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Eye catching Cheap Door Magnets business promotions on your car or truck!

High Quality and Cheap car/truck door magnets can bring in more clients to your business. They are attached to the window of the store where they catch more attention from the audiences. Our car/truck door magnets are:

  • Available in different sizes
  • Available in different shapes
  • Made in vinyl
  • Durable
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Have a fast turnaround time

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What our customers are saying about our car door magnets:

I needed to promote my business with car door magnets when I came across 55 Printing. They provided immense support and created some of the best around.
Jake Gillenhall, Hollywood
My car door magnets look stunning and speak up for my brand. I love the way these guys did it. I even got back for making a few changes, and I must admit that their support was cordial and prompt. I’m planning to revisit your company for orders in the future. Till then!
Clarke Woods, Arlington
You guys rock!
Julian Rodrigues, Bank District


Create Cheap Car Door Magnets for Your Business

Are you looking for an easy way to advertise your services? If yes, you might have several options in front of you. However, you shouldn’t waste time investing in traditional modes of advertising. We can help you to advertise your business by going mobile. By going mobile, we mean to say that with our help, you can easily get magnetic signage like car door magnets for your business.

A lot of companies are using car door magnets to promote their business. If this advertising channel is used properly, it can stick to the mind of the audience. Moreover, it can attract customers towards a business. With our cheap door magnets printing, you get to enjoy the following perks. Check it out:

  • Online designer tool
  • Fast turnaround time
  • Multiple size and shape options
  • Easy to put and take them off

With magnetic signage on a vehicle, any business can advertise about their products and services. It can help a business to easily reach out to its targeted audience.


Why A Business Needs A Car Door Magnet?

Are you a business owner of a multi-national company? Are you just a start-up company that wants to expand its wings? Whatever might be the case, proper advertising and promotion is important for the business. One way to advertise about a business is by using car door magnets.

Car door magnets form a cost-effective marketing tool for any type of business. A beautifully designed car door magnet can attract the attention of the people while on the go. You have to just drive your vehicle with the car door magnets across the town. Only then you will be able to reach hundreds and thousands of people.

Well, the reasons to use 24 hours door magnets printing are many. For instance, if you want to expand your business or want to make your business popular, you can achieve your aim with magnetic signs. Car door magnets move along with you. Customers tend to pick a company they are familiar with. So by simply driving along with the city and advertising a business can help to grab the attention of the people. Once they become aware of a business or a brand, they are likely to ask services from the company.

Sounds Interesting! Doesn’t it? If you are still wondering why you need a cheap car door magnet, take a look into the following reasons.


Promoting a Business

As you already know that the effectiveness of business promotion is directly proportionate to the number of times a customer sees it. Suppose a customer sees your business being advertised every day, it would stick to their mind. Hence, when they need a particular service or a product, whom do you think he or she would consult? According to marketing experts, the customer would obviously look or search for your business as it would be in mind.

  1. Constant Advertisement: Whether your car is parked on the road, or on the move, your car door magnets are bound to spread your message. Having a set of beautifully designed car magnets will change the customer’s outlook towards the business. A business house can park their vehicle in a spot close to the entrance or exit gate. It would attract the attention of people easily.
  2. Attract New Customers: Whether you are a small business owner, or a contractor, or a realtor, or a restaurant owner, or follow any other occupation, you must be pretty excited whenever you are going to launch a new product or service. With car magnets, prospective customers or businesses will learn about the brand and get an idea about the products or services. Thus, with our cheap door magnets printing service, you can attract new customers.


Cost-Effective Door Magnets

To be honest, some shops provide lower quality material for printing for magnets signage. It should be avoided if one wants to avoid any kind of damage to their car. Usually, high-quality material should be preferred. You should always ask your printing cheap door magnets near me shop to use high-quality material for printing the signage.

