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8A easy and cost effective marketing strategy!

A postcard flyer has changed a lot, for the last couple of years, as it was originally created as a rectangular piece of pre-printed thick paper or thin cardboard with the intention of later being written and mailed without the need of an envelope as usual for mailing all the other type of flyer. Other shapes rather than the 4” x 6” had been also seen since all time and also in another sort of paper or thin wood as seen in the postcard printing section of Wikipedia.

Postcards are among the most used promotional materials for several reasons – they don’t require envelopes to be mailed to potential clients, stamps can be printed directly on them, and they look professional. Our postcard printing allows you to:


  • Choose among various postcard sizes
  • Choose the quantity of postcards needed
  • Choose different shape/style options
  • Benefit from a fast turnaround time




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What is the most popular Postcard size and why?

If we are about to talk about a popular size for our flyer printing product, we need to go straight ahead to the standard and classic 4”x6” size, which is the bestselling size and favorite size for our postcards.

We will introduce you to some of the reason why the 4” x 6” is most choosen by our loyal customers:

  1. Economy: With this size being the 2nd smaller postcard available in our list out of a total of 28 postcard sizes that makes this size much cheaper and less expensive than the rest of the possible selection. Many times customers are looking more for savings rather than a bigger promotion or flyer. Also, as this is one of our best selling products as of 2015, this high printing volume has allowed us the possibility to run these postcard orders with a lot more flexibility and saving hours and expensive materials that are not needed if you get to print a good amount of orders of the same style of postcard at the same time. Good example of this are the printing plates (color separation process) that consist in creating the actual grid for every main color (CMYK) which are needed 4 units (1 per every color) on most of our postcard print run.
  2. Practically: Smaller than 4” x 6” might get confused with a business card, and if its bigger, it might not feet on a pocket or any other ready to carry wallet, so this size keeps it easy to carry in your hand or to squeeze in within one of your pant, shirt or wallet pocket. If you bend the 4” x 6” in case of hurry, it automatically falls into 4” x 3” which will make space on any place you want to introduce the flyer at that particular time.
  3. Visual Recognition: As we have seen postcards on every postage or tour store, we always denote that the size of these mailing pieces are all standard to 4” x 6”, which makes it easy to relate the mailing postcard with the custom made postcard made with us. If you have seen a postcard before, if you see another one with the exact same measurements, it will become familiar and people are more willing to read and pay attention to the message itself rather than just through the post card away.
  4. For Mailing: If you are printing flyers for mailing purposes, you may notice that the USPS encourage printers, designers and mailers to build their mailing campaign around this size, just because of the fact that they are already familiar with this type of postcard, if the USPS is mailing 1,000 postcards 4”x6” and within the list of flyers, they find yours (on a smaller size) it might even get lost (as It usually happens too) without any further explanation.
  5. Speed: As we receive many orders a day for this particular product, we fill in the pre-press process much more quickly, the way that it prints out faster than products that are not this popular. We also offer rush and next day turnaround services if you needed them faster, for this you must contact us first to make sure we can get your printed postcards done on time.


Download Guideline Templates For Postcards:

Regular Postcard

2" x 4"
2.75" x 8.5"
3" x 5"
3.5" x 5.5"
3.5" x 8.5"
4" x 4"
4" x 6" standard
4" x 9"
4" x 11"
4.25" x 5.5"
4.25" x 6"
4.25" x 11"
4.5" x 4.5"
4.5" x 6.5"
4.5" x 11"
5" x 5"
5" x 7"
5.5" x 8.5"
6" x 6"
6" x 8"
6" x 9"
6" x 11"
6.5" x 9" - (Front) - (Back / EDDM)
6.5" x 12" - (Front) - (Back / EDDM)
8" x 6.5" - (Front) - (Back / EDDM)
8" x 10" - (Front) - (Back / EDDM)
8.5" x 11" - (Front) - (Back / EDDM)
9" x 11" - (Front) - (Back / EDDM)
9" x 12"  - (Front) - (Back / EDDM)

