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8A easy and cost effective marketing strategy!

A postcard flyer has changed a lot, for the last couple of years, as it was originally created as a rectangular piece of pre-printed thick paper or thin cardboard with the intention of later being written and mailed without the need of an envelope as usual for mailing all the other type of flyer. Other shapes rather than the 4” x 6” had been also seen since all time and also in another sort of paper or thin wood.

Postcards are among the most used promotional materials for several reasons – they don’t require envelopes to be mailed to potential clients, stamps can be printed directly on them, and they look professional. Our postcard printing allows you to:


  • Choose among various postcard sizes
  • Choose the quantity of postcards needed
  • Choose different shape/style options
  • Benefit from a fast turnaround time


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Cheap Postcards Printing Basic Pre-Designed Post Cards Templates
Cheap Postcards Printing Food, Hotel and Restaurant Pre-Designed Post Cards Templates
Cheap Postcards Printing Industries Pre-Designed Post Cards Templates
Cheap Postcards Printing Animal & pets Pre-Designed Post Cards Templates
Cheap Postcards Printing Real Estate, Interior Design Pre-Designed Post Cards Templates
Cheap Postcards Printing Spa Saloon Pre-Designed Post Cards Templates
Cheap Postcards Printing Health care and Pharma Pre-Designed Post Cards Templates
Cheap Postcards Printing Beauty Pre-Designed Post Cards Templates
Cheap Postcards Printing Coffee Bar Pre-Designed Post Cards Templates
Cheap Postcards Printing Best Friends Pre-Designed Post Cards Templates
Cheap Postcards Printing Finance Pre-Designed Post Cards Templates
Cheap Postcards Printing Travels Pre-Designed Post Cards Templates
Cheap Postcards Printing Sport Pre-Designed Post Cards Templates
Cheap Postcards Printing Agriculture Pre-Designed Post Cards Templates
Cheap Postcards Printing Arts and Photography Pre-Designed Post Cards Templates
Cheap Postcards Printing Education and Training Pre-Designed Post Cards Templates
Cheap Postcards Printing Music, DJ Pre-Designed Post Cards Templates
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Cheap Postcards Printing Computer Pre-Designed Post Cards Templates
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Cheap Postcards Printing Human Resources Pre-Designed Post Cards Templates
Cheap Postcards Printing News and Media Pre-Designed Post Cards Templates
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Cheap Postcards Printing Illustrative Pre-Designed Post Cards Templates
Cheap Postcards Printing Electronics Pre-Designed Post Cards Templates
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Cheap Postcards Printing Lawyer Pre-Designed Post Cards Templates
Cheap Postcards Printing Entertainment Pre-Designed Post Cards Templates
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Cheap Postcards Printing Thank You Pre-Designed Post Cards Templates
Cheap Postcards Printing Events Pre-Designed Post Cards Templates



What is the most popular Postcard size and why?

If we are about to talk about a popular size for our flyer printing product, we need to go straight ahead to the standard and classic 4”x6” size, which is the bestselling size and favorite size for our postcards.

We will introduce you to some of the reason why the 4” x 6” is most choosen by our loyal customers:

  1. Economy: With this size being the 2nd smaller postcard available in our list out of a total of 28 postcard sizes that makes this size much cheaper and less expensive than the rest of the possible selection. Many times customers are looking more for savings rather than a bigger promotion or flyer. Also, as this is one of our best selling products as of 2015, this high printing volume has allowed us the possibility to run these postcard orders with a lot more flexibility and saving hours and expensive materials that are not needed if you get to print a good amount of orders of the same style of postcard at the same time. Good example of this are the printing plates (color separation process) that consist in creating the actual grid for every main color (CMYK) which are needed 4 units (1 per every color) on most of our postcard print run.
  2. Practically: Smaller than 4” x 6” might get confused with a business card, and if its bigger, it might not feet on a pocket or any other ready to carry wallet, so this size keeps it easy to carry in your hand or to squeeze in within one of your pant, shirt or wallet pocket. If you bend the 4” x 6” in case of hurry, it automatically falls into 4” x 3” which will make space on any place you want to introduce the flyer at that particular time.
  3. Visual Recognition: As we have seen postcards on every postage or tour store, we always denote that the size of these mailing pieces are all standard to 4” x 6”, which makes it easy to relate the mailing postcard with the custom made postcard made with us. If you have seen a postcard before, if you see another one with the exact same measurements, it will become familiar and people are more willing to read and pay attention to the message itself rather than just through the post card away.
  4. For Mailing: If you are printing flyers for mailing purposes, you may notice that the USPS encourage printers, designers and mailers to build their mailing campaign around this size, just because of the fact that they are already familiar with this type of postcard, if the USPS is mailing 1,000 postcards 4”x6” and within the list of flyers, they find yours (on a smaller size) it might even get lost (as It usually happens too) without any further explanation.
  5. Speed: As we receive many orders a day for this particular product, we fill in the pre-press process much more quickly, the way that it prints out faster than products that are not this popular. We also offer rush and next day turnaround services if you needed them faster, for this you must contact us first to make sure we can get your printed postcards done on time.


Download Guideline Templates For Postcards:

Regular Postcard

2" x 4" Postcards
2.75" x 8.5" Postcards
3" x 5" Postcards
3.5" x 5.5" Postcards
3.5" x 8.5" Postcards
4" x 4" Postcards
4" x 6" standard Postcards
4" x 9" Postcards
4" x 11" Postcards
4.25" x 5.5" Postcards
4.25" x 6" Postcards
4.25" x 11" Postcards
4.5" x 4.5" Postcards
4.5" x 6.5" Postcards
4.5" x 11" Postcards
5" x 5" Postcards
5" x 7" Postcards
5.5" x 8.5" Postcards
6" x 6" Postcards
6" x 8" Postcards
6" x 9" Postcards
6" x 11" Postcards
6.5" x 9" - (Front) - (Back / EDDM)
6.5" x 12" - (Front) - (Back / EDDM)
8" x 6.5" - (Front) - (Back / EDDM)
8" x 10" - (Front) - (Back / EDDM)
8.5" x 11" - (Front) - (Back / EDDM)
9" x 11" - (Front) - (Back / EDDM)
9" x 12"  - (Front) - (Back / EDDM)

Rounded Corner Postcards

2" x 4" (Round Corners) Postcards
2.75" x 8.5" (Round Corners) Postcards
3" x 5" (Round Corners) Postcards
3.5" x 5.5" (Round Corners) Postcards
3.5" x 8.5" (Round Corners) Postcards
4" x 4" (Round Corners) Postcards
4" x 6" standard size (Round Corners)  Postcards
4" x 9" (Round Corners) Postcards
4" x 11" (Round Corners) Postcards
4.25" x 5.5" (Round Corners) Postcards
4.25" x 6" (Round Corners) Postcards
4.25" x 11" (Round Corners) Postcards
4.5" x 4.5" (Round Corners) Postcards
4.5" x 6.5" (Round Corners) Postcards
4.5" x 11" (Round Corners) Postcards
5" x 5" (Round Corners) Postcards
5" x 7" (Round Corners) Postcards
5.5" x 8.5" (Round Corners) Postcards
6" x 6" (Round Corners) Postcards
6" x 8" (Round Corners) Postcards
6" x 9" (Round Corners) Postcards
6" x 11" (Round Corners) Postcards
6.5" x 9" (Round Corners) Postcards
6.5" x 12" (Round Corners) Postcards
8" x 6.5" (Round Corners) Postcards
8" x 10" (Round Corners) Postcards
8.5" x 11" (Round Corners) Postcards
9" x 11" (Round Corners) Postcards
9" x 12" (Round Corners) Postcards




What our customers are saying:
Postcards printed by 55 Printing did a great job for my business. I’m impressed.
Robert Adiga, Massachusetts
I love using 55 Printing for all our printing requirements. They deliver and perform exceptionally high quality work. In case of a problem, and there are very, very few, these guys are right there to do a quick little fix. For several years now, they have been printing postcards for me, and I would not like to change them. Thanks, guys!
Danielle Joseph, LA
Many vendors have done postcard printing for me, but this one’s the best!
Rad Clish, New York


The Ultimate Guide to Using and Printing Postcards


Postcards have always been the staple of any mailing campaign. In spite of the other forms of advertising now in vogue, there is something about post cards that make them irresistible to the customers. Of course, the newer forms of advertising and marketing come with their own sets of advantages. Nonetheless, a modern postcard will bring with it its own benefits and features which are still useful in the digital age. That has left many people with the question: where can I get postcards.

Why Postcards Are Still a Viable Marketing Tool
It is easy to start wondering about the viability of using post cards in a marketing campaign when you clearly have other options available. For example, you have the television to send audiovisual adverts and the internet for multimedia averts. Both of them are rather popular forms of marketing and advertising in today’s world. They do have their effectiveness in their own way. Be that as it may, these marketing tools may neither be suitable nor usable by everybody.

One of the major reasons companies are still using postcards for cheap is that these little pieces of paper are effective. At the same time, they are cheaper than these digital advertising mediums. Therefore, smaller companies can make use of this particular tool for their advertising needs without any problem whatsoever. This is just one of the reasons why postcards are still considered to be an essential component of the arsenal in any direct mail marketing department or company.

The Various Advantages of Postcards
One of the things that make postcards one of the best marketing tools available for use is the huge number of advantages they have. In fact, 4x6 postcards are easily one of the most advantageous marketing tools you have at your disposable. They have more benefits than digital marketing tools like television or internet ads. That is why it is not too supirising to find a thriving postcard business. Here are just some of the advantages that you can enjoy when using post cards for a marketing campaign for your company.

  • The Affordability

The cost is certainly something that any company will considering when launching a marketing campaign. If the marketing budget is a major concern for you, then you will love to buy postcard and use it in your marketing campaigns. These little pieces of paper cost ridiculously cheap. The very low cost of printing postcards is one of the reasons why companies are still using this marketing tool in their businesses and campaigns. In fact, the whole cost of 4x6 postcards printing and sending them to thousands of people will still be lower than using an internet or television advert to reach the same number of people.
The cost of using postcards is further reduced by the fact that you do not require any envelopes whatsoever. After all, postcards are always sent as they are. Therefore, you will be saving money by avoiding the purchase of the envelopes. That will turn out to be a considerable amount of savings on the long run thanks to low postcard costs.

  • The Versatility

Another important reason for trying out a business postcard in your marketing campaign is its versatility. Post cards can be put to a variety of uses. All you need to do is design postcards as per the occasion. Of course, you can send them to your customers to promote your business as a part of your marketing campaign. However, you can go deeper and start using them for promoting select products. They can also be used for promoting specific events being hosted by your company such as sales and offers. What’s more is that you do not even have to mail the postcards for business. They can be attached to other print marketing tools like brochures and catalogs.

  • The Convenience

You will find that direct mail postcards are very convenient in your business no matter what it is. There are very few headaches associated with using postcards. All you need to do is get it printed and then delivered to customers. However, the biggest conveniences will actually be enjoyed by the customers and it is their convenience that you need to take care of. Postcards ensure that by being very easy to browse. Customers do not have to do anything to read your post cards. Moreover, postcards can be shown easily to others. For example, customers can stick them on refrigerators.

  • The Readability

All the efforts you have put into your marketing campaign will be in vain unless your customers actually peruse the advertising material you have created. That is where the readability of postcards starts to shine. Postcards have an inherent advantage in being delivered as is. There are no envelopes to tear off or email applications to open. As soon as the customers get their mail, they will notice the postcard. After all, there is no covering that can act as a barrier to reading the message printed on the postcard.
Your customers will certainly get your message no matter what. In other words, post cards accomplish one of the biggest obstacles to successful marketing in an absolutely effortless manner. That obstacle is getting the customers to read your marketing message in the first place. In many other forms of advertising, it is difficult to get the customers to accomplish this task. For example, customers can delete your emails without even opening them. The same can happen with the brochures you have marketed. As postcards don’t have this problem, they become a very good tool that is feasible for your business.

  • The Analytics

In any marketing campaign, you must have features implemented into the tool so as to track the results and perform analytics. This will allow you to understand the problems with your marketing campaign and glean ideas as to the steps that you can take to improve the results of the next campaign.
With post cards, analytics and tracking is rather easy. There are a few methods to make it easier to keep a track of the postcards and the results of the campaign. A good option would be to create a special phone number and get it printed in the postcards. These special numbers can be kept associated with that particular marketing campaign for tracking purposes. Alternatively, you can get special and unique codes printed in each your post cards.

  • The Longevity

Longevity is another reason to consider using postcards to market your services or company. In fact, few other marketing tools are capable of offering you such a major advantage. Take emails and TV adverts for example. People do not remember much of these advertising campaigns as they cannot be kept with them for the future. Once the campaign ends, people will forget them. Moreover, there is no reason to keep a marketing email once it serves its purpose.
Postcards do not suffer from this drawback. There is no limit as to the amount of time a person will keep a marketing 5x7 postcard. All you need to do is ensure that your postcard has an excellent design. If the customers get impressed with the look of your postcards, they are very likely to keep them around for a longer period of time. In fact, if your postcard is particularly attractive, the customers may end up keeping it up for display sort of like a piece of art.

  • The Testing

Before launching any marketing campaign on a large scale, it is crucial to test it out to see how effective it can be. For post cards, the testing phase is not only easy, it is also extremely cheap. You can easily select a few small neighborhoods where you can send your post cards for testing purposes. Send each version of the postcard to each neighborhood and determine the sales or responses you gain from each type of postcard. The type of postcard that gets the maximum number of responses can be selected as your choice for the actual marketing campaign.

  • The Branding

Another lesser known feature of a postcard is that it can be used effectively and efficiently for branding your company. In fact, postcards are capable of branding your company in a way most other marketing tools will either struggle or completely fail to do. This is a major advantage especially when you are a small company that is trying to gain recognition. With postcards, the whole thing becomes much easier. All you need to do is start a regular mailing campaign with your marketing postcards. As your customers keep receiving the postcards with your company name on it, the branding of your company will keep getting reinforced.

How to Use Postcards in a Marketing Campaign
When it comes to postcards, there is no shortage of options for conducting a marketing campaign with them. That is in fact one of the advantages of postcards. You can use them in multiple marketing campaigns without any hiccup. Here is a short guide that will help you make the fullest possible use of postcards to make your marketing campaign a resounding success.

