the marketing processes. Many entrepreneurs are choosing varying every door direct mail sizes - from business cards to brochures. Given below is a short discussion on the benefits of direct mail marketing:


  • Every door direct mail cost for small businesses – You must remember that it is the cheapest form of marketing for your business. That is the reason you must make it a point to opt for it in addition to other marketing techniques that you are adopting. Printing business marketing pieces like flyers, brochures, and catalogs won’t cost a lot of money as compared to other conventional marketing techniques that companies use to promote their products and service.
  • Easy to get noticed – When it comes to choosing an every door direct mail template, you must pay special attention to the every door direct mail size and quality of the printed materials. It is advised that for this form of direct mail, you must print big postcards and flyers. Thus, you can make sure that your marketing pieces stand out among hundreds other in the mailbox of the customers. For instance, you must make big impact with your automotive direct mail pieces that will attract the attention of the prospective customers and will give you an extra edge over your competitors in gaining clients.
  • No postage or permits needed– When it comes to sending every door direct mail pieces to your prospective customers, you need no postage or permits. As compared to other direct mail examples that require you to have an active postal permit for which you need to pay a cost, eddm does not need any type of postal permits. USPS is a reputed direct mail company. If you are opting for eddm USPS service, you can avail the special Indicia permit of USPS eddm that you can add directly to the designs of your mailer. The special permit of eddm USPS will also help you manage your mails by separating the mass of ‘circulars’ that you may not be very fond of. It is advised that you must opt for USPS direct mail service. With the premium USPS eddm tool and best quality printing from a high class every door direct mail printer, you can easily attract the eyes of the targeted customers.
  • Test the waters with short-run every door direct mail – Not all marketing approaches may be helpful for your business. If a form of direct mailing has succeeded for your competitors, it does not mean that it will click for your business too. So, you must be very particular about the marketing strategy you are choosing. It is advised that instead of an extensive direct marketing campaign at the beginning, you can start with short-run direct mailing strategy. For example, you can run a campaign where you distribute 1000 catalogs to a particular area per day. Once this form of marketing is successful, you can opt for other forms of direct marketing campaigns for the benefits of your business. Choose a suitable USPS eddm tool to ensure success in your endeavors.
  • No mailing lists, no addresses to be printed – Eddm campaigns utilize “simplified addressing” format where you do not have to print addresses or details of customers you’d send the marketing items to. In this form of marketing, you target the customers within a specific radius of area for example you can mark an area of 5 miles radius to distribute the pamphlets and catalogs containing information regarding your products and services. This will reduce the hassles otherwise involved in printing the names and addresses of individual customers. Thus, USPS direct mail campaigns take less time and bring results faster.
  • Direct mails works just right – You must remember that USPS every door direct mail advertising is the most effective form of marketing for your business. It works wonders in bringing a high return-on-investment. Direct mail statistics say that 3 out of 4 people check the contents of direct mail. That is the reason, it is the best way to attract prospective customers’ attention and engage them. This in turn will help you gain a lot of customers within a short period of time.


Types of companies or businesses that cheap eddm Postcards are suitable for

This form of marketing is specifically helpful for local retail businesses and organizations that rely a great deal on walk-in customers to the stores. If you run a business that depends on the volume of customers to grow, you must opt for USPS eddm retail marketing and advertising of your products and services. USPS every door direct mail is suitable for you too.

You need to analyze the ways in which your company or business can benefit from this EDDM marketing method by the USPS. Consult with the marketing team of your company on the ways your company can get benefitted and opt for USPS every door direct mail campaigns accordingly.

Pritning Every door direct mail Postcards has multi-faceted benefits

EDDM has a lot of advantages. While on one hand it brings in lot of customers to your business, on the other, it helps in reducing the overall marketing budget of a company. Given below is a short discussion of the ways you can use direct mail campaigns to the benefits of your business:


  • Target potential customers without even knowing their postal addresses. So, you do not need to maintain an address list for sending marketing materials to the target customers.
  • This form of marketing is effective for both local as well as national level marketing campaigns. So, if you are targeting potential customers near to your store or company, you can plan accordingly.
  • One of the best benefits of EDDM printing items and distributing those among both potential as well as existing clients is traffic building. With the right marketing efforts and plans you can direct many customers and clients to your stores or business. This in turn will increase sales.
  • Every company needs new customers to its list. Retaining customers is important too. Addition of new customers to the list will ensure the growth of your company. Moreover, it is also important for a company to retain the existing customers. So, making a robust plan to market and advertise your goods and products is very important.
  • You must remember that eddm has a better ROI than many other conventional forms of marketing that a company employs. It reduces mail preparation costs and the hassles of maintaining a database of customer details.


So, what are you waiting for? You must place an order with for the printing of EDDM tools like postcards, brochures, catalogs, and flyers. Service for every door direct mail, USPS is providing should be chosen after thorough research and comparison.

All That You Need To Know About EDDM

What is Every Door Direct Mail?

EDDM or Every Door Direct Mail is a mainly a program that has been initiated by the U.S. Postal Service. The program has been created so that direct mail becomes cheaper and easily accessible specifically for the small business ventures. There various benefits of Every Door Direct Mail. The primary benefit is that the need for the mailing list and the permit as well as the postage is reduce to a great extent. The cost of it is half the price of the postage stamp and that is unbelievable.

