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What our customers are saying:
Black & white copies have a unique look about them. This is why I decided to print them for my business. have done a great job. Superb!
Misha Matthew, LA
When I decided to print copies for my business, I chose to go with black and white. These have a unique look to them. I called 55 printing and gave them my specifications. When I got the final delivery, I loved what I saw in front of my eyes. These guys have done absolute justice to my printing needs.
Martha Bliss, New York
I love you guys for making my business stand out. Your black and white copies are different from any that I have seen so far. Thanks.
Joy, Fullerton

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Black & White Copies - Make a Mark with Black and White

No matter how obsolete and old it gets, black and white prints have a unique look in them. It is commonly said that people with a class have this unique fascination towards black and white. Most people are easily attracted to vivid colors in different types of printing materials. But they often tend to ignore the importance of black and white. This color concept has been there for centuries and with time it has only got better. Have you ever noticed how the quality of black and white printing has improved with age?

Well, very few people will make out the difference. It is easy to say that there is no scope of bringing changes in black and white printing. But the truth is there is scope to get perfect black and white copies. In business marketing, the role of black and white printing has declined drastically over the years. The invention of color printing has also impacted black and white greatly. Despite so many shortcomings, black and white printing has not lost its importance.

cheap black and white copies duplication for document printing

Role of Monochrome Printing in Marketing

Black and white printing is commonly known as monochrome printing. In certain applications color printing is necessary. However, color printing is not always a very economical option. This is when black and white printing becomes important. Most 24 hours black and white copies printing companies provide the service at low rates. Since black and white is a very economical option in printing, it is one of the best options for budget marketing as well.

More scope of creativity

Breaking all the myths, black and white combination provides you the excellent scope of experimenting with creativity. Most designers want to complete work with colors because it has more scope of creativity. With the help of a few colors, one can create eye-catching and compelling designs. Does this mean you have no option with black and white?

Not at all! With the help of black and white printing, you will notice exceptional detail in the output quality. It is true for color prints to provide more options in creativity. However, with the help of creative thinking, one can easily make a copy stand out. In fact, in many cases black and white printing has proved to be more impactful than colors. Hence, it is quite clear that the colors are not everything.

An Economical Option

As mentioned earlier black and white printing is a very economical option in business marketing. There are plenty of stores printing black and white copies near me. If you want to know about the store near you, simply start with an online search. You will easily get the information you want.


Today, almost everything is done with colors. From business cards to brochures everything prints in various colors. This is to attract immediate attention. But with the help of black and white, you can make copies of almost anything. You can present the information effectively with the help of black and white shades. Just like color copies you can use black and white copies to print any information. However, you must know to place the information effectively.

Printing is Easy

It is worth saying, black and white make printing jobs easy. Besides being one of the most affordable options in printing, the concept makes it easier for printers to identify the image better. As a result, you get fine details after printing it out. The best part is you have amazing options for experimenting with the designs but at the same time face no problem with the printing process.

Advantages of Black and White Printing

Most people will not want to print in black and white. However, when they come across an attractive black and white copy, they love it. This means an attractive design in black and white can easily steal people’s hearts. However, when it comes to designing most people fail to think creatively.

It saves time and money

The overnight black and white copies printing companies can print these copies in no time. This format of printing saves time and makes the printing job a lot easier. The benefit is exceptionally good when you want to print copies in bulk. When you want to carry our large printing tasks, you do not want it to take forever to get over. Printers work more efficiently while printing in black and white. There is not too much pressure from using many colors. This makes the work fast and precise.

Better for Environment

As a business unit, you must obey your responsibilities towards the environment. Cheap black and white copies printing can provide you with the benefit the best way. Black and white printing is good for the environment. This is because of the useless consumable parts including the toner cartridges. As a result, they are not wasted.

Color printing is expensive

You already know how beautiful and realistic color prints look. Unfortunately, to get more color prints you need to bear huge expenses. The colored cartridges are more expensive than black and white cartridges. This is what makes black and white prints more affordable. At the end of the day, black and white printing is cheaper and provides high-quality results too.

More Visually Appealing

You may think that black and white printing is common and has nothing new about it. But this concept of printing is way more appealing than you think. It has been there since ages and the color black never fails to make an impact. It is versatile and visually appealing in nature. Despite having no different colors, black and white can make a good impact on readers. You are sure to get consistent and top quality documents.

copier_that_prints_in_black_and white only

How to make the right choice between Color and Black and White Printing?

Each of the two printing types has its own right time of usage. Not all occasions call for black and white printing. Sometimes monochrome printing gives out a negative impression. It all depends on how you are using it. On the other hand printing color copies is also not very economical. In the entire printing process, you can save in three areas, namely the design, paper type, and print type.

While it is difficult to compromise on the design, you have the option of compromising in print or paper quality. But in the long run, if you settle with a poor paper quality it will cost your business. This is because customers will feel the paper directly in their hands. When they find the paper quality poor they naturally develop a negative image of your business. Companies into 24 hour black and white copies printing can quickly print these copies. Hence the paper quality or print type is not going to impact them directly. But it is you who will face the problem.