  • Designing Your Postcard

Before you can start your marketing campaign with postcards, you need to design the postcard first. The easiest and possibly the best option would be getting your website designed by a graphic artist or a postcard designer. These professionals will know what will be required in a marketing postcard that suits your company’s image.
An alternative option would be to design the postcard yourself. For example, you can make postcards from photos. Of course, you can get a free post card template and customize them to use for your postcard marketing campaign as well. Be that as it may, it is crucial to remember that the design of the post cards has to be attractive. Moreover, it should contain all the necessary information pertaining to the advertisement and your company as well as the offer, if any.

  • Implementing a Tracking Mechanism

It is crucial that you implement a good tracking mechanism in your post cards. Tracking mechanisms make it easier to understand how successful your marketing post cards campaign will be. There are quite a few ways to implement a tracking mechanism. Your choice will often be influenced by the type of campaign or offer you are planning.
A good option would be to use a special phone number. Customers, after all, may have questions regarding the offers. You can even make phone calls your call to actions for the marketing campaign. It’s not too difficult to keep track of the calls to the special phone number.
A similar method involves using special URLs instead of phone numbers. This will be vital if you are planning to use postcards to drive traffic to your website. You can easily create a custom URL for the offer or promotion you are running on your postcards. Ask the customers to visit that URL. Of course, tracking the number of visits to a particular URL is not a big deal.
If you are running a sale or an offer, there is another way you can keep track of the responses to your marketing campaign. This is through the implementation of a special code. Each of your postcards can contain a special and unique code for the customers who will be able to use those codes to get special offers or discounts. This is not only a great way to track responses it will also be a fantastic method to drive up sales and revenue. Of course, it is easy to track these codes when the customers use them for making purchases and availing of the discount.

  • Getting a Mailing List

Of course, it is simply not possible to send your post cards to just anybody. You need to get yourself a mailing list. A mailing list will contain a list of addresses to which you can send your postcards via the direct mail companies. There are a few ways to get hold of a mailing list. For starters, you can buy readymade mailing lists or rent them from direct mail business agencies. This will be useful when you have just begun to use marketing campaigns involving the use of post cards and other print media.
You can build up your own mailing lists as well. This can be done by asking your customers to sign up for your mailing lists. You can ask potential customers and even existing customers for this purpose. Once you have built up your mailing lists, you can start sending your postcards. Do not forget to update and refresh the mailing lists on a regular basis.

  • Performing Analytics

Once you have sent off your postcards to be mailed, it is time to start performing the analytics. Of course, if you have implemented tracking measures in your postcards like special contact details or special offer codes, analytics becomes a much easier task.
There are a number of things that you need to keep track of when running a postcard marketing campaign. First of all, you should note down the various aspects of your postcards. Things such as the design, the layout, the tone of the marketing message and the marketing message itself are just some of the things that affect the response rate of any postcard marketing campaign. As such they need to be noted down. After all, for future campaigns, you can change some elements for your next campaign and then see the difference in response rate and revenue between the two.
Once the responses start coming in, you need to check out a few things. Of course, the actual response rate has to be tracked. You should also keep track of the actual sales that the campaign has resulted in. After all, high response rates need not necessarily mean that you will be getting higher sales. You can also track the demographics of your customer base. Understanding the demographics will make it easier to customize your marketing campaigns. Such customized marketing campaigns can be sent to specific targeted customers and, as such, they have a higher success rate when it comes to conversions.

  • Redoing the Campaign

There is nothing stopping you from sending the same postcards again in an effort to improve your marketing campaigns. However, it is important that you make adjustments to the postcards before sending them again. For example, you may have discovered during the analytics phase that the content of the postcards was not very effective. As such, you can change the content and send the modified postcards.
Again, keep track of the campaign and measure the responses and other facets. You need to check how much your response and sales rate has improved over the previous campaign. Of course, you should never forget to keep testing the postcards in order to derive the maximum benefit out of the marketing campaign.

Getting the Most Out Of Your Marketing Campaign with Postcards
Using postcards in a marketing campaign is certainly effective in increasing sales. Be that as it may, you still need to consider fine-tuning the campaign so that you can improve the sales to the highest possible amount.
Most companies tend to forget the importance of tweaking the marketing campaign. They usually end up making use of postcards only once. When they notice that the results are not too favorable, they stop using this excellent marketing tool completely. They do not realize that a marketing campaign that involves using postcards has to be tweaked so as to make it more efficient.
By putting more effort into your campaign, you will be able to bring about major improvements to its efficiency. Of course, an increase in efficiency will also lead to an increase in the number of responses and sales. Therefore, you must not forget to keep adjusting the postcards and the marketing campaign. Here are a few tips that you can use to make that happen.

  • Curating the Mailing List

The mailing list is one of the most important components in any marketing campaign that involves using the post service. This underlines the fact that you need to pay a lot of attention in selecting the correct mailing list for your marketing campaign. The aim with the mailing list should be to reach out to the maximum possible number of potential customers.
In most cases, you will have to purchase a mailing list or two when you first start sending 4 x 6 postcards or other forms of mail marketing campaigns. It is certainly possible to get mailing lists that are targeted and contain the customers who are more likely to be interested in your business. However, these lists tend to be a bit costlier. Additionally, there is no guarantee that those people will show the same interest in your business.
Therefore, you will have to start creating your own mailing lists sooner or later. Gather the requisite information from your existing customers start creating your very own mailing list. Be that as it may, compiling a huge database of customers will simply not be enough to ensure the success of the campaign. You have to curate the lists as well.
When curating the mailing list, you will be removing the details of certain customers. In most cases, the removal will be caused due to incorrect details. Sometimes, the customers may have moved which means that their details need to be either updated or removed. Curating the mailing list will make it more efficient and reduce the number of useless postcards 4x6 you need to send. You will start noticing a decrease in the cost of the campaign while simultaneously seeing an increase in the response rates.

  • Segregating the Mailing List

In order to improve the effectiveness of your postcard campaigns, you need to start thinking about segregating the mailing list that you use. Sending a single 4x6 postcard to all of the people in your mailing list is not a very efficient process. After all, not all of your offers will appeal to all of your customers. For example, an offer might be more suitable for the teenagers in your customer base rather than those heading towards retirement.
There are quite a few ways you can segregate your mailing list with the help of demographics. Your mailing lists can be divided on the basis of the age of your customers, their gender, their spending capabilities, their income and even on the basis of their neighborhoods. You can, of course, further sub-divide each mailing list to create very specific lists with highly targeted customers. For example, you may want to create a mailing list of customers with a high income living in affluent neighborhoods.
The idea behind the creation of segregated mailing lists is to make your promotions more effective.

  • Targeting Your Customers

It is very important for the success of your mail marketing campaign that you target your customers with the marketing tool, which in this case is the postcard. By targeting your customers, you increase the chances of your postcards making a stronger impact. In turn, it becomes more likely for those customers to respond to the postcards and buy something from you.
Targeting involves the personalization of the postcards and even the mailing lists. If you have already segregated your mailing lists, targeting customers becomes a much easier task.
In order to personalize your postcards, you need to understand the needs and wants of your customers. For example, some of your customers may be looking to buy high quality products irrespective of the price they have to pay for it. On the other hand, there may also be other customers for whom the budget is of more importance. Therefore, a single marketing postcard will not appeal to both of these customer bases as their needs are different. You need to create two separate postcards for each so that all customers can be attracted to your business in their own ways.
When you are trying to target your customers, you need to personalize the design and even the content of the postcards. After all, some clients will be more impressed with an elegant postcard with informative content while others will prefer a postcard that is colorful and contains stylistic writing. Either way, you need to ensure that your postcards appeal to the tastes and sensibilities of the customers you are trying to attract.

  • Giving Out Offers and Discounts

It is a fact that most people will not pay attention to marketing materials unless there is something in it for them. In other words, you need to provide some offers to your customers so that they take more interesting in the postcard you have just sent them.
Remember that you need to provide a significant offer in order for your potential customers to become interested enough to make a purchase. Generally, you will find that giving out freebies is not a great tactic. After all, most freebies are not really worth the effort on the part of the consumers. If you want to make your consumers spend more money, you need to give them bigger offers.
You can make the postcard work to your advantage when it comes to offers and discounts. For starters, you can design the postcard in such a way that the offer is highlighted. This will ensure that your customers notice the offer as soon as they receive the postcard. Additionally, you can also design your postcards to resemble a coupon or get a coupon printed on to the postcard. There are other ways to utilize the postcard for improving your offers.

  • Resending the Postcards

A marketing campaign that involves sending postcards should never be performed once. It needs to be done multiple times. Many companies make this mistake. The fact is you are not likely to get any good results by sending postcards only once.
By regularly sending your postcards, you will be able to understand what facets of the marketing tool need to be changed. This makes your postcards more effective in the long run. Additionally, your customers may not take advantage of the offer given in the postcard the first time. By resending them, you will be increasing the opportunities for your customers to make use of that offer. That will only be beneficial for you as you will be making more sales.
Sending the postcards on a regular basis can have another added advantage. It will reinforce the branding of your company. That will make it easier for your customers to remember your company when they are about to purchase a product or service that you also offer. Additionally, customers are more likely to recognize your company thank to the reinforcement of the brand that you had provided with the postcards.

  • Timing the Delivery of Your Postcards

The time that you send the postcards can also have a major impact on the response and sales that the marketing campaign generates for your business. If you send it too early, people may delay making use of the offer or purchasing the item. In fact, they may even forget about the postcard completely. On the other hand, if you send the postcards too late, the customers will not have enough time to make the best possible decision or even purchase your products.
Therefore, you need to time your postcards just right. Usually, two weeks from the event or the deadline is the optimum time that can be given to the postcards. By giving your customers two weeks to make the purchase before the sale starts or the offer ends, you will be giving them just the right amount of time.
To help remind your customers about the offer, you can send the postcards multiple times. For example, you can send them twice in the fortnight before the expiry of the offer or the sale.
It is very important that you do not go overboard with your postcards. You should never send them on a daily basis. That will become extremely annoying for the customer and might even be cause for just complaints. At the same time, sending your mails infrequently reduces the effect of your postcards. Twice every month is more or less the right frequency of sending your postcards. You can even send them once very month to conserve costs.

Designing the Postcards for a Successful Marketing Campaign
Using print media such as postcards to run a marketing campaign can actually be a pretty neat idea. However, it becomes extremely important to ensure the proper design of the postcards. Attractiveness is everything when it comes to impressing the customer trough these pieces of paper. You can make use of the following guide to ensure that the design of your postcards is perfect.

  • Creating the Design of the Postcard

The design will be the first thing that the customers notice in your postcard. After all, there will be no envelopes to cover up a postcard. Therefore, you need to make the design as impressive as possible so that the postcard stands out among the mail that a potential customer receives.
When it comes to designing a postcard for your marketing campaigns, you have a few options at the ready. You can start by hiring a design agency, graphic artist or a designer to get the postcard ready for you. This is a great option when you do not want to waste valuable time and resources in designing the postcards. Another advantage of this option is that the graphic artist will be capable of understand the needs of your business and offer and use that to get the design of the postcard 4x6 right.
It will, of course, be the right option when you do not have the skills to design the postcard yourself. After all, it is critically important that the design of your postcards look beautiful and professional in order to be really impressive for the consumers.
The professionalism and the experience of any graphic artist or post card designer allow them to ensure that your postcard design looks perfect for the marketing campaign. On the other hand, this option may not be what you are looking for if you are running a small business. After all, graphic artists and designers need to be paid for the job. The better ones will also be charging you more for their skills. If your budget does not allow the use of that amount of money, you need to go for the other options.
You can always design the postcard on your own. Of course, you need to be familiar with design software and tools. There are quite a few design tools available for free all over the internet. One of the benefits of this method is that your postcards will have a personal touch that will be highly appreciated by your customers. Of course, the entire process can be completely free if you use free design tools.
Another viable option would be to use 4 x 6 cards templates. This is, in fact, an excellent option when you do not have the skills to design your postcard or the money to hire a graphic artist to do it for you. It is easy to get templates over the internet like a 4x6 postcard template. There are certainly premium templates that you can purchase in order to use. However, you can also find free templates. Editing these templates is quite easy and the results can look professional with the right efforts. On the other hand, they might not always be the right choice for your business or marketing campaign using a 4 x 6 postcard.

  • Writing the Marketing Message

Of course, the postcard will only serve as the vehicle or conduit for delivering your marketing message. As such, you need to put a lot of thought into the message that you wish to deliver before going for 4x6 postcard printing. The easiest option would be to hire a copywriter to get the message ready. However, that will cost a bit of money. Nonetheless, there are quite a few things about the message you need to consider.
Start with the aim of the message. You need to define the objectives of your marketing campaign. After all, the message for spreading awareness about your company will be different from the message needed in a postcard which is supposed to inform customers about a new product. Once you know what message is required, the rest becomes easier.
Consider the tone of the message and the customers who will be reading it. You may go for a casual tone but that will not be impressive to a discerning clientele. You need an elegant and formal tone. Therefore, take the tastes of the customers who will be browsing your postcards into account when you are composing the marketing message.
Irrespective of the tone of the message, you must make sure that it is interesting and concise. First of all, postcards do not have a lot of space on offer where you can write long messages. More importantly, marketing messages are not meant to be long. They work better when they are short, crisp and to the point. Keeping the interest of the readers is important. In many cases, postcards can fail completely due to the boringness of the message even though the design was attractive.

  • Composing the Headline

The headline is the most important part of the message that will be written on a postcard. It is, after all, the second thing that the customers will notice in a postcard right after its design.
The headline must be made prominent in the design of the postcard. It should have a bigger font size compared to the rest of the message. For the headline, you can also opt for a font face that is different from the one used in the rest of the message. Another good way to highlight the message is by using a different color that contrasts with the colors of the design and the message. The aim is to ensure that the headline is easily noticeable. Of course, it goes without saying but you must make sure that the headline is legible and readable.
Like the message, the headline must also be crisp. The readers should be able to glean the most important information from the headline in just a glance. Readers will not pay attention to any headline that is too long. Therefore, make sure that it highlights the reason behind the postcard. For example, the headline should mention the discount being offered if you have created the postcard to promote a sale being held in your company.