If you use Every Door Direct Mail you will be able to choose your carrier routes where you require a saturated mailing service and then the USPS direct mail supplies the mails to all the address or the delivery centers within the routes that you have chosen. There is one thing that the Every Door Direct Mail does not support and that is you will not be able to include the mailing address or the address of the recipient. There is a reason behind it, that being the address is not printed on the mail. There are mailers who prepare the mail and then drop it off at the specified and designated post office to initiate the delivery.

The thing is this type of mailing has been there for many years but it had a different name. Previously it was called the carrier route mailing. There is only one difference between carrier route mailing and Every Door Direct Mailing and that is that the piece has to be of a specific size. The post office is taking initiative to brand this new and innovative product and is spending a hefty amount of money advertising it too.

Every Door Direct Mailing helps the business to mail to each and every home a particular area or may be a zip code at a very cheap rate. Business cannot avail such cheap mailing otherwise and this helps them to a great extent. The mail size has to be absolutely specific and you will have to follow the exact guidelines that have been laid down by the Every Door Direct Mail USPS so that you are able to format the mail piece, pull up the list of mail and then prepare all the mail and deliver it to the post office. The US postal service every door direct has made sure that they lay down the guideline in such a way that it is easily conceived by the owners of the business like you. This was basically done so that you do not have to take effort in delivering the mail to different places. It is so just so easy if you use Every Door Direct Mailing. Even if you will be able to do it yourself it will take up a considerable amount of time. There are printers that will mail your Every Door Direct Mailing and the mail house who will take over all your work. This is a huge advantage. Moreover, ot also saves the additional sum of money that you waste doing it by yourself.

This mailing service has become very popular with the companies. The reason is purely because service provides immense benefits that each of these service offer to the marketing activities of all the companies. The cheap Every Door Direct Mail marketing allows the companies to apply several techniques of marketing to deliver the message to the customers. You can use letters but other than that you can also use flyers, menus and brochures.

Reasons to Use Direct Door Mail

Specific Target: There is an updated mailing list that helps you to reach out to your crowd who use your products and services and is eagerly waiting for the same. You can narrow down your list and then send out the message that you want only to the potential customers.

Measurable and Reasonable: With the advance art technology the printing quality is becoming better with time. This is also reducing the overall cost to a lot of extent. Moreover the service provider give out the services a very competitive price which means that this is a budget friendly way which can benefit even the small scale business. This is not all you can also keep a track of the mail that is being generated. You can also take a look at the profit that you have made and how effective this product has been in creating interest in the products and the services.

Personal Touch: You can receive higher response through the Every Door Direct Mail mailing service. This is because when the customers receive a letter that begins by addressing them as “Dear Sir” or “Dear Ma’am” then the mail secures more importance. You can take the assistance from the variable data technology and add the name from the database to the letter so that the receiver of the letter is made to important. You have to agree that this is much better than sending out a mail that says “To Whom It May Concern.”

Specific: At present most of the customer receiver their bills and other advertising mails through this service. We have left behind us the days of “snail mail”. So if you send a direct mail post cards it will get easily noticed by the customers among all other trivial mails that your customers receive in the present times.

Physical: There is another very distinct advantage of using direct mail. Every Door Direct Mail has the benefit of a hardcopy that your customers can keep and read it thoroughly and then refer to the letter if by chance they need it. Take this opportunity and make a mail that is beautiful to look at and something that the customers would be willing to put it on display instead of throwing it away into the trash can. This will lead them to take a look at intermittently.

Creates a Brand Name: Each and every time you take the initiative to send out a mail you make sure that more and more people get to know about your products and services. If you create a mail with all the specific details with particularly chosen words and then custom design the mail by choosing from the extensive range of colors and modern graphics, you will be able to create the desired first impression customers.

Others: Direct mail is particularly useful for vertical markets. This is because over here it is much more convenient to rent out a secured mailing list and reach out to the customers to offer the various products and services that have been designed for the particular industry to a potential group of customers. Another reason the seller tend to be inclined towards the direct mail is because they are able to earn the entire subscriber list for members of the club and also the business journals. The problem is these people do not prefer being on the email list. Businesses that seek to reach out to the people have to integrate the printed materials of mailing along with the other campaigns of mailing.

Some of the Facts from the Industry

The industry has displayed that the tremendous increase in the spam filtering generates loads of problems when about twenty five percent of the mails from the unspecified senders get blocked in the process. The business that is delivering the mails do not check the whether any of the mailing address have missed out on receiving the mail. None of the server sends out any kind of mail saying that was message that was send has been blocked by the spam filter and hence has not been delivered to the customer. Even the customers are not notified as to which mails have gone into the spam folder just because the transmission details show them that message has been delivered.

The rate of postal and e-mail is very high. In case of both of these deliveries you have to pay only for the quantity that is supplied but in case of emails you do not know which one your message is getting blocked by the spam filters and henceforth the recipient does not get to see it at all.

Successful businessmen are of the view that the both the online marketing and the traditional postal mail has to be combined to receive the best from both of these. Most importantly, the young generation who are growing up during the time when internet is so prevalent, is quite prone to adapt to communicate through the emails than all other things. They might not even be interested in knowing the list of the entire industry, printing and the distribution of the postal mails.

