Custom Hang Tag Printing

Custom Hang Tags Printing for Great Business Promotion

Custom hang tags printing are very popular promotional items which are mainly hanged from any item. You will come across the custom hang tags on the clothes, doorknobs or on the walls. When you need these tags, you will also create these by your own at your house. You should not go to the commercial shop and have to pay the cost...

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For a better business personalization!


Custom hang tags can distinguish your products from the products of competitive companies. Custom hang tags accompany one product or a group of products while giving enough information about it as card card-body as about the company. Our hang tags have:

  • A variety of size options
  • Different paper stock options
  • Different quantity options
  • Fast turnaround time
  • No custom hang tag strings included

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Hang tags have made it in a big way, and when I said the same to the guys at 55printing, they simplified my job. Good going!
Steven Hock, Florence
The hang tags have been created professionally by 55printing. The team has made the job simpler for me with their creative talents and immense work output. The result is nothing short of stunning. I will recommend you to my associates. Keep up the good work.
Marcia Ruben, CA
Thanks a ton for accomplishing the work within the timeline!
Joseph Kant, Bell Gardens


Custom Hang Tags for Your Door

You can have these custom hang tags at free if you create these at your home. Choose the correct programs on the computers along with the card boards and the cover stock paper and with a good quality cheap printer.

Custom Hang Tag Printing: Effective Business Personalization

Hang tag printing is an effective and simple way to round out branding and packaging of a product.  Custom hang tag will enable you to put across your brand’s story to your customers.

A card card-body-designed custom hang tag will stand out when it is placed over the product.  For jewelry and apparel, the options are simply endless. Hence, you need to print high quality hang tags. You will be able to get them from 55printing. With us, you do not have to bear boring and plain printed products. It is time to improve your brand image with the custom hang tags from 55printing.

Wide Selection of Hang Tag Options

At 55printing, you will come across a wide selection of printing options to make your own tags for grabbing the attention of the customers.  Here, you will find different sizing options. Thus, place the number of hang tags that you want.

Custom Hang Tags for Door

Custom hang tags are great promotional pieces. You will also find them designed for the doors.  You can design your own hang tags and simply order for printing.  Pay attention to the custom hang tag shape. This has a great benefit for your business.  With the help of these, you will be able to get the attention that you need and will make your brand popular to a great extent. 

Cheap Custom Hang Tags Printing Cheap Custom Hang Tags Printing

Cheap Custom Hang Tag Printing

Draw a circle at the top of the hang tag where you can punch a hole for hanging these custom hang tags. The hole of these tags will be a quarter inch for the diameter when you use personalized hang tags for clothes. In addition to this, in your door hang tags, you can make a hole of 3 inches diameter. It must be larger than the doorknob. When you finish your design, you can save it as TIF file with 300 dots. You can also open the layout program and can set your design in order to suit with your standard sheet sizes. Insert a TIF file to your document. You should not forget to add a thin gray border around your hang tag. Also copy the image of your hang tag and can paste it to your document. You should fill the page with the custom designs in order to fit in one sheet.
Check Your Custom Hang Tag Designs
Don’t forget to check the final hang tag design in order to find errors. When you are satisfied, you can point the cardboard stock paper or on 100 pound glossy stock paper. You can also use the cutting tools. The aspect that affects the result of cheap printout is cartridges. When this cartridge is broken, you will never get good results. So, you have to look for a replacement.
How to Maximize The Custom Hang Tag Marketing Campaigns?
Hang tag printing is very unique. But, it’s also an overlooked marketing campaign strategy that people never uses. The fact that hang tags will never allow you to get visibility is true, but this will enable you to show that you are creative and innovative within the industry. Below are some tips for ensuring that you have successful hang tag cheap printing campaign.

Hang Tags Size

Never forget to consider the size of the hang tag. Will you go for an oversized shape or the standard size? Both of these are very good options. So, you can try with the oversized shape. An oversized shape of your hang tag will display your message and can make your hang tag distinctive.

Hang Tags Copy

The copy of your Custom hang tag must be short and sweet. Your copy should be in active voice. You should be sure that all the content which you choose is relevant. When you have the copy that’s not relevant, it will just take up the space that’s not required. As a result, you should focus on the customer and have to read the copy through their point of view.

Hang Tags Shape

The shape die cut has proved to be beneficial for flyer business. Creating the die-cut shape not only speaks of the target customer, it embodies that your company to be the best. Thus, you can get the proper attention and will help in making your brand popular.


You should be sure that the placement of your personalized hang tag is visible. You have to attach these with the items. This can create interest in your product and can also help in explaining the product which you are trying to sell. When you finish your personalized hang tag, be sure to get a good feedback. This can help to get the best hang tag, but can also help in future efforts.
How to Make Your Cars More Attractive?
Car hang tags cheap printed in large formats. This is an advantage as there is more space provided for design and content if required. When you plan the concept, take note of what you can help in order to make your products stand out and your automotive hang tags is a very good solution. You should put more emphasis on the features of the cars compared to the other automobiles from the competitors who will convince your target customers for choosing your product and service. Selling automobiles as a challenge for the items that’s not bought every day. This is why a good salesman is required to convince which inquires to purchase a car. The items which are on sale can increase the sales with the use of promotional tools. The automotive personalized hang tags will help to present that the car is worth the purchase.
Cheap Printing on Glossy Personalized Hang Tags
A better presentation will give a better impression for selling your items, especially when the carousel-item customers can spend a lot. The card card-body-presented automobile hang tags will ensure more dignity. With the help of these, the customers can trust you and what you are saying to them can consider buying on the spot. When you are selling the couches and chairs, you can use one or two-toned in color which make the items quite boring. With the customized hang tags, there is an option of producing these personalized hang tags die-cut. This style of hang tag will make the price tags on the couch or chair much livelier for your customers.

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