  • Placing the Call to Action

For any marketing message, the call to action is a necessity that should never be removed. It will be this particular part of the message that will spur the customer into making the response. Of course, the actual call to action will depend on the aim of your marketing campaign.
The call to action, or CTA for short, should explicitly state the action that you wish the customer to take after reading the marketing message. For example, you may want them to visit your company website after going through the postcard or you may want them to visit your company store and make a purchase. Either way, the CTA should mention the action clearly so that there is no confusion in the minds of the readers.
You should also make the CTA such that it is easy for the customers to take the requisite action. If you want them to call you up, mention the phone number along with the CTA. Similarly, make sure that the website is mentioned with the CTA when you want them to visit your website.
Like the headline, the CTA has to be highlighted in the postcard. To achieve that aim, you can use bigger font sizes or a different typeface. Contrasting colors are also a get way to make your CTA more noticeable.

  • Mentioning the Offer

Offers such as discounts are a great way to increase the sales registered by your company. That means you must make sure that the offers have been highlighted in the postcard. One of the most effective methods to highlight the offer is through the use of a color that is different from the rest of the postcard. Another good option would be to use clipart or other shapes to separate the offer and get it highlighted.

  • Placing the Logo of the Company

You should never create any marketing message for your company without the logo. The logo is extremely important in marketing. It serves to help people identify the company sending the marketing postcard. At the same time, it becomes impossible to use postcards for branding unless the logo and the name of the company are present.
The placement of the logo can vary according to the design of the postcard. In some cases, it will look better when placed in the corners while the center is can work for other postcard designs. Usually, if your aim is to use postcards for branding purposes, the center placement works excellently. However, there is no reason for you not to place it in other locations.
Irrespective of the location at which the logo is placed, you must ensure that it is clearly visible. Therefore, make sure that the design of the postcard accommodates for the colors of the logo.

  • Coloring the Design

Of course, your postcards will certainly have colors in them. The trick is to use the colors in such a way that the postcard looks attractive. As such, you must make sure that the design has been colored properly.
If you are getting a graphic artist to do your work, then you don’t have to worry as they will take care of everything. However, when you are designing it yourself, you need to pay a bit of attention. First of all, you must make sure that the design is not too colorful. Your postcards are supposed to promote your company and your services. It is definitely not meant to be a rainbow or a child’s drawing. Use the barest minimum of colors to make the effect you are looking for.
You can also opt for a black and white color scheme. With the right design, it can elevate the appeal of your postcard and make it become very elegant. It will look classy. However, this color scheme will not be suitable for all designs. More importantly, it may not suit the tastes of your targeted audience or the message you are promoting through the postcard. For example, a postcard that is announcing the sale of children’s products will never be appealing if a black and white color scheme is used. Instead, it will be very bland and boring.

  • Using Innovative Printing Techniques

If you want to make sure that your postcards are very attractive, you may want to consider using innovative printing techniques. In fact, such printing techniques may end up making a big and inedible impression on the minds of your consumers and customers. Two of the most common printing techniques used in postcards marketing are die cuts and bleed.
Die cuts involve using a die to punch holes and shapes into the postcard. Therefore, you can create holes shaped like stars or hearts in your postcard. Suffice to say, they will look very cool when they have been implemented in the right design. The die cut technique also makes it possible to create customized shapes for your postcards. The simplest use would be to round off the edges of the postcard. While that looks awesome, you can let your creative juices flowing and create some amazing postcard shapes. However, keep in mind that the mailing service may end up charging more for mailing custom postcard shapes.
Another point to keep in mind will be the edges. While you can always go for a white border to frame your design, it might not always be the perfect choice. These days, bleed can be implemented in the design during the cheap postcard printing phase. In bleed, there will not be any borders. Instead, the design will stretch out and cover the entire postcards. This effect can look very awesome if you use the right design to accompany it. Of course, you need to check if the postcards printing agency offers such services.

  • Selecting the Card Stock

You also need to consider the paper for postcards which you want to use. There are a variety of card stocks available these days that can be used in making postcards. You even opt for exotic materials such as plastic or even wood. However, in most cases, a sufficiently good card stock will be enough for a marketing campaign with postcards.
When selecting a card stock to use for printing your postcards, you need to ensure that it has a good thickness. A card stock that is like a flimsy and thin piece of paper is by no means suitable for a postcard marketing campaign. Of course, thin paper stocks are more likely to get all torn up and dirty even before the postcards reach the intended recipients. Apart from that fact, these poor quality stocks can leave a very bad impression in the minds of your customers. They will feel that your company is unprofessional and cheap. As such, they will not be too willing to do business with you. Just because you are trying to make cheap postcards does not mean that you need to compromise the quality of your company.
The card stock you select should be thick but not too thick. The mailing company may end up charging more for your postcards when mailing due to the increase in weight. Therefore, if you are planning to send cheap postcards in bulk, you need to ensure that the items are of the right thickness. The paper should not leave behind bad creases when folded. It should be stiff enough to retain its shape, however.
Another point to consider will be the finish applied on the card stock. You can choose glossy postcard paper as they have an excellent shine. These postcards can look extremely attractive and appealing. However, keep in mind that glossy postcard printing can cost more. An alternative would be to go for matte postcard printing. It also costs more than your regular postcard printing cheap job. However, the effect produced by matte postcards is very good. You can go for this effect if you are trying to make your postcards look elegant and classy.

  • Sizing the Postcard

The dimensions of a post card can have an important effect on your marketing campaign. Of course, the mailing service will take the size of the postcards into account when determining the costs. Therefore, you will have to pay more to get your postcards mailed if you have used a bigger size for them. Any direct mailing company has the right to charge more if you use a custom postcards size. If you want to save money on your marketing campaigns by avoiding the bigger expense of oversized postcard postage, you should opt for the standard sized fedex postcard.
The size of the postcards will also affect the design you use on them. After all, the design should be appropriate for the size. By using a bigger size of postcards, you will gain the ability to expand your design and even put in more information. For smaller ones, the space will be limited.
You should also note that the costs of printing will be dependent on the postcard dimension. Typically, printing agencies will charge more if you want them to create a postcard with a custom printed cardstock size. Of course, you need to pay more for larger sized postcards. Again, if budget is a concern for your company, you can just as easily use a standard postcard size for making an impression.
Some possible FedEx printing sizes are the 6x9 postcard,the 4x6 card, the 4 25 x 6 postcard template, the 4 x 5 cardstock and the 5 x 5 prints.

  • Using Both Sides of the Postcard

A postcard will have two sides both of which can be put to use in your marketing campaign. There are many innovative ways to make the best use of these two sides. For example, you can use one side of the postcard to place the most important marketing message or announcement. On the other side, you can place more details with respect to that message. However, you must make sure that there is space for putting in the address of the customers.
Another cool way to utilize both the sides of the postcards is by using your postcards as a reply mail. This means, your customers will be able to send back the postcard with the details you have asked for. If you are planning to make your postcards act as coupons or gift certificates, using both sides will be a fantastic idea. On one side, you can print the gift certificate or coupon while on the other side you can mention the rules and eligibility criteria with regards to the promotion.
There is a good chance that you will be increasing the effectiveness of your postcards if you make proper use of both sides. This will also result in higher response rates and sales for your business.

Getting Your Postcards Printed With the Help of a Printing Agency
There are many things to consider when you are getting your printed postcards. After all, if the printing is not done properly, then your marketing campaign may suffer. A postcard that has been printed correctly will be very impressive. Even a postcard that has a wonderful design can end up looking very bad if the printing has not been done properly. Here are few tips to help you when you want to know how to create postcards or to ensure that your postcards are printed perfectly

  • The Experience and Reputation of the Printing Agency

You need to be working with the right printing agency to make sure that you get the best results when printing your postcards cheap. As such, you need to do a bit of research into the printing agency you want to work with.
You can start by checking the experience of the agency. An agency which has been in the business for a longer time will be more likely to give you a better result. They will know exactly how to approach the printing job so that you get the post cards right when you want them. Reputation is another factor that needs to be taken into consideration. You can check the reputation of the companies in various websites online.
A good option would be to work with a printing agency that operates online. These agencies generally have a good track record and they are capable of making fast deliveries when you order postcards online or order prints online target. Be that as it may, these agencies have a major advantage over your neighborhood agency. They are cheaper. These agencies do not have much overhead which allows them to charge less for to print cheap postcards. If you are on a budget, these agencies can prove to be very helpful in getting the cheapest postcard printing services.
In many cases, the printing agency will be familiar with the other forms of marketing that involve the use of printed items such as 4 x 6 flyers, business postcards printing, business cards premium, Kinkos magnets, card flyers, photo postcards and promotional postcards

  • The Portfolio of the Printing Agency

You should always take a look at the portfolio of the printing agency before you hire them for your postcards. The portfolio can reveal whether the agency will be capable of completing the job you want them to. The portfolio should contain a list of their best works that they have completed successfully over the years. You should also ask them to provide reference details so that you can get in touch with the companies have worked with them before. By talking with their previous clients, you will have a better understanding of their capabilities. You will be in a better position to determine if you want them to print postcards cheap for you.

  • Range of Options Available At The Printing Agency

The agency you want to hire should offer you a range of options for your printing job. There are quite a few things that will matter, after all. For starters, they should offer you options on the paper stock and colors. They should be flexible enough to accommodate any special requests you might have. For example, you may want a customized size for the postcards for your marketing campaign. They should be willing to fulfill that request.
The printing agency should also be flexible when it comes to the delivery of your printed postcards. After all, you may want next day postcards in order to start your marketing campaign. They should be able to accommodate such requests.

  • Availability of Proofs

More importantly, the printing agency should be able to offer you a proof before they proceed with the printing job. The proof is a vital document. It allows you to check and double-check the postcard for any errors before it gets printed. This ensures that you will not end up delivering postcards with mistakes such as color issues or typing errors. Such mistakes can leave a bad impression about your company in the minds of the customers. They will think that your company is unprofessional and, as such, not a good one to do business with.
Proofs also give you the ability to make any modifications at the last minute. After all, it is possible that there might be some late changes to the marketing campaign which must be mentioned in the postcards. For example, you may want to increase the offer. Now that has to be printed in the postcards.

  • Offset Printing and Digital Printing

There are two major techniques used in printing. They are offset and digital printing. Each of these has their own sets of advantages and disadvantages. It will be better if the printing agency you hire is able to offer you both types of printing. After all, you do not want to keep running around changing printing agencies every time you want to print postcards.
Offset printing makes use of big printing presses. The thing about offset printing is that it requires the creation of printing plates. These plates are quite costly. Once the printing is over, the plates have to be destroyed as they are unusable. Therefore, this method is very useful when you need to get hundreds or thousands of postcards printed. If you need lower numbers, this will be far too expensive as the charge for printing will always including the cost of making the plates.
For the same reason, offset printing makes it impossible to make each postcard unique. If you want to print unique numbers or patterns in each and every one of your postcards, you need to go for digital printing. The use of the plates makes it impossible for such a level of customization in offset printing.
Digital printing will be a great choice when you have at most a few hundred postcards to print. This printing technique makes use of a digital printer not unlike the ones you can typically see in any office. Digital printing is more cost-effective when you are printing fewer copies while offset is meant for more. Of course, digital printing also gives you more flexibility.
Another important thing to note is that offset printing makes it easier to go for the die cut technique. Additionally, if the design of your postcards include bleed edges, then offset printing is again the solution for your 4 x 6 postcard printing needs.

  • Availability of Card Stocks

A good custom printing company will surely keep a variety of card and paper stocks for printing purposes. There are many kinds of printing card stock available in the market these days and you need to have the ability to choose between each of them. After all, you are trying to make the best possible impression as you make custom postcards.
You can ask the printing agency if it keeps any exotic card stocks in their business. After all, you can easily use plastic postcards to make a stronger impression. Of course, you need to have the budget as well. Getting postcards on exotic card stocks tend to be much costlier and more expensive than your regular cared stock.
Either way, you must make sure that the respectability of your company is not affected by the card stocks that they are offering you to make your post cards on. The card stock used in printing your marketing post cards should be of a good quality. They need to be strong and stiff enough to resist bending.

  • Availability of Finishes

The finish is the last thing that a printer can apply on the postcards. Finishes ensure that the postcards last for a longer time. It also protects your marketing post cards from damage from the sun and rain. Now, the choice of finish you want to go for is dependent on a variety of factors.
A glossy finish will often be appreciated by the customers. Glossy finishes make the post cards shinier as they reflect light. If you have the right kind of postcard design you will find that the design is accentuated by the application of the glossy finish.
Another good choice of finish can be the matte finish style. This finish has a more subdued appeal compared to the glossy finish style. Be that as it may, the finish can look extremely attractive as well as appealing if you have the right kind of post card design to go with it. It is important to remember that a matte finish can make your post card look elegant, classy and very stylish. Therefore, if you are planning to design and print post cards that will be capable of conveying such impressions, you will find matte finish to be a viable choice.
There are still other kinds of finish that you can try out. For example, you have UV coatings. UV coatings are capable of preventing the inks from the post card fading from being exposed to sunlight for a long period of time. This ensures the longevity of the printed material. UV coatings will be very useful in when you are printing business cards, brochures and even banners. However, they will have the same level of usefulness in a postcard meant for marketing purposes. After all, the longevity of postcards is not very much. In the majority of cases, it will be useful for about a month or so. Therefore, it will be one expense that you do not need to go for while getting your marketing postcards printed.

The Various Ways You Can Use a Postcard in Your Marketing Campaign
There is no shortage of options when it comes to getting your postcards ready for a marketing campaign. Of course, the question remains as to the various ways that this print marketing tool can be used in such a campaign. Thankfully, post cards are highly versatile. It is this versatility that allows them to be used in a number of ways that most other marketing tools struggle to perform in. Here are just some of the possible ways that you can use post cards in your marketing campaigns. These are only ideas which may inspire you to find a new method.