Another way to ensure greater lead generation, cross selling tools, and the customer-trader bond is to send out newsletters. The best part about the newsletters is that they reach out to the recipient first and do not lie scattered in the office mailrooms neglected like the brochures. Moreover, the newsletters are very informative and are not just some kind of mailer advertising manual. People will take them and read them to look for all the success stories, all the requisite information about the product and all the relevant piece of information about the industry. If you send them to the journalists and the producers so that they are covered in the articles then it is a very useful tool for the PR.

Easy Direct Mail Advertising

The fact is you should be using the advertising direct mail in order to get your business promoted to an extensive consumer base. If you do not use the very door direct mail programs then you are sure to lose on loads of potential customers that you could have easily attracted to your business. But it is being noticed that the people have come to realize the direct mail is a boon for all the activities of marketing be it any company big or small.

This is a relatively new technique but there is no doubt about its usefulness in the advertisement of the company. You will be able to improve the marketing activities by a specific margin by taking the help of this tool. Most of the companies have come to understand this and is making use of this to market their products and services.

Mailing list is has gained the same importance as the postcards direct mail programs. If you do not have a good mailing list then you will not have the sales that you have desired to have. This is something that you do not have to worry about in case of direct door mailing. You will also reduce the expense behind this to a considerable extent. This basically means that you are increasing the profit margin by applying this technique. In fact mailing becomes so much more hassle free.

Designing the Mailing Pieces for the Programs of Every Door Direct Mailing

It is quite certain that if you include direct door mail program in your business then you it will become more convenient for you to market your company to a huge portion of general population. Neither does money nor does it require any kind of effort on your part to bring in more customers in your business to augment it.

If you have small business like a small outlet of a restaurant or a shop then you will be able to market at a very low cost to the neighborhood without much effort. You can just be tension free. However, it is very important to see to it that they have designed the pieces of the mail correctly in order to get the maximum benefits through the direct door mail.

How to Get the Appropriate Marketing Mails?

The mails that are distributed to the customers are mainly based on the business that your company is supposedly dealing with. Like for example, you will be able to send out coupons, vouchers, postcards and even letters to the people living in the locality.

Bigger is Always Better:

Through ups mailing services you will be able to send bigger mails to send to the customers. There is flexibility in the limit of the size. If you make use of a larger size of the mail you are immediately ensuring that your mail stands out from the other mails. This is not all. You also get enough space to make sure that you include all the different kinds of information about your business and items and the offers that it makes available to you.

Attracting Attention:  

The message that you are sending out for the purpose of marketing direct mail should always be vibrant and overtly attractive. In case you miss out this then there is now way in which you will be able to take the action that is required to be taken.

Simplicity Matters:

You have to keep it in mind all the time that simplicity is important. Many a times it so happens that while you are paying attention to make the direct marketing service mails interesting and attractive, you forget that it has to be simple too. The marketing messages just go over the board with the design to be implemented and information to be included that it ends up becoming too clumsy. And that should be avoided at all costs. You tend to forget that simplicity is always more attractive for the customers. They have a tendency to overlook the mails in case it is cluttered because they fail to find out the information that is important for them.

How Does Small Business Benefit From Using Every Direct Door Mail?

You can benefit a lot if you implement these marketing strategies in turn promote your company. But the maximum benefit is enjoyed by the companies that are still small. The small companies will make the most of targeting the capabilities of the direct door mail programs to grab hold of the customers that are present in their areas.

You might have noticed that people tend to trust the companies to cater to their desires and needs that are within the area that they live in. People do not like travelling greater distances to get the things that they require. They expect it to be available within their proximity. That is the reason you should make sure that you target customers who are living in the area near your business. All the direct door campaigns give you privilege to conduct all such campaigns at a very low cost.

Nonetheless, it is not that bigger companies cannot make use of it at all. All they have to do is make sure that the program is being implemented in a proper manner.

The Every Direct Mail Post Card Sizes

The postcards that are approved by the every direct door mailing have certain rules about the biggest and the smallest postcard size. Though there are many direct mail sizes that will quality yet there are some particular guidelines that to ensure the different postcard sizes for direct mail of every direct door mailing program.

If you have to follow the direct mail postcards sized then you have make it certain that the piece is absolutely taller than 6.124 inches and longer than 11.5 inches and also smaller than 12 inches x 15 inches. This means that you will have an overwhelming variety of usps sizes.

The Benefits of Direct Door Mailing Program

Once you have used this marketing strategy you will realize that no other company will be able to give you the benefits that is being provided by this. It will allow your company to reach out to all the houses in a certain postal route. You do not even have to know the name of each of the owners and the address of the each of these houses when you will be sending out the mail. Here are some advantages that you will receive in case you take the help of direct door mailing for the marketing purpose.

No Need for Postage Permit

When you are trying to plan a marketing campaign via a mail, you always have to pay a certain amount of money every year in order to secure the postal permit that you will send out to the customers through the mails. Not just this, you will also have to pay for each of the mail that you are sending to the potential customers. Meaning that you are sending a bulk of marketing mails through put the whole year and that in turn means that you are actually paying a significant amount of money to the postal agency. The prices of these can be quite a loss for the business.

This is something that can be eliminated by the direct door mailing program. If you use this you will not require a postal permit at all. You will not have to spend a single penny in securing the permit and sending the entire range of information with the help of the mail.

