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Associate your business to intelligence with our bookmark prints!


Bookmarks can be used as a sort of a unique flyer while at the same time making it a useful item that really can be used. They are also associated to accomplishment or intellect and this makes them a very interesting marketing tool for a certain group of clients. Our bookmarks prints have:

  • Fast turnaround time
  • Different paper stock options
  • Different size options (including custom made)
  • Different print options (one side or both sides)
4.75 / 5 out of 25 reviews

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Standard1.5" x 7"
Round Corners1.5" x 7"
Standard2" x 8"
Round Corners2" x 8"


What our customers are saying:
Bookmark printing has never been the same since I hired you guys. You have made a real difference to my business. Kudos!
MD Bates, Hollywood
I can’t stop thanking you for what a great job you have done with bookmark printing. The bookmarks on HIV AIDS have been a hit, and people are appreciating me for the message they delivered. I must also mention your customer service which is second to none. I spoke to you several times, and the pros were patient enough to hear me out every time.
Ron Clark, LA
The turnaround of your business is really fast and that has been of immense help, since I was crunched up a bit. Great job folks!
Marley John, Bell Gardens

Bookmark Printing and Benefits to Your Business

Have you planned a press conference? What are you planning to include in the press kits? Remember, press kits should contain accessories and items that reflect on your business and brands. In addition to that there should be items reflecting on the subject or topic of the press conference. Most press kits will contain handouts, a copy of the press release of your company, and business cards.

Bookmark Printing: The Unique Marketing Idea

Bookmark printing is a great idea to spread a word about your business.  It is mainly used for marking a page in your book.  These serve as great promotional handout.  With the help of these, you will be able to connect with the consumers and clients.  At 55printing you will get high quality custom bookmarks at the prices that you can afford.  

Books are universal favorite and show the messages in a useful and compact manner.  Use 55printing to give your message away the staying power.  Being a promotional piece, a bookmark can offer several years of service. A bookmark can include an inspirational message or a calendar. Bookmark printing is a low-cost and effective option to promote businesses of various sizes. 

Design the Perfect Bookmark Print

If you plan to use bookmarks online, there are certain things that you need to take care of. The most important aspect is the design.  Printed bookmarks needs to have a high quality design.

Bookmark Prints Superior Quality Product

You can get superior quality bookmark at a cheap price from 55printing. Quality has a direct impression on the impression that you make on the customers through the bookmark.  The total price of the bookmark will depend on the quantity that you are ordering. Once you have decided on the quantity place the order online. 

Bookmark Printing

Benefits of using cheap bookmarks for marketing

Custom printed bookmarks contain images and contents related to the products and services of a company. These are small pieces of marketing tools that contain information about a company and its whereabouts. You can include images, info-graphics, and varied designs on the corporate bookmarks.

As custom printed bookmarks are useful accessories, they are being used by the recipients for a long time. Thus, your company information remains before their eyes all the time. This helps your brand to get better brand identity and recognition. As bookmarks are often used and exchanged, these marketing tools are often the best marketing tools to share information about product launches and service availability.

Print custom bookmarks on good quality material to last for a pretty long time. These do not crease or get damaged easily. On receiving such bookmarks, customers feel that they are being given high quality items as gift. This helps in attaining customer loyalty towards your business. Remember, customer loyalty is very important for your business to survive. New customers are highly welcome, but retaining old customers matters a lot for a business.

Designing the perfect bookmark prints

If you are planning to print bookmarks online, there are a few important things that you should take care of. One of the most important things to consider while printing bookmarks for marketing is the design. Print bookmark that should have a very high quality design. Everything about the bookmark – the prints, the fonts, alignments, images, and the patterns should be perfect. This perfection can be achieved by hiring the services of a reputed designer of cheap bookmarks printing.

Make sure the colors and patterns on the bookmarks comply with that of the designs and color your company characterizes. This will help in retaining the names of your company in the minds of the customers. It will also help in instant brand recognition. Remember, bookmarks print should be unique and different from your competitors and other businesses. Eager to know how can you choose a suitable designer for printing the bookmarks? Read on…

Choose the best and cheapest bookmark printing service

When it comes to high quality printing on bookmarks, you need to look for a suitable printing service provider. There are quite a few bookmark printing service providers that can provide online bookmark printing services. However, are those best ones you can choose? If you are not careful in choosing bookmark printing services, you may end up in the trap of frauds. To avoid that, you can choose bookmarks printing services by keeping in mind the following tips:

Before choosing a company for printing bookmarks, you must make it a point to check comments and testimonials of previous customers of the company. There are quite a few good service providers that you can choose by reading customer reviews. Check the ratings that the customers provide to each of the companies you have shortlisted.

You need to check and compare the rates of two or more services. To do that you need to compare quotes by two or more companies that deal with printing bookmarks. Doing that will help you get an idea of the types of services you can expect and the amount of money you need to spend.

Keep these factors in mind while choosing a suitable bookmark printing service provider.


Cheap Bookmarks are the best marketing tools

When it comes to printing bookmarks, you must make it a point to include all the necessary information into those. Bookmark printed should have your company’s logos and taglines. In addition to that they should contain information on the latest deals and offers of the company. For example, if your company is providing discounts on all products for a specific occasion, you must design bookmarks with advertisements focusing on that deal of the company.

When it comes to marketing with bookmarks, you need to know that there can be various shapes and sizes of these marketing tools. You can choose rectangular patterns or square bookmarks for printing. In addition to that, these tools can be of various different sizes. You must use good quality materials for printing bookmarks so that they do not crease or fold too easily. This will ensure longevity of the pieces, which in turn will ensure that the information about your company and products always remain before the eyes of the recipients.


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