Promotional Offers
The most common use of postcards is certainly for promoting any special offers that your company is running. In fact, postcards are the easiest method to perform such an activity. After all post cards are very cheap. These marketing tools can be printed with very little money. Moreover, they can also be mailed to the prospective customers at a low rate. In fact, for a standard sized postcard, the mailing rates tend to be very little as it is. The low costs of the entire marketing operation make postcards perfect for all companies.
Of course, when you are promoting offers with postcards, you need to give a lot of attention to the details and design that will be printed on the postcards. The post card design should very attractive. It needs to impress the customers so that they will become interested in making use of the offer.
Another important consideration is the offer itself. It is absolutely a must that the offer should be a good one. You should not give out a poor offer. For examples, low percentages of discounts or free items or services will not be appreciated by the customers. In most cases, these free items are rarely worth the effort of going through the purchase. Make the discounts and freebies significant enough to make the customers sit up and take notice. If the customers really get impressed with what you are offering, they will most certainly make purchases to get the offer. That means you will be getting more sales and more responses.

Sales Announcements
Post cards are easily the most effective method of announcing any sales that your company will be hosting. Consumers love to attend sales as they will be able to buy products and services at low costs. If you announce the sale that your company will be hosting well in advance, you will find that there is a better response to the overall revenue that your company generates during the sales. After all, more people will come to know about the sale and, as such, more people will be likely to visit your store so that they can participate in the sale.
When it comes to announcing sales through postcards, you need to take care of the time when you send the postcards through the mail. It is very important that the customers get the postcards in their mail at the correct time. You must not send the postcards so early that the customers end up forgetting that there will be a sale. At the same time, the postcards should not be so late that the customers do not get enough time to prepare for the sale.
If you are running the sale over a period of a few days, you can send another postcard to inform the customers that the sale is about to end. This will increase the chances of the customers coming to your sale.

Announcing Events
Events can also be announced through postcards without any problem whatsoever. It works in a similar fashion to sales. As such, you need to make sure that the customers get the event announcement at the right time. Postcards will be a great way to increase the attendance of your events. After all, the customers will be adequately informed of the event your company is about to host.
Be that as it may, there are a few things that you need to pay attention to when you are sending announcements about your events to the customers through postcards. The design is the most important of them all. The design of the postcard must reflect the theme and tone of the event if you are about to host.
For example, if you are planning to host a formal and serious event, the design of the postcard should reflect it. That means you need to use a design that is subdued and contains the bare minimum of flashy arts. On the other hand, if you are about host a fun event like a picnic, you can make your post cards a colorful affair. It can have nice artwork as well. You do not want your customers get embarrassed simply because they misunderstood the theme of the event.
You need to ensure that the content of the postcard is also suitable for the event. For example, you should inform the customers about any particular requirements for the event such as a dress code. Make the fullest use of the postcard by printing on the back as well.

Launching New Products
When you launch a new product, you will certainly want all of your customers to know about it. After all, if they do not know about the new product, they will not be able to purchase it. As such, you need to make use of various marketing tools to get this information across to your consumer base. Postcards can prove to be an effective option in this situation. Of course, you need to make sure that the marketing postcards have been designed correctly to serve as a vehicle for your product launch.
The idea behind the design of such a marketing postcard is to ensure that the best features of the product are highlighted. Make use of the design to draw the attention of the customers towards the best and most important features. It is very important that the image of the product has been placed in the design of the postcard.
The copy you place in the postcard should not simply highlight the features of the customers. Instead, the copy should be about the advantages that the customers can enjoy after purchasing the product. You need to show the customers how their lives will be benefited after they have purchased the product.
There is no reason for you not to send multiple postcards about the same product. In each postcard, you can concentrate on one or two features and advantages of the product. After all, your product can have many different features and advantages. Placing all of them in one single postcard design may not be a very good idea as it will end up making the design look quite cluttered. A cluttered design is never attractive and it leaves a bad impression in the minds of the consumers about your company.

Gift Certificates and Coupons
There is no reason for you to limit the usage of your postcards to solely as marketing tools. Postcards are incredibly versatile printed items. As such, they can be put to a variety of other uses that need only serve marketing purposes. Coupons and gift certificates are two of those methods.
Postcards can easily double up as gift certificates without too much of effort. All you need to do is get the postcard designed in a way that it acts like a gift certificate. After all, there are two sides to any postcard. On one side, you can print out a gift certificate while using the other for a bit of marketing. Remember to mention the rules and benefits of the certificate clearly.
Postcards can also function as coupons in a similarly easy manner. All you need to do is get the coupon design printed on the postcard. Be that as it may, you need to remember that coupons are always printed with codes that are unique to each postcard. You can also print such codes in your gift certificate postcards as well. Additionally, you can opt for innovative methods of printing such as die cuts. In fact, die cuts can be a good option as it is capable of making your coupon postcards look all the more awesome.

Other Possible Uses
There are still many other ways you can use postcards for your marketing campaigns. Often, you will find that the postcards can be put to unique uses based on the business you are in.
If you run a restaurant business, you can design your postcards to act as menus. You will be able to inform your customers what dishes you offer while marketing your business at the same time. In the same way, you can create postcards which can double up as bookmarks if you are in the book business.
Another cool way of using postcards is by simply handing them out. Instead of mailing the postcards, you can hand them out to passersby near your store or at malls just like a brochure or flyer.

With all of these pieces of information at your disposal, you now have the knowledge to run a successful marketing campaign with postcards. Again, remember that you need to get the postcards printed and designed in the right manner to make the most of this tool..

Why Are Postcards Important For Your Business?

There are a dozen reasons why postcards are one of the greatest business marketing tools. If you haven’t opted for custom postcard printing yet, it is highly advised that you must choose a color postcards printing company and place an order for bulk printing of such cards. Almost all businesses today have personalized postcards printed, which they use for communication with clients and customers. Printing postcards is the best way entrepreneurs can advertise their respective businesses to a large number of customers within a very short period of time. Let’s discuss a few or the reasons why postcard prints are important for your business…

Postcard Printing

Postcards are ever-ready

If you are looking for a marketing tool that instantly conveys messages to prospective customers and clients, postcards are the best. There is no need for the customers to open envelopes or any kind of packaging to get the advertising message. As there is nothing to open, the advertising messages printed on those cards are ready to be read. Unlike other forms of direct mail advertising, postcard advertising is easy and convenient. So, you mustn’t ignore the importance of business printing postcard for business marketing. These cards can promote your goods and services to the customers in one of the best possible manners.

Postcards are Appropriate for all businesses

Postcard marketing is suitable for almost any business. So, whether you are in the real estate business or in the business of manufacturing machine parts, you can market your services and products with the help of postcards. If you can build a strong but custom postcards printing strategy, these tools can result in “call to action” for the company. You can use business postcard printing to bring customers to your ecommerce website or to your online stores. As sales messages and information on the cards are provided in a precise and interesting manner, information never misses the eyes of the prospective customers.  You can even print and mail postcards for initiating donations for particular purposes. So, every company, whether big or small, can benefit from postcard marketing.

Cheap postcards printing, best alternative

One of the most cost-effective means of marketing products and services is printing color postcards. A Business card printing company like can provide you the best rates on postcards printing. Marketing with printed postcards is the best way to get a high ROI on your marketing endeavors. You have to spend a reasonable amount of money for getting a high return in the form of new customers and an increased sales number. Postcards can approach clients directly and can leave a long-lasting impact in their minds. That is the reason you should not ignore the importance of printing postcards for your business sales. Another reason that makes postcards great is the fact that inexpensive flyer  printing and mailing service s color postcards are inexpensive too. So, sending postcards to multiple customers and business partners will not lead to huge expenses. You can even print large postcards and design your postcards the way you like to be sent to customers and clients.

Serve as multi-purpose marketing tool

Postcards are not just pieces of paper to write letters. The tools are much more than that – they are multi-purpose marketing tools. On one hand you can print a postcard in place of a business card at events and seminars. So, exchange your business cards at an event you attend or a seminar you organize. Full color postcard printing can convey messages like a newly launched product, products that are on offers and any special social service your company is doing. That is the reason you can use postcards the way you want to use them for marketing. You can also put postcards inside a press kit for the journalists. Color postcards containing information about you company may provide the much-needed exposure for your products and services. They can also be a part of exhibition display.

  • Precise and strong message – Postcards are short, but precise tools for marketing. They are what customers are looking for – business information in the shortest and most powerful manner. Messages and designs used in business marketing should be highly engaging and penetrating. Prospective customers should be able to enjoy reading the information that is present on the postcards. In addition to that, as there is not much of printed letters and more images, checking postcards is convenient, easy, and preferable for almost all customers. You can print picture postcards on one side and leave the other side blank for customers to write messages and sent those again to their friends and loved ones. This way, brand names, taglines, and messages of your company can go viral. So, print color postcards to spread marketing messages far and wide.
  • Track results, do better research – you can print information related to discounts and offers going on in the store. You can distribute these cards and ask the customers to bring these cards along to avail the discounts. Thus, you can measure the type of response postcard marketing has generated. If you are participating in a survey or poll, you can use postcard to print questionnaires. Postcards print with your company logos and pictures will make things look more serious and credible for the customers. This will also help in building customer loyalty and trust in your company and brands. You can expect a better result from this way of marketing.
  • Flexible target marketing is possible – Most of the companies have more than a single target market for their products and services. While there are some companies that target customers based on their age-groups, there are also companies that segregate target market based on areas. Marketing with postcards can help you to do flexible target marketing where you can create and distribute postcards especially designed to target specific markets. You may need to spend money in a mailing lists brokerage firm, which can provide you with good mailing lists. So, to get success in postcard marketing, you need to choose a mailing lists brokerage firm too.
  • Best communication tool – You must always involve your customers in the happenings of you company. So, in place of monthly or weekly newsletters, you can communicate with your customers and business partners using printed postcards. Printed postcards are the best for sending regular information on latest launches and special offers on products. Moreover, printing postcards for marketing is the cheapest way to communicate with your customers and clients. You can expect to get high quality designs for less cost. So, you can build a better brand image, which will be beneficial for your company.
  • Small, so easy to store – As postcards are small, they are great when it comes to storing. You can store postcards in your handbags or in office closet. They won’t take up much space. It is convenient for both the customers and company to store such cards. If postcards are yet not marketing tools for your business, think twice. You can help your company achieve its business target easily with the right business planning with printed postcards.

Situations when cheap postcards print product can be used for advertising?

Are you wondering when to use postcards and when not to? Postcards are relevant for almost all situations whether it is an event or a promotional offer. A great way to print and distribute postcards is through mails. You can print short, precise information regarding your company and its products and services, on the postcards. Thus, information exchange is possible in the smartest manner.

You can print postcards as a part if you company’s outdoor marketing strategies. There are cost effective marketing tools and you can use these multiple times. For example, you can print postcards for the launch of a product, and can send a postcard two or three times to the same customer. This continuous hammering of your company information in the minds of the customers creates an interest about your company or products in the minds of the customers.

You can use postcards when there is very little message to convey to the customers. It is not always that you want to say a lot of things to the customers. It is then, postcards are the perfect options. With postcards, you can convey a short message in the most impactful manner to the customers.

If you want to spread a particular message to a lot of people without spending a lot of money, postcards are the best options. Postcard printing doesn’t cost a lot of money. However, marketing through postcards is direct and effective. That is the why it is advised that you must involve in marketing with the postcards.

Designing postcards

For successful marketing with postcards, you must make it a point to designs the color postcards well. You must take the help of professional postcard printing companies to help you create the best and cheap postcard printing. So, when it comes to choosing suitable flyer printing companies, you must make it a point to check whether the company you are choosing comprises experienced postcard designing experts. This will ensure that you are getting well-designed postcards for your business marketing.

You need to determine the objective of postcard campaign for your business. You need to make sure whether you need to print postcards to announce the launch of a new product or to wish your customers on a special occasion; for example – Christmas.

You need a good understanding of the market to be able to design your marketing campaigns well. You must know what your customers like and dislike about your business. You should also follow customers’ feedback and reactions about products they would want you to launch. This on one hand will help you serve your customers better while also help saving a lot of money in the process. Otherwise you may end up spending a lot of money in marketing without getting the desired results.

If you are printing postcards to promote your products and services in the market, you must make sure that you create a great offer or deal first. Without a great deal to offer, customers might not feel impressed to check out the postcards of your company. So, the most important thing is to create a great offer and design color postcards that support that offer. You need to create a good reason for the customers to accept your offers and deals.

After all that is done, you can move on to the designing of the cards. Remember, these cards will represent your company to your existing and prospective customers. That is the reason you should pay serious attention to every aspect of designing printed postcards – from placing the information in proper places to choosing the theme and size of the postcards to be printed. You can take help of experts from the online postcard printing service provider This will help you create the best-designed postcards for your company.

You can write the contents for the postcards yourself. However, it is advised that you opt professional postcard printing services to develop suitable contents to be printed on the postcards along with the designs. You cannot include everything about your company in the postcards. Therefore, you need to be specific on what you need to include and what to omit. That is the reason, before placing an order for color flyer printing; you must make it a point to check whether the contents are done perfectly.

When it comes to marketing with postcards, you must take care not to sell hard. Postcards are interesting marketing pieces, through which you can present different types of information in an interesting manner. Remember, postcards distribution is sometimes a way to keep in touch with your customers, without any products and services on offer. So, you must be careful in your postcard marketing venture.

You can grab a good deal on printed postcards on When it comes to choosing a postcards printing company, you must be careful to stay away from fraudulent practices that may cheat you. You need to be careful not to fall into their hands. There are two most important things to be sure of – the quality of the printed postcards and the cost of printing postcards in bulk. Searching for a lucrative offer is always suggested when it comes to printing business cards.


What is a Postcard?

As seen originally, the pre-printed postcard was usually used for mailing through the local mail, where one side would cover a picture of a destination, current town, tour activity or even a nice quote or poem, on the other side there are usually lines for writing and space for the stamp and delivery information. This haven’t changed much since then in the postcards, the only little difference is, that now a day, these postcards are being used as flyers.

If you get to places like Miami Beach, and others, you will see that the postcards printing are being used for promotional purposes, promoting parties, events, specials and others. Now, the mailing part in the back of the flyer is removed and used for promotional space. This piece of flyer (postcard) can be mailed also, but that is not its primary intend for being printed.

What uses has a Postcard?