Elimination of the Mailing List

Another very significant source of expense when you are managing a direct mail marketing program is the mailing list.  In order to purchase or to rent the direct mail list you always have to pay considerable amount of money. To top that if you want your mailing list to be segmented and curated to suit the kind of business that you do then you will have to spend even more to get what you want.

You will not have to worry about all these if you make use of direct door mailing. It ensures that you do have to rent or purchase a mailing list to send all the marketing information. All that you need to do in this direct mail program is to select a postal route where you want to deliver all your direct mail business information. The best part is that you will not even have to have to know the details of the person you are delivering the information to. Neither the address nor the names of each of the person who are living in those areas are needed. The postal agency will take care of all your mails for you and you will have nothing to be bothered about.

This kind of simplicity as well as affordability can be very helpful as it frees up all the resources that are valuable for the company.

Send Mail from Any Post Office You Want

You can always use other types of direct mail programs that are available to send out all your marketing mails. Nevertheless, in those cases you will have to have a good understanding of the entire system of mailing. You may come across the fact that eventually that you need the help of a specialized agency so that they simply the entire process of deliver all the marketing messages through the mails. Not just this, you will also have send the marketing mails in ample quantity which in turn will complicate the entire process.

This is not the case with direct door marketing. The process becomes simplified if you use this program. You will be able to send the mails for marketing purposes from any post office that you want. You can also make the transaction through the various types of methods.

Things that You Have to Do to Start a Marketing Campaign Through Every Direct Door Mail

Using of the direct door mail is very simple and poses no difficulty at all. While on the other hand if you have to create a good campaign of marketing then making use of the mailing program in the most effective way can be a very tricky thing. It is very essential that you divide the entire task in small steps so that you are able to develop the beneficial strategy for the every direct door mail marketing.

Selecting the Area:

The mailing routes where you want to send out all your marketing messages have to be very carefully selected. You surely do not want to splurge your money by appalling to all those customers who live in distant places unless you are managing a very renown business and your potential customers are ever ready to travel all the distance to purchase all the products and services that your business offers. You should go for the area that are local and is very close to the store that you own. This will be very convenient for the customers to avail your services.

The list of all the routes that are available can easily be checked through the internet on the official website of the postal agency. There are a lot of filters that ensure that you look into the extremely specific geographical places. Then you have to take a look at the mailing routes where you want to distribute your mails to. By doing this you will be able to determine the exact number of postcards and several other marketing materials that you will have to postcard print and mail in order to reach out to all the people that are present within the chosen route.

Size of Marketing Material:

The guideline that has been laid down by the every door direct mail specifies that maximum dimension of the material that you will be able to send through the program. Take the help of this specification for your own benefit and then you will be able to print the largest size of the direct mail postcard that is available. This will mean that you mail will be the biggest one that the customer will receive in their mailboxes. As a result it is easier to grab the attention of the customers because people tend to take a notice of the large size mail quite easily.

Taking the Help of an Agency:

If you have to take out every possible benefit of the every direct door marketing program for you business, you will have to spend a significant amount of your time as well as effort on this. But there are ways by which you can avoid this hassle. You can hire an agency and then get rid of all the worries. After you hire the agency they will do all the work for you and you will not have to waste your time on it. The only thing that you have to worry about is that agency is a good one. You will notice that an experienced and good agency will be able to ensure that each and project of Every Door Direct Mail marketing is handled with utmost care and that there is perfection in the execution.

How to Hire a Direct Mail Marketing Agency?

If you wish to launch a marketing program that involves every direct door mail, you just have to hire a agency to ensure that you get the maximum benefit out of it. With time there has been an increase in the use of every direct door mail and this has propelled the number of agencies and companies that are offering these services. This direct mail company can prove to be of great help if you are trying to develop a direct marketing campaign that will bring about huge success to your company.

The benefit that you will receive from a marketing agency is a significant one. You can identify all the potential customers of your business by taking the help of these agencies. They will also provide you with the guidelines to create the appropriate marketing materials that will give you the best possible return to your business. The most stunning fact is that some of the agencies might even go to the extent of creating as well as executing the whole direct mail program by themselves only if you ask them to do so.

The Major Goals of Your Every Direct Door Mail Program

The every direct door marketing should be used for certain goals. These goals and aims that have been set for the campaign have to be stated prior to commencing the project. It will also assist you in determining the success of the very direct mail marketing.

Generates Calls:

The primary objective of the marketing campaign is to generate phone calls. If you ask your customers to keep calling you will be able to increase your sale. You can ask your customers to call you back any time on the number. Most of the customers will call you back for sure. If not now then they surely call you back later. Once your customers call you back you can turn their interest into a sale. The easiest way by which you can make sure that your customers call you back is by offering them something absolutely free of cost but only if they make the phone call. The mail that you send will give you an opportunity to increase the sale.

Augmenting Brand Awareness:

The cheapest direct mail program that is used to market the business is the most appropriate way to create a brand image for your business. You can take the initiative of sending out marketing mails to all the customers from time to time. This means that customers will read the mails frequently and will not forget your company. They will be reminded of your company when to go to purchase that are similar to the products that your company offers. It is very important to maintain the brand image for the success of the company.

Immediate Opportunity for Sales:

You should perform a research on all the customers of your business to find out all about their needs and wants. If you are able to give to the customers all that they need and desires to posses then you will be able off your products almost immediately. Take the help of the information that you get from the research to specifically design the offer that are there inside your marketing mails ands to make sure that calls that have been made have been done in a proper way. Once the customers get to know about the offers you will immediately see a rise in your sales.