  • Highly Efficient: The design of a car magnet plays a great role in its efficiency. Just like the other print marketing materials available in the market, car magnet signage should be big enough to become noticeable. It’s because the car would be moving. You should take care to use readable fonts and appropriate color for the magnets. Only then it would become efficient in spreading its message.
  • Easy Placement and Pulling Off: The attractive feature of door magnets is that they are not permanent like the stencils. Whether you plan to use the car door magnets on your car or your truck, you can paste them on the sides very easily. The same can be said when you want to take them off. Moreover, when you pull them off, you won’t find any form of adhesive in the car. Hence, it won’t affect the vehicle in any way.


Greater Brand Awareness


Car door magnets are regarded as an omnichannel mode of marketing. Car magnets can easily engage potential clients. You can easily build a long-lasting impression about your brand; and also create a long-lasting impression on the minds of people.

Durable in Nature

Obviously you can’t expect a door magnet to last for five to eight years. However, any good printing cheap door magnets near me shop can edit the design and print door magnets in such a way so that it can withstand high-winds and avert abrasion.

Trackable QR’s

In this technology-driven world, we get the ability to create unique QR codes. When the code is scanned with a QR scanner, a user gets directed to a URL of the business. The URL page can be the business website or Facebook fan page. The QR codes can be highly creative and can be easily trackable. Whenever it is scanned, a business gets a notification about it. These real-time data can be very helpful for the business.

Shift from Traditional to Modern Advertising Print Platform

Over the years, businesses are moving from the traditional modes of advertising like newspaper ads or TV ads to modern advertising means. One effective way to advertise about a business is by customizing car door magnets and sticking it on the doors of a car.

Overnight door magnets printing are the most common way to advertise a business on the vehicle. They are considered as a mini rolling billboard. They can be pasted on any side of a vehicle, such as the back, the sides, or in the front. It would be better if it’s pasted on the back as it can get more readerships.


Advertising a business is pretty expensive and exhausting. However, with car magnets, a business message can be easily spread across a larger audience base. Apart from increasing awareness about a business, it can bring more ROI for a business. The ways through which door magnets printing can bring more ROI are:

  • Size

Car magnets should be appealing. Only then it would be able to attract the attention of people. However, size plays a critical role. Using too big car magnets is not a good idea. The standard size of a car magnet is 12-inchx24-inch. We can help you to get a car door magnet printed of this size. However, if you need a bigger print size of 18-inchx24-inch and 12inchx18inch, you should consult other printers.

  • Simplicity

Simplicity forms the key to design a car door magnet. Customers would only get a glimpse of it. Hence, you should provide only the necessary information, such as company name, logo, phone number, tagline, and website details on the car door magnet. A business should not put too much information on the magnets. In short, it can be said that the content of any door magnet should be precise.

  • Material

It forms an important element of a car magnet. It would be better if one goes for a material that is durable and water-resistant. Only then your car door magnet will last for a long time.

Benefits of a Car Door Magnet

Do you want to convey your business message in an attractive yet simple way? You will be able to do that very easily by using a door magnet for your vehicle. An overnight door magnet printing does an exceptional job of conveying the message to prospective clients. With engaging message merged with beautiful images would help clients to understand the business in a better way.

  • Traveling Business Card

Car magnets act as a traveling business card. When placed on a vehicle, it can easily impress thousands of people. With car door magnets, a business can easily advertise about its business and other details like contact information, phone number.

  • Highly Portable

Door magnets are portable in nature. Wherever you go, you can carry it with you. Well, it moves along with you. You can re-use the magnets many times. Moreover, removing them is also very easy.

  • Low Maintenance

Car door magnets require simple maintenance. All that you need to do is to wash it with mild detergents, to keep the shine of the door magnets as it is. You can go with regular cleaning; it would help to increase the life of the signage.

  • Conversation Starter

Every business loves to talk about his/her business. Hence, a car door magnet can be a great way to kick-start a conversation. We can help you to build a great business relationship with local customers. It can be a great way to reach out to other business owners.