So, if you are planning on producing (printing) a postcards for the sole purpose of stocking them on a store for possible customers to pick them up and mail them, this could be the most original and classic use we can give to these postcards, there are millions of pictures that could be chosen for print on the front side, usually a beach picture, a downtown clock tower picture, rivers, mountains, landscapes, vehicles, and more… Just remember to keep a nice outline space printed in the back of the flyer for personalization and mailing. Make sure you order these postcards with Non-UV on the back to allow pen to write over the postcard without hazel.

If you decide to use these postcards as flyers, let’s say you want to promote a product, service, company, event, or whatever your case, then we can forget about the mailing and typing block on the back of the postcard, we can also forget about the Non-UV option for the writing, and there you have about 50% more space for your promotion. Depending on your demographic, people tend to print these postcards on dual language, English and Spanish, English and Italian, etc. Also its very popular that in the front of the flyer you find the full promotion and in the back side of the postcard, you will get more general information about the company…

Is there a way to get these postcards for cheaper at

Yes, there are several ways to reduce the cost of our postcard printing production prices to the end customer, making it cheaper and more accessible. Remember that 55printing already offers really low and cheap pricing for most of our main products thanks to our high printing volume which facilitates the line of production in huge ways, but still, on top of our everyday very affordable prices, we are willing to commit to an additional level of cheaper prices thanks to our flexibility and our understand of customers’ needs now a day.

After a tough thought about how can we get our postcards cheaper, we have concluded in a few ways and steps that customers can consider as options at the time of asking for a discount or an special condition where customer consider that their printing project should be treated as special and a discount may apply.

  • If this is your first time ordering Postcards at : Yes, for first timers in the world of the design and printing of post cards, we run a 5% promotion 24/7 which can be accessible through a widget installed on the left side of our website. You just need to publish on your personal network about your intention to try our products and you get the postcard discount code immediately after publication. The widget will help you through the process.
  • 55Printing logo on the back of the postcard: When you are about to place your order for these cheap postcard printing product, you may consider contact us first, so we can analyze and determine if you qualify for a discount based on the introduction of our logo into your design file in the way that at the same time you promote your products through the printed postcard, we will also have our subtle and small promotion maybe in the front of the postcard as well in the back of the postcard. We can arrange and negotiate position of the logo depending on the design provided by the customer, usually on the bottom back of the postcard, but not always. You may qualify for this sort of discounted postcards if we consider that your market where the postcards are about to be distributed, are valuable for our online store marketing efforts, worthy an investment and reconsideration for a special discount on this particular product.
  • Social media shout-out about our Postcards: If your company or your personal profile has a social media presence, which can be consider of good influence for a given promotion about our custom printed postcards products, then we will consider to provide you with a discounted postcard project in an exchange of your public (post) feedback on how good or bad was your experience with us, and if you would recommend our post card printing services in the future. We are taking into consideration “well established” Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts. If you possess another blog or social media network, we may also consider it.
  • Have you referred many postcard printers customers to us and we still don’t know about it? This usually happens, maybe you run a shop, you place your postcards in the front of your shop, people and friends comes and ask where you got these nicely printed post cards, you refer but we never knew it was you referring these new postcard print customers. If you find a way to collect information on customers referred by you, we will surely grant you a good “Thank you” discount on your next post card design or printing order.

What size of Post Cards are available?

At 55printing you can find about 30 different sizes for postcards, it is a usual question for us “which size is the right one for a giving print project”, our answer would usually be, “What is your print project about?” From there we analyze what is the customer approach with these postcards, sometimes, maybe refer them to another product, or recommend a size that will be affordable and that we believe will fit the design and print needs for given situation. We currently have 3 different sizes that will cover most of the customer needs with a range of economically, practical postcards, all the way up to more expensive, aggressive printing size for your flyer. In the next 3 points we will talk a bit more about each of these 3 different sizes, their convenience and why people usually buy them.

Most popular postcard size (4” x 6”)

Popular postcard printing size 4x6

This is the classic printing size (seen on real post-cards displays on every tour operator store, souvenir and other tour related facility that will sell pre-printed postcards for mailing), so people get familiar with this shape and size very quickly, it is not as big, not a small, just practical piece of flyer that will deliver a message. At the same time as practical and classic, this size is one of the most affordable too because of its popularity, we can run a print out with many other projects all together to lower production costs, passing on the savings to the customer, providing a cheaper final price.

Postcard size for affordability (2” x 4”)

Smaller / economic postcard printing size 2x4

Depending on your company or personal print budget and on the amount of text needed on the flyer/postcard, we also recommend to thing un a budget basis, mainly this is a very important factor at the time of choosing the right postcard size, getting a smaller postcard, will allow you to order more prints with the same dollar amount. For this size we usually recommend, small portion of text, or much targeted promotion, as it size won’t help much on larger campaigns. This flyer is almost a business card size, so not a lot of information can be included, but well, front and back may be used as well.

Biggest postcard size available, jumbo! (9” x 12”)

Biggest postcard printing size 9x12

Considered my most as a very elegant way to promote and specific event, if designed well, this may cause an amazing impact on you recipient, receiving a flyer/postcard this size, is considered as a gift! More than a promotion hand out. A lot of information and graphics may be included in this printed piece, mostly used for info-graphics that will catch information with statistics. In the other hand, this postcard is often used as provisional table menu for restaurants changing their meals or services, this way, they keep the customer with a durable, good looking, quality menu, that will provide enough information, but at the same time, cost is much lower than a final multi-page or folded menu.

How to get a design done correctly for a Postcard printing project?

Getting a postcard done the right way might not be as simple as it may look, people go all the way to the simplest from a Word document converted to printing ready file, all the way up to a very nice PhotoShop creation with the correct resolution and requirements as needed.

Right now we do offer several choices on how to get your postcard design done and we will explain in detail how they work:

  • Free Online In-Built Designer (With free pre-designed templates: at we have provided customers with an easy to use online postcard design studio with unlimited tools available to facilitate the creation or modification of current artwork, together with this online design tool for postcards, we also included some sample pre-designed templates that can be used as base for your current ideas. These are very easy to edit and modify, the way that you may upload your logo or your images easily and add or edit text within your postcard. The design files are saved in our database for future reference or re-ordering.
  • Download guideline template file for given size: We have all possible sizes converted into guideline postcard templates that can be downloaded in JPG format, in these files you will find that we have marked the Safe-Zone area, Cut-Zone area and Bleed area (which gets excluded after cutting) the way that if you mount your design on top as well as made it CMYK for accurate color display on screen. These template files are available for all sizes, if you need a custom postcard template file please contact us today.
  • Hire our design service: We may assist you through the whole process of building your dream postcard, but we can also be the creators of your dreamed design, we offer very affordable and prompt design service to ensure the accuracy and perfection needed for a state-of-the-art postcard project.
  • Last but not least, we convert simple files to print ready design: It’s very easy for most people to build a design based on a conjunction of text and images in simpler applications (software) like it usually is Microsoft Word, MS Paint and others. In these special cases, we help customers to convert these files (design) to print ready file and provide them with a design proof for the customer to approve before we proceed to print. This conversion process usually takes 1 to 2 hours in our end, and customer must double check in detail the design proof for possible changes like word position, image relocation and other popular changes that occur with a conversion from computer to computer.

How fast are these Post Cards Printed?

If you are concerned about the delivery date of your order of postcards, please call/chat with us as soon as possible so we can arrange the best printing speed option for your needs.

At 55printing we accommodate customers with diverse flyers printing turnaround options that will affect directly with the delivery date, the sooner a postcard is printed, the sooner it will ship out. Currently we offer the (Economy) Economic postcard printing turnaround option which is the cheaper option as we get more time to arrange your project on our printing process, which can save us a lot of extra costs versus a faster post card printing turnaround, this Economy option consist on 4 to 6 business days for the whole printing process of your postcard order, including the handling of the shipping (ship out included in the 4-6 business days). So, to this range of possible days, you need to add the transit time for the shipping.

We also count with a faster option, still very economical which is called the Standard postcard printing turnaround time, this one consist on a ship-out speed of 3 business days top, this way you may guarantee your flyers with a more accurate delivery date. We even offer a guarantee for flyer printing orders that we promise a delivery date by writing if the Standard option for the postcard print turnaround is selected.

For Rushed orders, we also have the popular Next-Day post card printing turnaround option which counts with the flexibility of extra attention to your postcard order, and at the same time, it will print and ship out next business day. This is very time sensitive and we strongly recommend that you contact us first before you place the order online. For this option and guarantee become available for your order, the art (design for the postcard project) must be approved before 10am Eastern Time (Florida, USA) and you need to take into count that holidays are not included for next day printing.

With these 3 options you may play with the delivery date and your budget, need them fast? We can help, but remember there are costs included within these turnaround options, we hope you can afford the extra charge for this particular need.

Another way to get your postcards delivered fast, is also playing with the shipping options which we will explain on next question.

How can I get my postcards faster using shipping options?

For the shipping on postcard and all the other printed products, we have a wide variety of speeds, depending on how soon you need them delivered, and how good is your budget, remember, the faster you get it, the more you are going to pay for shipping.

When shipping postcards, remember they build up real quick, and a simple order of 5,000 postcards, can get you about 5 to 6 huge boxes full flyers. At the time on thinking of shipping these boxes, we already got a very good deal with UPS, as we ship in high volume, but still, it is not that cheap. On postcard rushed shipping you will find prices climb up real quick out of the ground shipping base price but this will definitely give you an edge if you need them for quicker delivery.

As of now, we offer the Standard UPS Ground Postcard Shipping, which usually takes a maximum of 3-4 business days to be delivered after the printed postcard has been shipped out from our facilities. This is the most economical way and it’s very affordable.

We also offer the 2nd Day Air postcard shipping, which serves as a middle point for your budget and your “need for speed” on the delivery. With this option you have a more secure delivery date for your postcard boxes as it’s called 2nd day, it will arrive at your door 2 business days after your postcards was shipped from our facility.

And, last but not least, the super rushed option for getting your postcards sooner as possible, the Next Day Air Postcard Shipping which will get you what you need as soon as next day after it has shipped out from our facilities. This is a bit expensive but, it becomes practical for tight deadlines.


Recommendations written by various writers about printing and design in general.

Ever wondered, if you already got the design ready, now, how to get postcards printed so you won’t get disappointed with the outcome of your order? In order to make 100% on this, you are recommended to order what we call the “Free Postcards Sample Package” which consist in providing you with a wide variety of samples as well as business cards, flyers, and others. This is totally free service and should be offered by every online printer which is serious in the market. Delivery time for these is usually 3-5 business days via USPS.

Looking for a good deal on flyers? postcard companies usually awaits for holidays and special events to allow customers to save on printing, Black Friday print special, Cyber Monday discount for printing, Christmas print discount code or even the independence day printers specials. Make sure to follow a few printers on their social media networks where is the most popular place to publish these events discount special codes and deals. Also subscribe for the email newsletter which will provide you with a wider idea on what is going on in the printing field.

When you are investing time and money into a promotion, make sure you get professional postcards done right the first time, and we don’t only mean a professional design, we also refer to printing quality and product finishing. Finding the right designer and the right printer, is not an easy task, we will provide you with some tips in further articles about how to go about getting the right choice. Take into account that even in the biggest and most lucrative firms, mistakes always happens and its good that everyone is ready to accept a mistake and be able to manage the situation.

For your personal use or for business postcards printing you will always need a design file first, building a design file is not as easy as it looks, we strongly recommend hiring a graphic designer, this  important step will guarantee a professional state for you print project and will probably increase the effectiveness of the message you want to communicate. Many times, people think that bigger letters or red and yellow colors are the right tactic to call the reader’s attention, this is shown not to work very well as people are pre-alerted to the fact they are about to be forced to read something they probably don’t want to.

If you want your flyer to call the attention of your recipient, you need to make sure to get them customized postcards for cheap, that way you will be able to add or remove any information as you wish. Making a postcard fully customized will automatically target the eye of prospects that will immediately notice, is seeing something new and different. Make sure whatever you add to it is unique and interesting, being unique will not be enough. Keep the text portion of the design flowing smooth so you don’t saturate the flyer with too much color or text, keep it easy to the eye.

Did you already have your printed postcards cheap? Great, this is a good time to share your opinion with your printer, if you are happy, we even recommend leaving a feedback on the printer’s company social media profile where more potential customers will be looking forward for more information and other customer’s experiences dealing with this specific printer and the quality of their products. We often recommend doing so on Google+, Facebook or Twitter, there are also several business profile sites like Yelp, Resellersrating and others.

After doing a thought research on cheap postcards printing services offered by online and local printers, researches has found something interesting that you might also want to know about, sometimes, printers show you a regular price of two times the price of the item, and reduce it to half you make it look like they have given you a 50% off the item you are buying when in reality you are purchasing it at regular price, or maybe even higher prices. This is a bad technique and 55printing is against exploiting this manipulation of the price structure of the website.

When you are about to print postcards online cheap, you have so many choices as this product is one of the most popular printing marketing material seeing worldwide, if there is a print shop, they do postcards. What varies is the quality and color consistency which is denominated as the hardest part of the research. If your approach is to get these flyers online, then you need to start looking at blogs and social media networks where people talk about their experience with previous ordered items which maybe they will include a description on what they got, how quick they got it and how good it looks.

If your marketer manager is trying to get business postcards cheap for your next marketing campaign, make sure the research part is done right, the whole result of your research is the very most important part of getting a good deal on anything you are pursuing to buy. Local research is always a good idea, but best deal and most competitive printers will be found online, and should be searched by google or yahoo, which are the most used, and best organized search engines. A quick search for business postcards cheap discount codes, will provide you with some viable choices.

Do you save if you order your printing in bulk? postcard printing usually comes cheaper on greater quantities, which is good to take into account. A good example about this is when you order 100 cards, it might cost you $10 (as an example) but if you order 250 cards, you will just pay maybe $2.5 for the next 150 pieces of postcards. So that’s when you notice that bulk ordering of postcards are often a good choice if you really have use for the additional order of postcards.

The bigger the better? Not in every case. In the world of printing and marketing, we have become aware of the abused of the oversized postcard size which becomes unmanageable most of the times, it for sure has it uses, as restaurant menus and many others, but, for being handle out in the streets, or left in a car windshield, these oversized postcards are not recommended and practical at all. People will most likely tare the flyer apart so they can continue with their lives after getting one of these huge flyers. First concern that comes to the mind of these prospects, is: “Where am I going to store this huge flyer, it’s not a pocket one”.