Creating the Relationships with the Customers:

You have the capability by which you will be able to characterize each and every mail in regard to the customers. This will obviously not be fulfilled only within a few rounds of your mails. It takes time and thus, you have to be patient and wait for it. You have to send all the direct door marketing mails to the prospective customers on a regular basis so that it gives you the opportunity to cultivate a very good relationship with all your customers.

The Restrictions of Every Direct Door Mail

Every Door Direct Mail marketing has some great advantages but the mailers have to see that they follow the guidelines that have been provided to them. If they do not abide by the guidelines the postal office service will make sure that they do not send the mail to the customers. The mail has to be of certain size and of certain quantity. If you take care of the measures that have been laid down then you have to worry about nothing else. Like, you have to see to it that sends out at least two hundred pieces of mail every day. The maximum limit on the number of mails that you send to the customers is cheap postcards 5000.

Ways by Which You Can Save Money on Direct Mail Marketing

Companies have been using direct mail to reach out to their customers for more than a century now. Fortunately enough like all other platforms of advertisement like the radio and TV this has not yet been crumbled by the internet. The power is direct mail to the customers who have the potential to but the product is truly undeniable. But many small business owners get worried about the high direct mail cost of entry that is involved when you compare it to the price of the coupon books.

In case you plan to use the campaign of direct mail you will see that the cost of direct mail campaign that is involved in this is quite manageable and not to forget the return on the investment is also quite high. Here are five tips by which you will be able to save some money on the every direct door mail cost.

Reuse the Templates that You Use: You do not have to start from the beginning every time you design a every door direct mail template instead just create some templates. A template can be of two types it can either be complete of artwork that will have areas to make all the minor changes that are required or a structured mockup. You take make up something where there will be all the information of the contacts as well as the branding that is already present in the document. And every time you use it to print it or for online use, you will just have to change the dates and the promotions.

It can be a very simple layout devoid of any kind 0f complications and much content. While on the other hand the template can also be used as a complete work of marketing that only requires some simple changes that is but done by a professional designer. If you keep a some templates in hand you ensure to make the marketing more convenient and also save some considerable amount of money.

Print Several at Once and mail Regularly: Instead of printing small volume every time for each and every mail, you should print something that can be reused. If not that then you have to plenty of them at once. You will be able to save a huge amount of money if you print in bulk. Some mail house or the printers might not even charge you for storing the extra amount that you have printed. In this manner instead of paying high prices for minute printing jobs, you save a lot by purchasing the print in ample quantity.

Send More Mails: Instead of using direct mail mailing list you can use the every direct door mail marketing for a larger need for marketing. In order to reach out to the location you have to make use of Every Doors Direct Mail. It is quite competent in reaching out to the location that you desire without much expenditure. You will not have to spend on the lists, physical stamps or even costly labels. Direct mail marketing services pieces are brought to the local post offices directly.

This is not the end. In case you have a small business and it has a standard mail permit or is already using a service then you will be able to get better discounts by directly using the USPS shipping services. This is a very remarkable marketing tool especially for those businesses that keep the desire of reaching out to the areas and not much aware of the demographics that are available. Car dealerships, restaurants, grocery stores, and the retail stores use this because then they will be able to target the neighborhood at a very low cost. Most importantly it will narrow down the mailing list with all the refined demographics and characteristics. The list that you get might be a small one but at least you will not do the mistake of sending mails to those who are not likely to buy your product. Only the best of the leads is entitled to receive the postcards. The best part is you will be saving a lot by only grabbing the attention of the appropriate customers.

Do Not Forget Your Existing Customers: The customers that you have procured previously and all the existing clients that you have are the greatest source of selling more and more products by selling off the same products time and again and then upgrading the services that you provide. Even if you do not believe it is a proven fact that most of the time the customers do not go back to you is not because your business is small but because they tend to forget very easily. By sending direct mail you will be able to send letters, brochures and direct mailing postcards to all your existing customers that will help you establish your loyalty with the customers.

Things that You Need to Consider Fort Every Direct Door Mail Program                           

Here is the list of the seven things that you need to consider when you are selecting the Every Direct Door Mail:

Why should you do it?

The reason that you should use is because it is very cheap. The postage is now available at the price of 14.9 cents.

Why you should not do it?

The one thing that you need to keep in mind in case of every direct door mail program is that this is not appropriate for all kinds of business. In case you seeking a target market and splurge ample amount of money on the every direct door mailing program then be sure that your money is going for waste.

What kind of business is it good for?

This is useful for only those kinds of business where everybody will be able to use to use your product and has a need for it.

What kind of is it would not be good for?

If you have a business that looks forward to target only a certain section of the population or if a particular part of the population requires your services then you this every direct door mailing program is not the thing for you. It will lead you to waste more money than generating interests and the desired response from the customers that you have.

What are the primary rules of Every Door Direct Mail?

There are three basic rules of every direct door mail. Firstly every door has to receive a mail. Secondly, it should not exceed the limit of 5,000 that has been set for per day. And lastly, the mail has to be of a legal postcard size.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of it?

In case you have the need to cater to all the people of the market then every direct door mailing program is just the right thing for you. The main advantage being you willnot require a permit if you stay within the rules.