Rounded Corner Postcards

2" x 4" (Round Corners)
2.75" x 8.5" (Round Corners)
3" x 5" (Round Corners)
3.5" x 5.5" (Round Corners)
3.5" x 8.5" (Round Corners)
4" x 4" (Round Corners)
4" x 6" standard size (Round Corners)
4" x 9" (Round Corners)
4" x 11" (Round Corners)
4.25" x 5.5" (Round Corners)
4.25" x 6" (Round Corners)
4.25" x 11" (Round Corners)
4.5" x 4.5" (Round Corners)
4.5" x 6.5" (Round Corners)
4.5" x 11" (Round Corners)
5" x 5" (Round Corners)
5" x 7" (Round Corners)
5.5" x 8.5" (Round Corners)
6" x 6" (Round Corners)
6" x 8" (Round Corners)
6" x 9" (Round Corners)
6" x 11" (Round Corners)
6.5" x 9" (Round Corners)
6.5" x 12" (Round Corners)
8" x 6.5" (Round Corners)
8" x 10" (Round Corners)
8.5" x 11" (Round Corners)
9" x 11" (Round Corners)
9" x 12" (Round Corners)




What our customers are saying:
Postcards printed by 55 Printing did a great job for my business. I’m impressed.
Robert Adiga, Massachusetts
I love using 55 Printing for all our printing requirements. They deliver and perform exceptionally high quality work. In case of a problem, and there are very, very few, these guys are right there to do a quick little fix. For several years now, they have been printing postcards for me, and I would not like to change them. Thanks, guys!
Danielle Joseph, LA
Many vendors have done postcard printing for me, but this one’s the best!
Rad Clish, New York

Why Are Postcards Important For Your Business?

There are a dozen reasons why postcards are one of the greatest business marketing tools. If you haven’t opted for custom postcard printing yet, it is highly advised that you must choose a color postcards printing company and place an order for bulk printing of such cards. Almost all businesses today have personalized postcards printed, which they use for communication with clients and customers. Printing postcards is the best way entrepreneurs can advertise their respective businesses to a large number of customers within a very short period of time. Let’s discuss a few or the reasons why postcard prints are important for your business…

Postcard Printing

Postcards are ever-ready

If you are looking for a marketing tool that instantly conveys messages to prospective customers and clients, postcards are the best. There is no need for the customers to open envelopes or any kind of packaging to get the advertising message. As there is nothing to open, the advertising messages printed on those cards are ready to be read. Unlike other forms of direct mail advertising, postcard advertising is easy and convenient. So, you mustn’t ignore the importance of business printing postcard for business marketing. These cards can promote your goods and services to the customers in one of the best possible manners.

Postcards are Appropriate for all businesses

Postcard marketing is suitable for almost any business. So, whether you are in the real estate business or in the business of manufacturing machine parts, you can market your services and products with the help of postcards. If you can build a strong but custom postcards printing strategy, these tools can result in “call to action” for the company. You can use business postcard printing to bring customers to your ecommerce website or to your online stores. As sales messages and information on the cards are provided in a precise and interesting manner, information never misses the eyes of the prospective customers.  You can even print and mail postcards for initiating donations for particular purposes. So, every company, whether big or small, can benefit from postcard marketing.

Cheap postcards printing, best alternative

One of the most cost-effective means of marketing products and services is printing color postcards. A Business card printing company like can provide you the best rates on postcards printing. Marketing with printed postcards is the best way to get a high ROI on your marketing endeavors. You have to spend a reasonable amount of money for getting a high return in the form of new customers and an increased sales number. Postcards can approach clients directly and can leave a long-lasting impact in their minds. That is the reason you should not ignore the importance of printing postcards for your business sales. Another reason that makes postcards great is the fact that inexpensive flyer  printing and mailing service s color postcards are inexpensive too. So, sending postcards to multiple customers and business partners will not lead to huge expenses. You can even print large postcards and design your postcards the way you like to be sent to customers and clients.

Serve as multi-purpose marketing tool

Postcards are not just pieces of paper to write letters. The tools are much more than that – they are multi-purpose marketing tools. On one hand you can print a postcard in place of a business card at events and seminars. So, exchange your business cards at an event you attend or a seminar you organize. Full color postcard printing can convey messages like a newly launched product, products that are on offers and any special social service your company is doing. That is the reason you can use postcards the way you want to use them for marketing. You can also put postcards inside a press kit for the journalists. Color postcards containing information about you company may provide the much-needed exposure for your products and services. They can also be a part of exhibition display.