Could be expensive or could be inexpensive printing, it will all depend on customer requirements and standards for the printer, remember that paper thickness, spot UV and many other factors affect directly the cost of the production of the same. These additional options are bigger firms favorites, as it makes a huge difference on the flyer, giving it an interesting finishing and someone that look at it will immediately notice it.

Have you asked yourself how do get these marketing companies to actually print postcards so affordable and so fast? The answer is simple, demand! The market is an ever growing place of constant demand for printed marketing material. People believe that online marketing is taking big part of the printed market, but this is more happening in the news area, the flyers are still making their part in the streets. We have seen many newspaper disappear in months, years, and last decades, unfortunately, it’s expensive and ineffective for news and ads advertising compared to the revolutionary world of the internet.

Why is the post card printing product 2nd or 3rd on every printer’s choice on top of the flyers? It is no news for us on how effective are flyers and postcards has brought us a more representable piece of marketing material that looks better, stronger and resistant to weather in many cases.

One of the most popular techniques used in the postcard print process is also the combination of multiple customers’ orders, the way that the final product comes cheaper for the producer and for the customer too. This way, print shops has managed to reduce printing costs in huge amounts. Example of this is the case of leaving all the handling and plate costs of the whole production processes for a postcard, instead of running 30 jobs at the same time, which will spread the cost evenly for all customers, machinery is just set once for printing and stays printing for longer time until the 30 products are full produced.

Ever thought on including a discount coupon code while you get your postcard prints done at your printers shop? Yes, it is possible and it looks brilliantly, including an easy to tear coupon to your flyer will help the chance of retention from a prospective customer. Once anybody sees they are being handed a possible discount they could use in the future, it won’t matter what the discount is for, we are sure people will think it twice before they trash the flyer.

While you are in need to print post cards, stay focused on other factors that needs to be taken into account before starting over. First thing is the colors you will be using, you got the option of doing full color as well as grayscale printing, sizes goes from very small to very big, UV coating options can be done single sided or both sides, if you are adding coupon code then you’ll need to request perforation as well, there are so many things to take into account that it’s always good to stop and think them over. Grayscale gives the flyer a touch of serious, honest, non-intrusive design style that sometimes is seen much better than a flyer full of colors. UV coating supports the paper and the ink into a level of protection that will prevent your postcard to tear apart from as simple as water or sun discoloring effects.

Once you get you set of printed postcards delivered to your door, what’s the next step? Spread the voice, deliver them by hand, or send them through USPS with the program of Every Door Direct Mail postcard delivery system that will allow you to send a set of postcards to all houses or businesses within a selected zip code for very affordable price. You won’t need a list of recipients or delivery address list, all these is managed and provided by your local USPS store. Some requirements, like post card size, design, dimensions and paper thickness are limited to specifications. These specifications can be found on the every door direct mail product page of (don’t forget to read about the indicia logo that has to be included within the design of the postcard for eligibility).

The machine responsible for making the pre-punched metal plates used for transferring the colors from the press to the paper during the printing of post cards at the print shop is called Plate Perforator, which processes about 1,000 plates per day depending on shop size. The metal plates becomes a sort of grill with small holes in it to allow the ink to pass all the way to the paper.

First step of the process to get postcards print machinery set up for production. Remember that the commercial printing takes place on a CMYK environment which requires 4 to 5 different plates which are the responsible of transferring the exact amount of ink to the paper through small holes pre-punched by the machine mentioned above. This ink is not stackable to the metal but process is great on paper as it won’t go away with the application of water. The whole process is called the Offset Printing technique.

If your competition has already built some custom printed postcards for their particular business, don’t worry, you can do the same for a fraction of what it used to cost decades back. Online printing competence has raised a war of price, quality, fastest turnaround and service that it is all working in your favor as a customer. You just take the advantage and enjoy the huge progress that the whole world is experiencing with globalization and expansion of international markets.

No matter how much postcards printing you get, you need to pipe down on the message, the very purpose of the flyer should be taken seriously at the time of building the art, Photoshop or online designer, to make something good, it will consume you time, a lot of time! Just don’t measure yourself into how fast or how quick you will be building you art, remember it will be reproduced probably thousands of times, so it’s really worth your time and dedication for a directed message.


Postcards: An Effective Marketing Tool of the Digital Age

The postcard is an easy and portable marketing material that is used by companies for the promotion of their product. These have a rectangular and dual sided piece of thick paper that is used to mail without an envelope. A modern form of a postcard contains an image on one side of it, along with some space for the mailing address.

It is widely used by family and friends for sending a quick message. As a matter of fact, it is also used by businesses for reaching out to their potential customers. Postcard can be printed either on one side or on both the sides. Different coating choices are available to you and you also can opt for the postcards that have rounded corner. These rounded postcards make it look unique and original. The look of the postcards can be customized according to the demands of the company.


Businesses, big, medium or small can use postcard printing New York for the promotion of their products and services. Therefore, from manufacturing to dealing in real estates, every organization is fit to use this marketing tool for advertisement purpose. You can fulfill any requirement of your business with the help of postcards. You can inform your clients about the new official website that you have launched, the promotions, and the workshops that you are organizing. Some non-profit organization might be in need of voluntary funding for various awareness campaigns that they organize. This kind of organization can forward these invitations by taking the help of postcards.


There are several advantages of using postcards for a marketing campaign. These advantages can be related to content, readability, and even the cost of the product. The marketers should see to it the postcards are used for generating leads rather than sales. Marketers should keep in mind that they will not be able to sale directly with the help of postcard printing London because they are known to contain very little information.

Provides Instant Gratification

In this faced paced world where people have very little time in hand, information and entertainment are expected on spot. This is one of the major strengths of postcards as they do not require any download time. If you manage to have a well-executed postcard then your message will be delivered much faster than the faster loading website.

Moreover, recipients often throw away the letter that they receive even before opening it. Thus, it fails to connect to people. Postcards on the other hands need not be opened like a letter and can therefore connect with the potential customer instantaneously. Once you are able to get the attention of the reader, you will have a chance to get your message across.

Are Highly Targeted

Unlike magazines, television advertisements, banners, and newspapers, postcards are highly targeted. All postcards manage to reach to out to the intended audience. Marketers who mail postcards purchase the mailing list of people having specific buying characteristics and behaviors. Small companies can also acquire the names of the people who live in certain ZIP codes and this would ensure that their message will find its place in the mail boxes of these people. Magazines and television, on the other hand is seen by a large number of people but not all of them are prospective customers.

Is Naturally Immunized

Postcards hardly fail to reach out to the destination that has been intended for them. They are not subjected to spam filters, unlike mails. They also manage to be safe from blacklisting and opt-outs.

Cost Effective

If you own a small company and want to advertise your products and your business as a whole, postcards are the best possible option for you. The reason is that postcards are quite cost effective. As a matter of fact, it is cheaper to mail a postcard printing Miami than mail a letter. You can also save some significant amount of money on the printing cost. It will help you save time and address labels. Postcards do not require envelops and this way it will help you save some more amount of money. You can print postcards for few pennies each. In fact, the prices will be much lower if you print it in bulk.

Versatile in Nature

Postcards are highly versatile in nature. Small business owners can take the help of these to direct potential customers to the company website. You can even make them call the number provided on it to pitch your sale. Some of them might call and get through the staff of the company. Some might leave their name along with the phone number after they have listened to the short but informative message that you provided. You can also ask your readers to send over the postcards after they have filled it up with the names, address, state, city, and ZIP code.

Attention Getters

Marketers who take the help of postcards will be able to get the attention of people within no time. Customers will be able to read it without even opening the envelope. They might also scan the headlines and the print within an instant to gauge the gist of the message that has been provided. You can also use colored postcard printing Edinburg to grab the attention of the people. Using attractive graphics, slick papers, and pictures can be increase the effectiveness of the postcards. Jumbo sixed postcards generally cost more to mail. However, they elicit more response which then offset original cost.

Exceptionally Efficient

If you are able to deliver your postcards on time will give you an added advantage. Television commercials generally have long production process and magazines also require at least four weeks of lead time. Postcard printing Australia does not waste so much of time, once you decide on printing it, you can put your mind on some other aspects of the business. Postcards are printed within few days.

Postcards Serve Multiple Marketing Needs

Postcards are not used for only passing on message to the customers. It has the capability of fulfilling several marketing purposes. Postcards prove to be handy when it comes to the promotion of new products and services that are offered by your company. You also have the option of printing one side of the postcard like a business card and then distributing them in all seminars and events that you organized.


The design of the cheap postcard printing UK needs to be quite effective to elicit a response and get a good list. There are some definite rules that you need to follow when you design a postcard. Nobody wants their postcard to end up in trash along with all other unread mails. An effective mail campaign should be able to generate at least 0.5 percent response from the customers. However, this depends on the industry that the postcard is being used for and thus, might be able to garner more than the mentioned percentage. The guidelines which you need to follow when you design a postcard have been enlisted below.

Bold and Clear Headline

The color postcard printing should have a central message. The best way by which you will be able to achieve that is by placing a clear and bold headline that does not smudge with any other texts. The headline needs to be such the potential customer will immediately come to know about the product and services that you are offering. People are always busy and they do not have the time to stand and spend some time reading a large piece of information on the postcard. They should be able to see it just at a glance.

Graphic Supporting the Message

The graphic that is provided on the professional postcard printing should be easy to understand and should be relevant to the message that the headline is conveying. Like, if you are trying to make people to list their home then you would have to home with a ‘SOLD’ sign, visible in the front clearly. The graphic is much more successful in reinforcing the message than the simple picture of a home. In fact, a graphic also makes the postcard look more attractive.

Eye-Catching Color

You can make the headline and other texts of the postcard stand out by using some colors on them that is different from the color that has been provided in the background. The colors are the most important aspect of a postcard and it is the color of the postcard your customer will notice when they take it in their hand. However, make sure that you do not use too many colors as it might make it look clumsy.

Provide Subhead Leading to the Text

In case, you have a couple of paragraphs of the texts without any lead on it, at the back of the postcard then the people would not feel the urge to read the postcard. A sub-head will provide the prospects a place to begin reading the postcard. However, you can avoid it if you have only few hundred words. Having longer posts means that the readers would require some guideposts.

Write the Benefits

One of the biggest mistakes that people make when they advertise using a postcard is that they state the features instead of the benefits. The recipients are always interested in the benefit that your product will be offering them and how your product will be helping in solving their problem. If you talk only about the company or the features of the product then the customers might feel frustrated reading the postcard. You should never assume that the customers are already of the benefits of the product.

Provide Contact Information

When you offer a postcard printing UK to your customers you need to make sure that you provide our contact details on them. If you fail to provide then the customers will fail to contact you and this, in turn, will cause you to lose customers. If you ask your customers to call, you need to make sure that you provide the mean, too.

Provide Return Address

A return address has to present on the postcard. When you provide a return address it makes sure that you will be getting a return a return mail from the post office. Thus, it proves that you are an established professional. People feel better when they come to now that the company that they are dealing has an actual location. This also helps in building up the reputation of your company.

Provide a Call to Action

Providing a call to action on the postcard can have an effective influence on the customers. You should let the customers know what you expect out of them like ‘Visit us online’ or ‘Call to get More Information’.

Get Good Paper

The postcard printing paper that you will be using should be of a good quality. A high-quality has more impact on the customers. In case, you end up choosing a low quality paper then it might have an adverse effect on the reputation that you have in the mind of the customers. High-quality paper is responsible for building up a quality reputation.


Postcard printing San Francisco is very effective and is way by which you can get your business message out to the people. This being said, more than one business owner has missed this effective marketing opportunity by making some mistakes in the design of it. Steer clear of these postcard flubs, and you will be on your way to creating an efficacious marketing strategy.

Missing Out on the Target

One of the aspects that make postcards such a useful marketing tool is the fact that it can be used to selectively target to reach out to a specific audience. The best list that you can have is the list that you have created yourself, making use of the prospects as well as former clients. However, if you do not already have an extensive mailing list then you can purchase a mailing list from some reputable list brokers.

End Goal is to Sale

The primary aim of the postcard is to gain customers. However, you need to see that your message does not make you look desperate to make some sale. You need to ensure that the postcard that you are providing to your customer is personable and friendly. You need to generate a positive emotional reaction from the customers towards the postcard. This way you will be able to make a better ROI.

Avoid Providing Too Much Information

You might have invested significant amount of thought and energy into your high-quality postcard printing, but you should not take this personally. An average person who receives a postcard from you will only take quick glance, and if fails to grab their attention then will immediately throw it into the trash can. This is the reason you need to make sure that the message that you have provided on the postcard is to the point and impactful. If you try to put too much information in one postcard then you will only be wasting your money and time, both.

Avoid Typos in Abundance

Some people might not notice the occasional typo in the postcard printing Los Angeles. However, this does not give you the liberty to make spelling mistakes and punctuation errors in the printed postcard. Typos can sometimes be a real turn off for many people. As a matter of fact, it might make your business look unprofessional. If you are not that good in English and grammar then make sure that you get a profession who will proofread the content of the postcard, prior to it being printed.

Sending Postcards at a Single Time

Some business owners test the water by a single mail and if they fail to generate the desired result, they immediately plan to give up. Repetition is the key to success when it comes to postcard mailing. The more prospective customers notice the name and logo of your business, the more credible the business turns out to be for them.

Your target customers might not be in the market when you offer your first mail, but they might be there in the fifth or sixth mail. Your business will be the first thing that will come to their mind as you have been sending out regular postcards as a reminder.

Poorly Designed Postcards

You are making a postcard to create an impression in the mind of the customer. This is the reason you need to use an eye-catching colors, an attractive font, a succinct and compelling headline, and a great image. If you do not feel confident in designing the postcard then it is better to get a professional designer to print your postcard. They are experienced and are aware of the stuffs that will work the best for you.

Missing the Contact Information

Imagine receiving a visually incredible postcard with a stunning message, and the sender is offering the things that you have been looking for. You pick up the phone to contact them, but you notice that there is no phone number on it. You also see, that even the email address has not been provided on it.

Now, if you are really interested, you might take out time to do a search on Google and thereby, track down the enigmatic business. Nonetheless, people do not always have the time and you might have not have the time, and might order the stuffs that you are getting online and save yourself some trouble. Thus, you should always make it a point to include the contact information of your business on the plastic postcard printing without a second thought.

