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A very original way to providing information about your business!


A rip business card is a flyer-look-alike card that provides information about the company/business and its services, and provides a business card that can easily be rip-off the flyer and saved for some future use. This way, your clients can save your business card right away in their wallet, instead of bothering with the entire flyer. It looks more professional and is a more practical way of attracting new clients. Our rip business card prints:


  • Are available in different sizes
  • Have different style options (business card with door hanger, business card with flyer, business card with postcard)
  • Have different paper stock qualities
  • Have different quantity order options

Download Guideline Template For Door Hangers:


Back3.5" x 8.5"
Front3.5" x 8.5"
Back4.25" x 11"
Front4.25" x 11"
Back5.5" x 17"
Front5.5" x 17"


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Door hangers can be an efficient promotional tool, and I had exactly this is mind when I hired 55 printing. Thanks guys.
R Bailey, Chatsworth
My customers are in love with the door hangers prints that I gave them. They tell me it’s their kids’ favorite. Thanks guys for making the job so smooth at my end. I will definitely recommend you to others. And finally, I need to mention your high quality and decent prices.
Michelle Bradman, Baldwin Park
Thanks everyone at the 55 printing team for making my business successful. I owe it to you guys!
Pete Jones, Inglewood

Print Door Hangers to Advertise Your Business or Services

Door hangers are often neglected when it comes to marketing your business. However, door hanger is one of the most efficacious marketing tools. In this age of billboards and TV commercials, neglecting door hangers as the marketing strategy might be a great mistake.  You can use door hangers for promoting whole business, special events, or products. Thus, overlooking this marketing material might be a great mistake. It continues to prove its worth through the advantages.

Benefits of Using Door Hangers for Your Business

If you are wondering whether you can use it for your business or not, you can check out the benefits of cheap door hangers.

Flexible: One of the best things about door hangers is that it will enable you to be flexible. You can use the door hangers for the purpose of promoting different types of products and services. As a matter of fact, you can also promote for seasonal offers. If are opening a new business and do not have a big budget, you can use this as the promotional tool. In case of door hangers, the possibilities are simply endless.

Guaranteed Effect: When you use different marketing forms, people tend to ignore it. For instance, when people check out an advertisement on television, they might change the channel. Even if newspaper advertisement is popular, only few people will check it out. Nonetheless, with cheap door hangers, you will not have to worry about these things. When the customers take it out of the door, they are surely going to check it out. They might even spend some time reading what is written on the door hangers. This is a great way to advertise your business.

Low Cost: Another good thing about door hanger is that it is affordable. You can order it from 55printing in relatively small quantities which will offer the added benefit of testing and changing the special offers or message. Also, the distribution cost is low, since you can hang them yourself.

Builds Brand Name: Receiving a door hanger will help your prospective customer to know that you are in the area. Moreover, it will add your name to their knowledge base when it comes to accessible business. When they look for the service you provide, they will think of you since you name is already on their mind. This is a great benefit for a small business or even local establishment that is planning to build their presence in the community.

Provide Relevant and Fresh Information: Cheap door hangers are great way to keep the customers updates about holiday specials and sale that is offered by your company. Even if they do not take advantage of the deal, they can use the information in hand so that they can get in touch with you in future. It is also a great way to offer annual or seasonal service. It will remind the clients that it is time for you to get schedule the service.

Make door to door marketing successful with door hangers from 55printing. With us, you will be able to get the most out of the campaign. 

Benefits of Door Hangers Printing

One of the best ways to advertise for your products and services is through interestingly designed custom door hangers. You must have heard of companies using brochures, catalogs, and bookmarks to advertise for their products and services. But using a custom door hanger for promoting a business is often given less importance. However, you must remember that if you are looking for cost-effective ways to promote services and goods of a company, customizable door hangers can provide you the best possible results. Are you wondering how to print your own door hangers? You must continue reading to get ideas to create your own door hanger.