Consider the Audience and their Perceptions

Out of everything else, the first important thing is to understand your readers and their perception. You need to think of the type of audience to read the marketing piece. Along with that, the message is also important. Take into consideration the likes and dislikes of your audience. After all, you design the creative copy for them. Depending on how the design is going to impact, you can choose wisely the color format of printing it.

Type of Design

It is obvious that the design looks more attractive in colors. But certain designs look good in colors as well as in black and white. Then some colors stand out exceptionally well in black and white only. If you see, black and white are a single color. Although the name has two colors in it, the color is one. Since you have the scope to experiment, you can always take a chance with black and white. If you see the design as attractive in black and white in the sample print, give it a shot. People will like it too.


You know that black and white printing is economical. So if you have to make a wise choice between color and monochrome printing, the budget plays an important role. There are plenty of companies printing black and white copies near me in cheap. You can choose to avail of our services too. Our top-quality printing service will provide you with the best monochrome print out. We ensure the print job is done with accuracy. You can stay rest assured of staying away from any sort of printing mistakes when using services from us. Our professional printer knows how to pay attention to details.

Considering budget as an important factor in determining the print format, you may print copies in black and white if relevant. You can still keep the piece more attractive with the help of spot colors. Indeed, full-color printing is expensive. But when you use spot colors instead you save money as well as create an impression on the copy.

  • Use of combinations: Sometimes the best way to make a marketing piece more attractive is to keep design it with a combination of color and black and white. It sounds odd but looks interesting. For example, if your marketing piece comes with more than one side, you can use this interesting combination.
  • Turnaround time: It is difficult to say which color format will generate a quick turnaround and which will give a slower one. But based on the current trend, most people fall for color prints easily. As a result, in the present situation, color prints should provide a quick turnaround time. However, if the quick turnaround is not a hindrance to the business growth, go for black and white printing. Stores providing overnight black and white copies printing can provide you with the best quality printouts. The turnover time is slow but it will not fail to appeal to people.

b&w copier

Printing Based on the Paper type

Apart from the design and other printing factors, the paper quality is also important. It determines how the color or black and white print quality will look on the paper.

Matte Finish

The way how black and white prints appear on the matte finish paper is different from a normal paper. This type of paper will soak in the ink completely. When it dries up, this design is in matte and with a non-reflective surface. Although people are more attracted to glossy finishes, many designs look better in the matte finish too. Matte finish papers give smooth prints but not with a shiny finish. It may feel rough at times and not as bright as the other paper type.

  1. Glossy Finish: The Design in the glossy finish is the most trending of all times. Whether it is colored or in black and white, designs printed in glossy papers appear more eye-catching and attractive. The ink sits on top of the glossy paper and the paper does not absorb it. These papers come with glossy surfaces, hence it appears brighter.
  2. How to play with Black and White Printing?: When people talk about black and white, they commonly consider black ink on white paper. In most cheap black and white copies printing jobs, this is common. But often the reverse method is forgotten. Just like black ink works on white paper, white ink can work on black paper too. It depends on the color you want to use the most. This is one way you can play with black and white printing.

Printing white content on black paper is less common when compared to the other from. It is worth saying that black paper with white ink looks very attractive in many applications. But this does not imply you cannot use other colors on black paper. Choose the color combination you think matches perfectly with your business. This way you are likely not to make a wrong decision in the designing and printing process.

If you are looking for the best quality black and white printing, you can always rely on our services. Our top-quality printing services will never let you down. Moreover, our print services are very affordable. Placing an order is very easy as well. When it comes to black and white printing, never underestimate its potential. If used properly it can generate leads and help your business to flourish as well. Follow the latest trends and techniques to get the best out of black and white copies.

What cheap black and white copies can do for your business

Copies, and especially color copies are the main choice when it comes to successful advertising material. But there will be situations when you will not be able to afford color copies and you will want to save some money and in that case, the black and white copies will be the only solution for you. But have no worries, because there are cases where it was proven that black and white copies worked much better than color copies, so it is not everything in color as others say.

black and white copies


Of course, today almost everything is done in color, starting from business cards to brochures. Also, you are able to make copies of anything. So where will exist space for black and white copies you might be asking. Thanks to this small guide, you will be able to discover what black and white copies can do for your business and make it still attractive as if you have been using color copies.

Black and White Copies: The Successful Marketing Material

Copies, particularly color copies are popular choices when it comes to a successful advertising element. However, there are times when people are unable to afford color copies.  In case you are facing such problems, you can opt for black and white copies. at 55printing, you can get any type of black and white printing project which ranges from double-sided flyers to large documents. No doubt, this is the best option for a general copying need.

Black and white copies can be effectively used to present information about your business. You can also use it to spread a word about the organization or some event. This serves as an invitation to delve deep and find out more about the company. It is reliable and versatile as a marketing tool.

B&W Copies Makes Printing Needs Easy

55printing is here to make your printing needs easy and also affordable. We offer special attention to every order in those customers’ places with us. Thus, your message is presented exactly as you want to. 

B&W copy Saves Money

By using black and white copies, you will definitely be able to save some money. This is a great option if you are looking for a positive outcome within a short period of time. The money that you have to spend will depend on the size and quantity that you are printing.

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