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Make sure your clients don’t forget any appointment again!


If you are looking to have unforgettable appointment cards printed, you came to the right place. With an impressive appointment card, your clients and customers will never forget an appointment again. These are used mostly by businesses such as spas, salons, dentists, hairdressers, etc. Our appointment cards:


  • Are available in several sizes and shapes
  • Made on high quality cardstock
  • Can be made in different styles (folded, rounded and standard)


What our customers are saying:
Thanks for getting me great looking appointment cards. Just received them. Hoping to make great business with you in the future. Thank you!
Julianne, Hollywood
Thrilled with the appointment cards. They turned out a lot better than what I had expected. The borders look great, and so do the fonts. Thanks a lot for the prompt service. Thanks for your professional service. The copies are great indeed. Thanks for all the cooperation.
Nick Mattington, LA
You guys are a lifesaver. Will recommend you again and again. Cheers!
Matt Singleton, Culver City


5 Top Tips to Print the Best Appointment Cards


 These cards are one of the best advertising tools that can promote the products or services of a company to the prospective clients/customers in the best possible manner. That is the reason you should not compromise on the quality of appointment cards. Appointment cards are printed using a variety of material – glossy or matte finish. You can either choose to print on thick stock or choose a lightweight one. Considering the durability of the appointment cards is important. A customer may preserve an appointment card till his/her next visit. These cards are important for a company as they contain logos, brand names, and other details about the respective company.

Appointment Cards

Are you planning to print appointment cards?

Therefore, these cards are considered to be important tools for marketing. When choosing an appointment business card template, you need to be sure that the design you are choosing is particularly helpful in proper branding of your products and services. In addition to that you must remember that the appointment cards should have areas vacant for putting valuable information like appointment date and time. Given below are a few tips to help you print the best appointment business card template:

  • One of the most important things that you need to check while printing business appointment cards is the design. A reputed printing service provider can provide you with a plenty of different designs on the appointment business card template. You need to choose the right template for printing the best business cards. Make a proper plan regarding the cards templates you should choose and the contents and designs that should be printed on the cards. You must be sure of the things that should be printed on the cards. This will help you place an order properly. Remember, the appointment cards will represent your company to the prospective clients and customers. So, get ready to make a good impression with well-designed business cards. You must know that the designs on the business cards along with the right amount of content can make a big difference in marketing results. You can create the right impression with properly designed appointment business cards.
  • When it comes to good quality designs, you must check whether the service provider you are choosing provides the best quality printing services. It is very important for the service provider to have all the latest machinery and gadgets for best quality prints. They should apply modern techniques and process to make good quality prints. So, you must check whether the service provider you are choosing has all the latest gadgets and technologies to provide best quality appointment card printing.

More appointment cards printing template tips? Yes, here are more:

  • You must decide everything beforehand. It is very important for you to decide on the designs, the contents for the cards, and what other things you’d like to add in the cards. You may like a specific theme for the business appointment cards or may even like to add an image in a plain background. Another thing that needs to be decided is the color. Decide whether you’d like monochrome colors or multicolored prints on the cards. It is also important to decide whether you need to highlight any specific content like your company’s name or logo. How much space you’d leave for putting the appointment dates and time is also a matter that needs to be given importance. In addition to all these, it is also to be decided which service provider you are choosing. Choosing the right services provider goes a long way in creating good quality prints. You must make it a point to choose a service provider that is reputed for proving best quality prints and associated services like in-time delivery, round the clock customer support, and awesomely designed templates.
  • Whether you are printing dental appointment cards or business appointment cards, you must know that choosing the right size and type of appointment cards is very important. You need to decide whether you’d opt for small, medium, or large appointment cards. Do not make the cards unnecessarily big or too small. Too big cards with no suitable content or design will make those aesthetically unpleasing. On the other hand, your card should not be too small to lack space for writing down appointment dates, reasons, time, and suchlike details. So, you must choose the size of the cards carefully. Another important thing that you need to consider is whether your cards should or shouldn’t have folds. And, if there are folds, will there be printing on both the sides. When creating folded appointment cards you need to choose the type of designs you’d like your cards to have.
  • Consider your budget before placing an order for printing business appointment cards. Printing such cards should be well within your budget. Printing such cards is not costly. However, you may have to pay extra amounts for personalizing your cards the way you want. That is the reason you need to check the amount carefully before you place an order for the cards. You should look for appointment cards templates free. A service provider like has lucrative offers on printing appointment cards. Choosing discounts and promotional offers on appointment cards can reduce the cost of printing marketing tools for the promotion of your company’s goods and services.

Keep these tips in mind while printing appointment cards for business. You can surely get the best results.



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