  • Affordable

Are you looking for an affordable advertising print option? Well, cheap door magnets printing option for your car is very affordable. Businesses facing a stringent budget can take the help of door magnets for advertising the business.  The printing cost of a single 12”x24” car door magnet can cost you $28.53. However, if you print in bulk, it can cost you less. For instance, for printing 5 door magnets, you will just need to shell out $128.50. 

Easily Design Your Car Door Magnets

Looking for the most effective forms of advertising? You must be considering car door magnets printing to advertise your business. If yes, you should find the right design for making the magnetic signs. You can take the help of professional designers or online tools for designing the signage and order print.


On the other hand, you will get many software and tools for editing and designing the signage like door magnets. All you need to do is to use the tools carefully if you want to avoid the cost of hiring a professional designer. Most of these tools are free to use and easily accessible. Hence, customers can easily create a customized door magnet for their business.

Lastly, 24 hours door magnets printing shops offer the option of templates. We are ready to offer our clients with a set of door magnet templates. If you are considering using these templates, you can do it easily. You just need to edit these templates and place the necessary details to it. Once you complete these templates, the design process gets quicker. You will need to add the template to the cart, choose the print option, and order the number of prints.

Quick Tips for Installing a Car Door Magnet

  • Do you need some tips to apply the magnetic door magnetic signage? If yes, you can follow some simple methods.
  • Clean and dry the surface of the vehicle properly, where you want to apply the door magnet.
  • You need to ensure that the magnetic signage is clean and free from any kind of debris. It is important when you are applying the sign for a second time.
  • You need to select a smooth and flat metal surface for applying the magnetic sign. The most preferred spot of using the signage is the car doors.
  • Keep the car door magnet at room temperature. Or else, it might become difficult to smoothly paste the car door magnet on the vehicle.
  • When you plan to apply the door magnet, you should start from the corner. You should go on pasting the magnet gently till it’s placed all over the surface.

Wrapping Up

A car magnet forms an effective marketing tool. Moreover, they are not at all expensive. Any business house can print door magnets for less than $50. Just keep these details in mind. You will be able to create your very own car door magnets for promoting and advertising your business.

All about Car Door Magnets Printing

When it comes to printing marketing tools, you must count the ROI first. There are many different types of marketing materials available to entrepreneurs. However, not all the tools might be suitable for your company. That is the reason you need to make it a point to choose a tool that is most suitable for your company. There are many entrepreneurs who consider car magnets to be the most effective form of direct marketing. You can choose to print car magnets for your customers. You can print innovative designs and patterns on the car magnetic stickers. However, do not forget to include your company’s logos and slogans on the magnets. This will make the stickers more interesting. As the car moves in the city, people will look at your company’s car magnets printing and will get an idea of the products and brands of your company. Moreover, your customers and clients will be able to flaunt interestingly printed car magnets in their cars. Thus, car magnet printing is good and effective for branding.

Car Door Magnets

Why Advertise Business with Car Cheap Door Magnets

Finding and designing and purchasing perfect car cheap door magnets which can seem a daunting task to hit the market. But, sometimes, it’s too difficult to follow a few simple steps in designing the magnets. Car economical door magnet is a product when produced correctly, can be very helpful.

Importance of Car Cheapest Door Magnets

Car magnets are Portable

Car door magnets are quite portable in nature. You can carry these anywhere along with you. Most of the car affordable door magnets are vinyl which makes them tougher, weather-resistant and water-proof. The car cheap door magnets re-used repeatedly and these can be easily removed when these are not in use. Car door magnets are a onetime investment as there are no maintenance costs for them.

Car Affordable Door Magnets are Easily Affordable

When looking for a printer for your personal car door magnets never take up much cost on its production. Thus, these are easily affordable. Some of the small companies who have a shoestring budget can make good use of the car door magnets for their advertisement campaigns. New start-up companies have a marginal budget for marketing promotions which can make full utilization of the car door magnets in order to reach the targeted customers. As the magnets are cheaply available, you can change these to serve your monthly deals.

Price Details

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2$ 72.03 $ 54.02
3$ 106.57 $ 79.93
4$ 140.76 $ 105.57
5$ 171.33 $ 128.50