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Eye catching business promotions on your car or truck!


Quality car/truck door magnets can bring in more clients to your business. They are attached to the window of the store where they catch more attention from the audiences. Our car/truck door magnets are:

  • Available in different sizes
  • Available in different shapes
  • Made in vinyl
  • Durable
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Have a fast turnaround time


What our customers are saying:

5 / 5 out of 18 reviews
I needed to promote my business with car door magnets when I came across 55 Printing. They provided immense support and created some of the best around.
Jake Gillenhall, Hollywood


My car door magnets look stunning and speak up for my brand. I love the way these guys did it. I even got back for making a few changes, and I must admit that their support was cordial and prompt. I’m planning to revisit your company for orders in the future. Till then!
Clarke Woods, Arlington
You guys rock!
Julian Rodrigues, Bank District



All about Car Door Magnets Printing

When it comes to printing marketing tools, you must count the ROI first. There are many different types of marketing materials available to entrepreneurs. However, not all the tools might be suitable for your company. That is the reason you need to make it a point to choose a tool that is most suitable for your company. There are many entrepreneurs who consider car magnets to be the most effective form of direct marketing. You can choose to print car magnets for your customers. You can print innovative designs and patterns on the car magnetic stickers. However, do not forget to include your company’s logos and slogans on the magnets. This will make the stickers more interesting. As the car moves in the city, people will look at your company’s car magnets printing and will get an idea of the products and brands of your company. Moreover, your customers and clients will be able to flaunt interestingly printed car magnets in their cars. Thus, car magnet printing is good and effective for branding.

Car Door Magnets

Why to Advertise Business with Car Cheap Door Magnets

Finding and designing and purchasing perfect car cheap door magnets which can seem a daunting task to hit the market. But, sometimes, it’s too difficult to follow a few simple steps in designing the magnets. Car economical door magnet is a product, when produced correctly, can be very helpful.

Importance of Car Cheapest Door Magnets

Car magnets are Portable

Car door magnets are quite portable in nature. You can carry these anywhere along with you. Most of the car affordable door magnets are vinyl which makes them tougher, weather resistant and water-proof. The car cheap door magnets re-used repeatedly and these can be easily removed when these are not in use. Car door magnets are onetime investment as there are no maintenance costs for them.

Car Affordable Door Magnets are Easily Affordable

When looking for a printer for your personal car door magnets never take up much cost on its production. Thus, these are easily affordable. Some of the small companies who have a shoestring budget can make a good use of the car door magnets for their advertisement campaigns. New start-up companies have a marginal budget for marketing promotions which can make full utilization of the car door magnets in order to reach the targeted customers. As the magnets are cheaply available, you can change these to serve your monthly deals.

Economical Door Magnets Can Reach Target Markets Easily

As the trucks and the cars are always mobilized and can travel in every road, you can target every person living in and around the city instead of restricting your targeted customers. If you park your car at the roadside, you can notice that every individual there will notice your car carrying cheap door magnets. People living in the outskirts get attracted to your door magnets.  If move outskirts; Surprised to get astonishing results.

How to Make Use of Car Low Cost Door Magnets?

Schools and Colleges

Schools and colleges organize different extra-curricular activities going on throughout the year. Car door magnets are great for organizing their events. When they have a small budget for advertisements they prefer car cheapest door magnets for promoting their events. By doing this, they not only promote their events but will try to build the reputation of your school around the city.

Corporate Houses

Big corporate organizations can use the car door magnets for promotion of your brand name. When the car door magnets are cost-effective and have the capacity to reach huge mass of people, it’s wise to use these for marketing promotions. They can use the car door magnets for brand hammering of the company name, logo and their purpose of existence.

Departmental Stores Use Car Door Magnets

Departmental stores that successfully built their brand name around the city can make use of the car low cost door magnets for the monthly sale discounts and offers.

Non-Profit Organizations

There are various non-profit organizations organize events environmental and social issues. As they dont invest much for their campaigns, it’s recommended they use car door magnets for their promotions. NGOs can take initiatives to pass on different brand awareness messages. The idea of passing the messages can be fulfilled when they take help of the car door magnets. The reason that cars having car cheap door magnets come to the eyes of every pedestrian, which helps NGOs to communicate their messages.

Use of Door Magnets in Political Campaigns

If you are a big political party or a small one, you can rely on the car affordable door magnets as an effective tool for promoting political party and will help you to a successful marketing campaign. You have the party message written on the door magnets or at the logo of your party. Some of the other benefits of using car cheap door magnets, electoral campaigns are one time investment. This means that the political parties can re-use for their next electoral campaign.

Considering for Designing Car Affordable Door Magnets

When you are preparing a car door magnet, there are several things which you should keep in mind. First, which is the material which you use to print car door magnets, whether paper or vinyl? It’s advisable that vinyl as its water-proof, tough and weather resistant material. Paper always mainly preferred for indoor advertising. Next, make sure that you make use of good quality pictures on the car cheap door magnets. You can also take help of a professional photographer in order to click your picture. Dont use a light color as the theme of the car door magnet as this can reflect the eyes of the reader when these are exposed to the sunlight. You have to add altercative text in order to convey your message to the people. Using images and text will create a lasting impression in the minds of the people. Never forget to mention the company details, such as the name, address, contact details and website. Thus, if anyone interested in your business then contact you for further details.
Cheapest Deals on Cheap Door Magnets Printing Services
When confused that which printing house you should opt for printing car low cost door magnets. Remember that before you take the final call, make sure that you do a thorough research on the quality and the prices of different printing services and go for the printing service that gives which gives you high quality with the best choice of budget. The standard size of the magnets for door car magnets is standard due to definite reasons. Before you go online and place order for the car affordable door magnets which aren't going to fit and take the time to measure your car. You can look for the bevels and the body side molding. The door of the cars is large enough to fit a custom car magnet. You can use the entire space. When your car doors made from fiberglass, you can never use the magnetic car signs; instead you have to try lettering or vinyl decals. There are different options as the car advertising goes. When customized car cheap door magnets are not perfect for you, you can try vinyl decals, window graphics, static clings or vinyl lettering. When you want a permanent advertising tool, then magnetic signs are the best choice.

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