  • Precise and strong message – Postcards are short, but precise tools for marketing. They are what customers are looking for – business information in the shortest and most powerful manner. Messages and designs used in business marketing should be highly engaging and penetrating. Prospective customers should be able to enjoy reading the information that is present on the postcards. In addition to that, as there is not much of printed letters and more images, checking postcards is convenient, easy, and preferable for almost all customers. You can print picture postcards on one side and leave the other side blank for customers to write messages and sent those again to their friends and loved ones. This way, brand names, taglines, and messages of your company can go viral. So, print color postcards to spread marketing messages far and wide.
  • Track results, do better research – you can print information related to discounts and offers going on in the store. You can distribute these cards and ask the customers to bring these cards along to avail the discounts. Thus, you can measure the type of response postcard marketing has generated. If you are participating in a survey or poll, you can use postcard to print questionnaires. Postcards print with your company logos and pictures will make things look more serious and credible for the customers. This will also help in building customer loyalty and trust in your company and brands. You can expect a better result from this way of marketing.
  • Flexible target marketing is possible – Most of the companies have more than a single target market for their products and services. While there are some companies that target customers based on their age-groups, there are also companies that segregate target market based on areas. Marketing with postcards can help you to do flexible target marketing where you can create and distribute postcards especially designed to target specific markets. You may need to spend money in a mailing lists brokerage firm, which can provide you with good mailing lists. So, to get success in postcard marketing, you need to choose a mailing lists brokerage firm too.
  • Best communication tool – You must always involve your customers in the happenings of you company. So, in place of monthly or weekly newsletters, you can communicate with your customers and business partners using printed postcards. Printed postcards are the best for sending regular information on latest launches and special offers on products. Moreover, printing postcards for marketing is the cheapest way to communicate with your customers and clients. You can expect to get high quality designs for less cost. So, you can build a better brand image, which will be beneficial for your company.
  • Small, so easy to store – As postcards are small, they are great when it comes to storing. You can store postcards in your handbags or in office closet. They won’t take up much space. It is convenient for both the customers and company to store such cards. If postcards are yet not marketing tools for your business, think twice. You can help your company achieve its business target easily with the right business planning with printed postcards.

Situations when cheap postcards print product can be used for advertising?

Are you wondering when to use postcards and when not to? Postcards are relevant for almost all situations whether it is an event or a promotional offer. A great way to print and distribute postcards is through mails. You can print short, precise information regarding your company and its products and services, on the postcards. Thus, information exchange is possible in the smartest manner.

You can print postcards as a part if you company’s outdoor marketing strategies. There are cost effective marketing tools and you can use these multiple times. For example, you can print postcards for the launch of a product, and can send a postcard two or three times to the same customer. This continuous hammering of your company information in the minds of the customers creates an interest about your company or products in the minds of the customers.

You can use postcards when there is very little message to convey to the customers. It is not always that you want to say a lot of things to the customers. It is then, postcards are the perfect options. With postcards, you can convey a short message in the most impactful manner to the customers.

If you want to spread a particular message to a lot of people without spending a lot of money, postcards are the best options. Postcard printing doesn’t cost a lot of money. However, marketing through postcards is direct and effective. That is the why it is advised that you must involve in marketing with the postcards.

Designing postcards

For successful marketing with postcards, you must make it a point to designs the color postcards well. You must take the help of professional postcard printing companies to help you create the best and cheap postcard printing. So, when it comes to choosing suitable flyer printing companies, you must make it a point to check whether the company you are choosing comprises experienced postcard designing experts. This will ensure that you are getting well-designed postcards for your business marketing.

You need to determine the objective of postcard campaign for your business. You need to make sure whether you need to print postcards to announce the launch of a new product or to wish your customers on a special occasion; for example – Christmas.

You need a good understanding of the market to be able to design your marketing campaigns well. You must know what your customers like and dislike about your business. You should also follow customers’ feedback and reactions about products they would want you to launch. This on one hand will help you serve your customers better while also help saving a lot of money in the process. Otherwise you may end up spending a lot of money in marketing without getting the desired results.