Should you take the help of a professional?

There are things that you have to consider for this. The first thing that you have to ask yourself is whether you have the required skill to do this. In case you are very good at designing and the layout, have a good printer and if you do not take it as a headache in identifying with the neighborhoods then you are all set. You do not have to bother and can take the task up on yourself. But you should always take care of the direct mail sizes.

But there is another thing that you need to consider is that whether you are too busy to do the work. If you are too busy and do not have the time needed to do this then you have to hire a professional. Also if you do not have the requisite skill you should h8ire someone to do your job.

The Types of Business that Works the Best with Every Direct Door Mail Services

The main purpose of every door direct mail is to make sure that small business are able to send out all the offline servicing materials that is needed to increase the public awareness and establish a strong brand name. Here is a list of the names of business that will derive great advantage from investing in the every direct door mail.


Even if the city not very crowded it is very likely that the restaurants of a particular area will face competition from other restaurants that are present in the area. Having a good location for the restaurant obviously has a huge advantage. But if you rely only on the location it will not ensure the influx of people in your restaurant. The owners of the restaurants need to yell just to reach out to the public. The most effective and cheap way to do that is to take the help of every direct door mail. To top that if you send out postcard to your neighborhood with all the tempting foods and coupons of discount attached along with it then you are sure to help you restaurant get the required lot of the customers.

Try and focus on the unique most aspect that you provide in your restaurant and add it in the marketing mails. Like, if your restaurant is a cozy places for couples and if you see that there are no restaurants in that area that provide the same kind facility then you can easily this selling point of your restaurant.

Moreover, you can also send out the entire menu of the restaurant to your customers through every door direct mail program and inform them about the dishes that they will be able to savor when they pay a visit to your restaurant. The customers who want to visit your restaurant can examine the menu and decide what they want prior to their visit. Whenever they crave for a certain dish that your restaurant offers they will know where they have to visit to get it. in case you have a take-out service, then the menu that you have mailed will be of great help to the customers.

The menus should be sent out to the customers on a regular basis. If ever you have changes in the menu like adding new dishes or changing the previous pricing of any dishes then you should send out a new set of mails that will declare the changes. Again, you can also send mails for the seasonal changes that you make in your restaurant.

Automotive Industry:

This industry can make great use of the every door direct mail program in a very efficient way. people who own cars enjoy it when they receive a mail from their from the automotive industry all the time. In fact, it has been noticed that quite an extensive number of people who own cars give their response to the mails that they receive from the automotive industry.

If you have business that is related to the automotive industry then you should not even think twice before making use of the every door direct mailing program for that. This type o0f marketing campaign is very cheap and highly cost effective. You can make modif8ication in the entire program so that it is suitable for your budget limit.

You can make use of the every door direct mail very easily all because of the decrease in the price of postcard printing and mailing that is associated with ordering marketing pieces in bulk. You might also get some discounts on the mail program if only you are sending mails to a huge range of customers.

The return that you will get by making investment on the cheap postcard printing and mailing program is absolutely sizeable. In case you have made sure that that every door direct mailing program have been quite effective then yo0u will get loads of response which in turn will pay for the investment that has been made and also add to the profit that you make from the restaurant.

You can make use of the every door direct mail program for a variety of purposes. You will be able to inform the customers about all the new cars and the parts of the cars that have been launched. You take the help of every door direct mail and inform the customers that they have to get their car serviced. All types of inventory updates can also be sent through the direct mail service providers.

Home Improvement Business:

Every direct door mail program is very convenient for the home improvement business too. People have a tendency to ignore the needs that are not so urgent saying that it can be done later. Like for example, carpet cleaning. We just tend to put it off all the time. Most of you might be tired of spending time on cleaning the house but they would not do anything about it to change it. A basic postcard detailing for the home improvement business can have extraordinary results. It reminds the people of the needs that they have ignored for a long time and should not ignore any further. It also has the capability to make the housewives realize that they need to take some action and consider that which that had previously overlooked like taking the help of the cleaning services.

Dentistry Clinic:

It is very difficult to associate the doctors with some kind of business. The primary thing is that the dentists face a very strong competition to secure the patients. In order to get the customer base that is needed at the beginning they will have to work on promoting the services that they offer and the clinic too to the customers. And not to mention, every direct door mail works very well for this. It gives the dentist the opportunity to supply brochures or cheap direct mail postcards with all the discounts that they can afford to influence the people of their choice in the local neighborhood. They can give out advertisements like free ‘whitening on the first visit’. There is another thing that you can do. You can offer insurance options as well as flexible financing. It might help them in augmenting the loyalty of the exiting patients by sending them some kind of appreciation like in the form of a calendar or diary.

Spa and Beauty Salon:

Like the restaurants of the city the beauty and spa salons also face robust amount of competition as a result of which they are unable to attract customers. Every direct door mail can help you gain the interest of the customer. If you send out all the branded brochures with all kinds of discount coupons that will stir an interest in the local customers about all the services that it offers.

Dry Cleaners:

When people look for dry cleaners they always try to look for local dry cleaners and they look for places that are absolutely close to them. Until and unless they have been encouraged to go for some other company previously they will try looking for a local one. In that case if you own a dry cleaning service then every door direct mail campaign will enable you to send out all the promotional materials that you want to along with the coupons.


