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Associate your business to intelligence with our bookmark prints!


Bookmarks can be used as a sort of a unique flyer while at the same time making it a useful carousel-item that really can be used. They are also associated to accomplishment or intellect and this makes them a very interesting marketing tool for a certain group of clients. Our bookmarks prints have:

  • Fast turnaround time
  • Different paper stock options
  • Different size options (including custom made)
  • Different print options (one side or both sides)
4.75 / 5 out of 25 reviews

Download Guideline Template For Bookmark Printing:


Standard1.5" x 7"
Round Corners1.5" x 7"
Standard2" x 8"
Round Corners2" x 8"


What our customers are saying:
Bookmark printing has never been the same since I hired you guys. You have made a real difference to my business. Kudos!
MD Bates, Hollywood
I can’t stop thanking you for what a great job you have done with bookmark printing. The bookmarks on HIV AIDS have been a hit, and people are appreciating me for the message they delivered. I must also mention your customer service which is second to none. I spoke to you several times, and the pros were patient enough to hear me out every time.
Ron Clark, LA
The turnaround of your business is really fast and that has been of immense help, since I was crunched up a bit. Great job folks!
Marley John, Bell Gardens

Bookmark Printing is an Inexpensive Way to Promote Your Business

Are you planning on improving your marketing strategies? You can take the help of bookmark printing. These are great way to market your business. With the help of these handy tools, you will be able to spread a word about your business. As a matter of fact, bookmark is pretty useful for a reader. The use of it extends beyond marking the page in a book.  The good thing about bookmark printing from 55printing is that it is available in different sizes.

Bookmark Printing

When it comes to printable bookmarks, there are endless options; you not have to cater to a specific option. Bookmarks can be especially useful for promoting a bookstore.

Benefits of Using Bookmarks to Promote a Business

If you are planning on promoting your publication, you can print bookmarks in bulk from 55printing. Take a look at this is considered to be a reliable and efficacious marketing strategy.

Convenient and Compact: Bookmark has a compact and convenient size. Hence, you not face much trouble while distributing them to a wide range of audience. As a matter of fact, since you have a bulk of them, you will be able to hand them over to the prospective customers easily if required. The size of the bookmark is going to grab the attention of the customers.  Instead of beating around the bush with a large marketing tool such as portfolio or a magazine, use a bookmark. It will not take up any space and will fit quite easily inside the pocket. Bookmarks are like business cards as you can hand them out to the passersby. It is a fast and efficacious means of promotion.

Affordable: You can print bookmarks at a cheap price. Bookmarks are an important component of a business. Nonetheless, it is cost effective. The best way is to have an effective marketing that generates interest in the service or product without even draining much money. A good thing about a bookmark is that it is inexpensive. Hence, you will not have to spend time worrying about the marketing cost.

Familiar Use

There is nothing worse than using a product that the customers will not use. If you want the marketing to be effective, you have to expose it to the customers constantly.  This is the reasons platforms such as billboard and television ads are so expensive. The reason is that it offers heavy exposure. Bookmarks can provide great resource to accomplish a particular requirement. There are people who use bookmarks on a regular basis. Hence, people will be reminded of the product even when they are not using it. It is more like a gesture than a marketing tool.

If you want the product to stand out among the competitors, you should have a unique element that you make you stand out among the competitors. However, make sure that the bookmark you print from 55printing is relevant to your business. The uniqueness of the bookmark is going to generate an interest among the audience. At 55printing we print different sizes and shapes of bookmarks.

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