If you are printing postcards to promote your products and services in the market, you must make sure that you create a great offer or deal first. Without a great deal to offer, customers might not feel impressed to check out the postcards of your company. So, the most important thing is to create a great offer and design color postcards that support that offer. You need to create a good reason for the customers to accept your offers and deals.

After all that is done, you can move on to the designing of the cards. Remember, these cards will represent your company to your existing and prospective customers. That is the reason you should pay serious attention to every aspect of designing printed postcards – from placing the information in proper places to choosing the theme and size of the postcards to be printed. You can take help of experts from the online postcard printing service provider This will help you create the best-designed postcards for your company.

You can write the contents for the postcards yourself. However, it is advised that you opt professional postcard printing services to develop suitable contents to be printed on the postcards along with the designs. You cannot include everything about your company in the postcards. Therefore, you need to be specific on what you need to include and what to omit. That is the reason, before placing an order for color flyer printing; you must make it a point to check whether the contents are done perfectly.

When it comes to marketing with postcards, you must take care not to sell hard. Postcards are interesting marketing pieces, through which you can present different types of information in an interesting manner. Remember, postcards distribution is sometimes a way to keep in touch with your customers, without any products and services on offer. So, you must be careful in your postcard marketing venture.

You can grab a good deal on printed postcards on When it comes to choosing a postcards printing company, you must be careful to stay away from fraudulent practices that may cheat you. You need to be careful not to fall into their hands. There are two most important things to be sure of – the quality of the printed postcards and the cost of printing postcards in bulk. Searching for a lucrative offer is always suggested when it comes to printing business cards.


What is a Postcard?

As seen originally, the pre-printed postcard was usually used for mailing through the local mail, where one side would cover a picture of a destination, current town, tour activity or even a nice quote or poem, on the other side there are usually lines for writing and space for the stamp and delivery information. This haven’t changed much since then in the postcards, the only little difference is, that now a day, these postcards are being used as flyers.

If you get to places like Miami Beach, and others, you will see that the postcards printing are being used for promotional purposes, promoting parties, events, specials and others. Now, the mailing part in the back of the flyer is removed and used for promotional space. This piece of flyer (postcard) can be mailed also, but that is not its primary intend for being printed.

What uses has a Postcard?

So, if you are planning on producing (printing) a postcards for the sole purpose of stocking them on a store for possible customers to pick them up and mail them, this could be the most original and classic use we can give to these postcards, there are millions of pictures that could be chosen for print on the front side, usually a beach picture, a downtown clock tower picture, rivers, mountains, landscapes, vehicles, and more… Just remember to keep a nice outline space printed in the back of the flyer for personalization and mailing. Make sure you order these postcards with Non-UV on the back to allow pen to write over the postcard without hazel.

If you decide to use these postcards as flyers, let’s say you want to promote a product, service, company, event, or whatever your case, then we can forget about the mailing and typing block on the back of the postcard, we can also forget about the Non-UV option for the writing, and there you have about 50% more space for your promotion. Depending on your demographic, people tend to print these postcards on dual language, English and Spanish, English and Italian, etc. Also its very popular that in the front of the flyer you find the full promotion and in the back side of the postcard, you will get more general information about the company…

Is there a way to get these postcards for cheaper at

Yes, there are several ways to reduce the cost of our postcard printing production prices to the end customer, making it cheaper and more accessible. Remember that 55printing already offers really low and cheap pricing for most of our main products thanks to our high printing volume which facilitates the line of production in huge ways, but still, on top of our everyday very affordable prices, we are willing to commit to an additional level of cheaper prices thanks to our flexibility and our understand of customers’ needs now a day.

After a tough thought about how can we get our postcards cheaper, we have concluded in a few ways and steps that customers can consider as options at the time of asking for a discount or an special condition where customer consider that their printing project should be treated as special and a discount may apply.