There are some seasonal businesses like business that are dealing with taxes often tend to have a very short life of interest. In such cases it is very essential that they optimize the efforts of their communication with the customers to grab as many customers as possible towards their business. Every door direct mail campaign help them to reach out to the customers and then fulfill their goals in a tangent but an effective way.


You may own a business that is not much well-known. Like, for example chiropractic. These kind of businesses have a great opportunity to gain some kind of popularity by distributing all their materials through every door direct mail. Like, it has been mentioned earlier, that people tend to forget about things unless and until they are reminded about it. They also need to be introduced to some of the services that you offer before they decide to obtain it.


Non-profit organizations like the churches might not fit into the category of the general business. But, they always have the need to highlight the events that they are planning to have and this means that they are a suitable candidate for the every door direct mail campaign. When they use every door direct mail campaign they will be able to have postage at a low rate of 0.079 for each of the piece.

Fitness and Gyms:

 In most of the areas you will come across one or two gyms at the least. Question is how the owner attracts the customers for their business. The most successful strategy to receive customers would be to send information about your gym through the every direct door mail program. You can also attract them towards your gym by offering them extra facilities. Like, you can send mails informing them that “get in and get your first workout for free”. This can be very conveniently with the help of every door direct mail campaign. What’s more interesting is that the gym can also send out information regarding any invitations that they are holding in the gym like some kind of dance program.

Guidelines that You Need To Follow for Every Door Direct Mailer Design

These are the time as well as money saving tool that gives you the opportunity to take under your blanket the entire area or the zip code within your advertising campaign. There are some printers that give you the facility of one stop every door direct mailing service where you will be able to get your mails designed, printed and also sent to the customers through the same service.

You will generally get two options for the every door direct mailing. One is every door direct mail retail and the other is plain every door direct mail. Among these two the every door direct mail is the most efficacious one just because it is more cost effective and simple when compared to the other one. When you are getting your every door direct mail from the every door direct mail retail service then you have to see to it that you maintain the important and definite guidelines for the design of your mail. The guidelines have been listed below:

Place the Whole Mail label over the top portion of the mail piece:

When you are placing a mailing label on the design of your every door direct mail you should ensure that the label has been placed over the top of the thing. If the mailer is oriented to the vertically to the mail then the label being placed on the mail is easy to locate. In case the mailer is oriented to the horizontally then you should make sure that you place the label on the shortest end of the mail. The orientation of the mail whether it has been aligned on the short end of the piece or not does not matter at all.

Ensure that the label is accepted by every direct door mail: In order to deliver the mail as the every door direct mail it is very necessary that you use the words Local Postal Customers to make sure that you mail is delivered to all the residential addresses as well as business customers. Each and every mail should also have letters like “ECRWSS” written either in the area where there is the addressor within it, it can also be placed under the permit of every door direct mail indicia.

Ensure that your design is of the correct size: There are some guidelines that needs to be followed for the every door direct mail that has to be met before it is send out to the potential customers like a flat mail piece.

The three of the most popular sizing options for every direct door mail is normal of 6.5 inches x 9 inches, this is the minimum postcard size oversized postcards of 8.5 inches x 11 inches and tri-fold menus of 4.25 inches x 14 inches. These are not the only size that are available, though. If you have a specific design in your mind then you can contact the retailers and take their help and get the apt USPS postcard sizes.

Check all the corners: The mail that you are sending must be having a rectangular shape and thus, it will be having square corners for sure. These square corners will not be exceeding the limit of 1/8 inch in its radius. If this is not maintained then the shape of the mailer will be considered round and you will no longer be having a rectangular mail.

Slim and Fat: When you are sending out every door direct mail you should see to it that your mail does not weigh more than 3.3 ounces. Do not worry you will not have to do this all by yourself. To receive some crazy and cost effective pricing you should pass on the responsibility to the printer that you trust to design, print and mail postcards to all the every door direct mail without you having to move even an inch from you place. After that all you have to do is to select the list of addresses in a zip code that you want and then send about five thousand mails every day.

How to determine if every door direct mail campaign is right for your business?

This powerful and affordable service has become so popular that every business is looking forward to it. You literally get into Every Door of the geographical location but there are some questions in the mind of many people where they are seeking some help. They are not being able to determine the way they should go about every door direct mail to get the apt response from the market. Here are some facts that you need to know that will help you determine whether it is the right service for you.

You will have an upper hand in deciding whether you want whether or not you want your mails to be delivered to the Post Office boxes as well as the mail routes. In fact your every door direct mail will saturate each and every customers that present within the range of the carrier eddm route and this may also include the delivery to the businesses. Be as it may, you will not be able to send to business just like that.

When you are deciding about the carrier routes you need to make sure that you are making your choice carefully and wisely. When you are sending out mail through this system you must make sure that you mail each and every home that is there in the usps delivery routes. So, it is important that you analyze the market and then determine the budget that you want to set for the same. If for example the carrier route that you have chosen has thousand times in it then you have to make sure that you give each of them a mail. It has been seen that in a carrier route there are two hundred and fifty to five hundred on an average. When you are suing a carrier route selection tool that has been provided by the united states postal service every door direct mail it is always advice-able to deselect all in the beginning when you are on that screen because then it will not pick up all the us zip code that are available. Then taking your budget into consideration you can select the carrier routes in the market along with the number of homes where you can send in your every door direct mail without being uncomfortable.

