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Cheap color copies to add more color to your business!


If you want to make your business material more attractive, more appealing to the eye or simply more professional, cheap color copies would be the right call. Starting from minimum 25 pieces to 1000, all our cheapest color copies have:

  •     Any quantity options (from 1 to 100,000 per order)
  •     Many sizes for copies and poster size copies
  •     Fast turnaround time (Same-day printing available!)
  •     Finishing Options (Staple, Fold, Bind and Cutting)


What our customers are saying:
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After, we don’t need anyone else.
Richa Solomon, Beverly Hills
We needed to print affordable color copies and were thoroughly impressed with the results you guys gave us. Yes, the color copies were indeed ‘cheap’ and we had no problem with the budget and estimation we received. Thanks for all your cooperation. The customer service was appreciable indeed.
Maureen Martha, Baldwin
We needed interactive designs for producing color copies. 55Printing provided us with what we were looking for. Thank you for making it matter.
Jake J, Arlington

Print Color Copies Improve Your Business

Cheap color copies from 55printing will help you to meet the demands of the targeted marketing goals for the business. You can use innovative designs for cheap printing it. Color copies are generally pieces of paper that are printed on both the sides. It has become popular among the people for various reasons. The message that you print on the color copies will act as the driving force for the success of the business. It can also be used for the purpose of sales presentation.

Cheap Color Copies

Color tends to have a positive impact when it comes to communication. With the help of color copies, you can convey emotion to the customers. It will help in drawing the audience’s attention with phrases and words that will get the message across.

Benefits of Using Color Copies for Your Business

The benefits of color copies are truly greater than monochrome printing. Check out some of the benefits of color printing.

Establishes Reputation more Readily: One of the primary benefits of color printing is that it conveys a sense of accomplishment, professionalism, and stability.  A majority of the people print in color since they think it will reinforce a professional image. With the help of the color copies, you can add vibrancy to the document. This will improve the customer retention, comprehension, and motivation. When you use color, you will be able to send a memorable message to the customers.  Moreover, it will help with better brand recognition. You can use specific colors for phone number and call to action. This way you can increase the customer response rate.

Find Information Faster: You will be surprised to find out that with the help of color, you can reduce errors to a great extent. If you print color copies from 55printing, you will understand the customers will get the information that they require. With the help of colors, you will be able to highlight the important business information.

Branding: You need to know that cheap color copies from 55printing will help in improving the brand recognition. Thus, you can use it if you want people to recognize this brand.  As a matter of fact, this will also improve the sales of your business. As a matter of fact, you can choose the color and use it in a strategic manner to cut out on the mess of national and local ad. Hence, you can be sure that the brand is going to be different than the others.

Looks Professional: When you take two brochures, one colored and the other black and white, you will realize that the colored ones look more professional. A reader usually decides within few seconds. After this, they either store the document or throw it away. If you get color copies from 55printing, you will know that it is going to stay with the customers for a longer period of time.  As a matter of fact, the recipients are going to think several times before throwing it away. 

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