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Download Template for Club Flyers:

Regular Square Flyer

- 8.5" x 14" FlyerDowload 8.5" x 14"
- 8.5" x 11"  FlyerDownload 8.5" x 11"
- 5.5" x 8.5" FlyerDownload 5.5" x 8.5"
- 11" x 17" FlyerDownload 11" x 17"


Flyers are one of the most used promotional materials.

They are effective and they show very fast results. For that reason, our Club Flyers have:

  • Different size options
  • Different front and back color options
  • Are available in quantities of 100 to 10.000 per order
  • Have different paper stock options
  • Have a fast turnaround time

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What our business cards customers are saying:

5 / 5 out of 16 reviews
Wow! Fantastic work on the Club Flyers. Thank you for your superb service! More to follow.
Mark Bridges, LA
Thanks, yet again! We appreciate your attention to detail and the amazing customer service. The best thing is that our Club Flyers were just the way we had envisioned. I’m so in awe of your designers. The color and contrast – guys, this is just awesome! We’ll continue to use this company in the future.
Eunice Jacobs, Brentwood
You guys have exceeded my expectations. Very professional work at decent rates.
Stewart McCain, Chatsworth

Cheap Flyers Printing is a Great Marketing Strategy

Cheap flyers printing can be used by a business for advancing an carousel-item or an event. Advertising flyers are also known as pamphlets. If you are about to start a business and looking for new customers then you should get in touch with 55printing. The flyers are just the thing that you are looking for. The information contained in the flyer is used for bringing some impact on the customer’s behavior towards the service or product. With 55printing, you can either get black and white or colored flyers.

Benefits of Using a Flyer for Your Business

cheap flyers printing

The main objective of a flyer is to inform the business and customers about some new products and special deals. There are various advantages of using a flyer. Take a look at some of them. 

Cheap: Distributing cheap printed flyers are an inexpensive way of promoting or spreading information about a business. You can start by researching on the method and time that will appeal the best to the potential customers. When you have found this out, you have to start working on the specifications.

Easy Information: A flyer will be able to provide information to the customers in a hassle-free way. If it is creative enough, it will grab the attention of the customers. This is considered to be efficacious and strategic forms of advertising and marketing, till date.

Specific Audience: You will be able to manipulate the flyer as per the customers. For example, if you have a toy business or have launched a new one, you target audience is going to be the children. In this case, you have to make sure that the flyer is colorful containing eye-catching features. The customers will enjoy this and remember it for a long period of time.

Include as Many Details as You Want: If you are able to place the texts in the right manner, you can include as much information as you want. Keep all the essential details of the company such as the address, contact details, and the services available. You cannot do this if you take the help of television advertisement or radio. The only reason is that it needs a significant amount of money and will air the advertisement at a specific period of time. 

Connect with Target Customers: By printing the flyers from 55printing, you will be able to connect with the target customers. When you hand these out, you will be able to develop a strong relationship with the customers which might not be possible otherwise. You can talk to them and get to know about the things that they love. Flyers will give you an instant feedback unlike other forms of marketing.

Flyers are an economical marketing method that you can use. Both large and small business can use this. It is up to you to decide whether it is going to benefit your business. Remember the advantages of using flyers. 55printing offers a wide range customization and paper options for giving it a professional look. You can get in touch to discuss the details.

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5.5" x 8.5"250$ 49.58 $ 37.19
500$ 61.19 $ 45.89
1000$ 80.23 $ 60.17
2500$ 125.00 $ 93.75
5000$ 149.86 $ 112.40
10000$ 287.48 $ 215.61
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