Though this is the most affordable mailing option for most of the business owners yet you should not forget that this is direct marketing. So, if you have money to send mail to a particular area only once then it is very likely that you will not be able to pick up the results that you want. There is rule called the 3-7-27 rule. According to that it takes three impressions for someone to recognize you and your name, seven impressions to associate you with your business and twenty impression to become the top brand name in the minds of the customers. So it is better than you send out the same mail several times in order to build up the awareness and the trust.

You will have to include a form within the mail so that it is able to recognize the carrier routes and the number of homes that area their within the carrier routes. It is a form that is maintained by the government. And if the take the help of agencies then they will do all the work for you including filling up the form. So, that you do not have to worry at all.

The mailers that you send have been bundled in a group of hundred and there is a facing slip in each of this bundle. In case you are targeting to send postal service mail to the customers outside the city you need to make sure that use Priority mail so that your every door direct ailing is sent to the post office that is close to that area. This is extremely helpful if you are working along with the investors or the vacation properties.

How Much Time Does Every Door Direct Mail Actually Take?

This has been a smashing hit for the united states postal service offices. Business are sending in mails and saving huge amount of money. This is purely beneficial for the homeowners who want to enjoy the local offers. But the basic question is how much time does this process actually take to be delivered into the houses of the people?

Mainly, it is the design process that consumes most of the time. Being it customizing the template or starting the design from the very beginning, the aspect facet of the every door direct mail campaign is very essential for the mail to be successful.

The design of the mail that is being sent is very important and that to in a several way. It is the main tools that help in selling all your things to your customers. It is the one that represents your company and also the one that showcases the products and services of your company. If you make this your top priority in the process of your mail you be sure that you will have a mail that is very attractive and rewarding at the same time. This will help you to draw in more leads and convert it into sales.

Targeting your mail may take some amount of your time. While you mail advertising you must make sure that you find out the areas that will respond the best to your services. If you are targeting these areas you will be able to generate the required interest along with a sumptuous amount of sales. Aiming for the appropriate kind of customers is very crucial for the developing the business with the every door direct mail. You will be able to target very easily the moment you know exactly where you will have to mail.

You choose the routes and after it has been chosen it is the time for the males to printed and shipped. The printing of the mails and then shipping to the allocated local post office will take up about one week or one and a half week.

This is the time that the company that is taking care of your mailing will make use of your carrier route maps to generate an automated documents for the mails that you will send. This automated system makes sure that there is no mistake in the system and in case they find it out they will find it out and rectify it. It is always a smart and effective option to print the turnkey and then the mail provider will do all the work for you.

Once the mails are delivered to the post office it only takes some days to reach out to the address. By then you should be starting to expect the inflow of the customers, calls, leads and clicks. This is the best type of direct marketing and it will increase you sales if you use it in a proper way.

How is Every Door Direct Mailing Different from the Targeted Mailing?

Every door direct mailing is preferred because it makes the mailing process easy but that does not necessarily mean that it is suitable for every purpose. In order to help you with the decision of choosing between every door direct mailing and other forms of direct mails options that are available. Here is something that will make you see the situations where every door direct mail is useful and the situations where you will better results by using other direct mailing services.

When Does Every Door Direct Mail Make Sense?

Here are some ways by which the every door direct mailing can be used. For example you have a government agency like a fire agency or a local library. If you want to inform the people about a certain program or an initiative like the reminders about the installation of the smoke detectors in the homes of the residents and the calendar of the upcoming dates. In each of these cases it is more preferable for you to reach out to as many people as you can. So, every direct door mailing makes absolute sense if you want to mail to each of the address that is present in a particular zip code radius map or may be a geographical location and you have to buy mailing list by the zip code.

To start with this you have to select from the several coupon zip code templates and standard direct mail sizes that are available. After this you have to go online and then upload what you have and synchronize with your local printer. After the design has been decided the next step is to determine the routes that you trying to saturate with your mail pieces. After this all you have to do is to take the mail and the paperwork in to the post office near you and in most of the cases it is delivered to your customers in the very next day.

When Does a Targeted Mail Make Sense?

What will do when you do not require an entire area or neighborhood with the help of your mail? The primary fact is that every door direct mail flyers is not the appropriate for every situation. In case you are trying to reach out to a specific kind of customers every door direct mailing will be a complete waste of your time, paper as well as money.

Like, if you have a boutique and you are targeting the middle aged females it will be a smart option if you take out time and then make list of the all the high income households that have women who shop the items that you produce. If you mail each and every one of the households that is located within a specific zip code you might not be able to generate the exact amount of sales that you want. This is because there will be many recipients who will not be interested in the services that you are offering. In case like this you should develop a target mailing list by zip code. You can even take the initiative of personalizing the postcard direct mail with the name of the recipient. You can then send the mail to your target customers with an eye capturing postcard that has been designed especially to grab the attention of the customers.

Direct mail services are different from each other and before you begin with it, it is very essential to consider the people that you want to reach out to and which is the best way buy which you can achieve that.

All these make it evident that every door direct mail is apt for small and medium size companies who want high visible and affordable methods to mail out advertising to all those areas and neighborhoods that you are targeting for your business. If you want to mail postcards, coupons and flyer direct door marketing is here for you. You can also avail the opportunity of online postcard printing and mailing.




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