Door Hangers

Designing a custom door hanger

Door Hangers Printing: The Unconventional Marketing Strategy

Door hangers are the best way to announce a new business in town. You can print as many as you like from 55printing.  With the help of these, you will be able to meet and greet customer right at front of their door with a full color door hanger printing from 55printing.  You can be sure that you are getting incredible value door hangers. With the help of these you will be able to beat your competitors.

Simple and Effective Marketing Tool at Your Door

Door hangers are simple an effective marketing tool that has several uses.  You can use for announcing an even or let people know about your new business. You can also use it to introduce the business to a prospective new customer.  Use it at a conference at the host hotel for promoting the schedule activities, seminars, or some other events.  Include a coupon in the door hanger to improve the response rate and keep a track on increased sales. 

Different Door Hanger Designs and Sizes

You will be able to get door hangers at different sizes and designs.  55printing offers the best solutions for door hanger printing.  Make sure that you include the logo, name, tagline, message, and the product or service information on the door hanger.  The price of the door hangers will depend on the size that you choose. 

The hangers can provide the best solution to advertise your products and services. You mustn’t miss the opportunity to grab the attention of the visitors in a corporate office or guests at a customer’s home. All you need to do is design the door hanger templates well. There are printing service providers that can help you in designing the best door hanger template.

Door Hangers Options

The best thing about customizable templates for door hangers is that the content is present in an interesting, eye-catching manner in those. It may not be possible to read a lot of information at a glance. In such a situation door hangers printing can help in getting the messages across. Instead of pages full of information, the hangers contain precise details about a newly launched product, or sometimes a message from a company to its customers. Sometimes, door hangers contain special wishes on festivals and special seasons.

When choosing a template for door hanger, you must be clear about your intensions. You must also define your target market. Based on this information you can place an order for die cut door hangers in bulk.

Choosing a suitable cheap door hangers templates designer

You must know that you need to hire the services of an experienced designer to print the best quality hangers to advertise for your business. However, doing that is not easy. You need to do a bit of research to be able to find a suitable service provider. Remember, the door hanger templates designer you choose should be well versed on how to make a door hanger template. If possible, you must look for a company that can offer door hangers templates free. This has a lot of benefits for your marketing ventures. While on one hand, you can save money on your marketing campaigns;

on the other you can attract customers to your business easily by printing hangers. However, one of the most important hurdles in the path of achieving success with door hangers is finding the right custom door hanger printing service provider. Given below is a short list to help you find.

Choose the best company for printed door hangers:

When it comes to finding the best door hangers printing service provider, you can search on the Internet. Reputed online service providers can provide the best solutions to door hangers printing. There are quite a few reputed online service providers. However, there are fraudulent practices too. So, you need to be careful while choosing a service provider. You need to research a bit while choosing a printing company.

Before choosing any particular company for printing custom door hanger, you need to shortlist at least two or three of those. You need to ask for quotes from two or three service providers before finally selecting one. You must make it a point to choose the best service among those. Choose a company that offers the most reasonable rates for the type of requirement you provide. Do not get allured by quote saying ‘cheap doors hangers’.

You need to be careful while choosing a service. Be careful not to compromise on the quality while choosing cheapest door hangers printing rates.

You need to choose whether the company you are choosing is reputed for providing satisfactory services. Read reviews and testimonials by previous customers and clients of the company. You’d get an idea of the types of services and solutions you can expect from the company. You can find such comments and testimonials on various review sites or on the website of the company you are choosing. Check the ratings provided by the customers to the company.

When printing custom door hangers, you need to make sure that you are putting all customizations on those. It means putting logos, taglines, messages and information on products and services on the door hangers. You need to decide on the content and design of the printed hangers before placing an order. To do that you can take help of experienced professionals to design the door hanger templates.

Keep these pointers in mind while opting for door hangers. There are loads of benefits of marketing with customized, printed door hangers with unique and original content.


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