  • If this is your first time ordering Postcards at : Yes, for first timers in the world of the design and printing of post cards, we run a 5% promotion 24/7 which can be accessible through a widget installed on the left side of our website. You just need to publish on your personal network about your intention to try our products and you get the postcard discount code immediately after publication. The widget will help you through the process.
  • 55Printing logo on the back of the postcard: When you are about to place your order for these cheap postcard printing product, you may consider contact us first, so we can analyze and determine if you qualify for a discount based on the introduction of our logo into your design file in the way that at the same time you promote your products through the printed postcard, we will also have our subtle and small promotion maybe in the front of the postcard as well in the back of the postcard. We can arrange and negotiate position of the logo depending on the design provided by the customer, usually on the bottom back of the postcard, but not always. You may qualify for this sort of discounted postcards if we consider that your market where the postcards are about to be distributed, are valuable for our online store marketing efforts, worthy an investment and reconsideration for a special discount on this particular product.
  • Social media shout-out about our Postcards: If your company or your personal profile has a social media presence, which can be consider of good influence for a given promotion about our custom printed postcards products, then we will consider to provide you with a discounted postcard project in an exchange of your public (post) feedback on how good or bad was your experience with us, and if you would recommend our post card printing services in the future. We are taking into consideration “well established” Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts. If you possess another blog or social media network, we may also consider it.
  • Have you referred many postcard printers’ customers to us and we still don’t know about it? This usually happens, maybe you run a shop, you place your postcards in the front of your shop, people and friends comes and ask where you got these nicely printed post cards, you refer but we never knew it was you referring these new postcard print customers. If you find a way to collect information on customers referred by you, we will surely grant you a good “Thank you” discount on your next post card design or printing order.

What size of Post Cards are available?

At 55printing you can find about 30 different sizes for postcards, it is a usual question for us “which size is the right one for a giving print project”, our answer would usually be, “What is your print project about?” From there we analyze what is the customer approach with these postcards, sometimes, maybe refer them to another product, or recommend a size that will be affordable and that we believe will fit the design and print needs for given situation. We currently have 3 different sizes that will cover most of the customer needs with a range of economically, practical postcards, all the way up to more expensive, aggressive printing size for your flyer. In the next 3 points we will talk a bit more about each of these 3 different sizes, their convenience and why people usually buy them.

Most popular postcard size (4” x 6”)

Popular postcard printing size 4x6

This is the classic printing size (seen on real post-cards displays on every tour operator store, souvenir and other tour related facility that will sell pre-printed postcards for mailing), so people get familiar with this shape and size very quickly, it is not as big, not a small, just practical piece of flyer that will deliver a message. At the same time as practical and classic, this size is one of the most affordable too because of its popularity, we can run a print out with many other projects all together to lower production costs, passing on the savings to the customer, providing a cheaper final price.

Postcard size for affordability (2” x 4”)

Smaller / economic postcard printing size 2x4

Depending on your company or personal print budget and on the amount of text needed on the flyer/postcard, we also recommend to thing un a budget basis, mainly this is a very important factor at the time of choosing the right postcard size, getting a smaller postcard, will allow you to order more prints with the same dollar amount. For this size we usually recommend, small portion of text, or much targeted promotion, as it size won’t help much on larger campaigns. This flyer is almost a business card size, so not a lot of information can be included, but well, front and back may be used as well.

Biggest postcard size available, jumbo! (9” x 12”)

Biggest postcard printing size 9x12

Considered my most as a very elegant way to promote and specific event, if designed well, this may cause an amazing impact on you recipient, receiving a flyer/postcard this size, is considered as a gift! More than a promotion hand out. A lot of information and graphics may be included in this printed piece, mostly used for info-graphics that will catch information with statistics. In the other hand, this postcard is often used as provisional table menu for restaurants changing their meals or services, this way, they keep the customer with a durable, good looking, quality menu, that will provide enough information, but at the same time, cost is much lower than a final multi-page or folded menu.

How to get a design done correctly for a Postcard printing project?

Getting a postcard done the right way might not be as simple as it may look, people go all the way to the simplest from a Word document converted to printing ready file, all the way up to a very nice PhotoShop creation with the correct resolution and requirements as needed.

