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A promotional material your client will have use of!


One of the non pushy ways of promoting your business is though notepads. While your clients can actually use it, you are at the same time silently reminding them every day about your brand name. You can print just the logo of the company or all the necessary information including all the contact details. Our notebook prints:


  • Can be done in different sizes
  • Can be done with different sheet quantities (500 or 100 sheets)
  • Can be done in different quantities, from 10 to 2000


What our customers are saying:
Printing notepads have been around, and I have not seen a service that does its job as soundly as
Jake Ridley, San Gabriel
Great to find a company that offers efficient and seamless notepad printing services. Your team has done a good job for all the orders. Just wanted you to know that my customers have been immensely satisfied with the output.
Tracy Diggs, West Puente Valley
Hi. You guys have fulfilled all my specifications and my clients are immensely pleased with the results. Thank you for all the effort. Will get back surely!
Anna Richard, Bell Gardens

How Are Notepads Effective Marketing Tools?

Notepad printing is considered to be an effective marketing tool. A large number of companies are printing notepads and using those as effective marketing tools. You too should understand and asses the importance of notepad printing for your business. Notepad printing is surely going to go far in making your marketing ventures successful. Notepads are useful articles that almost everyone uses. While entrepreneurs use notepads to note down meeting minutes and important notes during a seminar or events, journalists use those to take scribble down information about an event or happening. Thus, custom printed notepads can be good corporate gifts as well as a vital item in press kits. You should not ignore the importance of printing notepads for promoting your products and services.

Note Pad

Designing and printing cheap notepads

While custom printing notepads you must remember that both the back and front covers matters a lot. Generally these are the two most important pages for advertisements for your products and services. You can choose glossy or matte notepad print. However, you must consider the type of material used for printing notepad. Generally, both the back and front covers of the notepads are made of thicker material than the inner pages. Print notepads with good quality materials and customers would appreciate that.

Most of the designing on a custom printed notepad is done on the front and the back covers. You can include your company’s logos, taglines, and information regarding your products and services in the notepads. You need to make sure that the designs of the notepads should be interesting and attractive enough.

When it comes to designing a custom printed notepad, you must choose an online notepad printing service provider like Such a company comprises experts who can provide the best quality prints on notepad covers. You can also include translucent designs and patterns on the inner pages of the notepads. Using of light colors on the inner pages of the website is also a seemingly recent, but growing trend. Printing notepad is not a very tough job, provided you know what you require and what your marketing campaigns demand.

Things to consider before custom notepad printing

Want to make notepad printing cheap? There are certain considerations for creating custom print notepads. The foremost thing is to choose the quality of paper stock you’d use for printing the notepads. You should use high quality paper for printing the marketing tools. Before getting a notepad printed, you must consider specifications like the size of the notepads to be printed, the designs on the back and front covers of the notepads, and also information that needs to be there on the printed materials. You can use your company’s logos and slogans on all the pages of the printed notepad.

How to get the best deals on cheap notepads?

Are you looking for a cheap notepad printing deal? There are online notepad printing services like that offers the best deals on printed notepads. The company also provides wholesale notepad printing deals. Availing such deals and offers will reduce the cost of marketing further and you will be able to save a lot of money, which you can use for improving the products and services of your company. Given below are a few tips to help you choose the right deals on printing notepad:

When it comes to choose a notepad printing service provider, you need to shortlist all the notepad printing services. Now, you can ask for quotes from each of the service providers by describing the types of services you require. Once you get the quotes from the notepads printing services, you can compare those and choose the one that suits your needs the most. While choosing a company, you need to be sure that the company provides the type of services that you require. If possible, talk directly with each of the services to get details of the type and quality of services each of these companies provide. It will help you to choose the best deals on notepads printed.

Before placing an order for printing notepads, you need to decide on the exact results you’d want. For example, you need to choose a suitable color, fonts, contents, and images for the notepads. Another important thing that you mustn’t miss is the number of pages you’d want to include in the notepads you print. You may either choose to print a thicker one or a thin printed notepads – the cost you incur in printing notepads will depend on your decision.

Before getting notepads printed, you need to be sure of the occasion when you need to print notepads. For example, if you are organizing a press meet or a conference, you can include printed notepads in the press kits. Notepads surely make great gifts for entrepreneurs and journalists.

So, what are you waiting for? You must choose a suitable notepad print template from an online company like Do not forget to include your company’s logos, information regarding products and services, and designs on the printed notepads. This will make your notepad interesting and will also enhance customer loyalty and engagement with the brands that your company endorses.


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