Not Providing Incentive

If you have to boost response that you get from your customers, you will have to give them a reason to get in touch with you. Special invitations and offers that are exclusive to the event that you are organizing can work very well with the postcards. You should make it worth their while and it will reward you providing you their patronage.

Using a Wrong Printer

In case, you have worked with multiple printers previously then you must know that not all printers have equal quality of printing. Some of them offer designs while the others do not. You should make sure that the printer you are using to print the postcards is of a high-quality.

Avoid Cheap Services

Cheap do not always mean a better quality product. You might be getting a post card for free or at a nominal cost from some postcard printing services online. As a matter of fact, several postcards templates are available online and you will hardly come across any original idea. If you use these cheap services and free templates, it might send a wrong message to the customers. Exclusive design and content with customized designs can work wonders. It is the factor that will differentiate from the run-of-the-mill type as a serious service provider.

Avoid Providing Outdated Information

If you provide outdated information, the customers when they read will develop wrong information. You have to strike out the wrong information that has been printed on the postcard. Take the help of the postcard printing services and make sure that you include only the latest information to boost the image among your clients.

Not Testing the Design

In case, you are planning a bulk postcard printing campaign, it will be a good idea to start of small to find out the response that you are getting out of it. If you manage to send the sample to a portion of the list that you have and see that there it failed to generate any response, you will understand that you will have to readjust your strategy. While on the other hand, if you receive a favorable response, you will know that it is safe to proceed. Starting with a small campaign allow you to make last minute addition if necessary.


With the emphasis on digital marketing, there are some conventional but effective methods that are forgotten. Postcard printing New York City is one such method. They are however experiencing a change as the business owners are re-discovering their charms to deliver better results. Postcards are low-cost ad simple tools that are easier to use. They have gained more prominence as the ‘anti-digital’ agent of marketing. People now pay more attention to postcards than they used to. You can create a postcard without a big investment. In spite of the simplicity of postcards, marketing them is not foolproof. To make sure that it generates a positive outcome, there are some guidelines that you need to follow.

Measuring the Result

You should be measuring immediate results along with the results over the time of your postcard campaign. People tend to respond to just after they have received an effective postcard. You might receive emails, requests for information, registration on the website, and an offered service, depending on the action that you have requested. Moreover, you might even get requests for discussing matters like selling and buying. Each month and week, an effective Kinkos postcard printing can lead to additional initial appointments.

Thus, you need to take out some time from your busy schedule in order to record the result, listing, sales, and initial appointments. You should also note down the source of each of this. Keep a track of the particular postcard and also the specific part that has led to this. After this, repeat those elements of the postcard that have generated the best response.

You also need to measure the return on your investment. Keep in mind that an effective postcard campaign will generate a ROI that is four times of the cost.

Maintain Consistency in the Branding Frequency

You need to make sure that there is frequency in your postcard distribution. An efficacious frequency is around nine times annually. The main aim of the postcard marketing campaign is to generate a top-of-mind awareness. This means that when your customers think of the product that is related to your business, they will immediately think of you. And, as they think of you, they should be able to associate it with a successful experience that they have had in the past while dealing with you.

Make an Appropriate Impression

A postcard printing Melbourne gets a brief instance to connect with the prospective customers. You should considering spending money on a thicker and textured paper or an oversized card, especially sophistication and prestige is an essential part of your brand.

In case, someone is flipping through a mail and they notice that it looks like an inexpensive print piece. It should create an impression that it is different than other postcards and comes across as vibrant. If it fails to do then it might end up in trash.

Keep it Simple

A custom postcard printing isn’t something that will tell a person what is business is all about. In fact, it is just the start. Select an image for the EDDM postcard printing that is eye-catching but relevant to the content of the website. The fonts of the postcards should not make it clumsy. This is reason that you should not keep more than three fonts in the postcard.

Aim for High-Value Markets

A market is just a group of people and different markets tend to have something in common. High-value markets are generally the one that is able to generate the best return on investment and effort. You always need to send your postcards to a group of people who will generate the maximum result.

The Hierarchy of High-Value Markets:

  1. You area of influence which would include your past clients.
  2. The neighborhood where you work and also live.
  3. Demographic or geographic market where you have high level of face recognition and reputation.

Campaigns like just-sold and just-listed seem to violate this rule. The return of this campaign tends to be much higher.

Know Your Target Audience

The main challenge is to understand where and whom to send the postcard.  Marketers, who are savvy enough, know where to send the glossy postcards printing and they will know sending it to one group does not help. Fortunately, you can customize your printing, thus, you will not have to send the same postcard to each and every of your customers. You can even separate your landing pages.

It is very important to understand the mindset of the customers. You need to consider what is in it for them. You need to find out whether they believe you completely, to do the best job catering to their needs.


You might have the question that why use postcards for marketing, when so many options are available to you. There are several reasons that sending postcards to your customers will help you to target market effectively.

It is Short and Sweet

The messages that are included on the postcards are usually seen to be short and to the point. This means that people would not have to spend too much of their precious time to read the message. This, in turn, will increase your chance to be delivered and remembered down the road if the customers doesn’t presently need all that you are offering.

Build Up Connection

Postcards are the type of things that you often hand over to your friends and thus, they develop an impression of a personalized somebody who cares and thinks about them. If you send postcards then it will help you to build up personal relationship with your customers and make the business seem friendlier. You will be able to increase the effect if you are able to provide personalized message along with it.

Build Up Your Brand

Direct mail postcard printing tends to be visual and offer ample room for the images, OR codes, logos, and several other branding opportunities for the business. You can make use of them to direct people over to your website and social media. It also makes them aware of your business and your expertise in that area of services and products that you offer to your customers. With time, your customers will start seeing you as an authority in your field of business and will thus; start to trust your brand.


If you send out postcard printing NYC regularly, you can change the message of the postcard from directing them to your website to inviting them to a special event where you will be promoting your business. Thus, you will be able to change the message of the postcard from time to time. In fact, you have the opportunity of shipping it directly to your customers and will thereby save both your time and money.


Postcards are an efficient by which you will be able to market your business. However, sometimes you might make a mistake during your campaign which might hamper your reputation. Here are some mistakes that you need to avoid in order to have successful campaign.

Not Targeting the Appropriate Prospects

How effective will a postcard campaign by a swimming pool builder will prove to be if they are mailed to an area where there are only mobile home? Probably not that good. This is the reason that you need to create list of the possible prospects as this appears to be the most important factor in a postcard campaign. Starting with the in-house list is the best option. In case, you do not have one you might rent a subscriber who will provide you with a list of your target market.

Lack of Recurrence

You need to have a postcard marketing campaign and not single mailing. You need to have consistent and repetitive mailing in order to make it more effective. When your customers see the name of your company over and over again, it helps in building trust. It also helps in building credibility. However, you might have to make a number of contacts with the customers before they go on to purchase your product.

Sending Over Postcards that is not Personable

The postcards that you make always needs to have a professional look. Nonetheless, it also needs to contain an affable message that will lead to a pleasant emotion reaction from the customers. Postcards consist of a brief and personal message which will generate more reply than the cool and formal ads.

Mailing Blunder

You should make it a point to avoid indicia if possible in case of small mailings. People tend to associate it with junk mail. A first class stamp generally costs a little more but it gives the postcard a friendlier look and is capable of generating more replies. Apart from this, you will also be getting all the benefits of first class mailing which includes, ‘return to sender’, in case, the address is no more valid. This is an excellent way to update and maintain a mailing list.

You also need to pay to attention to the date of arrival of the postcard. Monday, Friday and the times during holidays have proven to be less efficacious. On the other hand Tuesdays and Wednesdays arrivals tend to have the best result. You need to check the postal service if you are not sure how to measure the arrival of the postcards, particularly if you are mailing out-of-state.

Spending Excessively on Printing

It is not necessary for a business to spend excessively on postcard printing. You will be able to print an attractive postcard on an inkjet printer or laser printer for few pennies. When you have number of postcards to be printed, you need not worry, as professional printers charge quite less per card. This cost actually might be lesser than the cost that you incur when you print it yourself.

Using Postcards to Increase Sales

You should not try to sale directly through the postcards. There is not much space to provide all the required information. You should make use of the postcards to grab the attention of the customers and then lead them on to the next step that will conclude the sale.

No Providing Enough Attention to the Headline, Message, or Image

A short attention grabbing and compelling headline will be able to garner more response to a postcard than the one that has a bad headline. Make sure that you combine the headline with the image side and then ultimately lead the reader to the side of the message. The image that you have provided should be easily understood, vibrant, and attractive. You should make sure that the message that you have provided is able to express clearly all that you are promoting. If not, your entire effort will turn out to be futile.

Not Making the Message Simple

The postcard that you will send will garner only one or two initial glance. This is the reason you should not way down your chance of success with dissertation jargon of whatever you are offering. You need to use short and complete sentences with properly chosen plain language. You should also use bullet points as it will help you to get the attention of the reader. Moreover, you should promote one thing in one card. Convey all that you feel is important and include call to action.



Advertising is an essential part of any business. However not all companies are capable of implementing proper procedures when it comes to promotion. There are some companies that make mistakes in the advertising campaigns and a single mistake can reduce the effectiveness of the whole campaign. The response rate is reduced and this, in turn decreases the profit margin. At times, even a small mistake is enough to undermine the whole activity and thus, result in absolute waste of money.

Cheap Postcard marketing can prove to be incredibly useful if you implement it in the correct procedure. Nonetheless, mistake occurs and these flaws can lead other marketing tools to be destroyed. If you have to improve and strengthen the rate of response that your marketing postcards garner, you have to eliminate the mistakes and flaws.

Steer Clear of Technology

One of the main problems of that marketing campaigns are known to suffer from is the abuse of technology. If technology would have been enough to create good postcards for marketing then each and everybody would have been able to succeed. There isn’t any issue in making use of technology for various marketing campaigns.

You can take the help of these modern technologies to deliver the postcard to the customers. Technology will help you to track rate of response of the promotional postcards. It can collect and then compile the required data from each and every campaign. In spite of that, technology will not help you to create a beautiful postcard. You need to create a postcard along with a message. You cannot simply use technology to fulfill this task.

You will be aware of the kind of messages that you would have to make in order to bring in new customers. You will be aware of the components that your customers are looking for and the services that you are providing. A customer will hardly make a purchase based on the looks of the postcards. They should be aware of the product that they will purchase and the company that is producing it. Only if you are able to provide the required information to the customers, will they make the purchase.

You Need to be Exclusive

In most of the cases, it might become too difficult to differentiate the postcards that have been made by company from the postcards that have been created by others. As a matter of fact, it is pretty common to see similar business making use of the same kind of layout while making postcards. These postcards has thus, turned out to be too mediocre and common. This naturally means that people will hardly be looking forward to the postcards if you keep on use the same design over and over again, just like all other businesses.

You will have to stand out from the huge amount of postcards that the customers get over the course of the day. You will have to find out ways to make your postcards look exclusive and this will lead your postcards to stand out among the rest. The design of the postcards should be able to tell the customers the ways in which your company is better than the others.

The fact that you take the risk of becoming visible in case, the design of the postcard, is common and overexposed. Your customers should be able to distinguish your company and the rest on the basis of this marketing tool.

Feeble Offer

Most of the companies are aware of the fact that giving out offers is a good way by which they will be able to bring in customers to their business. Nonetheless, what they fail to understand is, everybody else is also doing the same thing. Majority of marketing postcards offer something to the customers. However, in most of the cases, this something happens to have a feeble value for the customers. Some companies even offer free consultation to the customers. On the other hand some companies offer some free item to their customers when they make a purchase.

These are some of the promotional tactics that have been used by a large number of companies and are being used even now. This has made them lose their desired effect on the customers. Customers are aware of the fact that they will get similar offer from other companies, too. These offers are so feeble that they are incapable of helping you to get a good response rate.

Furthermore, free consultation is extremely necessary these days. The information that the customers require can be easily found on internet. The free items that are gifted can be cheap enough to be bought without any difficultly or they fail to have significant value. Even the discounts that you provide might be ignored as the discount margin is not that large.

Thus, the offer that you provide on the postcards needs to be good enough. The curiosity and interest of the customers has to be aroused with the help of a good offer. This will lead them to take action in such a case.

Refrain From Hiring an Agency

There are several agencies and vendors that can oversee the whole process of market with the help of postcards. It appears that making the agency deal with the whole process can lead you have a satisfactory conclusion to the marketing campaign. These agencies then deal with the logistics of marketing the company with help of postcards. Most of the items, they are expert in this field. Some of the agencies develop plans and strategies with regard to the postcards that you are marketing. Nonetheless, you should refrain from hiring them, if possible.

An agency like that will hardly have any knowledge about that business that you own. They will not understand the needs that your customers have. By way of explanation, they will not have the ability to design the postcards in a proper manner. You can take the help of agencies for their expert opinion in the area of logistics as they are capable of delivering your postcards much faster.

Moreover, most of these agencies might not be too concerned with the success of your company. Some of them might truly try to work hard to make sure that your company succeeds. Other agencies are mainly concerned with money making regardless of whether the company is successful or not. They will keep on telling you to print send postcards to your customers even if you fail to gain successful response.

You should be aware of the fact that nobody will show the same level of concern for the success of the company except you. You can take the help of these agencies but you need to remain focused on your own success. You should stop using those from which you do not get a proper response.


The present trend that is followed by customers shows that most of them prefer completing their action through internet. Activities that can be fulfilled with the help of the internet are done through that. Apart from shopping, there are many people who choose to socialize, play, and also bank online. Even when people plan on buying something offline, they refer to the internet for more deals and details. This trend has led companies to pool in all resources in marketing the products and services of the business with the help of the internet. You might be wondering, whether there will be any value in choosing cheap postcard marketing plan for the success of your business. The fact is that postcards and all other printed materials can still be of immense use.


Websites are definitely useful when you talk of online marketing. They can prove to be powerful assets for your advertising needs. However, you need to keep in mind that this is not the only marketing technique that you should invest on. If you invest only on website marketing then it can lead you to lose a lot of other customers who might have been attracted to your business if you had taken the help of other methods of marketing. People do not use internet during all time of the day. There are many people out there who prefer staying offline. These type people tend to use the internet only when they require. Then again, there are people who would love shopping offline by visiting various shops and stores.