Right now we do offer several choices on how to get your postcard design done and we will explain in detail how they work:

  • Free Online In-Built Designer (With free pre-designed templates: at we have provided customers with an easy to use online postcard design studio with unlimited tools available to facilitate the creation or modification of current artwork, together with this online design tool for postcards, we also included some sample pre-designed templates that can be used as base for your current ideas. These are very easy to edit and modify, the way that you may upload your logo or your images easily and add or edit text within your postcard. The design files are saved in our database for future reference or re-ordering.
  • Download guideline template file for given size: We have all possible sizes converted into guideline postcard templates that can be downloaded in JPG format, in these files you will find that we have marked the Safe-Zone area, Cut-Zone area and Bleed area (which gets excluded after cutting) the way that if you mount your design on top as well as made it CMYK for accurate color display on screen. These template files are available for all sizes, if you need a custom postcard template file please contact us today.
  • Hire our design service: We may assist you through the whole process of building your dream postcard, but we can also be the creators of your dreamed design, we offer very affordable and prompt design service to ensure the accuracy and perfection needed for a state-of-the-art postcard project.
  • Last but not least, we convert simple files to print ready design: It’s very easy for most people to build a design based on a conjunction of text and images in simpler applications (software) like it usually is Microsoft Word, MS Paint and others. In these special cases, we help customers to convert these files (design) to print ready file and provide them with a design proof for the customer to approve before we proceed to print. This conversion process usually takes 1 to 2 hours in our end, and customer must double check in detail the design proof for possible changes like word position, image relocation and other popular changes that occur with a conversion from computer to computer.

How fast are these Post Cards Printed?

If you are concerned about the delivery date of your order of postcards, please call/chat with us as soon as possible so we can arrange the best printing speed option for your needs.

At 55printing we accommodate customers with diverse flyers printing turnaround options that will affect directly with the delivery date, the sooner a postcard is printed, the sooner it will ship out. Currently we offer the (Economy) Economic postcard printing turnaround option which is the cheaper option as we get more time to arrange your project on our printing process, which can save us a lot of extra costs versus a faster post card printing turnaround, this Economy option consist on 4 to 6 business days for the whole printing process of your postcard order, including the handling of the shipping (ship out included in the 4-6 business days). So, to this range of possible days, you need to add the transit time for the shipping.

We also count with a faster option, still very economical which is called the Standard postcard printing turnaround time, this one consist on a ship-out speed of 3 business days top, this way you may guarantee your flyers with a more accurate delivery date. We even offer a guarantee for flyer printing orders that we promise a delivery date by writing if the Standard option for the postcard print turnaround is selected.

For Rushed orders, we also have the popular Next-Day post card printing turnaround option which counts with the flexibility of extra attention to your postcard order, and at the same time, it will print and ship out next business day. This is very time sensitive and we strongly recommend that you contact us first before you place the order online. For this option and guarantee become available for your order, the art (design for the postcard project) must be approved before 10am Eastern Time (Florida, USA) and you need to take into count that holidays are not included for next day printing.

With these 3 options you may play with the delivery date and your budget, need them fast? We can help, but remember there are costs included within these turnaround options, we hope you can afford the extra charge for this particular need.

Another way to get your postcards delivered fast, is also playing with the shipping options which we will explain on next question.

How can I get my postcards faster using shipping options?

For the shipping on postcard and all the other printed products, we have a wide variety of speeds, depending on how soon you need them delivered, and how good is your budget, remember, the faster you get it, the more you are going to pay for shipping.

When shipping postcards, remember they build up real quick, and a simple order of 5,000 postcards, can get you about 5 to 6 huge boxes full flyers. At the time on thinking of shipping these boxes, we already got a very good deal with UPS, as we ship in high volume, but still, it is not that cheap. On postcard rushed shipping you will find prices climb up real quick out of the ground shipping base price but this will definitely give you an edge if you need them for quicker delivery.

As of now, we offer the Standard UPS Ground Postcard Shipping, which usually takes a maximum of 3-4 business days to be delivered after the printed postcard has been shipped out from our facilities. This is the most economical way and it’s very affordable.

We also offer the 2nd Day Air postcard shipping, which serves as a middle point for your budget and your “need for speed” on the delivery. With this option you have a more secure delivery date for your postcard boxes as it’s called 2nd day, it will arrive at your door 2 business days after your postcards was shipped from our facility.

And, last but not least, the super rushed option for getting your postcards sooner as possible, the Next Day Air Postcard Shipping which will get you what you need as soon as next day after it has shipped out from our facilities. This is a bit expensive but, it becomes practical for tight deadlines.

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