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Black & white copies have a unique look about them. This is why I decided to print them for my business. have done a great job. Superb!
Misha Matthew, LA
When I decided to print copies for my business, I chose to go with black and white. These have a unique look to them. I called 55 printing and gave them my specifications. When I got the final delivery, I loved what I saw in front of my eyes. These guys have done absolute justice to my printing needs.
Martha Bliss, New York
I love you guys for making my business stand out. Your black and white copies are different from any that I have seen so far. Thanks.
Joy, Fullerton

What cheap black and white copies can do for your business


Copies, and especially color copies are the main choice when it comes to successful advertising material. But there will be situations when you will not be able to afford color copies and you will want to save some money and in that case the black and white copies will be the only solution for you. But have no worries, because there are cases where it was proven that black and white copies worked much better than color copies, so it is not everything in color as others say.


Of course, today almost everything is done in color, starting from business cards to brochures. Also, you are able to make copies of anything. So where will exist space for black and white copies you might be asking. Thanks to this small guide, you will be able to discover what black and white copies can do for your business and make it still attractive as if you have been using color copies.

One situation where you can definitely save some money when choosing black and white copies over color copies, is when making duplicated of documents that contain text. There is no need to opt for color copies in such situation because text will be readable much better when made in a black and white version. If some documents contain images and graphics, and there is need to have them done in color, black and white copies should be left behind. Of course, this is one of the reasons why businesses will opt for color copies, especially when making copies for the marketing purposes. The truth is that color can indeed attract the attention of the audiences. It is more expensive, though, choosing color copies over black and white copies, but it can be a necessity especially when you are looking to get a positive result in a very short period of time.

black and white copies

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