These people will not be attracted to your business if you are using internet for the promotion of your products on a constant basis. You will have to take the help of printed advertisements like postcards for attracting customers to your business. You need to have a marketing strategy that would include different kinds of methods and forms of advertisements. The various types of advertising methods will allow you to obtain huge crowd of customers.


People Fancy Shopping Online: Online shopping has become exceptionally popular but there are whopping numbers of consumers who still fancy shopping in conventional manner. As a matter of fact, there are online shoppers who visit the stores on order to make purchases. Furthermore, shopper will be able to get the information about the company and the products that you are offering over the internet. However, postcards provide them with an easier method to gather information. Your customers would not be willing to access the internet if they require information about the sale that you are offering. A properly designed postcard will give them all the require information about the sell quite conveniently and quickly. Postcards can also be stored if the customers feel like using them as a reference later on. All the online method does not offer the same amount of convenience.

Postcards Help to Connect with the Customers: When you or the employees of your business have the scope of making a conversation with a potential customer, it is important to make sure that the interest of the customer is cultivated to a greater extent so that they are compelled to make the purchase. If you ask the customer to visit your website in order to gather more information, it will surely not help your cause. In fact, these will lead you to lose your customers. A postcard can prove to be of great help as the customers will not have to access the internet. The person can take the postcard to view it even in your presence and make queries if required.

A postcard can make the salesman of your company look more professional as well as presentable. It makes your customers comfortable as they come to know that your salesman and your company are organized in their work. A website would mean that your customer would require a method in order to access it. You might offer gadget to your customer to access the website, but it might take a substantial amount of your valuable time. Moreover the gadget might also prove to be distraction when you would try to increase the interest of the customers for the product.

Postcards Create Several Contact Methods: The website that you have for the promotion of business is just one of the possible ways by which the customers will be able to get in touch with the customers. The more option you offer to your customers to contact you, the more trust will they be able to place on you. People might have different types of doubts regarding your business. If you give them the opportunity to get in touch with you, they will be able to clarify their doubts, and thus, conclude the sales. Apart from this, a postcard also gives the customer a reason to get in touch with you. The postcard is capable of providing enough information and this, in turn will raise more questions in the mind of the customers. Customers that maintain contact with you for a longer period of time will thus, be more open to make the purchase, more frequently. It is definitely better for the customers because they can be assured that they have taken a good designing in regard to the purchase of the product or services.

Postcards can be Used in All Types of Situation: The website of your company is visible to only those people who are surfing the internet. In case, you are hosting a stall in a trade show, you will just not be able to ask your prospective clients to browse through the internet in order to gather more details about the business. You will not be able to display the website in a seminar or workshop that you have organized. In cases like these, a postcard proves to be of more help. The consumers will have the opportunity of taking a look at the postcard and ask questions that are there in their mind, immediately. As the problems are being solves immediately, the customers will grow more interested which in turn will make them purchase the product. A website is incapable of offering you and your customers such flexibility.

Your customers might not have the ability to access the internet all the time. This naturally means that they will not be able to view the website and this will lead you to lose sales. However, postcards can be used even by those customers who do not have internet connection. People will take a look at your postcards and thereafter visit and call your shop to make the purchase.  

Postcards are Read Easily: People find it convenient to read through a postcard than through information that has been provided on the website of your company. A website might pose problems when the customers will be browsing through it. As a matter of fact, the customers might have to spend significant amount of time in locating the piece of information that they are looking for. Nonetheless, they will not face such problems while using a postcard. Actually, postcards offer much more freedom to the customer when make the choice. Also, it is easier to mark a certain section of a postcard than it is to mark on the website.


Marketing your business with the help of postcards can be one of the most accomplished methods that can be used in the marketing campaign. Cheap postcard printing can be used for serving various kinds of business regardless of their size. A small company garners the same benefits as a bigger company when they use postcard to market their products and services. However, the success of postcard marketing depends on the way in which you are able to implement the postcards.

Things You should Consider before Beginning a Postcard Campaign

  1. You need to have a comprehensive plan for the advertisement of your products. This will help you to ensure that every step have been followed during the promotion of your company.
  2. If you hire a printing agency, it can be helpful to a great extent for removing the hassles and tensions in regard to the logistics of printing the postcards. You will also be able to some valuable time in this manner.
  3. You need to make sure that you select the best company for this matter. You need to make a list of all the possible companies and then compare them based on few points like, customer, services, cost, and also expertise among others.
  4. A postcard has several elements and you can give over the responsibility of each of these elements to selected individuals so that they can take care of it. This will help you to save time and thus, make your postcard more effective.
  5. You need to create a budget that will enable you continue using the postcard marketing several times.

Tips for Setting Your Goals

  1. It is essential that you define the aims of the marketing campaign even before you start it.
  2. The aims of the marketing plan need to be specific. You need to understand the limitations and possibilities of marketing along with postcards in order to determine the objective of the campaign.
  3. The objective that you have set for your business has to be realistic.
  4. You aim has to be measurable so that you are able to check if the postcards have been successful. Postcards are mainly meant to cause to generate a response to the market.


 Enhance the Postcards

  1. You need to have a reason to send over the postcards to your customers. These reasons might be announcements about the company or information regarding promotions and special offers.
  2. The postcards that you have created should be able to grab the attention of the customers. You should make sure that the postcards that you are printing are not mediocre and boring. This is because they are absolute waste of resources.
  3. The postcards that you have created needs to be exclusive to the company. They should not in any way resemble the postcard that has been made by your rivals.
  4. The value of a particular postcard depends on the services and products that are exhibiting and not the postcard.
  5. People should be overwhelmed to receive the postcards. You can check with the customer to make sure the postcards that you have sent have proved to be useful to them, prior to completing your advertising campaign.

The Mailing List

  1. The mailing list needs to be secured from a trustworthy source to make sure that it is compatible with the business.
  2. You need to know the how frequently the mailing list is updates by the agency. The list that you have should be as new as possible so that the postcards are delivered over to the customers.
  3. You need to make sure that you have checked your mailing list so that it is accurate. You can also remove duplicate entries if you simply perform a regular check.
  4. You can also divide your mailing list into different segments so that you are able to deliver specific sets of postcards to each and every customer. Like, you can send particular type of postcard to your pervious customers and another kind to the prospective customers.

The Customer Base

  1. The content of the postcard has to be specific to the type of customers that you want to attract to your business. You can take the help of postcards to address the wants and needs of the customers.
  2. The content of the postcard has to be written in such a manner that it tells the customers how their desires and needs will be satisfied with the products and services offered by your business.

Tips for Designing the Marketing Message

  1. The marketing message on the postcard should be able to provide suitable in between the objective of your business and the desires that your customers have.
  2. It will be convenient to write about products and services that are naturally large and grand.
  3. The message on the postcard should be capable of solving the problems that your customers are incurring. It should be valuable to the customers.

The Headline of a Postcard

  1. Customers should be able to relate the desires and needs that they have with the headline of the postcards.
  2. The headline too, should be promoting or offering a valuable advantage to the customers. The message that comes after the headline should be following the same theme and should be describing the value that has been stated in the headline.
  3. The headline of the postcard has to be clear and simple. Your customers should not have problem in understanding the meaning of the headline. That is the reason you need to avoid pun and jokes in the headline, at all cost.
  4. The headline has to be interesting otherwise people will become bored and will not contact you even if they have received your postcard.
  5. You should also avoid using a generic headline. You need to be specific with the headline and make sure that it is able to grab the attention of the reader.

Designing the Postcards of Your Company

  1. A graphic artist or a professional designer can be hired in order to design the postcard of your business.
  2. You need to create a good postcard printing template so that you are able to make postcards if you fail to hire a graphic to make them for you.
  3. The postcards should be presenting an excellent and professional image of your business. Poor postcards can be responsible for a poor impression of the company.
  4. The design of the postcard has to be as exclusive as possible and has to be pertinent to the business.
  5. The message and design of the postcard has to be complementary to each other. The design should be accentuating and promoting all that you are trying to convey with the help of postcards.

Other Tips

  1. You need to include a good and a strong offer which will inspire the customers to take action.
  2. The offer needs to be complemented by presenting a call to action.
  3. You need to include various methods for the customers to take action after they have read the postcard.
  4. The response rate of the postcards also needs to be tracked. The data can prove to be invaluable when you plan your next marketing campaign. The result if the marketing campaign can be improved only when you recognize the area that is to be improved.


Technology is advancing pretty rapidly and thus, is becoming an inseparable part of the day to day life of an individual. Even few years ago, it would not have been possible to imagine that everything would start revolving around the internet. Most of the things at present date are completed taking the help of the internet. Activities which includes, banking, shopping gaming, socializing can be completed taking the help of the internet. In fact, you can complete education online. If people face any problem in their life then the internet is one of the most popular places where they will be able to gather information about their problem. Internet is one of the many technologies that your customers have become reliant on.

As people have become more reliant on these new technologies, many companies keep wondering whether it is worthwhile printing postcards. Postcards are one of the primary tools that have been used by companies to provide and advertise information about the products and services that are offered by them. Printed forms of advertisement and communication have become are dying out at a rapid pace. Postcards too might fade away after some years. Nonetheless, it is not happening anytime soon as they will still provide advantages to the company that will be using them.

Shoppers Still Like Shopping Online

Regardless of the ample amount of benefit that online shopping can provide, there are many customers who will prefer completing their shopping in a conventional way. While shopping, people prefer to check the items by taking them in their hand. The basic senses of human body can prove to be immense help during shopping. A commodity can be judged based on the texture, smell, and appearance. This aids the shopper to make the best possible choice. This means that there will be substantial amount of shopper who will prefer the retail methods of shopping. These shoppers need to be an advertisement with the help of a postcard.

Postcards Lasts for a Longer Period of Time

When your customers use a smart phone or a computer in order to browse through the internet, people will be able to see the advertisements for future reference, no matter how much ever attractive they are. While on the other hand, a person will store and keep it if they take it to be interesting. The postcard can be put away for later use. A person might even put away the information that has been printed on a postcard to make a purchase later on. These pieces of information might be difficult to locate with the help of the internet.

A Personal Touch

A postcard can prove to be if immense help when you need to give a personal touch in order to conclude a meeting between you and your customer. A business card might be appreciated by both the parties but it simply has no value in providing information about various aspects of your business. A postcard on the other hand can provide more information about the business along with the products and services that it offers, than a business card. All these pieces of information can be provided in attractive way. Moreover, postcards can make the business look more like a professional when used in significant events like corporate events and trade shows.

A postcard printing Seattle allows a businessman to start discussing various aspects of the business without losing any time. However, for a website you would need a device. After this, matters like logging into the internet, loading of the website, and other aspects consume some valuable time. As a matter of fact, an electronic gadget might prove to be a distraction for the customers and this might lead you loses your prospective customers.


There are ways to distribute your postcards effectively. You just need to work a tad hard for this. Here are some tips that that will help you to distribute your postcards in an efficacious manner.

You Can Give Them Around Yourself

The best and the cheapest possible way to distribute your marketing postcard are to do it on your own. However, this works the best, in case target market is just your city. You can have a door to door set where you will be able to go around leaving or giving the marketing postcards in the mail boxes. Apart from that, if you are meeting clients, investors, or customers, you can also hand over the postcard to them as you engage them in lunch or dinner meetings. You should also carry around some copies of the postcards along with you every day, so that if you happen to meet someone on the street or on the elevator, you can hand them a postcard of your business for promoting yourself, just like the business cards. This is a simple idea and will just cost you some effort in footwork. Distributing your postcard is a good step in a postcard printing campaign.

You Can Leave Them At Public Places

Apart from using yourself as a tool to distribute your postcards, you will be able to save money if you just leave the marketing postcards in public places. It can be placed in train stations, bus stops, hotel lobbies, and place similar to these. You can leave a nice post in the rack in a proper place with the sign saying ‘take one for free’. People always like getting free things, so chances are they will pick up one of our marketing postcard. The good thing about this is that the target market will be doing all the work for you. As a matter of fact, you can be sure that people who are picking up your postcards are interested in the products and services that you are offering to them.

Include them in Other Components

You can put your postcards inside other materials. Thus, you can attach them to brochures, newsletters, catalogs, and also public relation kit. Since, most of the free materials have some specific distribution strategies, your postcards will be able to reach out to a wide extent of customers in a short period of time.  This is a distribution strategy that amalgamates the distribution budget of marketing tools which in turn, will help you to save money.

You Can Use Postcard Mailing Services

If you do not have any choice but you keep the desire to reach out to the widest and the best audience, then distributing your postcards with the help of mail is the best option. Stamps do not cost much and you can get it distributed with the help of a cheap postcard printing and mailing service that you find in your area. Look for the packages that they offer if you are distributing postcards in bulk. You can take the help of the interest to find out the service that will serve your interest. You just need to make sure that you print in bulk as this will help you to save considerable amount of money.


Postcards of your business can be printed in various types of sizes. A standard size of the postcard will be good for those who are trying to limit their budget. However, if you want you can also opt for a larger size. Larger size look amazing and people will hardly be able to ignore it if you hand them a large postcard printing cheap. Nonetheless, you should forget to consult your postal agency or service before you print large size postcards. There are many postal services that charge extra if you increase the size of the postcard. Some services might not even deliver it to your customers if the size is too large.


When you are getting your postcards printed, you need to make sure that they are not of cheap quality. You need to pay attention to the quality of paper that is being used and the finish that will be applied on it. You can use a stiffer stock of paper which would give a professional look to your postcard printing. As far as the finish is concerned, you can give it a matte or glossy finish in order to make a stylistic statement with the marketing postcards as they will have a good appearance.


You can make an absolutely colorful postcard which will be filled with compelling texts and attractive graphical stuff. However, this might give an untidy look to your postcard. White spaces provide a break in between the textual items and images of the postcard. White space is a good way by which you will be able to organize your designs. If you have to give an appealing look to your postcards, in terms of aesthetics, you need to use the white space in a sensible manner.

Postcards if used in a proper way can become prove to become an excellent marketing tool for your company. Postcard printing prices are low and you can print hundreds of them to distributing to the customers. It is an incredible way to create an impression on your clients. 



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